Rundown (6/18-6/24) The Urge to Consume Drives Us Onward

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As is customary in the realm of Gamindustri, the time after E3 is often rife with a lack of news as the press recuperates from their hectic schedule. Meanwhile, all the teenyboppers and overzealous adults who wound up with hype hangovers from the event are given the chance to partake in the annual Steam summer sale in order to gain a collection of dramatically marked down games that they may or may not get around to playing. Though, the deals are not as supple as they used to be, sadly.

As a follow-up from last week’s story, Take Two Interactive have backed down from their negative and downright stupid stance towards popular Grand Theft Auto modding tool OpenIV and mods for GTA V. A stance that was established by a grammatically incorrect cease and decease letter sent to the mod developers. Since then, Rockstar has talked to Take Two and presumably told them that such a stance was stupid and harmful to their game, and in response, Rockstar issued a statement that established that they still had the right to do whatever they want, but they will probably leave mods alone for now. Also, OpenIV has since been updated. So I guess this goes to show that you should talk to your subsidiaries before you screw around with their business. And not be a dullard with bad idiot morals.

Sometime last year it was announced that Mistwalker and Silicon Studios were working on a new project, and after an almost absurd wait time, it was finally revealed as Terra Battle 2. Yes, a sequel to Mistwalker successful mobile RPG, and one that will supposedly function similarly to a newly numbered Final Fantasy title by incorporating a new setting, story, and characters. This announcement was paired with the reveal of Terra Wars a spin-off that incorporates claymation characters and is being co-developed by Arzest of Hey! Pikmin fame. Both of these games are scheduled to launch sometime later this year in Japan and North America, and will be released on mobile and PC.

Honestly, I am kind of upset to hear that Terra Battle is becoming a proper series like this, as I recently spent some time with the game, and I really, really do not like it. The RPG elements are too glossed over and seemingly minor, and the game itself feels more like a bizarre reflex intensive turn based puzzle game than a strategy RPG. I am interested in Terra Wars due to how there are few things I find more endearingly gorgeous as claymation, but I really hope it does away with the gameplay of Terra Battle and adopts a more traditional gameplay style. Also, where is the Terra Battle console game they promised back in 2015?

After its vague reveal a while back, proper gameplay has been shown of the El Shaddai successor The Lost Child, and I can basically summarize it in three words. Shin Megami Tensei. Yes, the game revolves around the player befriending a variety of foes, known as Astrals and upgrading them in order to face stronger opponents. Except this rendition does not include fusion, and instead prioritizes growing individual Astrals using a level-up resource so they evolve into stronger forms, or resetting them to level 1 so they get stronger stats. It is a pretty interesting system, and while I am not super keen on the basic looking first person dungeons the game supports, I am rather curious about how this game will shape up, and if anybody will ever localizes it after it release for PS4 and Vita later this year in Japan.

Returning to the nearly weekly PC port report section, it was announced that the Kadokawa Games developed visual novel, Root Letter, is coming to PC in the west after launching for PS4 and Vita last year and Japanese PCs a few months prior. While I admittedly do not know much about this mystery adventure game, what I have picked up from its storyline and its general presentation left me curious enough to justify checking this game out. Though, I mostly want to play it because I keep getting it confused with Root Double: Before Crime * After Days: Xtend Edition, a game that has been in my possession for over a year, but I have not found the time needed to tackle that 50 hour long visual novel. At least without breaking away from my weekly schedule.

Also, after being announced for Japan last week, and a European trademark slipping through, it was confirmed that .hack//G.U. Last Recode will be coming to the west on PC and PS4, marking the first time this series will come to the PC, which is a bit odd considering it centers around a group of people playing an MMO. I am admittedly have a very lengthy list of games I want to play, but I’m sure that I will eventually find an excuse to go through this remastered trilogy. Though, that time will certainly a long time after it comes out in late 2017.

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