Rundown (8/07-8/13) “Moo Moo Moo” Said the Cow

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20160805135636_1So this week I began a project that will involve months of tedious data entry, and nearly everything that could go wrong with getting this project set up occurred when I tried setting it up. But I’m going to be paid good money for doing it. Also, my mother gave me a tablet that she got for free from AT&T. Meaning I could play Pokemon Go, if I had a data plan, quite easily as well due to the pair of Pokestops that are just a few blocks away from my house. However, I don’t, and I do not have anything else I can really use a tablet for.

Yare yare daze… How much Pokemon information can possibly be dished out over the next few months? Well, the answer is a lot when you have CoroCoro leaks, more CoroCoro leaks, and a leaked trailer. First off, we have the pre-evolution for the lovable and destructive Normal Fighting type Bewear, and they resemble some weird bear dog more than a bear cub. They have four very long appendages they stand on, and are very tempermental little baby bears, who like to kick and struggle against anyone who touches them. While their stoic expression is still a little odd, they are adorable nevertheless.

The next two are a two-part evolution chain for another Ghost Ground type Pokemon, the first of which is pile of sand, with a baby shovel sticking out of its head, who evolves into a living sand castle. Either way they have a vengeful spirit locked between their sandy exteriors, a spirit that stripes other Pokemon of their life force so their vengeful spirits can go into the sand and permeate this cycle for the end of time. It would be scary if it weren’t so cute. sunabaa

Pyukumuku is a Water type sea cucumber Pokemon who resembles both a giant M&M with less giant red Mike & Ikes poking out of it, and also a strange little bunny rabbit with its adorable face and fluffy tail. They also have the ability to summon a giant fist from their mouths, and can become so obsessed with a certain location that they will stay there even if that means starving to death. I love it. Then there is Morelull, a Grass Fairy type who who resembles a flower with a pair of mushrooms jutting out of their head. Based on their black eyes and the fact that this is, well, unnatural, I’m guessing this is a Parasect situation where the fungus is actually controlling the Pokemon. I hope so, as otherwise, they are just a fairly boring grass type.

NEWPKMNNext up is Wishiwashi, a dopey little fish who reminds me of the Gen V electric type Tynamo, and has the ability to change its forms between a single fish to a whole school of fish that form a single big fish once it reaches a certain level… A pokemon that doesn’t evolve,but can change its appearance and stats once it reaches a set level… GameFreak, you are genuinely trying to annoy me with this crap, aren’t you?

Naturally, another batch of Alolan forms of Generation I Pokemon have been revealed along with everything else. Alolan Meowth will be a grey furred Dark type Pokemon who looks both sinister and suave, rather than the goofy trickster that is the regular form. Alolan Marowak will be a Ghost Fire Type Pokemon with a limber black body, scarred skull face, and a bone perpetually radiating a turquoise fire, meaning they look completely awesome if a bit edgy. While Alolan Raichu will be an Electric Psychic type Pokemon, one with a very smooth and curved design, a soft orange and yellow color scheme, and beautiful blue eyes. They also perpetually surf on their tail, floating in mid-air. I would assume this meant they could levitate, but that is not the case, as they would be too useful then..

KEWLCATZThe antagonist team of this game was also revealed in the form of Team Skull, a gang of edgy pirates who wear goofy outfits and presumably are out to steal both Pokemon and money just ‘cos. At least I hope so, as I’d rather not save the world from destruction by way of a Legendary Pokemon who was abused by an evil organization. I’d rather see a bunch of dummies who are way in over their heads.

As a small update to Lost Soul Aside, the Final Fantasy XV inspired one man game project that looks just as good as any AAA production, the developer, Yang Bing, has announced via a Facebook post that while he is hesitant to accept the help of the numerous publishers who he has received offers from, as he wants to create his own world exactly as he wants it, he will ultimately accept their help, as to finish this game sometime within the ensuing decade.GUP Exciting hype anticipation joy

Seeing as how every morsel of information related to the NX is deemed interested by some degree, the fourth confirmed NX title has been revealed with the announcement of Dragon Quest X, the Dragon Quest MMO, coming to the platform, not that it means anything. Square Enix has very little faith in the viability of Dragon Quest in western markets, due mostly to the disappointing sales of the DS remakes of prior Dragon Quest titles. It took a lot of whining to get the 3DS versions of Dragon Quest VII and VIII, and the amount of money that must be invested to keep an MMO like Dragon Quest X running, let alone localize everything, would be staggering. That said, it is entirely possible will appear on the NX in addition to the already confirmed 3DS and PS4 versions. They already said they were considering it.

Speaking of bringing games to multiple platforms, yes I know that is a lame segway, Idea Factory International announced that they will be bringing over some of their Playstation Vita titles over to PC this fall. Namely two games from their spring 2016 lineup, MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies and Trillion: God of Destruction. The first being a successor to Neptunia U, and one that I heard is only marginally better than that mediocre button bashing romp, but at least has an interesting premise for a Neptunia game. While the second is a game by people who used to make Disgaea games for Nippon Ichi Software, but went on to make a game that I always thought sounded like a bunch of busywork, and several game sites said the same. So I guess there will be one more dose of Nep-Nep this year. Yay… I guess.20160705195314_1

In the aftermath of the downfall of THQ in 2013, many of the company’s intellectual properties and products were acquired by a small unknown Swedish game publisher by the name of Nordic games, who has done a decent amount of things with their newfound IP and assisted in a lot of small scale projects while gradually expanding their company by a dramatic level. I bring this up as, over the past week, the have rebranded themselves as THQ Nordic, and announced their intention to effectively continue the company’s growing legacy by putting out a series of games in the near future, boasting 23 titles that are in development. I don’t have much to add to this story, other than it is nice to see another growing large scale company in the video game industry, after much of it degraded away over the prior generation.

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