Rundown (8/03-8/09) Butts Are Everywhere, I Repeat, Butts Are Everywhere!

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KLK Tired of empty claims and endless boasting you are nothing but a pathetic lair so shut up and go to floor suck dick in dirt 1You know what I’ve realized as more Pokemon Mega Evolutions have been coming in? That Mega Evolutions are not a very useful part of Pokemon. Yes, they are definitely useful when going up against an opponent while having a Pokemon who can Mega-Evolve, and they do look cool, but comparing that to a proper evolution is like comparing riding on a donkey to riding a jetski. I understand that some Pokemon cannot be allowed to be as overpowered as Mega Charizard Y, but would it have been so hard to simply give certain Pokemon, especially ones with only a single stage, a new evolution, minus the Mega. Hell, this is the one time where the word Mega seems to make things worse, as stats aside, it is far worse than any proper evolution. Regardless, I’m still getting Omega Ruby at launch, well, after I get a new SD card.

Alright, we got some announcements out of the used up toothpaste tube of Summer, almost all of them are rather minor though as people are too busy plotting their light hearted scheme to kidnap and abuse children as servants while they proceed to feed them their pets… or whatever it is normals do in the summer. Well, I suppose a new Assassin’s Creed is not a small deal, as Assassin’s Creed Rogue is the seventh generation exclusive that is being made by a C-tier studio and is not even hitting PC as its assets will be recycled up the butt. How does the game look? CG trailer, and generic looking protagonist with a plotline that is barely novel. Yet I would place it above a Renegade Kid made anything, as I have been nothing but sour towards their titles, and I doubt a metroidvania will change that. What could change my stance on something is the REmaster of REmake, which is coming early 2015. I never played a Resident Evil despite how I bought the Wii port of REmake, so I guess I may as well cough up for the PC version of this game I will likely puke at the instant I use the tank controls.MLM Die Stubby! 2

I could always ignore the oft fapped towards title and play something more modern, but I probably wouldn’t play Ryse: Son of Rome unless I was being paid, let alone pay for it on PC. The title will be the supposed ideal version of the game with 4K resolution and the such in addition to included DLC, but I’d much rather see something like Sunset Overdrive on my Nigmabox (computer’s name). In more interesting news, Square Enix’s offices were raided after SNK filed a lawsuit, one created based on how their characters were stolen in a manga Square Enix publishes and (story is still developing, please return next week for more details.)SF Goodbye forever never to see you again closing and not again done out of the game fuck this leaving hasta la vista 3

The status of developing nature underlines all of this industry’s news, I suppose. Sure, deaths do not apply, but resurrections sure do. Even if the resurrection is not the cool one where the lives of many are used to revive a better person, but where a company like Activision revives a brand like Sierra. Honestly, I am too young to have any fondness for their games, and the best I am hoping for is Phantasmagoria 3, as part 2 is one of my favorite game that is complete and utter tripe. Meaning the stuff with King’s Quest and Geometry Wars, which I do not recall having anything to do with Sierra before its studio died an undeserved death, does nothing for me.Watamote This IS The Face of Apathy and dull meh 4

What to end this with… I rearranged my room for the first time in a decade, and it resulted in my computer being placed behind my door. I also finished editing the first of three stories that make up The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra, or Project Valkyrie as I call it, or just Terra if you like shorthand. It will be out either September 11th or 23rd, likely the former, free for all who know of its existence.

Oh, and if the title strikes you as odd, it is a reference to Team Teamwork, whose library of auditory delights have forever shaped my mind into a form I enjoy having. Seriously though, check them out, everything they do is free. Or if you want to know the particular track: check it out here, dawg.

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