Rundown (9/11-9/17) My Mind Is Like an Idiot

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aot-bread-food-randomSo, I’ve spent no less than a year wondering how to spell a stupidly obscure term that has been in my head ever since the Super Best Friends made it into a running gag. The gag involves calling the titular Titans from Attack on Titan Eoten, which refers to an obscure mythological giant and cannibalistic figure that one very petulant man insists is a superior translation than the English translation the Japanese publisher provided. However, the Super Best Friends continuously mispronounced that word as Ayoten or Iyotan making the act of researching it basically impossible. That is what is prominent in my Autistic brain today, and now it is out there on the internet. Yays.

Once again beginning with the obligatory Pokemon Sun and Moon update, the evolution of the Rock type dog Rockruff has been revealed as a single Pokemon with two wildly different forms that they shift between during the day and night. One form resembles a wolf, while the other resembled a werewolf. Beyond the designs, no other details were given about these Pokemon, or much beyond a Japanese name that I will simply not remember. Oh, and as always, I would have rather seen these alternate forms be new separate Pokemon.

There was also a trailer that showed off the next two Ultra Beasts with UB-02 Beauty, exclusive to Pokemon Moon and UB-02 Expansion, exclusive to Pokemon Sun. Beauty resembles the leader of Aether Foundation due to a similar hairstyle, and possesses an interesting limber and insect-esque design that I am something of a fan of. While expansion is a buff red mosquito man who looks like a Kamen Rider villain. However, being an autistic stickler about this sort of thing, I’m more than a little peeved how these two share a number like this. Oh, and it was also announced that there will be a series of 18 animated shorts commemorating the series by the name of Pokemon Generations, which is set to add additional lore and the same cool vibes that the Pokemon Origins OVA provided. Based on the first two episodes, it’s going to be fantastic.

In addition to all of this, Tokyo Game Show began over this past week, and with it, Sony held a conference that showed off several tiles that are due out soon. Most of which were confined to a short trailer that I have little to say about. First off, the previously leaked Earth Defense Force 5 was announced as a 2017 title, and aside from a the cyborg frogmen, it looks almost identical to the game that came out four years before it, and the enhanced version that came out after that. Which is fine, I suppose, but from what I heard, EDF was in need of an evolution, and I’m not sure this will be it.

Saga: Scarlett Grace is among the last high profile Vita exclusive games and the revival of the beloved SaGa series, which I barely know anything about. Something that the trailer, which simply focused on the combat system of the game, did not do a very good job at explaining. In actuality, the game is basically a nonlinear open world JRPG with loads of plot changing decisions, exploration, recruitable characters, and no dungeons. That alone is enough for me to eagerly hope this game comes to the west, and perhaps on a system other than the Vita as, even though I own two of them, I still would rather play everything on my PC.

CyGames and Platinum Games’ Granblue Fantasy Re:Link continues to look like an enjoyable fantasy action game, and one that captures the flourish combat that the developer is known for. While I still think the art looks a bit plain conceptually, I know this is incredibly early footage that does not truly represent the final product that will launch sometime in 2018. At least in Japan.

Koei Tecmo had two showings, first one that came with a release date for the Souls-like action game set in feudal Japan, Nioh, which is set to launch worldwide on February 9th, 2017. They also showed a very odd title that actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Musou Stars is an Omega Force developed Warriors/Musou game that will feature characters from Koei Tecmo’s various titles, with characters from Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Toukiden, and Atelier for starters. All of which seem pretty consistent, but hopefully the full game will feature character like Rygar, Mr. Monster Rancher, Horse Jockey, Tecmo Bowl man, and the protagonist from Opoona. I would seriously lose it if they put an American footballer in this game as a playable character.

More details on New Danganronpa V3 were revealed with a new trailer, though not much. The protagonist of the game will be Kaede Anamatsu, a blonde female character who, along with an assortment of interesting looking ultimate high schoolers, are trapped in a school that is overrun with various forms of nature by way of the devious and murder loving Monokuma. I don’t really need any more details other than that, so I think I will try to remain blind about this game until it releases in… well, it’s coming out in January 2017 in Japan, so I’m guessing it will be out by autumn 2017 if I’m lucky.

There were also a couple of localization related announcements that sprung out of TGS. Namely that due to the western success of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Digimon World: Next Order will becoming to the west sometime in early 2017, where it will release exclusively for PS4. Although, Bandai Namco really failed to communicate that, saying it was an exclusive, then saying it would be a Vita game, then clarifying how this version has new content that they could not easily add to the Vita version. Good jorb Bancos Namdai. Meanwhile, Berserk Musou was given the western name of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, and should offer a thorough Berserk experience come February 21st, 2017. While I was initially hesitant towards this game, those concerns effectively dissipated as I saw more of the game, where it shows a great deal of respect for the source material.

The event also saw the announcement of Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation, a browser based PC game that is based on the series of the same name. Yes, it is a browser game that is supposedly based off of the series and not what I originally assumed, a full PC port of DOA Xtreme 3. Even though that, combined with a nude mod, would make lots of money. Money that will instead likely be gathered by by PQube and Inti Creates, as they are bringing Gal Gun Double Peace to PC on September 27, 2016. The game has enough innate appeal, being a game about shooting anime girls who want to glomp your gonads, and I am certain that modders will get to swift work with making them naked anime girls… What?haganai-gal-gun-anime-sexual-funtime

Oh, and as one final bit of news, The Last Guardian was delayed one final time, with the final release date being December 8, 2016. This most likely happened due to compliance reasons, and this unsurprisingly angered people who will most likely be upset with a product they have been hyping themselves up for since E3 2009. Or rather, the period before E3 2009 when a half-finished trailer for the game was circulating around the internet. Which I could not find. I could only find the leaked trailer.

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