Maple Loves Senpai

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Maple Loves Senpai is a love story in the loosest sense. It is a tale of an unremarkable Japanese high school girl, Meipuru Tsuri, who fuses with her would be lover, and discovers she has the ability to absorb other people, and alter her body accordingly. Hi-jinks, murder, pseudo-eroticism, and the appropriation of cultural archetypes ensue in this eccentric and lighthearted romp.

This novella was originally released by Natalie Neumann on May 27th, 2016. As of May 2022, she has not re-read the story to any meaningful extent, but considers it to be among her lesser works due to the low quality of its writing, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Accordingly, Natalie does not recommend that you try to read this novella. However, for the sake of preservation and celebrating the tenth anniversary of Natalie.TF, this novella was reposted to Natalie.TF. In doing so, minor changes have been made to increase the age of the central characters and a few grammar/spelling errors have been corrected. Aside from that, it is largely identical to the original 2016 release.

Episode 01: Senpai

It had been a typical day for Meipuru Tsuri. She woke up at 6:30, quickly got dressed, made herself presentable, gathered her things, scarfed down a quick breakfast, and then dashed out the front door to make it to her designated institutionalized learning facility for another day of being molded by society as her mind develops. 

Once the sun set, she ventured away from her school and gaggle of classmates she dubs friends, took the public bus back home, and went through her regular weekday rituals. She relaxed a bit, changed, grabbed a drink, did her homework, had dinner with her family, read a little, watched this and that, played a little something on her Vita, and then cooled off with a relaxing bath before bedtime.

It was typical of most teenagers here in Nippon Land, especially the ordinary town of Jaimochi. Typical, ordinary, average, all of these words and more are apt when describing Meipuru. Age 18, average height, average weight, average grades, average family, income, average everything to a point. A boring point. Is there anything unique about her? Anything at all? Um… She’s got a lot more manga, games, and light novels than most girls her age, but that’s hardly exceptional. She was just another girl who would go on to live a menial existence. Another cog who would allow the machine of society to turn and function until it rusts away after decades of use and must be replaced with a Meipuru of the next generation.

With the day near its end, Meipuru was all bundled up in her jimmy-jams, about ready to go to bed. As she prepared to shut her window, kept open to fill her room with the crisp autumn air, she took a moment to stare at the night’s sky. A clear view of the many stars littering the cosmos, the sort of thing that could remind someone about the vastness and majesty of the universe. But not Meipuru, she’s not quite at that level. Instead, as she gazed up at the stars before going to bed, she made a wish. A pedestrian and simple minded wish that one would expect from a girl like her. 

“I wish I were closer to Suzuki-senpai.”

Ah yes, Suzuki Satoshi. A fine young man, one a few cuts above the baseline of average that Meipuru was holding down. A boy that dear sweet Meipuru-chan pined after, wrote love letters for, and even msturbated to a couple of times, but never truly conversed with. He knew she existed as an underclassmen, his Kouhai, but nothing more than that. Instead of actually getting the determination, courage, and hope needed to go after her dream boy, Meipuru was looking at gas balls millions of miles away and asking them to help.

Meipuru realized how much of a fool she was and appropriately began smothering her face with a pillow. This distracted her from a special something that flew through her window and plopped on the floor. With a ping coming from her flooring, she looked towards the noise and saw quite the strange sight. 

It was a little man, no more than 30 centimeters tall, glowing with a great radiance as he hovered gingerly off the ground using his spiffy glowing butterfly wings. He was a limber little man, one with floppy blonde hair, eyes that shined like sapphire pins, and a tunic that narrowly covered up his privates. He spoke in a high pitched boyish voice to Meipuru as he hovered closer to the girl, who looked at this bizarreness with a reaction appropriate for such a typical lass.

“Pardon the intrusion, Tsuri Meipuru. In case my appearance didn’t clue you in, I’m a fairy, and believe it or not, but I’m here to grant your wish. You want to be closer to your senpai, correct? Ah, young love, such an adorable thing. And making the world as adorbs and kawaii as possible is what I’m all about.”

Meipuru’s only response was a series of grunts, noises, and syllables that lack any meaning on their own, and the word nani.

“Oh-ho-ho. I get that reaction every now and then. Meipuru-chan, I get that this may be hard to believe, but miracles do happen in this world, even to people like yourself.”

“…I’m dreaming, right? This is all just one weird dream, isn’t it?” The girl asked, utterly befuddled.

“Oh, Meipuru-chan. Even if this is a dream, don’t you want to play along? You may just find a way to really impress and earn the love of your dear sweet Senpai.”

Meipuru then proceeded to get her game face on, sit in her bed, and give the fairy her undivided attention.

“Goody. Now then, I just need a little catalyst for my fairy magic, so I’ll need something. Maybe a piece of jewelry, something simple and casual.”

Meipuru darted off of her bed, spinning the floating the fairy with her movements as she went to grab a simple metal bracelet from a her desk drawer. The fairy quickly snatched and inspected this accessory, sniffing the metal, licking it, using it as a hoola-hoop for a second or two, all before giving Meipuru a confident nod.

“Yes, this will do marvelously, my little sweetie. Now, if you’ll give me a moment,” the fairy announced as he fluttered around the room.

The fairy made his way to a ceiling, where he began to increase his radiance twofold, acting as a mighty night light for Meipuru as he vigorously held the metal bracelet. The light continued to become brighter, reaching the intensity too great for little Meipuru to even look at without shielding her average, but still precious, little eyes.

When the dear opened her see-things, she noticed that the bracelet was covered in radiant sparkles, held by a plumb-tuckered-out little fairy boy. 

“Wooh! I guess that took a lot outta me. But I’m alright. Don’t worry your pretty little head.”

The magical bug-man then floated over to the dazed Meipuru, where he eased the trinket onto her left wrist. Meipuru then thanked the little thing, patting his head with a finger as she looked down at her shimmering trinket with the utmost glee. 

“Eh, s’not a big deal or anything… But I do need to go and recharge my batteries, iffin’ ya catch my drift.”

“Oh, really? I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, so…”

“Not to be rude Meipuru-chan, but I’ve got a lot of things to do, and I’m afraid you need to head off to dreamland. Okay?”

Before Meipuru could react, the fairy gave her nose a beep. An innocent yet eccentric action that cast a spell on the high schooler. It caused her eyes to drop, stance to slouch, and body to gravitate towards her bed. Meipuru then found herself gracefully covered by her sheets, and soon lost consciousness for a couple hours.

When she awoke, the morning sun was peering into Meipuru’s room. The autumn air was filling her with a subtle sense of joy. And she was given the energy to bounce out of her bed from her clock radio, blaring an anime opening, Scramble from School Rumble to be exact.

With her mind clear from a good night’s sleep, Meipuru immediately noticed the trinket embedded onto her wrist, just like those transformation doohickies from Kämpfer. You know, that show where a bunch of disemboweled stuffed animals steal the bodies of a bunch of busty babes and experience how great it is to feel sexual pleasure… Wait, no, that was just the Christmas special that implied a narcissistic incestual relationship between the main character’s male and female personas… Sorry, I’m getting a little distracted.

“It wasn’t a dream,” the girl thought, “With this, Suzuki-senpai will finally notice me. With this I can be his… girlfriend.”

As she muttered those words, the girl’s brain began fantasizing about being with her Senpai. Holding hands with him as they two enjoyed a sunset, enjoying dinner together, and snuggling together on a cold winter night. Meipuru truly believed that she would love this man, that they were somehow meant to be, or maybe she was just driven by her teenage hormones and subconsciously wanted to carry on her genes. Eh, I suppose the two are often intertwined. 

Regardless of the origin of her feelings, Meipuru had the determination to finally approach him. She proceeded to rush through her well trodden morning routine to transmute her fantasy into a reality. She put on her uniform, grabbed her leather backpack, did her morning hygiene stuff, put on some make-up so she looked extra pretty, the works. Meipuru stormed out of her house by 7:00, with a bowl of miso soup and okayu (rice porridge) in her stomach and a slice of jam coated toast in her mouth.

Meipuru jogged to the bus stop, caught a mostly empty ride, and was at school in half and hour. It was long before most students arrived, giving her plenty of time to prepare for Senpai. Excited, she pulled out a notebook to plan out her greeting, scribbling hypothetical conversations as she gyrated with anticipation.

She began to reminisce over how she met Suzuki a mere six months ago when she began attending this High School. He was sociable, kindhearted, and athletic thanks to his involvement with the swim team. Meipuru always admired him from afar, but despite his nature, she always feared she’d be rejected, that she was not the girl her Senpai desired, and their love would never be planted, much less blossom. 

All it took to dissuade Meipuru from such despair was a look at her wrist. Even though she considered it entirely possible that the fairy was just a figment of her imagination, and this was a simple piece of metal, she was confident in herself, something that was seldom true for her past persona. Meipuru was prepared, confident, and the instant she spied Suzuki arriving at the bike rack, at a little before 8:00, she rushed him.

He was looking good today, with his medium length black hair sporting its signature ahoge, his lean swimmer’s body hidden behind his winter uniform, and chiper face bearing a subtle smile, as if he was mildly excited to embrace this new day. But then some girl came his way to ruin everything.

“Good morning, Suzuki-senpai!” Meipuru cheerily said to her crush.

“Ah, good morning… Tsuri-chan. Is there something you want?”

“Could you come with me to the roof? There’s something I need to tell you.”

Suzuki was unsure of what to make of Meipuru’s upbeat attitude. But he lacked any reason to distrust her, so he abided by her request with a simple “sure, alright.”

Meipuru then gleefully made her way up the stairwell, Suzuki following along, maintaining a sly grin as he kept a slower pace than the energetic young woman ahead of him. 

The two eventually made it up the the unoccupied picturesque rooftop, complete with a metal fence after some kid committed suicide five years ago… That wasn’t an intentional jab towards the suicide rate of Nippon Land, but feel free to view it as such. 

“So, Tsuri-chan… What exactly did you need to tell me?”

“Well… I… No! I promised myself that I’d do this! …Suzuki-senpai! I love you!”

Meipuru’s upfront attitude and blunt announcement were enough to stun her Senpai, who dropped his backpack as he comprehended the news. Not because Satoshi was unfamiliar with confessions, he got a handful of love letters in the past. He simply didn’t expect a girl he barely knew to confess her love so effectively and directly. I’d that Meipuru wasn’t quite so average after displaying such confidence, but this was a far from average day for her already, and things were about to get far more peculiar.

You see, as Satoshi was dazed by Meipuru’s confession, she grabbed onto his hand, blushing as she embraced it with both of her hands and brought it to her chest. The very same redness blossomed on Satoshi’s face as he realized what was going on. Well, part of what was going on anyways.

While blushing, Satoshi took a closer look at Meipuru’s hands as they gripped his, and noticed that they were… seeping into each other. Almost as if their hands were melting. He didn’t feel anything strange in his hand, just the pleasant warmth of human contact. Regardless, he was startled enough that he launched his hand away from Meipuru’s. At least, that’s what he tried.

As he launched his arm away from the lovestruck young woman, Satoshi pulled her towards him. Curious, he took a closer look at the collection of three hands, and could not tell where one began and the other end. It was a blob of three palms and fifteen fingers. Or twelve if you want to be a butt about it. A look of abject horror struck Satoshi’s face, and through a series of mutters, he managed to let out a vile scream. Who can blame him, that’s the hand he mastur– erm, wrote with.

Taken out of her affection riddled trance and facing reality, Meipuru looked down her arms, past the bracelet given to her by the fairy, and to this amalgamation of hands. Her average brain could not comprehend what she was seeing as she stared at a wiggling ball of skin, bone, and flesh that was gradually eating away at her and Satoshi’s wrists. So she shut down and phased out of reality while Satoshi’s wails of terror went through her head. 

Satoshi began fighting against this change, or more precisely, against Meipuru. He began to flee from her, dragging her body behind him as he tried to escape the rooftop, but he soon realized how running would not solve anything. In retaliation, he grabbed his conjoined arm and tugged as hard as he could. When that failed, and the blob of flesh began to eat up both of their elbows, Satoshi tried something more drastic. He pressed his foot on Meipuru’s face, pushing her away as his screams continued. Meipuru offered no reaction.

While her expression remained vacant and she refused to accept this reality, Meipuru began to notice a strange sensation that went past her hands. Despite the nature of the flesh mound, she could still feel two hand like-objects in there along with her forearms. But she could also feel something else, another appendage, one that went out of the blob, one that belonged to her Senpai. She could feel Satoshi’s arm and shoulder thought this blob. But not like she was grabbing it. It felt like it was her arm. Such a thought produced a reclusive grin on Meipuru’s face.

She wanted to become closer to Satoshi, and she knew how that would happen. They were fusing, merging, and would become one person. She was becoming one with Satoshi, but what was he saying as he stomped her in her face?

A slew of insults as he expressed his disdain for the young girl and relentless desire to murder her. Things that brought Meipuru to tears. She was not simply rejected by her Senpai, but he sounded like he hated her. No, that’s too nice of a way to word it. Satoshi despised, loathed, and resented Meipuru.

At this point, Meipuru was propped up by Satoshi. Her arms were completely gone, replaced by a skin covered glob that was eating away at the pair’s torso. She could feel Senpai’s fiery blood, the beat of his heat, and the vibrations through his body as he shouted. Their uniforms were becoming one, and she was soon staring down the back of his head, the boy’s hair brushing into her face before it began to enter her skin. 

Darkness ensued for Meipuru as Satoshi felt breasts joining with his back, and the boy began to understand what Meipuru’s body felt from a first person perspective. He knew all hope was lost as this happened, when he felt four pairs of legs wobble to the ground as they tried to become two. His screams ceased, and his consciousness was lost. 

Within the span of one minute two people became one. A person who neither looked to be man or woman. A person wearing a bizarre rendition of both gender’s winter uniform. A person with a slender body, an ahoge, and hair that would be considered short on a girl, but long on a man. A person with both sets of reproductive organs. A person who laid on the school roof in silence, their metal bracelet glimmering as it was struck by the morning sun’s light.

A person who would blossom into a bringer of despair and destruction. A dealer of debaucheries. A delightful devastator. A devilish bastard who would do anything to appease a voice in their own twisted little mind. Come to think of it, this could all be avoided if not for a little crush. Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re just getting started!

Episode 02: Iinchou

Because Satoshi Suzuki just had to scream as his body was slowly merging with that of one of his peers for reasons unbeknownst to him, a gaggle of students came to investigate the rooftop. There they did not spy the scream spewing senpai, but rather a queerly dressed little person, or to be only somewhat accurate, Meipuru.

Being good samaritans, the students took this youth, and their two backpacks, over to the nurse’s office, laying them down before leaving her until the nurse arrived. But before that happened, at about 8:10, Meipuru opened her new eyes for the very first time. She slowly took in the surroundings, but as she did so, some average and typical questions popped up in her average and typical mind. What happened, was that all a dream, where exactly was she, why she felt weird, what happened to Senpai. Et cetera and so forth.

Once that was taken care of, she began to examine her body. Including her oddly designed uniform with a boyish jacket, feminine ribbon, skirt-like tunic, leggings, and the very same bracelet the fairy gave Meipuru last night. It was more than enough to send her to a conveniently placed full body mirror. While there was enough of her old self that she could recognize her new body as familiar, she could not help but see traces Satoshi in her reflection. She looked like a hypothetical child between Satoshi and herself, albeit a very androgynous one.

Meipuru was pretty chill with the idea for a minute, but when she spied some boy bits poking through her uniform, she let out a girlish scream. The sort that would get a near instant response, which it did.

Just as Meipuru began to cry and hyperventilate, the door burst open to reveal another student, one she recognized instantly. She was an attractive student, one with lengthy off-black hair, glasses that complimented her face, and curves that were the envy of many of her classmates. She was Meipuru’s Class Representative, or rather her Iinchou. A helpful and intelligent young woman who instantly brought her attention to the androgynous Meipuru.

“What’s going on here? Are you hurt?” 

Meipuru panicked when she heard that question. How was she going to explain this? How was she going to fix this? How was she going to live with this? But above all else, she wondered, what happened to her lovely senpai? You know, the one who called her every nasty thing a man can call a woman and a whole lot more.

Well, as Iinchou grabbed onto and restrained the hysterical person in front of her, Meipuru got the answer to one of her many questions.

“Meipuru– I’m sorry,” a voice chimed in the back of her head. That is to say, a voice that existed only in her head.

Meipuru didn’t need even a second to realize the voice belonged to her senpai, a revelation that caused her body to lock up.

“Meipuru-chan, I’m not sure what happened, but I am greatly ashamed of what I said. I can only beg for your forgiveness.”

Meipuru-chan began to blush as she heard her Senpai speak so sweetly to her. While still being restrained by Iinchou of course.

“I was afraid, scared of what was going on, and instead of saying what I truly felt for you, I hurt you. There’s something I always wanted to let you know, but… I was worried you didn’t feel the same way. I… I love you too Meipuru-chan!”

As those words were registered by her brain, Meipuru resumed her waterworks with joyful tears as she received confirmation for her love, her affection. She was consumed by a glimmering ray of hope. Hope that caused her to ignore reality as Iinchou placed her in a bed as the young girl spoke to the voice in her head.

“Suzuki-senpai… I’m so happy,” Meipuru quietly said, “I’m so happy you feel that way too! But why… why would you go after a girl like me. I’m not smart, cute, sexy, good at drawing, singing, or much of anything really. You’re amazing. You could get any girl you want!”

“That may be the case, Meipuru-chan, but you have something I haven’t seen in anybody else. You have the spirit, character, and soul that make my heart go into a doki doki panic.”


“I love you dearly Meipuru, my sweet little Meipuru-chan, and while you may lack confidence in your body, your brain, and your abilities, you can become better, you can obtain mortal divinity, you can obtain perfection.”


“You see, my muse, you have an power, a glorious warm, happy, and beautiful power. You can become one with others, meld with them, much like you did myself. It brought me much joy, and I would like to see that joy shared with others. Others who will become greater than they ever could as an individual. Will you do this for yourself? Will you do this for me, Meipuru-chan?”

“Iinchou would be a good start, Meipuru-chan. I would really appreciate it if you could be as pretty as her. I think you would like it too, wouldn’t you Meipuru-chan?”

Before she could acknowledge her senpai’s words, Meipuru was distracted by Iinchou. As she listened to Meipuru speak to herself, the class representative was taking Meipuru’s temperature, her palm on the girl’s head, in addition to asking questions to the androgynous individual. Simple stuff like why was she on the roof, why they passed out, what was up with that wack non-regulation uniform, and who the blazes did were they?

Before she could get an answer of any kind, Iinchou discovered that her hand was ingrained into Meipuru’s skull. Her face then morphed to convey a delightful mix of fear, shock, and intense befuddlement as she prepared to scream.

“Meipuru, place a hand over her mouth,” Satoshi’s voice ordered.

Meipuru compiled, and soon found her skin joining with her class rep’s, the flesh intertwining and the bones conjoining. It was a horrific experience for the ill prepared Iinchou, you could tell just by her eyes. Whatever semblance of hope had been murdered by the fear, the anxiety, the very real fact that she was going to die in a very vicious way. It was totes adorbs!

She struggled, but with another order from Senpai, Meipuru was able to latch onto the other limbs of Iinchou, pinning her to the floor as the unfortunate young woman was helpless to prevent the absorption. She was elbow deep in Meipuru’s skull while her skull was being drained by Meipuru’s hand. Her torso was thrust against Meipuru’s, causing IInchou clothes and bodily parts to gel into Meipuru’s upper body. All as Iinchou legs were gobbled up by Meipuru’s, becoming two thick and meaty limbs. They got smaller as they were absorbed, but they looked quite tasty for a while there.

Within a minute Iinchou was fully absorbed by Meipuru, bringing the life of a promising and ambitious young woman to a sudden and cruel end. All so an unremarkable and lackadaisical young woman could please a man. A man whose words seeped through Meipuru’s mind as she realized that she basically murdered her class representative.

“Excellent job, my little konpeito,” Satoshi’s voice said, referencing an unflavored colorful sugar candy, “You can now become more beautiful than you ever were before. But please, take a minute to relax, recuperate, and adjust to your new powers. When you feel up to it, simply imagine your body shaping itself, becoming the most beautiful young woman possible.”

As Senpai spoke to her, Meipuru stood there, pontificating on what she had done, what had become of her classmate, and what she had become. Even if what her senpai said was right, this was still more than a little devious to her. What she did was murder, and she darn well knew it! Was she really so desperate for love, for affection in her meaningless life, that she would murder somebody? It was a yucky and repugnant thought that made Meipuru sick. 

Her face was flushed, sweat was dripping down her body, and she felt a queasiness in her stomach. Her temperature exploded along with the insides of her digestive system so quickly that she couldn’t even make it to a garbage bin before she felt the urge to vomit. So she used a nearby window instead, letting out a pink viscous fluid down onto a poor unfortunate first year boy, whose day was instantaneously ruined.

As she expelled those fluids from her body, several things hit Meipuru at once. One was the sound of Satoshi’s voice from the innards of her skull. Another was a feeling of confidence and determination that replaced her worry and fear from seconds prior. While the third pertained to the idea that caused her to barf out a window in the first place. As the idea entered her mind once again, she did not reject it. If anything, the very thought filled her with a childish form of excitement.

Re-energized, Meipuru took a deep breath, and recalled what her senpai requested. She would need to reshape her body, adjust her very form, using what she had acquired from her Iinchou. She began to picture her new form in her mind’s eye, a being with the best parts of herself, Senpai, and Iinchou combined into one person. As she thought of them, Meipuru became that person.

She stood as tall as Suzuki-senpai once did, had the muscle definition of his body, but also the soft feminine skin of Iinchou. She was wearing a female high school uniform, but one with the male jacket, if it were fitted for a female form. A curvaceous female form with larger assets than just about any girl in school. Her hair, complete with an ahoge, was luxurious in its thickness, and softly brushed beyond her shoulders. She had stylish rectangular glasses covering her face, and along with her unchanged metal bracelet, it gave her a demure look as well as a little flair. No longer did Meipuru look like an 18-year-old girl. Instead, she was an adult woman; and a goldarn sexy one at that.

This new Meipuru was unrecognizable as the Meipuru from a mere twenty minutes ago. She was idealized, a dream girl if it were. A woman who would certainly turn some heads if she were to suddenly appear at school, let alone claiming to be the unflavored ice milk that was Meipuru Tsuri. She was something new, something extraordinary, and the answer became clear when her senpai commented on the form, a sense of sexual pleasure lingering in his voice.

“Mmm… Meipuru-chan, you look amazing. Actually, calling you Meipuru-chan feels a bit wrong now, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean, senpai?” Meipuru said with a chipper and loving voice.

“I think you’ve grown past such a name, that you deserve something a bit more fitting, a pet name for me to call you. How about… Maple-chan?”

Meipuru blushed as she heard that name. It was a sign of deep bonds and affection, a sign of love from her Senpai. It was what she wanted. It was her wish coming true. 

“Alright, Satoshi-kun. Just call me Maple-chan!”

“Oh no Maple-chan, please, just call me Senpai. I like it when you call me Senpai. It turns me on.”

The newly named Maple enthusiastically nodded in acknowledgement of Senpai’s desires. 

“Good girl, such a good little girl. Such a kawaii and sexy girl. While you do look good, sugoi even, I have some… specific tastes that pertain to a very particular breed of woman. And I would love to offer you the maximum amount of love I can.”

“S-Senpai, what do you mean?”

“Oh, it is a surprise, my caramel drizzled Maple-chan. But in order to show you, we will need to leave school.”

“…Okay. I’ll do anything to be closer to you, Senpai.”

“Maple-chan, you little ditz, we are as close as can be. I am one with you. I can see inside your mind, your memories, and your desires. It’s why I love you so. Why I’m happy to be one with you. I share in your every sensation. It makes regular love seem like trash in comparison. In a sense, we are the same person. Even though you didn’t mean for this to happen, I think you wanted it to. Deep down, there is a recess in your mind that always desired this scenario, and I want to make it as delightful for you as I possibly can. So, my mystically magical Maple-chan, won’t you follow my lead as I take you on a… honeymoon if it were?”

A doki doki panic doesn’t even begin to describe Maple’s heart as she heard those words. She was fully convinced by Senpai’s words, and whatever doubt, whatever hesitation lurked inside her, it was simply gone. She believed her Senpai was right, that he was making all her dreams come true. It truly marked the end of Meipuru Tsuri, and the beginning of Maple-chan, Senpai’s sexy little servant!

Episode 03: Salaryman

It was truly strange how susceptible and easily manipulated Maple was. In less than an hour, she went from a lovestruck schoolgirl with a magical doohickey on her wrist to a subservient being for a young man. A young man who requested that she murder one of her classmates, which she did without hesitation.

In all fairness, her mind was in an odd place. She met a fairy last night, had her heart effectively broken by the love of her life, and then experienced the truly bizarre sensation of merging with him, momentarily sharing control of his entire body. After that, she lost her sense of identity by becoming an intersex combination of the two, which led her to the edge of madness.

You do realize how possible it is that Satoshi Suzuki no longer exists, and Meipuru just went crazy as her mind adjusted to this unnatural reality? 

Huh? I shouldn’t have said that? Well, it’s not quite a spoiler, but it should go to show you that there is more to this tale than a string of ceaseless discharge and chaos for the sake of it. I get that this shazbot has been one dark and dank divulgent downfall of devastating despair, and I am an asinine asshat always allowing alliteration at any time and anywhere. But I’m not that much of an idiot to tell a story that is disgusting and downright mean spirited devoid of any camp or humor. Nah, man. This is a story based on a stupid idiot joke idea, envisioned by some filthy little degenerate.

Sorry, I just wanted to say that, keep you engaged to the very end and whatnot. 

Anyhow, where the flippity fart was I? Oh right!

After taking a minute to realize that Senpai basically called her his wife, Maple-chan gyrated up and down, her big boobs bouncing in her ill-fitting bra. Enough for Senpai, who was enjoying the feeling of tittering tits, introduce her to one of her many powers.

“Hey, Maple-chan, for as much as I love the feeling of your breasts, I think you should adjust your bra.”

“Um, adjust it?”

“Oh, my apologies. I forgot to inform you that you can change your clothes, as well as your form– but let’s play with that somewhere else. For now, think about your bra snuggly encapsulating your breasts.”

Maple obeyed her Senpai, and felt herself up a little to confirm the quality of her bosom holster. 

“Ah, yes. Good job Maple-chan. Now then, we must depart from this school. We still have a few minutes until class begins, so we should not arouse much suspicion. Before departing, grab your backpack, the wallet and keys from mine, and go to the bike racks, where you shall find my bike. Once you unlock it, head south. Can you do all that, my sweet?”

Maple-chan then swiftly complied to the voice in her head, and was seen strutting down the hall, her revised body’s larger hips swaying as she garnered quite a lot of attention from the school children. Who can blame them? She was a very attractive girl that nobody’s ever seen before. She was a pretty sexy little enigma.

Nevertheless, she made it to the bike racks and located the silver dandy horse of her senpai, and managed to get out of the gate with a few minutes to spare. She began heading south as Senpai once again whispered into her brain’s ear.

“Ah yes. The wind flowing through your hair– our hair, the bouncing of our bits, and the way our legs move with the strength and power of an athlete. Don’t you just love this, my Maple-chan?”

“Oh yes Senpai! I feel so amazing, so wonderful now that I’m with you, and in this body– I always felt like I’d never be that strong, that pretty, or anything like that. But now that I am, it feel stupendous. I really can’t thank you enough for this. At first, I was scared that you hated me, that I made a mistake. But now, I guess this all worked out for us.”

“We’re not out of the woods yet, Maple-chan. You aren’t Tsuri Meipuru, and I’m sure not Suzuki Satoshi any more. We’re someone new, and we have a new destiny, a whole new life for us to forge. And I think we’re going to take a few more people along for the ride other than Iinchou.”

“About that, Senpai. What happened to her? I can’t hear her in my head or anything, but I can feel all her parts inside me, ready to be used and combined with parts of you and me. It’s kinda weird. Kinda funky even.”

“Ah yes, I suppose it is time for a little tutorial about your powers, isn’t it Maple-chan? Would you care for a lesson from your dear Senpai?”

“Hai! But, wait a second. Senpai, how do you know anything about my powers?”

“I’m not entirely sure myself, Maple-chan. I can simply feel the knowledge residing in my head, much like how you have the same academic grasps and mastery of Iinchou. Or am I mistaken?”

“No Senpai! I was worried about my Biology test tomorrow, but now I get it like it’s nothing!”

“Ah, excellent news. Supportive, sexy, and smart. All wonderful traits for any woman, and you have all of them and more, my Maple-chan.”

“S-Senpai! You’re making me blush.”

“Anyway, I have a question for you. What was the key difference between when we became one, and when you and Iinchou became one.”

“Um, it was a lot faster with Iinchou?”

“True, but you also did not necessarily fuse with her. You absorbed her.”


“Our bodies parts reached a singularity of sorts. The exchange was equal between us. No part of your body mixed with Iinchou when you became one with her. Your body simply took in and absorbed every aspect of Iinchou. Because of this, her mind did not join with yours. It was simply consumed by yours. Everything she was is now part of you, and part of her, however small, still lives on, and is able to relish in our superior existence as a better being. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“…Yeah, that does make a lot of sense. You’re so smart, Senpai!”

“Why thank you, my little konpeito. Now then, we are nearing the spot I had in mind. If you could take a left and head down three blocks, we should arrive there.”

Maple complied like the little duckling she is and took a turn around the corner. Where she unintentionally rammed into a man. He was knocked down by the force of the bike, and Maple quickly got off it, pushing it away from the two.

“Oh my goodness! Gomenasai! Gomenasai!” Maple reflexively said to the man as she bowed her head.

She looked on at the man as he got up, and even lent him a hand, which gave him the leverage to stand and let Maple get a good look at him.

He was a young man, mid-twenties or so, with slightly disheveled hair, a stern yet boyish face, an average height, lean build, and a simple gray suit with a dark blue tie. He was the typical young salaryman of Nippon. Actually, his name is Salaryman. It’s probably something else, but who gives a poo? He’s barely even a character anyways.

Salaryman looked like he was about to tear Maple a new one as he searched for his salaryman staple of a briefcase, but when that man took a look at the fine female form in front of him, he practically jumped. 

“Oh, sorry about that miss. I really should watch where I’m going,” the salaryman said in a young salaryman voice in a salaryman type way.

That means he sounds like whatever you want him to.

“Maple, play coy with the young man. I’m contemplating a… fun activity for the two of us,” Senpai said to his private property located on Indoctrination Boulevard and Subservient Lane using the medium of thoughts.

“No, I’m sorry sir, this was all my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” Maple responded, sounding all kawaii-desu.

“No, I was rushing– I’m late for work, but that’s no excuse for my behavior. I’m really sorry, but I must get going!”

As the man prepared to run away, Senpai shouted from the recesses of Maple’s frontal lobe and demanded that she channeled all her strength and latch onto Salaryman’s wrist. Her grip was enough for the man to drop his briefcase on the ground and even let out a small shriek.

Maple looked around the area. It was a neighborhood at roughly 8:45 in the morning. Children were off to school, and the adults were at work. She could absorb this man and nobody would see her. She was in a tranquil and typical location, a place where she could absorb this man and nobody would know. Upon receiving word from Senpai, Maple yanked this Salaryman closer, pressing him against her body and landing a kiss on his face. If only to keep him quiet.

Maple soon shoved her hands through the arm sleeves of Salaryman’s suit, clenching his arms which swiftly began to degenerate once touching her skin. He was left confused and horrified as his lips were consumed and mouth was sealed, never to speak another word. All the struggling he did only accelerated the process by showing his nose into Maple’s face, meaning he lost his eyes only seconds later. 

Salaryman remained conscious throughout this, feeling his body drained away from the physical world, where it was compressed into nothingness. He realized this and was predictably wrapped with sheer and abject horror from the abstract feeling of nonexistence. But he could not hope to express such an emotion, or any emotion, ever again. 

But that wasn’t much of a loss. Salarymen are a dime a dozen in this modern industrialized nation of Nippon Land. He can be replaced in a matter of days. Yes, he had friends, a girlfriend, a family, and a couple of hobbies from his boyhood he still held dear despite the pressure he was under to become a man and make a living. Now he was part of something better. A murderous super powerful psychopath who listens to a voice inside her head that may or may not be real. 

…Huh. You know, I may need to assess my definition of that word. ‘Better’.

Anyhow, Maple went and transformed herself soon after sucking up the two legs of Salaryman. Her ahoge was still there, it’s a surefire sign of a main character after all, but her hair was now draping well past her shoulders. The breasts, the firm limbs, and the attractive young womanly physique were all maintained. Her clothes were reworked, giving her a full-on suit, complete with the jacket, pants, shoes, and even the tie. It fit well for her form, and sported a nice dark blue shade instead of the boring old grey Salaryman wore. So pretty similar, right? Yes! Aside from the penis.

Instead of having a little penis like Maple had back when she fused with her Senpai, this was a well sized piece of male genitalia. Not too big, but longer and firmer than the average Japanese Joe. A body part that instantly began rubbing against Maple’s panties, sparking Senpai to comment on the sensation.

“Oh my. Maple-chan, I wasn’t aware you were into such lewd things.”

“Um… sorry Senpai. I wasn’t quite thinking when I was absorbing him and I just, sorta…” Maple muttered in an unchanged voice.

“No, no. I am not upset at you Maple-chan. If anything I am happy you possess some form of penis envy. In fact… I was going to direct you to my home, so we could get a bit… closer with one another. For now, I think we need to take a brief detour. That is, if you don’t mind waiting just a little longer, Maple-chan.”

“I’ll do anything for you Senpai!”

“Is that so? Well, I hope you stick to that promise. Regardless, there should be a cafe a short way to the northeast. If you could bike over there, that’d be splendid.”

Without questioning her actions in any way, shape, or form, Maple picked up her bike and began to pedal her way to the next destination in her nasty little journey. All while her private parts rubbed against the bike seat, filling her with a whole new kind of sexual excitement.

Episode 04: Office Lady

I don’t know what Senpai was thinking when he called this place a Cafe. It’s clearly a coffee shop. They don’t serve proper meals, just coffee, drinks, and a few little snackies and treat stuffs. It was a place where people stopped to enjoy a drink, but with the high octane energy demanded of the blood of Nippon Land, it was a stop for people who wanted real coffee, none of that canned Boss Coffee nonsense. Even if that crap is kept warm by the machine, even in the winter times… Seriously though, why isn’t canned coffee a worldwide mainstay? 

Regardless, Maple rode Senpai’s bike to this coffee shop, left it out nearby the shop. Unlocked, because bike theft doesn’t happen a ton in Nippon Land. Particularly in a small dingy little town like Jaimochi.

“This should only take a few minutes, Maple-chan. And after we’re through, I have an entire day planned for us,” Maple’s possibly imaginary friend mused.

“R-Really Senpai? Oh goodness, I’m getting excited!”

“Oh, I can tell Maple-chan, and I plan on making use of that pulsating excitement. Well, assuming that we can find one here.”

“What are we looking for, Senpai?”

“Another girl. A young woman. A cute Office Lady. It’s only a few minutes until 9:00, so I’m certain that a few will be getting fresh coffee for their superiors.”

“Wow! That’s pretty clever Senpai!”

“Hardly. This was not planned in advance. I just thought this was a good way for you to obtain a bit more femininity and a bit more variety. That way we can have so much more fun throughout our day. Throughout our honeymoon.”

Maple then turned beet red and began puffing air out of her nostrils.

“Okay Senpai! What’s the plan?”

“Go in there, grab a coffee– feel free to use my wallet– and then scope the place out. When I find a lady befitting my preference, I’ll tell you what to do. Okay?”

Maple enthusiastically bobbed her head before cheerily wandering into a western style coffee place. It was an illustrious looking establishment, but was mostly empty aside from the sight of a few old men and women enjoying some hot drinks. Hot drinks that really got them going on their morning, when they would otherwise be slow.

Maple quickly moved up to the counter, and ordered something that resembled a cake more than a coffee. It had chocolate, honey, sugary foam, and looked almost too pristine for her to eat, but she did, slowly poking away at it, quivering with delight as she took each bite. Senpai, while silent, was rejoicing in this sweetness as well. Enough that he almost missed the first Office Lady, or OL as they are often called. Much like Salaryman before her, for the sake of this story, her legal name is Office Lady, or just OL.

Office Lady looked to be in her early twenties. Her hair was wavy and dyed to resemble a redhead’s. Her face was cute, skin was soft, and her body was lean and fairly modestly looking. Well, aside from a nicely sized butt. This woman was dressed in a light pink business suit, complete with a skirt that went halfway to her knees, showing her fine uncovered legs to the world. 

Senpai and Maple’s minds were fixated on OL, who proceeded to order several coffees and teas, producing a list from a breast pocket. She met the criteria that Senpai was looking for, and with Maple’s drink mostly empty at this point, a ploy developed in his mind.

“Maple-chan, I need you to fling some coffee onto that woman’s blouse.”

“Huh? Why Senpai?”

“She’ll head into the restroom to wash herself off. When in there, we can make our move without being seen. Understand?”

“Wow! You really are one smart cookie, aren’t cha Senpai?”

“Why thank you, Maple-chan. Now then, keep calm and aim. You should be strong and dexterous enough to hit her from here. The power of four swells within you.”

With that, Maple proceeded to gauge her distance from the woman, sitting no fewer than seven meters away from her. She examined how the remaining splash of coffee in her cup moved before she took the cup and flung its contents out of it, shooting the warm liquid right at OL, where it landed on her shoulder. Half a second later, OL let out a distressed scream, attracting the attention of everyone at the establishment.

Office Lady darted her eyes across the scene, but could not see anyone close enough to throw coffee at her. Of course she didn’t. Sly little Maple managed to swiftly slide her way into an unoccupied booth seat where she hid under the table. A wise idea unsurprisingly suggested by Senpai.

With the culprit nowhere to be seen, the distraught OL stormed her way into the restroom, her heeled shoes tapping along the tile flooring. One she heard the door close, Maple was sent to pursue the woman as the senior denizens and the staff of the coffee shop ignored her. 

Once in the restroom, Maple found OL desperately trying to clean the coffee stain out of her shirt, using something she pulled out of her purse and water from the sink. Her frustration was clear, and she did not pay the attractive young Maple any mind. 

“Perfect. Just perfect, Maple-chan. Now, we could rush up and absorb her here and now, but I want to keep things fresh and interesting, understand?”

“Um, okie-doke, Senpai… What should I do then?” Maple said just quietly enough to not be heard by Office Lady.

“Well, you feel that pulsating pal in your pants? Maybe you can let it free and, how do I put it, absorb her through that?”

“Um, alright Senpai, if you think it’ll feel good.”

“Oh, my little konpeito. We will immerse her in bliss, in delight, in pure ecstasy as she becomes one with us, and experiences something so spectacular that life in any other way would pale in comparison.”

As Maple pondered her morals for a moment– rather, what little morals she had left– OL fled into a bathroom small, locking it and letting out a wave of angry mutterings. 

“Knock on the door and then make your move. Whip it out, aim for under her skirt, and be sure to take your time. I’d rather have you savor this experience, my marvelous Maple-chan.”

Maple proceeded to act like a dog and obey her master, causing a ruckus against the occupied restroom stall until it opened by an annoyed Office Lady who glared at the upbeat Maple with a look of unbridled deposition. Then Maple walked towards her, used her body’s strength to hold the woman down, and placed her hand over OL’s mouth. The absorption didn’t begin though– It’s not like Maple automatically absorbs every person she touches– as Maple still had to show off her 20 centimeter private part poking through her pants. 

The look on Office Lady’s face was priceless. The despair of seeing a penis that she finds to be impressive, bigger than any she’s ever seen, but knows she is about to be raped with it, it was great, it was fun, and it made the whole scene 28% more erotic if you’re into that kinda thing, in which case, cool, keep liking whatever you like, dude. 

Office Lady began to flail, but she was up against the wall. She could move her arms around, but lacked the strength to pull Maple’s buff body away. She could move her legs, but all she managed to do is fling her high heels off. She was doomed, and Maple was confident enough in that fact to take things slow.

The striped panties of OL slid down her bare and silky legs, and with a skirt so short, there wasn’t anything preventing what my lewd books refer to as sexual intercourse. Their two genitals collided and intersected, locking into one another as Maple began thrusting her womanly hips about to intensify the pleasure for the two. It took only a few thrusts before OL’s reproductive organs began to seep into Maple’s, decomposing into a gooey substance that served as a leshy lubricant for the continued thrusting of our futanari protagonist.

The hole-like structure of a vagaina was maintained as Office Lady’s body began to regress towards her lower torso. Her intestines and upper legs were some of the first to go, with more and more of her body being consumed through penial means after every thrust. It was a strange experience for OL, one that she both feared, was too awestruck by to do anything about, yet found it to be pleasant as her nerve endings were being stimulated through the process of absorption. She was effectively blinded by her own primal sense of pleasure, and whatever screams Maple was repressing with her hands simply became moans. You know, as she went nuts from this banal nonsense. I mean, a woman is being absorbed by a penis here! That’s some pretty icky and wack crackerjack!

Maple, meanwhile, was loving this shaz, barely even thinking as she drooled all over her shirt. Her mind was blank beyond abject joy, while Senpai mimicked his lover, moaning in pleasure if only to reinforce his muse, encouraging her to continue her raping of Office Lady. Ya know, ‘cos he’s evil and dastardly like that

Before too long– after about five minutes of this yucky sexy crap– OL was little more than a head plastered on Maple’s pee-pee stick. A head wrapped in bliss, making the dumbest face as she chuckled. Needless to say, the thrusting continued, her face conjoined with the head of the penis, and her facial features decomposed into nothing but the sign of the human male reproductive organs. Which then began excreting a slew of rapid fire bursts of viscous white liquid against the bathroom wall only to drip and splatter onto the traditional style Japanese toilet.

Maple would probably feel ashamed for being such a no-good bad girl, but both her encouragement from her Senpai and the brain chemicals pumped by her sex organ were enough to mask and destroy any feelings of vile and general ickiness. 

Yes, Maple was debating her morals somewhat, but her brain was so clouded by thoughts of heavenly sex– meaning that there are a lot of super sexy angels just banging out on clouds while classical music played from their genitals which looks like tubas, trumpets, trombones, and saxophones– that she couldn’t focus on them. She simply laid there, with her penis still erect, still oozing out some sexual juices, and still making such a mess all over this restroom. Seriously, a man will need to clean this up and mask away the scent of wet beans and hot clams, you inconsiderate lollygagger of an ahoge designated protagonist. 

As was customary, Maple’s body began to swerve and shape itself, taking in the physical attributes of the OL and turn Maple into a whole new woman. Well, okay, the changes were minor. She looked like an Office Lady who would need to always ride the women-only passenger train car in order to avoid being molested. One with breasts that were on the cusp of being too large within reason, boyish hair that had a youthful charm to it, along with an ahoge, a cute young face, and a light lavender business suit, nearly identical to the one worn by the OL she absorbed. She also had luscious legs, a cool butt, trim waistline, dark violet high heels, and arms that had some muscle, but were lean enough to look feminine. Oh, and she still had that plain metal bracelet, in case you forgot.

“Oh my, my, my Maple-chan. You wound up looking great. But I think we can change a few things, shift them around, and have a day full of erotic adventures. I mean, if you’d like that.”

“I would love to, Senpai. I really would.” Maple responded without the girlish that once resided in her voice. Now she sounded like a fully fledged woman.

“Exceptional! Now then, if you wouldn’t mind leaving this establishment. I would hate to get caught by the staff and have to absorb them. Well, maybe if they are beautiful enough. But for now, let’s head on over to my house.”

“Oh Senpai, you little scamp. We’ve only been together for a single day.”

“Nay, my sweet little honey ball. It may be a day, but it feels like an eternity.”

From there these two awful people giggled, chuckled and guffawed while sexing themselves with words. All before ditching this popsicle stand and taking their bike to the next location in their quest of destruction! A bike she rode in heels, because she’s not the smartest omelet in the waffle house.

Episode 05: Yami

After morning of absorbing innocent bystanders thanks to a magical doodad, including her crush, a classmate, and two random young adults steadily making their way through their cyclical existence, Maple no longer even remotely resembled herself. She was now beautiful young woman who garnered many glares from the populous as she followed the orders of a voice in her head.

This ‘Senpai’ was hardly the man she fell in love with– being a greedy and amoral nutjob who is truly responsible for Maple’s murders. A voice that promised her the affection and affirmation that she desperately craved, being a typical Japanese teenage girl and all. She had moments of clarity, but they were simply moments. Moments that ended when she expelled bodily fluids

What? Did I not make that clear? Oh well! I’ll just skip past this little bicycle ride and head down to the Suzuki household, also known as Senpai’s home. A quaint little place for a family of four, one devoid of any residents at the moment. Just being in the house made a little doki doki happen in Maple’s heart, her beefy super strong heart, and when Senpai asked her to come see his room, it overclocked to speeds that would give a normal human a heart attack. But with the power of four young and healthy hearts, Maple could survive any heart attack.

Anyways, Maple gingerly walked over to her senpai’s room, his voice reassuring her, telling her that she should not expect much, and he was quite a regular dude. Well, that kid was telling the truth, as what Maple saw was pretty disappointing. A plain room, western style bed, laptop on a plain desk, a stereo, a poster of a band on his wall, and a couple of magazines tastefully disheveled about. It was almost as upsettingly average as Meipuru’s room. Almost. 

Maple’s hyperactive heart cooled off as she took in this room, and realized how her senpai was a fairly normal boy. A normal boy she was downright obsessed over. 

“Ah yes, it feels melancholic to return here. I feel as if I grew so much over the past two hours that I’m almost nostalgic for this room. But I no longer need it. After all, I have you Maple-chan, and I hereby give you permission to do whatever you wish with my belongings.”

“R-Really Senpai?”

“Yes, my cocoa bean. But might I suggest checking out my swim trunks? I brought them home to wash them, but arrived after my mother started laundry. They should still have my scent on them.”

Yep, he more or less asked Maple to play with his underoos. A notion that Maple’s face reddened upon hearing. Enticed by this idea, she began following his directions and uncovered a pair of dry, soft trunks that carried the aroma of chlorine along with a hint of masculine musk. Enthralled by the subtle scent, Maple began feverishly sniffing the trunks, having her senpai’s odors fill her nasal capacities before they erupted in a bloody nose that began to drip onto the swimwear.

“Oh Maple-chan. You got as little excited didn’t you? Well, I have something– an idea– that I’m certain will bring you a whole new level of bliss. Though, it will require a lot of determination and effort from you.”

Maple simply made confirming noises to her master.

“You see, my muse, you can transform yourself. You are not bound to your current form, you can mix and match every asset you absorbed, and become an unlimited amount of new people. Or you can become the ones you absorbed. In their entirety. Meaning you could become the Salaryman, the Office Lady, the Iinchou, your old self from when you were Tsuri Meipuru, and even… me!”

Maple’s mind then proceeded to literally fly out of her body, circle around the world thrice, explore the entirety of the moon, and then rush into the sun before crashing back into her head… Sorry, did I say literally? I meant figuratively. If that actually happened, it’d be real stupid. 

Regardless, Maple’s drive to please her senpai caused nearly every part of her brain to focus on transmogrifying her form into one she memorized and admired from afar for the better half of a year. A young Japanese boy whose fit body and signature ahoge were the only major signs of him being more than any other Japanese Joe. That, and his face was kinda handsome, or something.

Yes, Maple had become Suzuki Satoshi, her senpai, but was so fixated on capturing his form, a slightly idealized one, that she forgot to change her clothes. Meaning there was now a young man standing in this boy’s bedroom, wearing a woman’s lavender business suit, complete with a skirt and the matching high heels.

“Um… Nice job, Maple… but your clothes are actually part of your body, and you can change them however you want, just like you can change your form. For now… strip down to nothing.”

With a face as red as the maple leaves outside, Maple’s body absorbed the clothes off of her current form, revealing a nude young man. Her face literally became red after that. I mean, look up the most basic shade of red, and her face was literally that color. This time, I am using that word properly. I’d say she should see a doctor, but I don’t think there are any doctors for monstrous abominations who absorb people.

After her clothes were sucked away by her body’s skin, Maple was given a look at her senpai;s body, and proceeded to let out another nosebleed upon looking at his fine chest, lean arms, and subpar private parts. A rather big nosebleed at that. She expelled a quarter liter of that red vinegar flavored juice, all right onto the floor. Senpai chuckled at the sight.

“A little embarrassed, are we Maple-chan? Fair enough. But I want you to grow comfortable with my form. Particularly the more sexual aspects of it. What I’m getting at is that I want you to masturbate using my appearance. If you prefer, you can even do it in my swim trunks.”

“S-Senpai? Isn’t that a little lewd?” Maple questioned using Senpai’s voice.

“Maple-chan, you already absorbed a woman through your penis. I think this is rather tame. If you’re still discomforted, then perhaps there is something I can do to increase your comfort.”

“I… Okay Senpai. I’ll masturbate for you.”

With a quick suggestion from master Senpai, Maple pranced over to the bathroom of the Suzuki family and found a full body mirror to gaze into, and fully realized that she was now and effectively her crush of several months. His firm features and more masculine body structure were subtle, but still very abnormal to her. Seeing herself control the movements of her lover was more than a little bizarre. Yet that only amplified her arousal when seeing her dear sweet Senpai, and caused her newly formed penis go wild with blood and sexual juices. 

She spoke in her senpai’s voice, crying out her own name, saying the things she always dreamed of hearing. She rubbed against her new form, feeling her lover’s toned and waxed figure and growing even more excited as her dreams of how delectable his form was were confirmed. She was in a state of euphoria, but instead of it being three minutes of ecstasy, it would be apt to dub her Minute Maple. 

With the dirty deed complete for a nonexistent fee, and the swim trunks filled with a vial’s worth of semen, Maple was instructed by her senpai to commit another sexual act. Upon absorbing her swim trunks through her skin, spunk and all, she was told to resume her old form.

“R-Really Senpai? I thought you wanted me to be beautiful…” 

“I do, my taffy drenched Maple-chan. But I also want to experience what it was like for you. To move in your original body, to feel the sensations you felt when pining after me. I know I said I could see into your memories, but I want the real deal, the raw deal as it were. On my laptop, there are some pictures of my old form and my friends, taken when we went out of town over summer break. I would appreciate it if you could fap to them.”

Such a weird request would trigger to anyone, even Maple… if she weren’t so obsessed with Senpai. Instead of questioning anything, she simply transmogrified back into Tsuri Meipuru, uniform and all. It was almost a nostalgic feeling, but the lack of prominent features, physical optimization, and general feel made it hard for Maple to view her old body as anything more than a downgrade, a defective and outdated example of the human form compared to what she rapidly became used to. She thought about these problems for a moment before she scampered back to Senpai’s room, where she would make like a tree and jerk off.

Jerk off to PNGs of boys who made her normal and average heart go doki doki as she observed the teens on her high school swim team. Wearing tank tops, shorts, tight pants, or just their trunks. All of which tightly caressed their lean and athletic bodies, amplifying their forms while giving them a somewhat modest allure. An allure that was shattered in pictures of the boys shirtless and wet, their bodies as hot as a mid-August afternoon as the sun glistening on their damp chest.

The imagery and thought that her senpai was observing her every step of the way caused Maple to orgasm about six times over the course of twenty minutes. A period of time that was filled with lots of moaning, pleasure, and the excretion of fluids that made a gooey mess all over Senpai’s chair and carpeted floor. Seriously dude, that stuff is a pain to clean. I did read about it in a book once.

All things considered, Maple had a nice time sifting through a hundred images of young men and masturbating to them. It was a familiar experience that was lodged between a variety of sexual escapades that would only get increasingly more bizarre. Yet, she felt as if she underperformed in front of her husband on this little honeymoon, and got a sad look on her average face. 

“Oh Maple-chan… that was nice, but neither my original form nor yours is anything compared to the amount of pleasure you can experience. And I know plenty of ways you can bring yourself erotic happiness.”

“Senpai, if you don’t mind me asking… How do you know this? Am I not your first?”

“No, Maple-chan. You are my first, and my only. My ideas are not based on experience, but mere concepts I devised and wish to test with you. I mean, if you’re comfortable becoming beyond intimate with me, Maple-chan.”

“I sure am Senpai! I will do whatever I can to make you happy!”

“Maple-chan, please. I’m doing this for you just as much as myself. Now then, we should experiment in the basement. Free from anyone who could hear our… noise.”

“Wow, you have a basement, Senpai?”

“Yes, it’s a small one, but more than large enough for any number of sexual tests. Now Maple-chan, unless you have any reason to dilly dally…”

Maple dashed down down the stairs and sealed herself into the basement. Flipping on the light switch, and taking in the basic looking and mostly empty room wherein she would act out a wave of depraved actions to appease her husband. It went on for… six hours, so recapping it all will take a long minute.

It began with Senpai ordering Maple to–


She later awoke from her masturbation induced coma hours later. 

The basement had mutated into a vile den of bodily fluids spawning all consistencies and colors, dampening and creating the dankest basement possible. It also smelled like a dumpster made exclusively for sex trash. Maple was drenched in the stuff, and looked down to no longer see the body of a woman of deranged proportions, one with triple-G sized breasts and a butt like a plump watermelon sliced in two. Instead she saw her husband’s delectable body. She naked beyond her bracelet, but covered in semen, poop, pee, and blood.

After taking this all in, Maple began to stand up, only to then fall right back into the goop she excreted. Her body was sore and weak after such a vicious display, and the little child was struggling to so much as move their arms. She needed some form of energy to keep herself going, and she was not going to rest up while in a pile of her own juices. Well, unless Senpai told her to, which he didn’t. He was still in a lala land after experiencing seven orgasms at once.

So Maple was on her own when it came to escaping from this destroyed basement, and proceeded to crawl up the stairs, slowly moving her lover’s body as she felt the private parts flop during this arduous and slow trek up a slight of wooden stairs. 

After five minutes, she escaped the smelly basement and continued dragging her body against the floor, leaving behind a trail of vile on her way to the kitchen. She continued down the tile at a slow pace, until she looked up to the kitchen counter and saw a cup of instant noodles. Uncooked instant noodles that is. She proceeded to pull herself up and tear the container open, spill the contents, and then fall back down to eat the contents off of the floor. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad!

With a couple kilocalories in her gut and a bunch of floor germs in her mouth, Maple had the strength to reach the kitchen counter. Where she began to guzzle down water like a desert dweller. It was a pretty gross scene when looking at it away from all of this. The sight of naked a young man dripping with feces and urine from head to toe, standing in the crumbs of shattered noodles, drinking directly from the faucet like an animal. It was certainly a bad scene for anybody to walk in on… which is exactly what happened.

Unbeknownst to Maple, the front door to the Suzuki residence opened, revealing an average looking woman in her early forties and an adorable little girl who quickly ran into the house after kicking off her shoes. Only to stop when she saw who was in the kitchen. It left her, and the woman, quite confused. 

“Satoshi!” The woman yelled at Maple, aghast at what she saw.

Maple then stopped suckling the water faucet to look at the woman, who she instantly recognized as the mother of Suzuki Satoshi. ‘Cos she did her homework through some light stalking. Maple had not planned on what to do in this situation– she was too busy doing butt stuff– and chose to freeze rather than flee in this situation. 

It was then that the voice in her head woke up from its erotic slumber and spoke to Maple.

“Oh dear. I guess time flies as high as the sky when you’re having a ball. Worry not, I have a plan, so listen well Maple-chan. This is my mother, and I want her to become a part of me, a part of us. Her and my sister, my sugar scented Akane. So, if you could, my lover as sweet as the fluid used to create shaved ice, the blue fluid that is, absorb them. Absorb them simultaneously. I am most curious as to how that would feel.”

Now, Maple hadn’t had a clear thought in a couple of hours at this point, and was operating on her most primal level. She was little more than a puppet for Senpai. So she did not question or respond to his words. She moved over to the two people who looked over at who they believed to be a family member with a mixture of disgust and worry. They did not move as Maple drew near them. They stayed where they were, unaware of what Maple would do next.

Maple latched onto their legs and the process began. Two women were confused by their action, and were enveloped in sheer horror as they saw their skin seep into Maple’s hands, and feel their legs go numb. They looked on at Maple with a clear form of fear in their eyes, but Maple just looked back with a blank stare, her eyes looking like that of a dolls with their dark irises and glossy finish.

Maple was efficient when absorbing the two, working through one leg and then latching onto the other, going up the body then after. She drained the two of their reproductive systems, kidneys, intestines, stomachs, livers, pancreases, and so forth as their bodies began to constrict around the torso, all as the house erupted in the shrill shrieks of two women. But only for a few seconds. Their flailing and brief begging for this nightmare to stop resulted in nothing but their final moments being that of abject horror. Their arms were soon slurped up through Maple’s arms, and all that remained of the two were the heads that resided where Maple’s hands would go. 

With an order from Senpai, Maple stopped the process there, and let the two heads look on at Maple with a look of boundless bliss, as if they were being injected with pure distilled dopamine. They both cooed out a thank you to Maple, or rather to Satoshi Suzuki. Much like all the others whose bodies now made up this creature known as Maple, the women of the Suzuki family were in a state of joy as they lost their individuality and became part of a being who was little more than a tool for one deranged high schooler.

The two heads were then digested by Maple, and she regained her hands, the hands of Senpai.

“Exquisite, my kawaii konpeito. I cannot wait for–”


“…Yes, Maple-chan.”

“I hunger… I want more!”

Maple’s voice, a deeper version of Senpai’s voice, a voice appropriate for a beast, a demon amongst men. A voice that held an undefined level of malice that caused even the conductor of these bloody affairs to hesitate.

“You want more? Well, Maple-chan, I do believe you should have some self control. I mean–”

“I want my family… inside me. I want their guts. Their faces. The tools they used to forge me. I want all of it to become mine. Just the thought is giving me a magmatic boner!”

With that, Maple-chan regained her original form… kinda. It was recognizable as her, but more idealized. The body she always wanted, the cream of the crop that is Japanese schoolgirls. Her old uniform folded out of her skin, failing to properly cover her assets and she left the Suzuki residence.

Maple ran off into the night, and that is where this part ends.

The Jaimochi police department would investigate the disappearances of the Tsuri and Suzuki family for months to come, and would never make any significant progress with the case. They were unable to identify the DNA of the filth that forever ruined the Suzuki basement, nor the contents in the five kilograms of pink feces found in the bedroom of Meipuru Tsuri. The mystery would be forever unsolved in the eyes of the law, and the surviving father of the Suzuki family would perish a few years later.

As for Maple and Senpai, their adventures are not over quite yet. Nah, we’re only halfway there, baby!

Episode 06: Maple

We move to a train at the beginning of our second half, one zooming across the land of the rising sun as said colossal ball of light peeters over the eastern horizon, illuminating the train, and the few who are riding it this early in the morning. One of them is, naturally, our dear sweet Maple-chan. One who looked indistinguishable from any of her prior forms. She adopted the appearance of an attractive college-aged woman. One with a purse strapped along her chest and covered in a coat that was too thick for the autumn weather, but made for an excellent blanket. Though, she strangely lost her most iconic element, her ahoge. Make of that what you will, dearest reader.

Anyways, the sunlight soon made its way to Maple’s face, causing her to twitch before fluttering her eyes open, looking at the sights around her.

“Where am I? What happened? Was all that a dream?” Maple thought, her questions still as typical and average as she was 24 hours ago.

“Maple-chan… are you alright?” Senpai’s voice tiredly rung through Maple’s ears.

“Oh, Senpai… What happened?”

“We had our little honeymoon, my dear. It was a glorious cavalcade of sexual excitement, experimentation, and extremity. But you were so worn out by it that you got into a little tizzy. So much so that you… found and absorbed your parents.”

“Oh… I’m sorry Senpai. I didn’t mean to.”

“No worries my sweet. It was a glorious and joyful experience for me. Plus, I did push you a little hard before all that, so I deserve some of the blame.”

“But… how did we get on a train?”

“Well, after becoming one with your parents, you scavenged through their home, snatching and consuming their clothing to use as reference material, and you deemed that you were done with your old life, the life of Tsuri Meipuru, and wanted to start a new life in K-City. I thought it was a novel idea, as there was nothing left for us in Jaimochi. Well, we could have absorbed some of our friends, but we already have a supple pool of traits to become whoever we want… Or do we?”

“You have an idea, Senpai?”

“Yes, Maple-chan. You’re imperfect now, but there are a few types of women who, if you can absorb, will transform you into my dream girl. You are already my wife, Maple-chan, but if you do these few things for me, you’ll transcend wifedom and become my waifu.”

“Senpai… you know that I love you, right? That in just a short day, you’ve changed my life, my name, my very being. But… I know what I’ve done is demonstrably horrendous and malicious in a way some would even call inhuman.”

“I… Um… My adorable little kuma–”

“Senpai, I know what you’ve been having me do. While I was trying my best to ignore it, to weed out my insecurities, barfing and pooping them out of my body, I knew, deep down, that you were being a nasty little man. But you know what, my sexy little head voice?”


“I still love you oodles and bunches! Yes, you made me lose my innocence, and go so cuckoo that I murder my parents of my own volition, and gave me enough guilt and awful memories to drive me insane. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have a blast on our little honeymoon, and grew to adore the sensation of having my body meld with another person. So warm, so erotic, and so different every single time!”

“Heh… Hehe… Bahahahahahahaha! Oh my goodness! Goldarn it, Maple-chan! If I still had a penis, it would be rock hard right now. I thought you would be all submissive like a demure little housewife, but you’ve got some spunk, don’t you?”

“Oh hush your pretty little mouth, boy. I was scared and confused as that happened, but I’ve come to accept my new life, my new personhood, and my new powers. I could just try and deny it, hiding behind a veil of obedience while contemplating suicide as you have me do increasingly more deplorable things… but to heck with it and back! If I’m gonna be, dare I say it, an abominable creature who consumes humans for funsies, you bet your sweet little booty I’m gonna have a good time being an abominable creature who consumes humans for funsies!”

“…Maple-chan, I’m pretty sure we can find a way to separate us into two beings after you absorb enough people. Once that happens, it will make our honeymoon look like nothing.”

“Aw, so I’ll finally be able to hold you in my big beefy arms?”

“And I’ll get to hold you in mine.”

From that revelation riddled ramble, the two love ducks continued making googly eyes at each other for about an hour, talking amidst an empty train car about how they will hunt out specific fetishes belonging to Senpai. That of a teenage idol, a youthful ganguro, a nerdy hikikomori girl, a hot blooded delinquent, a lovely older geisha, and a demure little housewife. 

Maple, being largely agreeable even with her newfound and more outspoken personality, shared her lover’s interests, and they began making plans for the day. Determining where they would expect to find these archetypes in a major metropolitan area.

At least that was the case until the train inched closer to K-City, and more morning commuters began populating the train. It would have been proper for Maple to stand up and give her seat to an older salaryman, the exact same sort of man who would brush his hands to feel her panties– or thong as the case may be. 

“I always hated crowds.” Maple whispered to her metaphysical husband.

“May I hazard a guess as to why?” 


“Because they remind you of how insignificant you once were, being a fundamentally average individual who would likely never amount to much of anything. One who would abide by societal standards in order to reap the benefits of living in a modern world, but lack the time, energy, and drive to pursue anything greater, let alone something basic like starting a family, let alone with somebody you have genuine affection for. Seeing as how that is the case for millions of people.”

“Huh. That was truncated, a bit redundant, and pretty gosh darn cynical… but that makes a lot of sense.”

“And we no longer need to worry about it. As it stands, we are well past extraordinary, and we’ll only get better.”

Shortly after their exchange petered off to an end, the train stopped and a chime signified their destination of K-City. Maple quickly squeezed her way out of the train, a few hands rubbing her attractive body along the way, leaving her coat behind where it would eventually be discovered by a pervert. Maple didn’t really care, she could generate new clothing from her body after all, and instead elegantly trapsed her way out of the train station and was met with the sight of K-City.

It was what you would expect of a standard metropolitan hub. Elegant yet practical buildings that defiantly pierced the sky, capturing the sun in their surface while bolstering a barrage of color and text filled screens and signs that could overload someone before they look at the city on a street level. With the work day starting in a matter of minutes, people of all ages and walks of life were bustling from the crowded and congested streets. Their eyes glossed over the sights around them as they went by their daily rituals without registering the thousands of other people in their nearby vicinity. 

Salarymen, office ladies, clerks, day laborers, executives, custodians, repairmen, artists, students, and simple shoppers all made their way across wide roads, their destinations known only to them, and order only maintained by a series of lines, arrows, lanes, and a generally patient populous. It was society in motion, a feat of human accomplishment, and Maple’s playground for part two of her bizarre adventure. With a sly smirk, she gelled into the crowd, and began her hunt for those who would make her perfect. 

Episode 07: Idol

Thirty-seven seconds after mindlessly walking along with the crowd that bustled through K-City, devoid of a destination themselves, Maple spoke up to Senpai, asking a very valid question.

“Hey, Senpai. Where am I supposed to find an idol?”

Senpai took a while to think that question through, determining how he thought they would encounter a teenage pop sensation in one of the few major cities in the country. 

“Um… That’s a very good question. One that I can’t answer.”


“Maple-chan, you do remember that I’m an 18-year-old boy inside, right? I don’t have the answers to everything!”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Say, there isn’t any way we could make ourselves smarter, is there? I know I can become anyone physically, but can’t I just change my brain to make myself smarter? Maybe get other people’s memories and knowledge?”

“Um… no, not quite. You see Maple-chan, brains are really, really complicated. Comparatively, limbs, skin tone, muscle structure, and even genitalia structure are super simple in comparison. The only reason I could look into your mind is because we are fused together and my consciousness became part of your mind. Though, in case you’re wondering, I can’t read your thoughts.”

“I guess that makes sense… so we can’t become the smartest and sexiest duo in the world?”

“I wouldn’t say never, but even I don’t know how our powers may one day express themselves. Just that if we get enough people, you should be able to split into two and give me my own body.”

“Got it… but then why are we going after an idol, ganguro girl, hikikomori, hot blooded tomboy, geisha, and a young expecting mother? Just so I can look like any of them?”

“Partially, but… there is something I have neglected to tell you about absorption. While you don’t gain access to their memories or knowledge, you do gain something from each person you absorb… can’t you feel it? The diligence and kindness of Iinchou, the refined nature and responsibility of your parents and my mother, the innocence and joy of our younger siblings, or maybe even the… Actually, I don’t think the Office Lady or Salaryman had spirits for you to absorb. They were just jobbers with all the personality of plain white rice from a crappy cooker.”

Maple pondered that idea, searching within her form for something resembling the people she consumed. She still felt like herself, yet felt more mature, more well rounded, and even a little wiser than she did a day ago. Perhaps that explained why she was so much more upfront with Senpai and willing to joke around. She gained her parent’s confidence.

“You know… Yeah. I do feel like a wildly different person than I did before. Now that could be the result of the intense trauma that I underwent yesterday, but I think your theory holds water. So if I go after those six, I’ll gain the talent of an idol, spirit of a ganguro girl, the mentality of a hikikomori otaku, ki of a nekketsu woman, grace of a geisha, and the heart of an expecting mother?”

“Exactly Maple-chan. If I just wanted you to look different, a little rampage would do the trick marvelously, but I’d rather not. Instead, I would much prefer going on a little shopping spree.”

“Hm… that does sound fun, but how much money do I have… oh, only about 6,000 yen,” Maple said as she checked her purse, filled with things she grabbed from her home.

“You really don’t need to buy the clothes, Maple-chan, you can just absorb them as you try them on.”

“Are you sure about that Senpai? I mean, stealing is wrong.” 

“…You’re right, Maple-chan. It’s better that we resume our hunt for an innocent person who we will effectively murder for our own satisfaction.”

The two then shared a little laugh, open about their destructive nature and apathetic attitude towards their murders. All before heading into an illustrious department store denoted by a large sign reading 101.

For the sake of not adding another page, after I had to censor all the sexual acts between our two titular characters, I won’t go over the list of modern Japanese fashions that Maple tried on and absorbed. It was a lengthy and tedious process involving her popping in and out of changing rooms as people of a different age, build, or gender that resulted in her absorbing what I’d guess to be… twenty kilograms of clothes. Comprised of shirts, pants, shoes, socks, lingerie, jackets, dresses, and even a few suits for good measure. I almost feel bad for the kids in loss prevention who would spend a week desperately trying to figure out who stole all that stuff.

Regardless, Maple now had an entire wardrobe of clothes she could mix and match along with the accumulated physical traits of ten people, making her a person of a million faces, and she left the store wearing a new one. The face and body of a slim young man, with floppy but stylish jet black hair, wearing an ensemble of a designer jacket and pants that tightly caressed Maple’s firm manly assets while a tight white v-neck offered a glimpse at a torso that would look most erotic if lathered in ice or wax. Complete with a handsome face, one that avoided the depressed and weak sentiments that often accompany this sort of look, Maple was something of a heartthrob, and she was hoping that this would be enough to attract an idol.

The only problem was finding one, at least it was until Maple casually strutted along the bustling avenues, looking mighty fly and swooning over a couple of young women out and about on this Friday morning. She spied a sign placed outside of one of the hundred shops in her general location. The sign read, “hand holding ceremony with Idol Ibuki Ishimura,“ amidst a colorful display of poorly formatted text and the image of a cute teenage girl, dolled up and wearing a shiny dress. 

“Well, that was easy. Here I thought we’d need to sneak into a concert, do a little tactical espionage action, and gobble up an entire gaggle of idols,” Senpai muttered with a pleasant disposition

“We could still do that if you want, or we could just wait in line, look at some stinky hikikomoris who left their apartment for the first time in days, and swoon that little cutie for ourselves. But if that sounds lame to you, I could just rush in, grab her, and flee like a sacred little racoon,” Maple quipped, relishing a little in her deep manly voice.

“Whatever you want, my little rasukaru, but I prefer a more subtle approach, namely that of seduction and luring sweet little idol into a date.”

“I thought idols weren’t allowed to date other people.”

“They normally aren’t, but that’s part of the fun, now isn’t it? Besides, with a body like that, I’m sure you’ll have no problem seducing this little Ibuki-chan.”

“Fair enough Senpai. Operation idol date is a-go-go!”

With that decree in the form of a suppressed whisper, Maple gracefully made her way into the building and soon a line of fifty or so people, most of which fit the stereotypical otaku mold. There were a few cute girls and some decent looking guys, but none even a fraction as sexy as Maple was at the moment. Still, with not much to do for about thirty minutes, she preoccupied herself with her Vita. Oh, sorry, I forgot to bring this up. Maple picked it up while at home, shoved it in her purse, and later moved the contents of her purse into her jacket. 

After a little session of Freedom Wars, Maple found herself at the front of the line, just a few meters away from Ibuki the idol. She was a cute girl, with lots of makeup covering any imperfection on her face– all two of them– silky black hair that rest along one shoulder, and a fashionable yet casual outfit that fit the mold of what was popular in Nippon Land this autumn. 

So, yes, she was not instantly recognizable as a pop sensation, but was certainly a pretty young girl. One who was guarded by a duo of large men, clearly tasked with protecting this random idol from any perverts and cannibals. Both of which Maple was.

Although, nobody would ever assume such a thing, especially Ibuki over here, who was in a heart pounding panic just by looking at Maple. Her hands were shaking, she was blushing like mad, and she felt a little twitch come from her private parts, imploring her to reproduce with this fine specimen of manliness. Something that was becoming less and less common in this cool country

From there, things progressed as you would expect. Maple gracefully swayed her way over to Ibuki, who clenched her hand really hard and did not let go. Nails dug into the skin, the sheer pressure restricted blood flow, and the hand holding exercise went on long enough for the two guards to come behind Maple, as if they had to pull her away. At least before Ibuki gave them a pleasant wink and whispered something in Maple’s ears.

“I’ll be out of here in an hour. Meet me on the second floor. I- I mean, please wait for me on the second floor.”

“I have such a boner right now,” Maple thought as the idol chattered into her ear.

“I’ll wait for you, my sweet,” Maple said as she leaned to kiss the idol’s hand.

With the idol’s heart effectively swooned over, Maple strut to the other end of this department store, up a flight of stairs, and found a chair for her to sit down on and play some more Vita. It would have been a fairly pleasant hour of grinding in her favorite hunting game, if not for the girls who kept coming over to talk to Maple. The thought of simply absorbing these women passed Maple’s mind, but just muttering that they had a girlfriend was enough to dissuade women of all ages and attractiveness levels. None of which matched the criteria of women that Senpai was looking for.

Following seven interruptions, Maple finally heard a familiar voice crack through the muffled audio of her handheld gaming system, and was face to face with Ibuki, who didn’t really have her same idol charm. She was wearing glasses, her hair was hair tied into a bun, and she was wearing a cute and unremarkable jumper. She still looked attractive, but far from the dream girl Maple and Senpai pictured when thinking of a metaphorical ‘idol-chan’.

“H-Hello. I’m sorry I have to look like this, but my producer makes me dress up like this when going out. He’s probably mad enough that I’m talking you, let alone avoiding my duties. It’s just that… I know there is something between us, and I don’t want to lose you… Oh my, I don’t even know your name.”

Maple thought long and hard about a new name. If by long and hard you mean short and soft and if by short and soft you mean not at all.

“My name is Maple.”

“Um, Maple? That’s a… really unique and interesting name. Yeah, it’s really cool actually,” Ibuki said, probably lying her fanny off.

“Now then, why did you want to talk to me? It can’t be just to exchange digits and names. I see you as a gorgeous woman who I want to be closer to, and I think you view me the same way.”

“I… I do, but I don’t know if I can right now, my day is really busy and…”

“Please, stop thinking with your head, try and follow your heart, my little rabbit.”

With that crappy attempt at persuasion, Ibuki confessed to Maple.

“I… I really, really like you. I know I’ll get in trouble, but… can I go on a date with you?”

“Certainly, whatever you want,” Maple said while looking at the idol’s boobs.

“Really? I- Thank you so much, Maple-san.”

“It’s no problem, now come, Ibuki-chan, I have a place in mind for our date.”

“Do you really have a place in mind, Maple-chan?” Senpai asked.

“Nope. I haven’t been here since I was 12. I have no idea where anything is. I was just going to find a random restaurant or something,” Maple whispered.

“…I’d say you kinda suck at this, but I don’t have anything in mind either.”

“It’s cool, my little sweetpea, we can suck together. We can suck it all.”

With that little innuendo out of the way, Maple proceeded to wander around K-City with Ibuki following behind her like a character in a Dragon Quest game. The mindless wandering consisted of Maple examining their surroundings, walking in random directions, and even making a full circle before finally finding a family style restaurant in the first floor of an office building. It was called Family Restaurant Kasto. Yes, that is a reference to something. A really obscure and stupid reference to something bad.

With the unanimous decree of this place being “good enough” by Maple and Senpai, the party walked into the location and did the stuff you expect from people when they walk into a restaurant. They sat down, looked over a menu, and ordered their meals within a minute before proceeding to look at one another for a short while. 

As Maple eyeballed Ibuki, wondering if she was really prime idol meat that could be used to fulfill a sexual fantasy for her dear sweet Senpai, she noticed how discomforted the girl looked. She was fidgeting in her chair, rubbing her legs together, and struggling to look at him as her face adopted a color comparable to a beet. It was one step away from holding up a sign that read, ‘notice me Maple-senpai.’ Which Maple ultimately did.

“Say… Ibuki-chan, is something wrong?” Maple dryly questioned.

“Oh no. I’m just… going to be in a lot of trouble for this is all. I have a busy schedule today, so, um, if I could just get your phone, maybe we could reschedule. I really don’t want to– I like you a lot and like being around you– But I don’t want to be scolded by my manager again.”

“May I ask, how old are you?”

“Eh- I- I’’m seventeen.”

“You’re going to let some middle aged man tell you what to do with your life? You’re only young once Ibuki, you should take advantage of it.”

“My manager’s actually a woman. I think she’s in her thirties… Goodness, she’s going to be upset with me.”

“…You know, you’re making this date real enjoyable.” 

“I’m sorry Maple-san. It’s just that… They say I’m an idol, that I’m someone who people look up to. I guess that’s true. I have fans of all ages and lifestyles, who buy my music, see my shows, and wait in lines just to meet me. But I know that I’m just filling a void to them. I know that I’m disposable. There are plenty of girls aching to get a taste of fame, thinking it would help them through a life where they are remembered for singing vapid songs, wearing perverted costumes, and shaking the hands of sweaty losers who masturbate to me every night. Plenty of them, and at least a few have actual talent; not like me… ”

“I’ve been careful, done what I was told and now, being with you… I feel like none of that should matter, but something in the back of my brain is telling me, shouting at me, screeching at me that this is wrong!” Ibuki continued, a drizzle of tears coming from her eyes.

“Senpai do you mind if I just, you know, take her out back somewhere and absorb her?” Maple questioned the quiet voice in her brain

“No, I do not mind. Please go out and do this now. She is annoying me with her whining about her petulant little existence, and I think you should consider just absorbing her. Because she sucks and I don’t like her.”

“Well then, my kawaii desu Ibuki-chan, perhaps we should reschedule. But first, I’d like to end this date properly. With a kiss.”

“M-Maple-san! I just met you and…”

“Hush my honey glazed and red bean filled mochi ball! Let’s ditch this place and head to a secluded alleyway, where we’ll exchange lips and digits.”

“Hai!” Ubuki shouted as she jumped out her chair.

After dining and ditching without the part where you get free food, this duo, or perhaps trio, walked through the crowded streets of K-City before finding a well maintained but not particularly clean area between several buildings. There nobody in sight, and no way for any onlookers to spot Maple or Ibuki unless they ventured into the alley themselves. After confirming this, Maple reached her hand through Ibuki’s skirt, latching her fingers on the girl’s boney butt. 

Ibuki glared at Maple’s chiseled features, sweat dripping down her cute face as she prepared to make out with such an attractive boy. It was a passionate smooch, one filled with ruffling of clothes, thrusting of bodies, and a cocktail of hormonal chemical that often results in sexual intercourse. 

…It didn’t, but I’m guessing that Ibuki wishes that it had. ‘Cos things did not end well for her.

After pushing the young idol away, Maple pressed her against the wall and gave her a glare. A fueled by lust and sexual desire, but also a modicum of malice that Ibuki only saw through after her fate was sealed. She flinched as Maple’s hands clenched her throat, her nails growing and gnawing at the skin, secreting into the flesh within. No blood oozed from this fatal wound, instead, it went directly into Maple, while her body began to meld with Ibuki’s, sucking away what was there, but slowly, very slowly.

Ibuki tried to speak up, but found her voice, what she made much of her living on, what brought her so much fame, to be missing. She could not muster anything more than a quiet and hoarse moan. 

Maple grinned at the fear that consumed the girl’s very existence, and began to speak to her in a voice the idol instantly recognized as her own.

“You’re disappointing to me. You lack the style, grace, confidence, and even allure that I was looking for in an idol. You’re depressed, whiney, and ultimately a bore of a character. I was expecting to take some immense joy and pleasure in knocking you down like this, but no, I feel like I’m cleaning up. Like I’m ridding the world of one more bag of trash. A worthless idol who hides behind a mask of joy, and cannot resist the allure of a sexy man. You’re pathetic, and as punishment I’m going to fill the last few seconds of your life wrapped in fear and confusion as your constructs of reality crumble down before you.”

Ibuki tried to move her body, but failed to nudge so much as her hand. A portion of her spine was already absorbed by Maple, and she could not move anything beneath her neck. She tried to let out a louder scream, only to be silenced by a fist ramming into her tiny little mouth. Maple’s fingers began swirling around in the idol’s mouth, and dug into the deeper confines of her skull. 

Ibuki eventually lost her sense of smell and her vision went dark as her eyeballs were disconnected from her brain. Her hearing was saved, if only for Maple to coo familiar words into her ears. It was a song that Ibuki poured her heart into, a song that got her where she was, and hearing it in this context made all of her efforts, everything she did in this world, seem all the more futile and pointless. She could not properly express such sorrow, and could only internally shriek in frustration, hatred, and fear. She wanted to wake up from what she tried to rationalize as a nightmare, but she didn’t. 

She simply stayed there, listening to her own voice as she felt her innards fade away, her limbs shrivel up into nothing, and eventually her brain decompose. Her memories faded, her talents were lost, and even what amounted to her greater intellect was sapped away. She spent what felt like a small eternity crying internally as she tried to comprehend what was happening with her now infantile mind. All before that faded away into silence, emptiness, and nothingness as the one known as Ibuki became nothing more than an extension of Maple. 

Maple sighed as she solemnly walked away from the undisturbed alley and made her way back into the hectic streets of K-City, ready to pursue her next victim. A victim who would be a whole lot less of a bore than the inadequate idol Ibuki Ishimura.

Episode 08: Ganguro

We rejoin our heroes in a sparsely populated park, one located in the middle of the urban jungle of K-City. Maple was looking fabulous as always, with a stylish teal jacket, a dashing red scarf, some shorts to show off the fine legs of her current form, while a trendy pair of boots only amplified their length, and the enigmatic metal bracelet responsible for her mystical abilities. She was enjoying herself a little bag of Takoyaki while walking without much direction while talking to her husband, Senpai.

“We’re lost, aren’t we?” Senpai questioned his wife.

“What? No. We’re not lost, we just don’t know where we are or where we’re going.”

“Not knowing one’s whereabouts. That is the very definition of lost.”

“…Okay fine, you little poopypants, do you have any idea where we can just find a ganguro girl?”

“I told you to find a dance crew. Ganguro girls love to dance.”

“Are you just saying that because of a subplot in Metal Rider: Fruit Festival?”

“Wait, you still watch kids tokusatsu shows Maple-chan?”

“No, I saw it in a magazine. The main character uses magic locks to turn into Metal Rider: Apple Flavored and sports a Doarat Roots Rat Revel jacket.”

“…Whatever. Look, you’re a pretty cute girl right now. Just go and ask for directions.”

“Ask some random stranger where the Ganguro girls be at?”

“Sure, what have you got to lose? It’s either that, take in the sights of a metropolis for another couple hours, or start hunting down a cute little NEET otaku hikikomori girl.”

“Fine, I’ll go ask somebody…”

Maple finished off her battered octopus balls, throwing out the little baggie they were in, and began looking around the park in greater detail. It was pretty vacant, as would be expected from a park at 15:00 on a Friday. There were a few older people out for walks, some employees out to get some fresh air, and a couple of women smoking around one tree while chattily chatting about something banal and inconsequential. Ignoring these people, as they didn’t look particularly hip nor happenin’, Maple’s eyes drifted into the distance and found a young women sitting around a table.

She looked to be on her phone, and disguised herself with a hoodie, effectively saying that she wanted to be left alone. But Maple nonetheless walked up to this woman and asked a question.

“Excuse me, but do you know where I can find a dance troop?” 

“A dance troop?” The woman repeated, still looking down at her phone

“Yeah, I’m looking for a gan-”

Maple paused as she saw this girl pull down her hood, revealing a face painted tan, blue eyes, and a tuft of hair bleached so much it resembled a sleek white platinum blonde. While not as thorough as some jobs, this was most certainly a ganguro girl

“Well, my friends and I are working on gettin’ one started up… ‘cept they’re late, like always. Anyhow, whatcha need a dance troop for? You lookin’ to join one, or are you just a dance fan?”

“Everything’s coming up Maple today, isn’t it?” Maple thought as she looked over the girl, who looked to fit the criteria she was looking for.

“Um, it doesn’t really matter. Honestly. So you were dumped by your friends? That sucks, you know,” Maple said, rapidly turning the conversation around.

“Seriously, they can be such butts sometimes. A gaggle of ganguro girls is something, but just one going out, all dolled up, looks kinda lame.”

“What? No, you look awesome.”

“Huh? You really think so?”

“Yeah gurl, you look totes kawi!”

“Kawi? What does that mean?”

“It’s just kawaii but shorter… I think it sounds pretty cool.”

“It does, it does. Yeah, I think I’ll need to steal that. Kawi. Heh. Just saying it makes me smile.”

“So, you don’t have any plans for the rest of the day?”

“Yeah, I got off work, hoped my friends and I could have some fun, but here I am, in the middle of the city, all alone.”

“Do you wanna hang out with me? You seem like a pretty cool girl yourself.”

“Sure! You’ve got a pretty kawi style and seem neat.”

“By the by, what’s your name? You can just call me Maple.”

“D’aw, that’s so adorbs! My friends like to call me Gashiko, and you can too.”

“Well then Gashiko, what do you have to say about some tiny cakes? I’m buying.”

“What? No flippin’ way! You’re seriously paying for cakes?”

“Yeah girl!” Maple said as she pulled out a fan of 10,000 yen bills from a jacket pocket.

Where did this money come from? Let’s just say that pickpocketing is easy when you have inhumanly long fingers. Regardless, Gashiko was mesmerized by the money fanned in her face and clenched Maple’s hands.

“Be real with me Maple. Are you just messing with a poor young woman, or are you a super cool girl fo’ realz?”

“I’m the coolest cat around… but I don’t really know this town too well. Do you know about a nice pastry place?”

Gashiko’s eyes lit up like a zippo in the dark and she grabbed the slender hands of Maple with her tan painted ones. The Ganguro girl then dashed in a seemingly random direction, gleefully giggling as she thought of gobbling up strawberry shortcake and mont blanc.

It was a frantic few minutes where Gashiko’s eccentric makeup caught more than a couple of glares, but eventually she and Maple made it into an office building. Gashiko then dashed up the stairs, almost leaving Maple behind, reaching the destination of the eighth floor within a minute.

“Don’t wear yourself out too much. The cakes aren’t going to go bad if you wait any extra minute, silly,” Maple commented once she reached an exhausted Gashiko.

“Yeah… I just get super excited about things some time. And cakes are, like, my favoritest thing ever made by people on the planet Earth.”

“What about on the moon?”

“Hm… I do love me some mochi balls– those lunar bunnies were onto something fierce with that– but nay, cakes are truly the greatest. Some people love curry, some love ramen, others like meat, but I am a cake girl myself. Even though I could seriously go for all of those. I haven’t had a single thing to eat all day.”

“Aw, I wish you told me that, Gashiko. Then this would’ve been your desert.”

“Wait, can we get curry, beef, and noodles together? And will you pay for all of it?”

“Darn tooting.”

Gashiko made a really messed up face at that notion, pounded her heeled shoes against the ground, and then threw herself into Maple’s arm.

“You, dear madame, are amongst the kindest peons this human has ever encountered in her lifetime. We shall venture on a festival of food, but let me repay you for this after a day of what is certain to be the utmost splendor!”

“Oh trust me Gashiko, I think I know how you’ll pay for all of this. With your life.” Maple said so softly only Senpai could hear.

From there, Gashiko and Maple made their way into an establishment where a few young women slowly eating a compilation of tiny and intricately designed delicacies while intermediately spouting about how delicious the sweets were. They joined in on paying exorbitant amounts for a variety of cakes, including shortcake, cheesecake, roll cake, rice cake, tart cake, fruit tart cake, chestnut cake, cream cakes, chocolate cakes, grape cakes, and et cetera. 

All of which were in incredibly small serving sizes, and were shared by the two as they playfully stuffed each other’s faces with soft sugar filled breads. They giggled and made idle chatter while gazing at each other and out at the flourishing K-City from the eighth story. It was a cute and overall adorable scene where these two looked like either impeccably close friends, or a pair of not so subtle and girly lesbians.

As their kcal counts neared the one thousand mark, Maple leaned in close to Gashiko and asked her where she wanted to go next. 

“Hm… This was really nice, but, I dunno, I kinda want something more… seedy…” Gashiko pondered as she looked out at the city, eyes fixated on the setting sun.

“I’ve got it! Maple-chan, grab my hand and I’ll take you into the ultimate underbelly of this town, this city!”

Enticed and curious, Maple grabbed her newfound friend’s hand, and was sent off into the city as twilight neared. Their ventures through the town were met with far more people than previously, as salarymen, office ladies, and general employees luckily let their workplace before dark, and were frantically on their way home to repeat the cycle that drives all modern society. But not Maple and Gashiko, who swerved around the city in seemingly random directions before locating what looked to be an average office building, except its first floor was that of a ramen joint. Not a particularly nice place for noodles mixed with broth, vegetables, meat, and various other fixings, just an average one. 

With no signs or signifiers to distinguish this place from any other, Maple was left hapless when her energetic and eccentric looking buddy opened the door, and sat on a stool right next to the kitchen. She was soon noticed by a large man, doused in sweat, in the midst of managing several pots and pans filled with delicious smelling foodstuffs he was preparing for an anticipated evening rush, and began to speak to him

“I’ve heard rumors of your legendary super infinite bowl challenge. One that tasks a person to consume the most delectable ramen, its ingredients cooked to perfection, and served in such a quantity that not even a sumo wrestler could stomach it all. A dish that requires understanding, patience, wisdom, courage, and a strong stomach to see the bottom of. My friend and I would both like one. Oh, and we’re aware of how much it costs… but trust me, we’ll have no problem finishing it!”

“Gashiko, you silly little tanuki, what are you doing?” Maple cutely asked her friend.

“Oh, are you not up to the challenge Maple?”

“What, to eat something? I should have no problem. You could even say I’m a cow when it comes to eating. ‘Cos it’s like I have multiple stomachs!” Maple decreed with a large smile.

“Is that the case. Well, you know what Gashiko means, right? Starving girl. Because whenever there’s good food in front of me, I gobble it up like I’m starving.”

“Really? Have to say, I’m impressed you have such a trim waistline then.”

“Trust me, girl. Whatever I have going here is all thanks to good genes.”

Gashiko then took off her hoodie, revealing a colorful tank top that displayed her midriff, sleeves of jewelry on both arms, and a short leather skirt. She had a very slender form, an attractive one that, if not for the layer of paint covering her body, looked to be quite soft. Just the sort of thing that inspired Maple to develop a penis just so she physically admire the beautiful woman besides her via an erection.

After mentally preparing herself for the food, Maple and her friend were greeted with two colossal bowls filled with just about every ramen ingredient one can imagine. It was a thick tower-like creation, dripping with both broth and release as the flavors from dozens of sources settled into one dish whose odor made these girls salivate.

With chopsticks in hand, the two began poking and examining this mound of food, poking away at bits and pieces just to momentarily relish in the circus going on in their mouths. Yet, this was not like the cakes and something to be cherished over time, this was something to be consumed and destroyed, which the two promptly did. They sucked the noodles out of this dish, picking away at the hunks of meat and smidgets of vegetables scattered throughout. Maple strengthened her digestive juices to more rapidly digest this dish, and enlarged her stomach to make room, and stretching her jacket as her torso expanded accordingly.

Gashiko lacked such luxuries and had to rely on skill. She had to pace herself, guzzle water after every couple bite to keep things flowing, and did her best to avoid noodles and until the very end. Her stomach turned and rumbled as the relentless stream of food poured down her gullet, and struggle to prepare what it had for the intestines. It discouraged Gashiko, and she almost wondered if she really had met her match. But one look at Maple, who was carelessly downing the food filled her with determination. 

Gashiko ignored her body’s pleas to stop and kept going, her mind focused on proving her worth to this new friend of hers, and maintaining the right to her nickname. She increased her pace, poking away as she began to see the sides of the bowl grow larger, and her chopsticks began to poke it. It was at that moment when Maple brought the bowl up to her face and slammed it back down, its contents empty, devoid of even a drop of broth.

This shocked Gashiko, who placed her chopsticks down and began pouring the contents of the bowl, meat, rice, noodles, and all, down her mouth, barely chewing as the contents went down her throat. This caused her stomach to shriek with rejection, demanding Gashiko to cease her actions, but the words of encouragement from Maple, as she, and a group of men who entered the bar as she focused on her bowl, cheered her on.

“Ga-Shi-Ko! Ga-Shi-Ko!” Everyone, including the chef, yelled to encourage this young ganguro girl.

It was enough for her to power through this trial, and she victoriously mimicked her friend by slamming the bowl against the table, shouting to confirm her victory. The bar cheered in celebration, chanting her name along with Maple’s as they proved themselves to be champions of eating.

The exhausted Gashiko stood up only long enough for the chef to snap a picture of her and Maple, arms crossed over each other’s back, smiling, before Gashiko crumbled in her friend’s lap. The painted girl was dazed, her stomach bloated, and sweat pouring past her body paint. Maple patted her friend’s head before helping her up and grabbing her hoodie. The two then left the ramen place as legendary food consumers, their names eternally remembered by the regulars who would recount this story for decades.

This left Maple and Gashiko alone in the city once night had enveloped it, and the countless lights began illuminating the streets in place of the sun. They momentarily took in the sights, but such a picturesque moment was ruined when Gashiko began panting heavily and fled to a nearby alley where she vomited onto a dumpster. Actually, no, that was actually a picturesque moment. A charming scene that served as a sign that the two’s night of gallivanting should come to an end.

“I’m sorry for making such a mess Maple, I guess my stomach’s not as bottomless as I thought it was,” Gashiko said as she cleared her throat of barf bits.

“You want me to take you home? I don’t feel comfortable letting you go out like this.”

“Oh Maple-chan, you’re so nice to me. Yeah, I really, really need to get my butt back home. And if you could take me back there, that’d be… really nice.”

With Gashiko stumbling around like she got drunk off of ramen, Maple had to hold her friend’s hand as they wandered through the city at night, moving in a sporadic pattern as Gashiko kept forgetting where her house was. 

It took well over an hour, but after much wandering and a train ride, the duo arrived at an apartment in a less frivolous area of K-City, and the two young women tumbled inside after throwing off their shoes. With the ganguro girl and Maple isolated in this fairly messy apartment, Senpai felt the need to speak up.

“This has been fun, but I think we should end the night here and now. We were lucky to get such a good ganguro girl, and even though she would be a pretty cool friend, I think I speak for the both of us when I say we’d rather have her inside us… Or do you want to try and find another ganguro girl?”

“Nah, I had fun with her, but I’m pretty sure our relationship peaked in just one night. You okay with absorbing with a hug?”

“Absolutely, Maple-chan. Oh, and be sure to absorb all of her clothes, accessories, and extra make-up afterwards. That’s what really makes a ganguro girl.”

“No problem Senpai, no problem at all.”

Maple then rushed up to her newfound friend and began to say her goodbyes before quickly embracing the energetic ganguro girl in a warm smelly hug as the body paint got over Maple’s skin before the absorption even began. 

It was a fairly quick and even way to absorb someone, as her arms, still enlarged belly, and even legs began to seep into Maple’s appendages as the exhausted Gashiko failed to notice that her painted body was dissipating. Maple even went so far as to point this out to her once her ramen filled intestines were becoming one with Maple’s, but the easygoing girl didn’t really mind this whole process. Though, I’m pretty sure she was too out of it to comprehend it. Gashiko didn’t offer much of a reaction, and simply gelled through Maple’s clothing, eventually becoming nothing but a face poking out of Maple’s shoulder, and soon after that, just another part of our titular protagonist.

Maple let out a sigh of relief as she began changing her skin tone itself, matching the color of her friend’s body paint without actually using body paint, doing the same to adopt a platinum blonde hair color. She enjoyed what she saw, and began looking for a restroom she could use to get a better look at her new form. At least that was her plan before she was distracted by a high pitched noise.

The noise, which could not be identified as any word, much less a syllable, came from behind Maple, where she saw a young woman. Maple smirked as she examined the frightened soul. Her hair was long yet messy, the bags under her eyes were well developed, she was wearing a soft long sleeved shirt with a random character on it, and had on a pair of shorts that showed off legs that had not been shaved in a few days. A messy fate, but her limber body was still enticing to our protagonist, as was elements of a cute face that she could see part the unkempt nature of this person. Tempted, Maple pondered if this woman was what she thought she was, and one look at the room behind her, a room containing several dozen figurines of busty anime characters sealed it.

“Oh goodie! I’ve found my hikikomori girl, now haven’t I? My, is everything going my way today.” Maple cheerily announced to the frightened woman.

“Who– What are you– What did you do to my roommate?” Miss Hikikomori questioned, clearly having seen things she shouldn’t have.

“Lookie here, Watamote-chan, I’m not looking to scare you. I’m just making sure you really are a nice little otaku girl without a job, okay?”

“I… What do you want from me?”

“Oh, it’s quite simple. I wanna eat yo face!”

With that decree, Maple trust her way to the young woman and began to morph her body as she was terrified in fear. The NEET stood against a wall as Maple grew in size and tackled her to begin the absorption process, where her body was soon picked apart by Maple’s from the skin down to her very skeleton. It took roughly five seconds before the otaku girl was part of Maple, and her life dedicated to obsessing over nerdy hobbies instead of getting a job in a world she was far too intimidated by to enter. Perhaps, Maple thought, this was for the best.

Once the twinkle star murder festival was complete, Maple sat down, glancing out a nearby window of the apartment to view the bustling lights of K-City at night as she pondered her next move.

Episode 09: Nekketsu

“So Senpai, in all that time I spent with Gashiko, did you think of any way we could find a hot blooded young woman?”

“The only idea I had was to sneak into a high school and find either a touch delinquent girl or a female martial artist with fire in her eyes.”

“Huh… if that’s the case, we could spend the rest of tonight raiding that otaku’s room for anime, hentai, and manga. Have some fun reading whatever she’s got, maybe get a few kinky ideas.”

“No thank you. Her room positively reeks from all those trash bags littered about..”

“Yeah, it does. I don’t get that, couldn’t she just take down the trash every day? She doesn’t even need to leave the apartment complex. I get that she was scared of the world, but that’s just dumb.”

“Yes, yes… How about we enjoy the nightlife. Maybe some karaoke, drinking, dancing, whatever it is you want.”

“Nah, not in the mood for that. At least not right now… Say, I have the strength of thirteen people, right?”

“Yes… What are you thinking, my little konpeito?”

“Rooftop parkour.”

“While using the optimized agility and dexterity of a dozen people?”

“Darn tooting!”

“…I love you, Maple-chan.”

“I know sweetie, I know.”

Maple then opened up the apartment window, stood a few steps back, and leapt through it. She spent a second propelled through the air, her momentum pushing her to the building across the street. During that second, Maple pondered her own mortality, whether or not a fall from this height would kill her, and if she would be able to use her abilities to transform any wounds away. She didn’t test that theory, as she luckily grabbed onto a window sill of the building she aimed for. But she did make a comment to Senpai that she should test her mortality. At another time, of course.

Maple casually made her way up the wall, having zero trouble holding onto any handhold she could find, let alone pulling her upwards. Once she reached the top and had a fine view of the entire city. Her eyes began to dart around, observing every obstruction in her way. She noted the pathways that connected one building to another, wires that could offer her momentary support, fences that surrounded the exterior of each roof, renovations of both rooftops and entire buildings that could serve as a joyful divergence, and other less important structures that I’m not going to bother mentioning, since I already painted a decently clear picture.

Point is, this was an elevated playground for Maple, and after looking at the form she’d assumed for a few hours, she adopted a sportier one. Keeping her female form, she adjusted the composition of muscle and fat in her being, altering her weight, increasing her height, and forming a body that she deemed ideal for a gymnast. Wanting to feel the rush as she zipped through this obstacle course, Maple gave herself a skirt that stopped just above her knees, a tight tank top, firm sports bra, comforting running shoes, and hair long enough to gracefully flow in the wind, but not too long to be burdensome whilst running.

With her form remixed, Maple began sprinting along a seemingly random direction, leaping from tightly contained rooftop to rooftop, pelting over air handlers, swerving around satellites and antennas. She dashed up ladders to increase her elevation, climbed up the sides of some buildings, occasionally winking at the people inside them. Her speed was maintained at 35 kilometers per hour, and seldom slowed for anything beyond a rooftop garden.

The city around her began to shrink as buildings receded closer to the ground. The lights dimmed, color faded, and the populus diminished into a scant few people on their way home or out to enjoy the nightlife. A few peered upwards as they heard a clattering on the roof, but none caught more than a blur as Maple dashed from the innards of K-City out into a small well kept suburb.

Once her loose idea of a destination was reached, that of a different location, Maple cooled down to get a better look at this quaint locale only illuminated by interspersed lights in people’s homes and a stream of lights that brightened the streets. Maple paused to examine this calming sight, but stopped as she discovered her body to be drenched in sweat. 

She began to walk and hop from building to building before descending once she stumbled upon a vending machine placed along a road. After pulling 240 yen from her sports bra, sincer her wallet converted into her bra or something, it barely matters, Maple purchased a chilled juice for her to drink and a bottle or water to pout over her body, ridding her of the stickiness and some of the stinkiness she was covered in. Though she did have a fine feminine musk going on, if you’re into that kinda stuff and get aroused when sniffing naked people.

While enjoying her juice and the small town atmosphere of this suburb, her and Senpai comparing it to their hometown, Maple paused upon hearing a rustling from up the street. She concealed herself next to a telephone pole and observed a group of male teenagers, still wearing their dark winter uniforms, scampering away from something. Maple was close enough to see that the boys were injured, with bruises on their face and blood dripping from their noses. This sight positively peaked Maple’s interests, and before Senpai could finish advising her, Maple was following the trail of blood the boys left behind them, eventually entering an empty lot.

It was clearly where a building or park once resided, perhaps a house, but was now empty beyond from grass and gravel. At least that’s what Maple thought at first, as she could hear a soft feminine panting coming from a corner. Maple had yet to absorb a cat, so she could not see in the dark, and had to get a closer look at the girl to assume she was the sort of person Maple hoped she was. 

Senpai advised Maple to be unassuming and pleasant if that was the case, adopt a form far more appealing than the rigidly optimized athletic form she adopted for her parkour. Her skin became soft, muscles shrunk, and flowing black hair began to dance down her shoulders. Her age increased to her late twenties, but she had all the allure and appeal of a Christmas cake a week before the holiday began.

Maple changed her form to adopt motherly assets while maintaining a slim physique. Her clothes became a fashionable light soft green sweater, lengthy pink skirt, a pair of unassuming black shoes that were thick enough to support her if she were to run circles in this gravel, and the gift that gave her these powers in the first place, the metal bracelet. What resulted was a kind looking woman, one a little taller than the average man, but a comforting presence nevertheless. 

With yet another new form assumed, Maple smiled as she approached this enigmatic girl, and once she got a better look at the young woman in the barren lot, that smile became frighteningly large. This woman was wearing a schoolgirl uniform; one not dissimilar to the one Meipuru wore at the start of the story. Above that she wore an opened boy’s winter uniform, a classic indigo gakuran, one far too big for her fairly short stature.

To complement the jacket, the young woman wore a visored cap of a similar color, stylized by a brass broken heart ornament along the side. Beneath that, Maple could see snippets of the woman’s hair. It was rebelliously dyed blonde and cleanly cut to remain just above her shoulders. Her face was worn from battle, with bruises littering her cheeks, a scuffed nose, a bandage over her cheekbone, a red handkerchief that covered her mouth, and a scar that ran from her hairline to her brow.

Beneath a rugged exterior and stern expression, Maple could see a cute yet very strong girl inside. Though, she and Senpai wasn’t interested in such blasei things. They both wanted a young tomboy, a school-aged delinquent, a woman with hot blood running through her veins and an attitude that was deemed callous by the ‘man’ controlling all of Nippon Land. They wanted a fiery outcast, and much like the hikikomori, the ganguro girl before that, and the idol before that, everything was going Maple’s way on this glorious day.

“Whaddaya want?” The delinquent gruffly barked at Maple.

“Hello there miss, are you feeling alright?” Maple replied, sounding like a kindergarten teacher.

“Yeah, sure, I’m flan-tucking-spastic.”

“You’re not the most polite person, are you? I expected as much. I hoped for as much.”

“Whatcha gettin’ at?”

“I’ll tell you, but first and foremost, what is your name?”

“Just call me Nekketsu. Everyone does.”

“Oh… so even your name is hot blooded? You are so hot blooded that it became your nickname. Well then, Nekketsu-chan, how about a battle?”

“…I was gonna yell at ya for pissin’ me off, but now… now you’ve got my interest, ya old bag.”

“Old bag? Oh please. I’m only 27.”

“You serious? You may wanna count your blessings then. Even if you’ve got ten years on me, you’re still ten years too green to even have a chance of victory.”

“I think you’ve got that backwards Nekketsu-chan. But talk is cheap, as your kind likes to say, let’s settle this with our firsts!”

“Heh. Sure thing. Let’s get it on!”

Nekketsu pushed herself off the wall she’d been leaning on, adopting a stance as she looked at Maple in the eye. The bitter anger of her glare was met with confidence and optimism, which only served to heat the high schooler’s hot blood. Maple began to bob around as Nekketsu started at her, gesturing for the delinquent to come at her, and she did.

Nekketsu dashed at Maple, throwing a right punch that the people eater dodged a full second before it landed. Maple then lightly struck the back of Nekketsu’s neck, startling her more than it hurt her. Nekketsu responded with a left punch, but a backstep saved Maple from a hit. Nekketsu rushed forward in response, aiming to get Maple against a wall, but she swerved around to make just the opposite happen.

With Nekketsu up against a wall, Maple flicked her forehead, further raging the beast. She swiftly landed a sucker punch on Maple to retaliate, but it proved ineffective and the left hook she followed it up with was grabbed my Maple’s right hand. 

“You’re alright, but I was looking for a challenge. Come now, you’re fighting an adult, time to take off the kid’s gloves.”

The delinquent could not let this stand, and freed her hand of Maple’s clutches, kicking her leg before swerving around. Maple took a step back, adopting a crossed arm defensive stance as she shuffled towards the schoolgirl, who retaliated with a flurry of blows that landed on Maple’s arms. Once she was 30 centimeters away, Maple jabbed the girl in the face, clutching her nose with her middle and index fingers. She twisted her hand around as the girl’s face became red with anger, but before she could retaliate, Maple kneed her in the gut.

The delinquent came tumbling to the gravel with one blow, and Maple balanced her foot on top of her back.

“No. No no no no no. Rage, strength, and stubbornness only get you so far, my dear little Nekketsu-chan. Show me some discipline, some skill, some style. Show me some true strength!”

“Alright,” Nekketsu said as she spat out some blood, “I’ll show you everythin’ I’ve got.”

Nekketsu got up off the ground only to toss her jacket and hat on the ground, fully revealing the schoolgirl with black roots poking out of her dyed blonde hair. She took a deep breath as she looked at Maple’s eyes once more, exhaled as she looked over her stance for any vulnerabilities. She really couldn’t find one, but she had an idea.

With her arms placed just beneath her nose, Maple shuffled up to Nekketsu, and began landing a variety of punches. Some aimed well away from her body, others, aimed close, most of which Maple dodged or blocked with no problem. The delinquent adopted the same defensive stance and began to wait for Maple to throw a few strikes. They were easy to dodge at first, but became faster, more ferocious, and began to assault her arms. They grew heavy, immobile, and Nekketsu knew this could not last, so she retreated across the lot, aiming to draw out Maple.

Nekketsu began to swerve her body around as Maple moved to her, her motions becoming faster as she moved in the motion of an infinity sign. Maple knew what this was, and she smiled, eager to defend against such a mighty attack. The delinquent used her body’s motion to propel her punched as Maple, landing them in rapid succession as they ate away at Maple’s guard, damaging it and fracturing it, until, while screaming at the heavens and packing all of her energy in one punch, Nekketsu broke Maple’s guard.

She pleaded to her arms, her body, to let her get in one more strike, to at least get a good hit in on this mighty foe. But no. Nekketsu’s arms were worn, tried, and heavier than iron. They were firmly locked to her sides She was breathing heavily and would fall if hit with another blow.

“I could do this if I was prepared, but I was tired. I was worn. If I had a day to prep, I could take this old bat down. I would whoop her just now with one punch. I could… I could…” Nekketsu thought before a hand grabbed her shoulder.

“You fought well, Nekketsu-san. You managed to break my guard. You managed to do a Dempsey Roll. Tell me, you are a fan of Hajime no Ippo, correct?”

“Y-Yeah. I read it every week as a kid.”

“But would Ippo ever approve of what you’re doing?”

“Oh shuddup! Ippo won’t even tell a girl he loves her.”

“That is true, but even then, do you think what you’re doing is really right? I understand your frustrations. The world is not a very nice place, and that is the case even in a great country like this. You are misguided about your place in the world. You don’t want to be submissive, follow a rigid regime, and toil your way in a fruitless office job where you are obligated to befriend your co-workers. You want something to hold onto, something you can champion, something special.”

“I… I guess… Yeah, you’re right lady.”

Maple extended her hand out ot the fiery young woman in both commroderation and to help the girl get off the grown. With a smirk, Nekketsu latched onto Maple’s arm, where she was pulled into a hug.

“Geez, I’m feelin’ all embarrassed and stuff.”

“Heh. You know Nekketsu, I really like you. So much so that I almost feel bad for doing this. The key word being almost.”


The hot blooded young woman never got an answer to that question. Immediately as those words seeped from her lips, Maple began pressing her form against her. Nekketsu was being absorbed in a way not dissimilar to Gashiko before her, but this was far faster. Her torso was consumed by Maple, arms seeped into her back, and her legs were torn away within seconds. It was a fast and merciful absorption in that no suffering or horror ensued. Nekketsu was now just another part of Maple.

With target number four eliminated, Maple retrieved the girl’s discarded jacket and cap, donning them on her own body as she looked up at the sky.

“Yeah, I do kinda feel bad about doing this, she was a really cool girl based on the five minutes I spent with her.”

“But much like the ganguro girl who you spent hours with, you don’t feel much remorse for your actions, do you?”

“…Are you seriously trying to guilt me, mister ‘transform into me and masturbate to pictures of my friends’?”

“Nah, I’m just messing with you. These girls are nothing special, and their finest attribute, their spirits, will live on within you.”

“True, true… So now we need to find a geisha, right?”

“No worries, I know a place. At this rate, you’ll become my ultimate waifu before sunrise.”

“Is that a challenge, my husband?”

“If you’re up to it, just go for it!”

With that, Maple began fleeing from the empty lot, climbing up and jumping across rooftops as her modified gakuran fluttered in the autumn evening wind. Ready to absorb more people for the sake of justice. Great justice. …Nah, I’m just kidding. She’s rotten from her skull to her small.

Episode 10: Geisha

It was a relatively short journey for Maple as she propelled herself from rooftop to rooftop, running along the tops of stores, office buildings, and apartment complexes, only pausing for the voice in her head to offer her directions to the location of a geisha house. A place where parties are held, ceremonies are conducted, and people partake in traditional Japanese arts. A place populated by women, young and old, who have dedicated themselves to this profession.

This locale was placed along the outskirts of town, away from the fervor and bustling lights that struck the city at night, and located in the quieter borders of this metropolis. Its traditional architecture and large size made it an easy to recognize building, and one that Maple practically pounced down to.

As she descended from the rooftops, Maple gave herself yet another new form, becoming a young woman with lengthy silken black hair, a fit figure with sizable assets, and a comely face. All wrapped in a tight violet and black chinese dress, a cheongsam, that amplified her features and make her look more mature while still looking to be in her early twenties. She completed the look by extending a pair of matching high heels from her feet, and then checked out her new appearance in her metal bracelet, adjusting her hair with a slender hand.

After being complimented by Senpai, Maple ventured into this geisha tea house with confidence, hoping a positive attitude would make up for the half-hearted plan she thought of in the past thirty seconds. Her plan was to simply walk into the establishment and act like she knew what she was doing, when she was making this all up as she went along… and it worked. Maple avoided the receptionist by claiming she was here to surprise a party, which the receptionist foolishly believed. 

With nothing impeding her, Maple walked through a traditional looking hallway, with a variety of labeled doors where parties and tea ceremonies were held. Most of these doors were locked and silent, but near the end of the hall Maple could hear the sounds of delicate fingers strumming along a shamisan. 

Maple neared the door, gradually opening it to see a thorough recreation of an idealized past. A room with decorative paper walls, a nostalgic flooring pattern, and furniture handcrafted by men of another century. The sounds of running water filled the room by way of a small fountain, and the scent of freshly made tea filled Maple’s nose. 

She looked closer at the room to see a young woman with a face painted white, wearing an intricately designed kimono whose patterns were almost hypnotic. Her hands gracefully danced as she played her song, and while her eyes were peacefully sealed, she was smiling while performing to the two other occupants of the room.

Both of them were men clad in suits, one being an old man, his head bald, skin withered, and stature short. The other being a young man, his form thick and tall, with hair trimmed to a single centimeter. The two peacefully sat on cushions as they enjoyed a hot cup of tea and the calming melody of the geisha’s song. It was a relaxing and peaceful moment that Maple proceeded to ruin.

“Yo, what up!” 

The three occupants of the room jumped as they heard her, the older man choking on his tea, and the geisha accidentally strumming a foul note to abruptly end her song.

“Who are you?” The younger man promptly asked Maple.

“Well, that’s not really important. Truth be told, I’m just here for that geisha of yours. I mean, if you don’t mind.”

“We do mind. Now then, if you don’t want any trouble, I’d suggest you leave us be. Understand?” The older man barked, his voice hoarse and callous.

“Yeah, not gonna happen old timer. You see, I need to absorb that geisha you’ve got there, and I’m in a good enough mood to let you guys off. So if you don’t mind, either leave me to my work, or brace yourself for something nifty.”

“What is this woman talking about?” The geisha asked the two suit-clad men.

“What I’m talking about is how I’m gonna eat yer face!” Maple retorted with the grace of a farting cow.

With that exclamation, Maple skipped over to the geisha and planted her hand over the young woman’s face, where the ever delightful process of absorption began. The geisha’s face was drained of its white color before being reduced to a shriveled mess. Her eyes were sucked away, and Maple’s palm prevented the young woman from expressing the sheer terror she was experiencing throughout the experience. The muffled screams were silenced once Maple’s fingers began picking away at and feeding on the brain. Her flailing arms went limp, and everything that defined her as a person was gone.

Her head was soon reduced to nothingness, and the geisha’s limb body continued being slurped through Maple’s hand like a bundle of noodles. Her lovely hands, gorgeous clothes, and rigorously maintained body were all consumed by Maple. A sight that had become humdrum for our protagonists, but sent the two suited men into quite a tizzy. They were mortified, shocked, and stricken with fear as this unnatural scene was forever ingrained into their brains. They could not speak, nor run. Instead, the two men huddled themselves in a corner.

Maple smiled at these two men, contemplating what she would do with them after receiving what she wanted. Before she could come up with any answer, a familiar voice chimed in her head.

“Maple-chan, sweetie, if you could do something for me.”

“Oh, what is that, my scrumptious little Senpai?”

“I want you to ask these men if they are yakuza members. They could be simple salarymen, but I just want to be sure.”

“Alright Senpai! Hey, are you guys yak–”

As Maple shifted to converse with the scared men in the corner, she felt something penetrate her chest. A large cold piece of metal that was thrown with such force and precision that it would kill a regular person. A knife in the center of her chest. Blood began to pour from Maple’s mouth and wound soon after, and her fate was sealed… or it would be if she were a human and not some sort of weird people eating monster.

Oh no. Maple casually yanked the knife out, threw it on the ground, and with a wave of her hand, her wounds were sealed and even her chinese dress was repaired. Yep, that knife did absolutely nothing aside from getting Maple royally peeved. The very idea of this only confused and frightened the men further, causing them to incoherently release a stream of murmurs.

“Heheheheheh… No seriously. You guys yakuza or not? ….Don’t just gawk at me and make mouth noises, use your words and give me a spiffy yeah or an affirming, but acceptable, nope.”

Maple’s upbeat attitude further shook the two men, who continued offering Maple no answer. With a hefty sigh, Maple looked over the two and pulled away the older one, latching her hands around the older yakuza member and rubbing his bald head like a crystal ball.

“Ah yes, I think I see it now. Great misfortune comes to those who defy me, and I do think this man will be the first to go. Oh, but the image is hazy, and such a needless death could be avoided if this older gentleman were to answer my question. So talk, ya dumb old fart!”

Maple then latched onto the man’s right hand, and adopted a very sinister smile, as if she were prepared to do something. That is, until a voice answered her question.

“We-We’re in the K-City yakuza!” The younger man said for the sake of his companion.

“That’s one scrum-diddily-umptious bit of information you tossed my way. But…” Maple cheerily said before her husband spoke up again.

“Maple-chan, would you indulge me for a moment?”

As those words pierced the ears in Maple’s brains, she tossed the older yakuza member over to his colleague and began chatting with her lover.

“You remember what I told you earlier? That if you absorb a lot of people then I should be free from the confines of your mind, and be able to exist as your equal?”

“Sure do… wait, what exactly are you getting at?”

“Oh, nothing much… just the destruction of the headquarters of this branch of the yakuza, and absorbing every member we can find.”

“…Weren’t we not gonna do the mass destruction thing?”

“Yes, but I have reason to believe this would be quite enjoyable. There will be a very tense and dangerous atmosphere and quite a lot of potential thrill to be had. We could absorb people one at a time, but let’s face it, the appeal is withering away like a tree’s leaves in autumn. We are getting a little bit overpowered.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea– great idea in fact.”

As Maple continued talking to a voice in her head, the two terrified yakuza members pulled out their phones, only to have them snatched away by the surprisingly strong grip of Maple. Once in her hands, she proceeded to drop them on the floor and stomp them a couple times. 

“You’re a pair of nasty little boys, that’s what you are! Trying to call for help and such. I could gobble you both up, but I may just let you go if I get some information in return. Where is this city’s yakuza HQ? The den of scum and semi-legitimate businesses. The building where all you cool tattooed boys gather together for festivities. Your castle of crime if it were.”

The two men then blurted out a few obscenities while requesting Maple further explain the reasons behind her demands. To retort, Maple strutted over to the two yakuza boys and snatched their left pinky fingers. With a simple pinch, Maple absorbed the fingers, and only the two fingers, of these men.

“There we go. Your hesitation already cost you one insignificant finger; the worst finger in all honesty. But if you play nice and tell me the precise location of your crime boy treehouse, then mayhaps you shall be permitted to continue living with the rest of them… and your heads. What’ll it be boys?”

“I- I don’t know what you are, but I’m not telling you anything!” The older yakuza said.

“I’m sorry, what was that? I think I heard you say, ‘Oh please missus Maple, pretty please with cherries and cake on top slaughter me in a gross way. Life is stupid and I don’t wanna do it any more.’ But I doubt you would say something as silly as that. Now then, care to try one more time?”

The older yakuza then began yelling and insulting Maple with a slew of vulgar language and insulting terminology, causing the young woman to sigh with displeasure as she grabbed the man’s left hand, and absorbed the entirety of it with a single clenching motion. The older man was stunned silent by this action, and the younger one once again provided Maple with the information she craved.

He went into great detail describing the building, floor numbers, and even giving some decent direction to this place. It was an unremarkable office building whose higher floors were entirely occupied by the yakuza, and there was even an event being held there tonight. It was valuable information, and Maple showed her appreciation to the young rough-faced man by kissing him on the forehead, pinching his cheeks, and rustling his hair. Like he was a well behaved child. Heck, if she had a cookie or lolli, she’d probably put it in his mouth. That’s lolli as in lollipop, not loli as in the cute little girls.

“Thanks bunches, mister yakuza junior and senior! I’d advise you skip town for a while, ‘cos your organization’s gonna be a lot smaller come morning. Sorry about taking your fingers and hand, but look at the bright side. At least you’re still alive. Toodles!”

With that happy-go-lucky goodbye, Maple began running out of the geisha house and took to the rooftops once more, making her way across K-City once more before arriving at her destination. 

She looked at the building from the rooftop of another. While most windows were darkened, the top three stories were shining through the night’s sky, illuminating the evening as the clock hit midnight.

Maple looked down at the ant-like people bustling along the streets, and then at the supposed yakuza headquarters. Maple reflected on where she was two days ago. Meeting that fairy, becoming one with Senpai, being his little plaything, and then becoming a person in and of herself, and equal to the man she sought after for months. She began tearing up as she reflected on her actions over the past day, but not because she had a revelation about how awful she was. The girl killed her parents. She knew she was a bad person, but she reveled in it, she loved it, and she was experiencing a sexual pleasure at the mere thought of consuming a hundred men in one big people buffet.

With Senpai advising her to jump directly through the window, Maple leapt from the rooftop gliding through the sky; falling towards her final frontier. 

Episode 11: Yakuza Hyaku

Maple’s body tore through the window, shattering it immediately as she dove into a single office with fine furniture, a few tasteful framed images, and completely bereft of any clutter. Except now it was coated in hundreds upon hundreds of tiny glass shards, some of which wound up inside Maple’s skin or tearing up her violet and black cheongsam. It made for a mildly painful five seconds before the glass was pushed out of Maple’s body and she was as good as new.

As Senpai began lecturing the young woman to consider covering herself with heavier clothing next time she does something like this, the door to this well kept office slammed open, revealing a trio of men. All in a dress shirt and pants, all had a tie loosely hanging along their necks, all had reddened faces, and all smelled of sake. One was short and lanky, another tall and large, and the third was just unremarkable, boring, average, and totally lame aside from the snake tattoos revealed by his rolled up sleeves. Those were pretty cool, and served as inspiration for the first thing Maple said to these three irritated looking office workers.

“You guys are yakuza, right? I’m guessing you are based on that killer tatt you’ve got there.”

“Yeah, we yakuza… what the crap do ya want, ya sexy little fox?” Fat yakuza said with a drunken slur.

“How the heck didja get up here… didja break our windows? Oh no… Tanaka’s gonna be pissed when he sees this!” Lanky yakuza commented.

“Oh, right. Sorry about that window, but that’s the least of your problems. By the end of the night, your entire little yakuza family is gonna be in the toilet. Now then, if you want to live to see that dark tomorrow, I’d recommend letting me–”

Maple’s passive threat was suddenly interrupted with the sound of gunfire, as the third yakuza boy, mister snake tattoos, decided to place a bullet in her left breast. This caused Maple to step back a little, cough up a squirt of blood, and transform her demeanour. The bullet plopped out of Maple’s organs as her body repaired itself, and a look of searing and relentless hatred appeared on her face. 

The two other yakuza members began berating their colleague for his actions, and a look of severe regret enveloped in his eyes. He realized he did one big no-no, and Maple was ready to punish him for it. She snarled like a furious animal and then rushed to the man who dared to pull a pistol on her. The gun fell from his hands as Maple latched her fingers onto his neck. Snake tattoos croaked what sounded like an apology, but he had already committed the crime of attempted murder, and that wasn’t the sort of thing you just forgive or let slide with a warning.

“Hey Senpai, what should I do with this mass of feces masquerading around as a human? This vile little miscreant who dared to look at my act of mercy, my offer to let these three men live, and respond with an attempt to kill me, apropos of nothing. I’m thinking that my body’s a temple, and I should not eat this man’s alcohol infused poop. Wouldn’t you agree, my sweet Senpai?”

“Absolutely, Maple-chan. If you wish to treat him like poop, perhaps we could break him into chunks and push him down a traditional style toilet.”

“Oh, peachy keen concept there, my love. But does a little turd like him deserve that much effort? I say I rub his face along the floor, ‘cos it’s covered in glass, and throw him out the window. That sound cool?”

“Yes, yes it does, my little konpeito. Please do it soon. I don’t like the idea of this man surviving for even a minute longer. Kill him now for great justice.”

While screaming “for justice” loud enough to warrant it being exclusively in capital letters, Maple slid the man along the sheet of glass pieces, only to have his body slide out the window, where gravity took over and he experienced a fifty story drop. His screams echoed through the night before a tiny little thunk represented his end twenty seconds later.

Turning back to the two other yakuza boys, Maple gave them on sniff and realized that they did something that should only be expected of babies. Fatty yakuza boy made a number two in his work trousers, while the skinny guy dampened his boxers with sake filled pee.

“Aw, you poor nasty little boys. Did the big bad Maple get you scared? I’m not gonna hurt you two. You didn’t shoot me in the chest, unlike your dumb dead brother. You’ll be perfectly fine, if you answer a two part question for me. Alrightie?”

The two yakuza members had looks of abject horror in their face, and as they looked at the streak of blood left by their friend, both became a little nauseous. As such, Maple wasn’t really surprised when they only responded in grunts and hushed profanities. Our protagonist then sighed before hugging the yakuza member who peed his pants.

“Aw, poor baby tough guy. Could you pwetty pwease tell me where the rest of you yakuza are?”

“I– I– There is a p-party on the upper floor. T-There should be a lot of people there. I-I don’t know what you are or wh-what you want, but please, p-please don’t hurt me.”

“Why thank you. See, dead yakuza man with snake tattoos whose ghost I’m imagining can hear and see us right now, was that so hard? Miracle Maiden Maple-chan doesn’t think so. Oh, and about that comment you made about me not hurting you, I won’t, ‘cos you cooperated. All your friends and family on the top floor? …Call them up and say goodbye, ‘cos they will all die after I consume them. Ta-ta!”

With that cheery goodbye, Maple began skipping through an empty office before locating the elevator and heading up one floor. While in that elevator, she looked into a conveniently placed mirror and began altering her face ever so slightly to better increase her beauty. She also adjusted her voice in order to make it sound more womanly, opposed to the girlish voice she had beforehand, made minor alterations to her proportions, and darkened her skin. Senpai asked her why exactly she chose to do this, and Maple responded by saying, “it’s the climax. I want to make sure my performance is practically perfect.”

As those words left her mouth, Maple was met with a lavishly decorated hallway she immediately began to follow, passing by bathrooms and what looked to be a kitchen before entering a massive dining hall, with what had to be almost one hundred men in suits, all of them of varying ages, many of them accompanied by beautiful young women. There were dozens of conversations going on at any moment, but all were quiet enough to be ignored when listening to a live performance by a group of twenty musicians playing while a woman in a gorgeous glimmering dress sung to the crowd. 

It was a party, one that seemed to be free from crime and dedicated solely to celebrating something, which was far more than what Maple gathered from the two yakuza she met roughly an hour age. She expected a gathering, but nothing of this caliber. The mere sight made Maple salivate onto her dress, in a very unattractive move she recognized once Senpai pointed it out to her.

“I cannot believe this. It’s stellar, splendiferous, spectacular, sugoi! All these people, my oh my, and so many of them look attractive too. Think of all the walks of life I can absorb, all the talents, all the versatility in my form… I’m aroused just by the thought.”

“Savor this moment Maple-chan. Savor it and do something special.”

The gears that turn Maple’s brain and produce every morsel of nonsense she had ever spoken began turning at breakneck speeds as she pondered how to make the most of this moment. She could be sneaky and pick people off person by person, shifting her form to assume the appearance of those she absorbed while fear and panic envelope the yakuza. She could simply wait as people go to and from the restroom, absorbing them while they tried to pee. Or she could be super duper boring and go on a rampage right at this moment, impromptu of nothing.

None of these fit Maple’s fancy, and instead she began to sit along a wall, She noticed a few eyes leering at her, but tried her best to ignore them and focus on thinking of a plan. Which, she thought, would be so much easier without the music playing throughout the dinner hall. That’s when it hit her, and the girl slapped her palm against her forehead.

Maple began moving closer to the stage at the end of the hall, her form and appearance attracting the attention of many as she wiggled her way to the stage after the singer finished a song. The singer, a woman, looked to be in her early thirties, clearly out of breath, looked at Maple with an appropriate amount of confusion as she snatched the microphone away from her. The singer began to object to this, but stopped as Maple planted a firm hand along her exposed shoulder. 

“Baby, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In fact, if I were you, I’d leave this place. Things are gonna get crazy. And not the kind of crazy you’d be crazy about.”

The singer examined Maple closer before departing the stage; confused yet somewhat convinced that Maple was an adequate replacement and not some drunken floozy. She then left the dining hall, looking for an explanation that she would never really receive.

This left Maple on stage with an unassuming band who looked at her with bewilderment. She looked over to the group, snatched the sheet music from one of them, and flipped through it, reading the song titles until she found one that she recognized. She barked the song’s name to the band, causing them to sift through their music booklets for the right page. They all looked at Maple once they prepared themselves, waiting for her cue.

Maple stood in front of over a hundred people, held her hand high as she countered to three, and began to perform. Channeling the talent and expertise of the young idol she absorbed roughly thirteen hours ago, Maple began to sing. Her voice silenced all other conversation, her cadence captured their attention, while her intensity and control froze them in their seats. As her singing boomed through the dining hall, capturing the attention of even the chefs from the kitchen, Maple knew she had them in the palm of her hand, and was free to carry on withe the next part of her plan. 

She began to move away from the stage and into the audience, gracefully swaying her body about the capture a mix of envy and disposition, but mostly adoration and lust. She began to move closer to and toy with various men in the audience, showing off her assets, leaning into them for a kiss, or giving them a hug with bonus boobage. In a five minute long performance, she had won over the audience, and received a standing ovation upon completion. 

As the applause roared in and Maple looked down on herself, tears began cascading down her face. She thought back to her life fifty hours ago, when she was a pitifully average young woman, age fifteen, with no truly redeeming or appealing qualities about her. One who was average in intellect, physique, talent, and every skill except maybe video gaming. Now, she could be whatever she wanted to be, whoever she wanted to be. She was beauteous. She was talented as a singer and performer. She could be an artist. She could be an scholar. She could be a scientist. She could be anything.

The unlimited possibilities were displayed to her at this moment, but before she could do that, a single comment reminded her of Senpai, reminded her of why she did this in the first place, the person who she attributed for the reason why her life changed so much over the past two days, and in her opinion, changed for the better. She wanted to please his wishes, to give him his own body. And to do that, all these people would need to die.

Maple returned to reality as the applause began to recede. She thanked the audience for their parise before turning to the band, instructing them to follow her lead. The musicians confusingly looked at each other before shrugging and playing the next song in their set. A rapid paced melody that Maple could not recognize, but had the confidence, drive, and accumulated passive skills necessary to make something up as she went on.

Maple’s rapid succession of words left the audience perplexed, but nonetheless enticed in the performance, their eyes focused on this enigmatic woman as she continued to snake through the audience before locating one man who caught her fancy. A younger man who held a superior air to him. One with a tall stature, strong features all around, and an unsettling smirk on his face. Maple leaned over to the man, grabbing his hand. Maple dragged him through the remainder of the song, compensating for his clumsy movements with her own, and carrying him through the song as the climax billowed. One the song erupted in a dramatic conclusion, Maple leaned into the man and kissed him.

As their lips locked, and all eyes on her, Maple pondered her next move. Would she just relish this moment and enjoy a night as somebody beloved by all before committing mass murder? Or would she follow her plan to give her dear sweet Senpai his own body before the night dies down? Both options were enticing, but with a comment from Senpai about how the man’s breath tasted like rotted grain, Maple made her decision. Thus beginning the absorption of one hundred yakuzas.

The man in Maple’s hands was torn apart within three seconds. His skull was consumed through Maple’s lips, the torso was drained by her arms, and his legs became one with the chinese dress that was merely a part of Maple’s body. It happened too fast for him to truly understand what was happening as his life ended, but the audience, the one hundred people whose eyes were fixated on Maple, they understood what happened… or at least enough to start acting like a brood of headless chickens.

Some thought this was a trick, others thought it was a ploy by a rival, a few believed what they saw as reality, but most simply reacted to this scene with confusion they expressed by uttering an overload of obscenities. Maple began stepping through the developing anarchy, grabbing people along the way. Men and women, old and young, attractive, unattractive, and some variant of average, they were all absorbed after the other. All lost their bodily parts as they seeped into Maple’s hands, arms, torso, or chest, losing their humanity and life and becoming just another part of this monstrous force who started absorbing people within two seconds. 

As the murder count rose, a few tried to fight Maple off. They stabbed her, shot her, or just tried punching her in the face. But they didn’t phase her. She maintained her comely form and relaxed composure, all while absorbing the people. Once the dinner hall became vacant of yakuza denizens, Maple rushed towards the elevator, where she found dozens of people cramming themselves in the elevator, and others trying to open the locked stairwell. Maple smirked at the sight and made sure that these people would never escape. Their bodies were destroyed piece by piece, and their shrieks of horror filled the floor, only to be forever silenced.

In the end, Maple was left alone. Alone with Senpai.

“One-hundred-seventeen people… Once your body processes all of that, I should be free.”

“You better. I’m seriously feeling bloated after eating so many people.”

“Is that why you spared the chefs and musicians?”

“…Sorta. They were just doing their jobs. They weren’t criminals who ran an organization that, at best, can be called semi-legitimate. Sure, the yakuza aren’t that bad, but they’re bad enough for me to view it as okie-dokie if they were all to die. And they did..”

“Yes, but didn’t you spare four yakuza?”

“Eh. they gave me information and helped me kill their friends. I also scared them something fierce. I figured that absorbing them would be a little overkill, dontcha think?”

“Fair enough… but are you sure we got all the yakuza?”

“…Explain yourself, Senpai!”

“We still have one floor above this, and I would not be surprised if there were more yakuza up there. We could just let them go, or you could have a little dessert after your dinner. Your choice really.”

“Hm… yeah. Let’s do it to it! Chances are that they fled, but it’s worth checking out.”

With that decree, Maple used the strength of eighty men to break into the locked stairwell, where she began slowly ascending up the four flights of stairs before her. She took in every step, humming to herself, swaying her body to remind herself of her form. All before reaching an unlocked door that she carefully opened.

Through another hallway, Maple found an opened door, a door to a massive office. One with shelves walls lined with books, and a gorgeous view of the city from behind the chair positioned behind a massive wooden desk. In that chair, there was a man. An older man who was attached to his large and wealthy reinforcing chair by a katana that was shoved through his chest. A dried crimson fluid covered his suit, and a stream of blood hardened on his chin. Maple went to the man to get a closer look, where she discovered something on his numerous computer monitors. A video feed of the dining hall. 

“Seppuku, huh?” Maple asked the dead man.

“Yes, he killed himself because of you,” a weak voice murmured from across the room.

Maple turned to see a young man, age twenty-two if she were to guess. He was dressed properly, but his childish face and below average height made it hard to take him seriously. The man looked at Maple with disposition, fury, and disgust, all of which were emphasized by the weapon held in his hand. A gun. A handgun. One that looked powerful, but Maple knew it would fail to so much as harm for for any longer than seven seconds. 

“So, I take it this was you father, was it?”

“Yes, he was. And because of you, he’s dead.

“No, not really. He decided to kill himself like an idiot.”

“I… what is wrong with you? What are you supposed to even be?”

“The name’s Maple! I’m a magical miracle girl who’s sweet like milk. Also I eat people and gain their spirit, essence, souls, whatever you wanna call them, along with access to their bodily parts. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to–”

The man then shot Maple in her right breast, which hurt her for all of three seconds before the wound was healed and dress was mended. She scowled at the boy and began walking closer to him while wagging her finger.

“No. No no no no no no no. No! You’re a bad boy for doing that, and if you try that again, Maple’s gonna–”

The man then shot Maple in the head, missing her brain and ruining her face for another three seconds. Before she could recover, the man shot Maple in the neck, then the eye, then the nose, then the shoulder, then the chin, and so forth until he ran out of ammunition for his handgun. In the barrage of bullets, Maple fell to the ground, but as the heir to the yakuza momentarily assumed he actually killed Maple, she began moving. Seconds later, she was standing upright, good as new, with a look of malice on her face as she leered at the man, whose legs were vibrating in fear.

“I’m gonna eat you now,” Maple announced.

“I’m not going to absorb you or consume you. Oh no. I’m going to put your bodily parts in my mouth, chew them up, digest them, and eventually poop them out. I’m not going to kill you before I do this either. You’re an idiot and a jerk, so I’m going to have you suffer through it. Got it?”

The man offered no response, he was too numbed by unbridled fear to do anything but stare at Maple.

Upon tearing off the man’s suit jacket and shirt, Maple began chomping away at his left arm, tearing away at the flesh as blood began pouring across the carpet, and the obscenity riddled screams of this yakuza member filled the air. As she was halfway through eating his left arm, slowly killing him, the man said something that captivated Maple’s ears. “I’m going to be a father.”

“Come again?” Maple asked with a blood filled mouth.

“I’m going to be a dad! My wife is pregnant! She’s the most wonderful person in the world, and I just want to say goodbye to her. Please, for all that is good in the world, stop! You’ve already taken my father, my legacy, but please don’t kill me. I can’t take this! I can’t take this!”

As the man’s tear filled please went on, Maple began whispering to Senpai. 

“That sound like a good sixth target?”

“Certainly Maple. I’m sure his address is listed on his ID, but let’s see how deeply his yakuza pride goes. Make him an offer.”

Maple smirked before redirecting her attention to the heir to the yakuza.

“Where’s your house, dude?”

“I– What?”

“Your house, your home, tell me that and I’ll let you go, alright? Or I could just look in your pockets for an ID after I eat you up. Either one works just fine.”

“…What are you going to do?”

“Look, I’m going to absorb your wife. You see, I consume people’s bodies to gain both their physical attributes and their spirit, the thing that makes them unique, their essence, their souls. And I’m going to snatch your wife’s loving young motherly soul regardless of whether or not you live. So what do you say?”

The man then shoved Maple away as best he could and rushed to his father’s corpse. The pulled the katana from his chest and stared Maple down, struggling to hold it with one hand, and struggling to stand with all the blood he’s lost.

The lunged at Maple, proclaiming that he would never let her have his wife, but before he could swing the blade a single time, Maple had touched the man, and the man was no more. He, was gone, the yakuza was gone, and upon absorbing what remained of the man, Maple pulled out a fine leather wallet, a wallet that told her where he lived.

A house far away from the hectic nature of K-City, a quaint home that had a western look and a large yard for children to play in. A clean and pleasant looking home that was occupied by a young woman. A woman who had fallen asleep while reading a book on the couch. A woman who was attractive, but not overtly like the forms Maple fancied. A woman who had been caressing her abdomen as she went asleep. An abandonment that contained an ever growing child. A woman who’s featured matched what Senpai and Maple set to find earlier this morning, and the last ingredient for Maple to become the manifestation of every type of woman that Senpai found desirable.

The pregnant housewife was awakened from her slumber by an innocent knock on the door. She peered through the glass window to see her husband, her lover, with a smile on his face. She excitedly opened the door and greeted him with a hug. It was a warm and fuzzy moment for both parties. Unfortunately, she had been deceived. This expecting mother would never have her child, she would never see her husband again, and she would no longer exist as a person. The woman vanished in that embracive act, and her disappearance would forever remain as mystery to the world.

Episode 12: Jogakusei

The streets of K-City were as empty as they ever were. The night had ended, and people had returned to their home, ready to either enjoy the weekend or return to work or school, the same as always. The sun was still hours away from rising, and along the edge of this urban center, there was a love hotel. A place where people expressed with affection for one another through sexual activity, and the place where Maple expected to give birth to her husband, her dear sweet Senpai. 

Her form was unchanged. Silken hair still draping over her body, a dark tight dress caressing and emphasizing her physique, and a face adjusted to perfection. With dozens of yakuza souls still being indoctrinated into her personhood, Maple laid on the floor, silencing the disorganized medicine ball of her own mind as she focused on Senpai, what he was and where he is in her body, how to free him, how to separate him from her.

Maple remained calm at first, but as she felt something in herself fracture, she began contorting her body in ways that were neither plausible nor practical if she were still human. Her spine twisted, head tile, and arms inverted as she tried to both maintain her composure and free herself of everything else that resided in her body. She began to gurgle and yelp as her organs began to split, and her senses became both numb and overstimulated. Thoughts became so muddled they were meaningless, and her brain retreated to the dark emptiness for a respite of peace during this process. 

By the time Maple regained cognizance of the world around her, the process already concluded. Another being secreted from her person. A man whose physical excellence matched Maple’s own. His form optimized for physical and visual perfection, tall, leanly muscular, and handsome all around. He would be a veritable ten if he weren’t covered in vernix caseosa… you know, that white stuff that newborns have on them. I don’t know why he was covered in this stuff beyond the symbolism of birth, but he was, and neither him or Maple cared about the why.

Instead the two lovers, naked aside from their matching metal bracelets on their left arms, began to caress each other in a hug. The two relished in the feeling and heat of each other’s body, and began to whisper in each other’s ears as they buried their faces in each other’s shoulders, shutting their eyes.

“I’m so glad I’m finally able to touch you with my own hands, my dear sweet Maple-chan.”

“I know Senpai. Touching is good.”

“So good.”

“So good it makes the body erotic.”

“So good it makes you look 20% sexier”

“So good it gives me an erection.”

“So good it moistens my neko-neko hole.”

“So good it makes me want to never let you go.”

“So good it makes me wanna bang.”

“So good that I want to cuddle with you all night long.”

“So good that I think I just had an or-gah-zam.”

“So good it make me want to… What the heck is that?”

Their cutesy version of dirty talk was interrupted when Senpai opened his eyes to look behind Maple, where he saw two people locked in fetal positions, covered in a layer of the baby juice. One was a young man, the other a young woman, both had school uniforms on, and both looked more than a teensy bit familiar for our titular characters.

Maple and Senpai let go of each other, ending the act of touching for just a moment, and began investigating these two. By which I mean Maple started poking the girl, and Senpai started cleaning the boy up with a towel. Upon cleaning the boy’s head, Senpai noticed something distinctive about his hair, how his highest hairs curled upwards, forming an ahoge. Simultaneously, Maple’s insistive poking didn’t reveal much, just that she was a very average high school aged girl.

It was obvious to both Maple and Senpai that these two people were Meipuru Tsuri and Satoshi Suzuki, which inspired our first titular character to adopt rather dour and sour expression.

“Yo Senpai, why the flipping fubar am I looking at my old body?”

“I think I know what happened… I’ll explain when these two wake up.”

As Senpai said that, the two teenagers began to wiggle around, their eyes fluttered open, and they spat out the white goo off their faces. A minute later, they looked at one another and then at the two gorgeous looming figures that stood above them. Upon seeing this, something in their brain triggered and the two were launched into full blown hysterics. They knew what had happened over the past two days, and seeing Maple and Senpai only confirmed that it was all real. They knew what it felt like to end the lives over a hundred people.

Tears, panting, screaming, moaning, et cetera, all occurred from the duo as they moved away to the corners of the love hotel room, where they proceeded to vomit on the carpet. As they tried to futily cleanse their bodies of the fluids they were draped in, the two were grabbed by Maple and Senpai, who tossed them onto the bed, where they promptly covered their bodies in the bedspread.

Meipuru and Satoshi both shouted obscenely at the two, recounting the incidents with their families, Iinchou, Salaryman, Office Lady, Idol-chan, or whatever her name was, Gashiko the ganguro girl, otaku girl, Nekketsu the fury, Geisha lady, and the one hundred yakuza, except not really one hundred because they came with escorts, girlfriends, family, and wives, which amounted to over one hundred people, but not one hundred yakuza boys. It was closer to eighty. Eighty yakuza who were now dead and eaten.

They continued their schrieks for a while before Senpai grabbed both their mouths and spoke to the two teenagers. 

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. You will have plenty of time to cry, but unless you want to be thrown out a window, I would recommend silence. Understood? Actually, don’t respond. I’ll just assume you said, ‘oh yes the one known as Senpai, we will obey your every whim.’”

“So Senpai, care to explain why I gave birth to my past self… and what you used to look like?” Maple inquired.

“Yes Maple-chan, I will explain. But if you would, please keep these two’s mouths shut. I’d rather not listen to their interruptions.”

Maple then sat on the vernix caseosa covered bed and placed her arms around Meipuru and Satoshi’s mouths, as nothing worthwhile would come from their noise holes. Just whining and swears.

“I’ll begin with a reveal about who I actually am. I apologize for misleading you for so long, Maple-chan, but I am not Suzuki Satoshi, not in any way. You remember that fairy that came into Meipuru-chan’s room? The one that created the magical bracelet responsible for all this? That’s me. I enchanted your little trinket and after sending you off to Nemo Land, I hid myself in there.”

“‘Oh but Senpai-sama, why would you ever do this thing and what was your master plan?’ I hear you thinking. Well, I could get into the detail, but I think it’s pretty obvious. I wanted something, and did everything in my power to obtain it. I lied about my identity to mislead Meipuru-chan, who I in turn commanded, abused, and sent on such a dark path that she adopted another persona, much to my surprise and delight. I originally viewed her as a tool, but as time went on, she became someone I fell for, someone who I loved in my own special way. She really did become my waifu, when I expected her to be a simple servant.”

“As for why your body expelled Tsuri Meipuru and Suzuki Satoshi, I can only hazard a guess. You, Maple-chan, wanted to be free from others, free your body of any other living beings who were not indoctrinated into your person. Whose physical being and spirit you’ve absorbed. When Tsuri Meipuru and Suzuki Satoshi combined, neither of them were decomposed through the process of absorption, instead they fused into one being, and everything they were was retained.”

“Maple-chan, when you went to separate me from your body, you likely thought of ridding yourself of everything that was not you, and since you are no longer Meipuru-chan, not at all, what remained of her must have been expelled. While Suzuki Satoshi… he was just extra baggage, a repressed voice who I locked away and honestly almost forgot about. He must have been so scared, silently shouting as he experienced what it was like to end a life and indoctrinate the essence, the soul of another living being into your body. I’m assuming that same is the case of Meipuru-chan. She was just another voice trapped inside of Maple-chan, forced to experience everything she did.”

“I’ve got what I wanted. More than I wanted. I now have a body that I can mold to perfection, and an energetic waifu to call my own. As far as you two kids are concerned… There is no way anyone would believe you if you told your story, and no way that you’d be able to find us if they did. You two are free to go.”

“Free to live knowing what it felt like to have another man’s innards be sucked through your veins, of having their blood be intertwined with yours. Free to return to a dead family– excluding your father, Satoshi-kun– and free to live with some variant of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. If that sounds in any way unappealing to you,” Senpai paused to open up a large nearby window and push an ottoman from the other side of the room there to act as a step stool, “you can always take a five story drop to the next dimension.”

Meipuru and Satoshi responded with stares comparable to a doll’s. Dead, vacant, and improperly focused on what was in front of them. Senpai looked at them, sighed, and directed his attention back to his significant other.

“Maple-chan, let them free and come with me. We’ll leave through the door. But you two…”

“Wait, so we’re seriously leaving Meipuru and Satoshi here?” Maple-chan asked her husband.

“Yes, there is nothing to gain from absorbing such unremarkable people. Let them choose to do what they will with their lives. As for us, the world is ours to do with as we please, and I’m determined to make our marriage a blissful one. Come along now Maple-chan.”

With that decree, the pair of inhuman monsters left the love hotel, still completely naked.

As for whether or not they ever grew a pair of pants from their legs, I cannot say. All I can say is that both Meipuru and Satoshi sat on the bed, silent, afraid, and struggling to process what happened.

Everything they knew was gone. Their childish innocence was ravished, and their minds were tainted with memories they could never forget. The two had next to nothing waiting them in life, and were fraught with despair. The two looked out the window from the bed and both wondered what they would do. 

Meipuru then clutched Satoshi’s hand and stood up, dragging her crush with her. With the autumn wind blowing her against her moistened clothes, she made her decision.

Epilogue: True Love

The two naturally chose to live. Because even after experiencing immense trauma, and undergoing a truly horrific experience, that does not mean that suicide is a good idea. It rarely ever is.

Anyhow, following a sorrowful night, Satoshi and Meipuru caressed each other as dawn emerged. Desperate for human comfort and insecure in where their lives would go. They were eventually located by the love hotel staff and escorted out of the premises. Satoshi was lucky enough to have his wallet in his pants pockets, and using the transit card inside, he managed to get both himself and Meipuru back home, back to the average town of Jaimochi.

There, the two were soon contacted by the police. Their disappearance was question, and neither had any answered. When confronted with their missing families, all the two could do is cry. When reminded of other missing people, Meipuru’s Iinchou, Salaryman, and Office Lady, none offered answers, and even if they did none would ever believe them. Believe that there was a monster who corrupted them, who manipulated them, who lied to them in order to create a better body for itself. Mutating Maple’s mind so far she became a different person. A person the monster considers to be their lover, their muse, their waifu.

From there, Meipuru was sent away to live with family members she barely knew. She never became close with any of them, nor did she often smile around them. She was distant, vacant, and earned a reputation as a loner. A loner whose mother, father, and brother all vanished. Or as she sometimes described it, died. She was left alone and never made friends. She didn’t attend the class trip, the culture festival, or any clubs. She never cherished moments with anyone, and passed through the next two years of her life as a shadow. Meipuru eventually graduated with average scores and left her extended family, returning back to Jaimochi. 

Satoshi continued living with his father, where the two moved into an apartment to avoid the memories attached to their old home. He distanced himself from his friends, severed bonds with his friends, and left the swim team. He, much like Meipuru, became dejected from the world, distant from all that was around him, and aimlessly went through the prime of his youth, wasting it as some would say. Shortly after the young man graduated, his father passed away. Whether it was truly from an illness or grief, Satoshi would never know. Thereby leaving him alone in the world.

As both these two searched for work, they were fortunate enough to be employed at the same office building. While they initially remained distant of each other, Satoshi and Meipuru eventually began to make idle chatter with each other, and that idle chatter evolved. After a year with their company, the two began meeting each other after work. While at first as a way for them to simply talk about the trauma they underwent years ago, they began to see something in each other. 

They enjoyed each other’s company, felt comfort around one another, and were finally able to form a meaningful relationship with someone else for the first time in years. They were happy with each other, and began wondering about whether or not they wanted to become closer. 

Roughly a decade after the events of this story, Meipuru Tsuri and Satoshi Suzuki were wed. Meipuru’s crush became her husband, and a woman Satoshi barely knew existed became his wife. They enjoyed a modest and average life together, and never heard from either Senpai or Maple again.

Except for that one time when Maple and Senpai broke into their home, and proceeded to make love on their sofa, waking the two up. When encountered, Maple congratulated the two on their marriage, while Senpai simply pointed out how Meipuru’s wish really did come true, as she is now married to her dear sweet senpai. After that, and after paralyzing the two humans and fear, our heroes then leapt out the window and ran off into the night. It was pretty weird.

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