Rundown (11/13-11/19) The Radiant Black Side of a Harvest Moon

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Oh this week was fun. I had my birthday, a new Pokemon game came out, I had a minor existential crisis, and I received my first major instance of stomach pain in… ever. Truly a week of ups and downs if there ever was one. Anyways, time for video game news.

I won’t go into too much detail here, and I’m skipping the weekly update on news because the game is already out, but I am really enjoying Pokemon Moon. However, my experience and fun time with the game is already being shrouded by a bit of news revealed by Eurogamer and their reliable sources. GameFreak is currently working on a third version of Pokemon Sun and Moon entitled Pokemon Stars, which is set to release on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017, likely during the second half of the year. The game will boast new features and extras previously unseen in Sun and Moon, along with HD graphics and some general gameplay improvements.1869413

Speaking of the Switch, the lovely Laura Kate Dale, whom I support on Patreon, managed to uncover some tasty treats relating to the Nintendo Switch by being a good journalist and such a talent. First off, based on an informant who works at the UK retailer GAME, the Nintendo Switch will launch at £200, or approximately $250 USD. A believable and ideal price as far as I am concerned, and one that matches a leak from the Canadian branch of Toys R Us, which priced the system at $330 CAD, or $245USD.

Regarding the launch of the system, apparently Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be a day one title, and will be released a few months after the system’s launch. The actual launch titles including Mario Switch, Skyrim Special Edition (probably), and a Splatoon game that is said to be bundled in with some versions of the system. Though, that is not all, as there is apparently a Rabbids game coming for the system, in the form of a Mario RPG crossover, which sounds like utter rubbish. mari-no-filthy-dirty-awful-monster-demon-devil-rapist-cunt-goat-whore-never-no-not-the-duck-suck-it-hard-onee-chan

I know, I know, I should be rational here, but this news insults me, as I always hated those white little turds and I do not want to see a Mario RPG tainted by their insipid yelling. I just want another good Mario RPG, and it’s been six years since that happened, after two poor Mario and Luigi games and two Paper Mario spin-offs that have the personality of a folder of generic Mario assets and a box of random tat. But fine, there are five great Mario RPGs, probably six considering I barely played the original Paper Mario, and I guess that is enough.

In news pertaining to other, better RPGs, either localization is a fickle beast, or perhaps Sega wishes to have its financials for the next fiscal year look more impressive than the current one. I say this because Persona 5 has been delayed to April 4th, 2017. This is a shame for those who have been waiting nearly a decade for the next game in the Persona series, and for all of them, I truly hope they are not disappointed by this entry. As for me, well, I would love to indulge in this game upon release, but that requires owning a Playstation 4, which in turn requires having seen an eighth generation game console in person. I really do not get out much…pl-shock-and-horror-bad-terrible-awful

Also, it has been revealed that the third person shooter spin-off Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls will be coming to Playstation 4 in summer 2017, with a PC version likely releasing on the same day. This is not very surprising, given that the first two games in the series are hitting PS4 soon, but I also feel the need to readdress this title. While I still enjoyed it, the game has a share of problems and is something of a black sheep amongst the prior two titles, but not in a very good way. It is for fans only, and is not even all that necessary unless you want to understand, like, one episode of Danganronpa 3… which I have some strong words to say about. Some favorable, and others… well, I’ll talk about it on Wednesday.dr3-no-need-anime-dead-gone

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