Rundown (2/14-2/20) Somebody Be My Friend and Be My Side!

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1 Unknown Video Games Real Life…Yeah, not much to talk about this week. Yes, Kojima teased some fans by appearing at DICE 2016, and the launch of Street Fighter V upset a lot of people who did not expect the bare minimum from a game that will be built over the next four or five years. XCOM 2, which apparently is set after a failed run of Enemy Unknown, is apparently really buggy, and Sega gave away a bunch of Steam games because they felt like it. The Division had a beta that some people really enjoyed, even though I see little to no appeal in its general gameplay loop, and some other stuff happened, not much of it very interesting.

Danganronpa also came out on PC this past week, and I will be reviewing that game when I finish it. In fact, I plan on reviewing the entire Spike Chunsoft visual novel library over the next year due to the upcoming Zero Escape 3. Needless to say, I am a big fan of these games, which is why I am excited for Quantum Suicide, a visual novel by two Australian weeaboo graduate students with no prior game-making experience and is currently on Kickstarter. Yes, that sounds like a mess before you get into the multiple endings, romance paths, and even player customization, but there is a chance it will blossom into something, so I chose to be one of the 800 guinea pigs who helped fund it. All because I want more visual novels in the vein of these two series, and this is the only way I’ll get them.2 DR feces poop shit time masterpiece wonderful

I also want a lot of things from Pokemon, but my love-hate relationship with the series will likely continue unless the recently teased Big Project that GameFreak is working on will shake up the series like it’s never been shaken before. It will probably be another iteration on the formula with generation VII, as was teased by the recently revealed Legendary– sorry, Mythical Pokemon Magiana, whose english name was revealed to be Magearna. A Pokemon whose design looks a tad too busy for its own good, featuring a lot of details that a child would not be able to easily capture if they were to do a drawing of it.3 PSY Childhood idiot kid dummy slow moron

I really hate complaining about new Pokemon designs. It makes me feel like an old person who is yelling at those gosh darn kids with their hula hoops and radios and women’s trousers, which probably existed circa 1500 BC, but it’s taboo because it’s 1928 and everybody’s doing opium because the economy is great. It’s still better than those people on that NeoGaf say that Magearna looks more like a Digimon, which is bullcrap! Digimon designs are mostly stupid, but in a really entertaining way.4 SF irrelevant pointless needless stupid

Wizardmon is a scarecrow wizard boy who got a sorrowful death in the original anime made for Japanese five-year-olds. Galgomon is the evolution of a little rabbit dog thing but with more fat, jeans, and gatling gun arms. Gold Numemon is a bunch of pimped out slime with angel wings and all the swagger. Nanimon is just a man’s head who attacks using poo. Bancho Leomon is a lion man dressed like a Japanese delinquent with a goldarn sword. Hackmon is a robot dog-wolf with a cape. Scumon is a poop with messed up arms and a rat friend There’s also BlackWarGreymon, who is worth loving for his name alone and looks legitimately awesome.5 Digimons

I genuinely love how Digimon Cyber Sleuth is so much more complex and deep (in a good way) than any Pokemon game released to date. Any Digimon can become any Digimon if you try hard enough, the battle system is simple but concise, and what I saw from the first hour of the story was more than enough to entice me. The game is also gorgeous looking, and the limitations of the Shin Megami Tensei series that the title borrows heavily from are made much more manageable. I would be playing it and trying my darndest to love it if I had a PS4, as I am a stickler for getting the better version of a game, even though the Vita version is the original… Maybe I should pick it up whenever it goes on sale.Cyber

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