Rundown (12/10-12/16) Let the Hiatus Begin!

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On December 16th, I underwent facial feminization surgery. Due to the intensive nature of the procedure and prolonged recovery time, this site will be entering a hiatus effectively immediately, lasting until sometime in mid-January, likely January 17th, 2018. Until then, the only thing I will post is a pre-prepared end of year post. I never wanted to pull a hiatus like this, but I sort of need to for recovery purposes. So until then, I’ll see you all later.

Following their revival of Mega Man last week, Capcom announced the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, a compilation of 12 games from the long running series, including the original Street Fighter, five variations of Street Fighter II, all three numbered entries of Street Fighter Alpha, and all three main versions of Street Fighter III. These games are promised to have arcade perfect gameplay, a load of extras, and even online play and lobbies for Hyper Fighting, Super Turbo, Alpha 3, and Third strike. It actually sounds like an incredibly good deal, and the collection is due out in May for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

After a year of the system constantly selling out, Nintendo has updated the sales numbers for the Switch and revealed that it sold a resounding 10 million. It is a supremely impressive move that speaks volumes to, well, a lot of things. The value of a high powered handheld, the benefit of a unified development platform for Nintendo, the sheer quality of Nintendo’s first party offerings, and that you can ship a game system as a game system with no extra bells and whistles and people will still flock to it. I am honestly eager to get my hands on a Switch, but with medical bills piling up, I don’t really have the $500 to invest in a new system. Yes, $500. Because after sales tax, buying storage, buying games, and buying accessories, the system really isn’t $300.

I remember how, a little less than a decade ago, the idea of bigger AAA publishers starting up independent game divisions that focused on smaller projects was being thrown around. That never really happened. However, the prolific games publisher, Take Two Interactive, recently announced that they are opening an independent game publishing label called Private Division, which does not seem to be focusing on the typical indie-tier games as much as they are focusing on more middle tier or AA projects. Projects that come from a rather impressive sounding group of developers, including an unannounced Obsidian RPG, Kerbal Space Program, and the Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey.

While the label does not intend to publish any games prior to March of 2019, their initial line-up is impressive, and I fully support the decision to bring back more tightly budgeted and smaller games. It funds creative ideas, adds diversity, and hopefully quality, to the marketplace, and simply results in more ambitious games being released, which I always appreciate.

I was hoping for some more substantial news to end the year on, but that is all for now. I wish you all happy holidays, merry christmas, and general prosperity as the year comes to a close.

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