Rundown (1/24-1/30) Time Moves Forward, Nothing Changes

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Laxy Nep by GebbyYeah, still not too happy with just about anything in my stupid little life… Time to talk about the video game industry! Also here’s the source for the header image. The artist, Ge-B, is pretty fantastic, and you should check her out.

After a slew of confusion, unmet expectations, foolhardy multimedia endeavors, and a series of delays, Mighty Number 9 was set to release on February 9th, 2016, and it has been delayed to Spring 2016. Even though the game is reportedly done and has been done for a while, and they are still working on Multiplayer bugs and general compliance. Goodness, nobody is going to remember this game for the final product, are they? Instead, it will be another example of the woes of crowdfunding attached to what is supposed to be a pretty good game.1 SCD If You Made One MIstake, it would be... Screw Up Error

What is not supposed to be a pretty good game is Scott Cawthon’s send off to the Five Nights At Freddy’s series, FNAF World. It had fundamental problems, and after hearing them, Cawthon removed the game from Steam, is looking to refund all buyers, and will later put the game out for free after he makes it better. It’s certainly a nice gesture, and makes Cawthon look like a class act when there is little from stopping him from being a complete scumbag.2 SNAFU That is kinda sorta cool I really do appreciate your actions superman

Okay, time to follow up on a few stories from the past couple weeks. Agatsuma Entertainment, developers of Code of Princess and Umihara Kawase closed down over a month ago, and their games were removed from Steam. The rights to the games were bought by Degica, the western publishers of RPG Maker. RPG creator Mistwalker recently put out a job offer as they were presumably beginning development on a large-scale project. The company recently posted some concept art for this project, while also claiming that the game itself will not be revealed for about a year. You remember that one piece of concept art for Skyward Sword? Yeah, a year of seeing that has pretty much jaded me to the very idea of announcing a game via concept art, because it is such nothing.3 PM garbage trash puppy dog watse worthless rubbish bullhockey fuck you dawg

At least Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan, a game the public knew about two months before the announcement trailer, was announced alongside gameplay. Gameplay that looks pretty alright by Platinum standards, but I will never experience after my far from fun time with games in the character action genre. I do care for a nice urban sandbox, and would certainly check out any new Saints Row game released anytime soon, but I will have to pass on Saints Row: Undercover, the canceled PSP game that Volition released the ISO of… Yeah, they released an unfinished game because they felt like sharing it with people. What about Saints Row: Money Shot or other cancelled games? Well, THQ may have thrown them away when they went bankrupt.04

I actually thought that the Pikachu detective game that was announced in 2013 was canceled based on how it’s been over two years since it was last talked about. Well, that is not the case, as Great Detective Pikachu will actually come out in Japan next week, as a download only title that may or may not be part of a series. It’s a game where a Pikachu is a hat wearing hard boiled crime solver, has a generic manservant, and is voiced by a man, speaking full English, as all Pokemon should in my mind. Oh, but I also think that Pokemon is in dire need of a restructuring, as it’s been learning and forgetting new moves for two decades now, but has yet to evolve.05

EA announced that they will not be participating in E3 2016. Instead, they will be hosting an EA Play event. Okay, I guess. I really don’t have any interest in the new Mass Effect, Titanfall, or Battlefield that EA is planning to release before Q1 2017, or really anything they put out because I play games on PC, and I really do not care for Origin. I do have some interest in the new Mass Effect, but the series died to me following the fan backlash that compassed ME3. Maybe I will try to play the trilogy on PC, but the fragmented nature of the DLC makes that harder than it should be. I have the Mass Effect Trilogy on Origin, but I will not pay three times what I paid for the base game just for the DLC. I identified this problem years ago, when I was buying Saints Row 2 DLC after spending $10 on the game, and it’s nice to see I was right about something. I just wish it was something good.6 Mari video games let's play again fun times awkward sad man

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