Rundown (8/06-8/12) Natalie Has a Weird Brain

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I originally wanted to write a silly introduction about sexualized cannibalism, but I do put my name on this site, and I do not want to get in trouble for yammering about sexual cannibalism, or worse yet, child sexual cannibalism. I don’t even know why I find the idea so amusing, I repeat, amusing, not sexual, but my mind often drifts to it. And thoughts of microwavable burgers made of loli meat. Which is totally different from vore by the way, as vore does not involve ripping away at flesh and chewing it up. In vore, someone swallow up little peoples and they become part of them. Also, here’s the image from the Wikipedia page for vorarephilia, as I cannot find an SFW image of sexual cannibalism.

As part of the underwhelming preamble to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Pokemon Company have revealed an alternate Dusk form for the rock wolf Pokemon Lycanroc. …And it looks like an orange recolor of Midday form of Lycanroc but their tail is sticking up and face is a bit different. Considering how the original Pokemon was, well, not very good in my opinion due to how Rock type has too many exploitable weaknesses, I found this news to be underwhelming. But then the Pokemon Company said it will only be available via a special distribution… just when I was thinking about skipping this game, they pull me back in. I’ll review it sometime before I’m out for Facial Feminization Surgery in December.

Following their surprising reveal last week, new details have emerged about the dancing games based on Persona 3 and 5, namely regarding the story mode. Seeing as how Persona 4: Dancing All Night was a sequel to Persona 4, I assumed that these games would be as well. However, it appears that they will be retellings of those games but through the medium of a rhythm game themed around dancing. Beyond this, both of the games are due out in Spring 2018 in Japan, and will likely see a western release for PS4 and Vita shortly thereafter.

Following the launch and subsequent success of Dragon Quest XI, Square Enix have announced that the popular Dragon Quest Builders will be receiving a sequel for PS4 and Switch under the creative name of Dragon Quest Builders 2. This naturally comes with new features and the like, but I have yet to so much as look into the original title much, seeing as how I cannot play it with my current line-up of systems. Also, I put my Vita in a bin.

After serving as the showcase title for Playstation VR, which I still think will be abandoned in about two years, Rez Infinite has been released for PC via Steam, with full compatibility with existing VR headsets, and access to higher resolution gizmos and such. While my interest in VR is basically nonexistent (get back to me when we have true virtual reality) Rez is a highly renowned trippy actions hooter with a unique visual style and supposedly amazing soundtrack, so I will likely check it out in due time. Also, as always, nice to see games like this land on PC, a market that I found keep praising, if not for the fact that it is mostly run by Valve, who do not know the meaning of quality control despite having incredibly high standards of their own work.

As a follow-up to last week’s kerfuffle about Nick Robinson and sexual harassment, Nick has actually come forward and apologized for his actions, saying that they were wrong, and that he feels bad for letting so many people down accordingly. He claimed that his actions were wrong, and what he considered to be simple and innocent flirting had far more negative connotations than that. I view this as a respectable move on his part, and will thankfully not need to remove the creator from their art when I choose to revisit his part works. However, he and Polygon have parted ways due to this affair, meaning that Touch The Skyrim will probably never actually conclude, despite being in the midst of its finale. Which just sucks.

Actually, going back to the cannibalism thing, I like it in a fantasy and non-real setting. Probably because I had daytime fantasies about deep frying the mentally retarded children I was sometimes lumped in with during middle school. I even imagined their cooked bodies having little penises and everything. I was a warped 10-year-old, and even used that concept as inspiration for one of my stories, wherein a child eats a man’s charred penis. Except that was not actually sexualized, I just found it funny, and still kinda do.

If you could not tell by now, I have a pretty weird brain sometimes. Though, just skimming through Maple Loves Senpai would tell you that much.

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