Rundown (12/23-12/29) Humdrum Holiday Hoopla

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As I have gotten older I have become increasingly accustomed to the structure and format of a work week to the point where I honestly find any deviation to that to be bizarre. Most notably in the form of holidays, as they either serve as days off from work, or a heavily marketed events that encourage rampant consumerism, sometimes both. Honestly, they all feel arbitrary and kind of pointless to me, and while I do appreciate having additional free time sporadically throughout the year, various obligations and festivities only go to limit that free time more, making the whole ordeal rather pointless. Also, my Christmas consisted of sitting around in a noisy condo for 4 hours, eating mediocre fattening food, and wishing that I could be home working on my novel, or at work making money.

Seeing as how this is that particularly uneventful week that caps off the year before it is time to revise one’s filing systems, spout nonsense about resolutions, and place hope in things changing within an arbitrarily determined length of 365 days, there’s basically no gaming news to talk about without scraping the bottom of the barrel, so I’ll do just that.

Ever since Persona 5’s Joker was announced as the latest newcomer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there have been asserations, rumors, and discoveries that hint at Persona 5 receiving an updated version that will also bring the beloved JRPG to the Switch. With the name Persona 5R, among others, popping up with increased frequency in the past week, and an Atlus event being held on December 30th that may reveal this game. As stated before, I really hope the game comes to the Switch, as that would provide me with an opportunity to play the absurdly massive title without needing to buy a new system, but as is so often the case, I suppose that I will just need to wait and see if these rumors come to fruition.

Speaking of unannounced titles set to be revealed rather soon, in a recent interview From Software’s president revealed that the acclaimed studio has two unannounced titles in development. Some are naturally hoping that this will lead to Bloodborne II or another Souls title in spirit, but I cannot express that same level of interest or excitement. After going through Dark Souls III earlier this year, I began to grow fatigued with the genre they established and popularized. I still like the games (except for Dark Souls II) but the whole Souls inspired thing honestly strikes me as kitsch at this point, and I would like to see less obvious homages as this generation draws to a close.

That is unfortunately about everything I have today, but tomorrow is the end of 2018, so expect a post detailing the happenings of the past year, and expect weekly Wednesday review to resume for the next few weeks.

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