Rundown (9/21-9/27) Apologies for the Lack of Danganronpa

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0 DR sorry for being a dummy you made a good point I am a stupid idiotFirstly, I will not be able to get my Super Danganronpa 2: Sayonara Despair review out next week. I have been keeping a good weekly pace for a very long time, but the game is simply so long and I have had quite a few busy days this week. Or in short, I’ve been too busy working up some money. Money I plan on using to buy a new Graphics Card, monitor, and RAM… but I need to save more than the half that will go into my bank account. That, and not buy any more toys after my Mako Neneroid.

So, beginning with a random factoid I was a bit surprised by, Darksiders II had a $50 million budget. It makes me question how that is even possible, as the game seemed to be very economically constructed, but makes even AA development seem absurdly expensive and risky. It is even riskier when playing with Blizzard money, especially if you can a game seven years into development. Project Titan is no more, making me wonder how much the company spent on… nothing. Certainly far less than what DoubleFine was making on their space sim Spacebase DF 9… which I never hear of, likely because it was on Steam Early Access, which I am glad to be able to avoid in something I’ll get to after mentioning that the game is no longer going to be worked on as of October. I believe refunds would be warranted, at least partial, as DoubleFine has no money in the bank.1 KLK But I Have No Money For Shame This Day is Sad purse is empty of cash

Going back to Steam, a new update was rolled out, and I am rather conflicted about it if I may derail this train I’ve been using since I was a wee lass. While I do like the ability to categorize the major platforms with color and find that Valve took Sony’s, I do like the general aesthetic and look of the site. That said, its claimed customization and discovery and far less than what I would have listed as appropriate expectations would have me believe. It appears as if beyond allowing users to be able to customize the front page slightly, the design that was settled on has quite a lot of empty space and I cannot help but feel as if there are far more effective means of providing what it sets out to provide, and I doubt it would be exceptionally difficult. Still, it gives me the opportunity to see every Steam game and say, “Not interested” to 95% of them.2 P4G I am happy that this is an awful piece of bad shit poop in my mouth hole I hope I get something to cleanse this shitty taste out

I do like the discovery aspect quite a bit if that prior claim is dissected, and I am certain that Steam will end up showing me… A 2.5D Assassin’s Creed where you play as a Chinese woman… in the form of Assassin’s Creed Unity DLC. With a standalone being inevitable, I am rather interested in the idea of playing Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, even if that title is rather uninspired. Still am 1000% more likely to than play Triad Wars. Seriously, over half the people in the release trailer look to be lying. When I think 95% of them are. That said, it is certainly clear that the Dynasty Warriors team wants to do a Star Wars game. A move that took about 2 seconds of thought before I desired to see it happen. Who knows, EA might reach out their hand into make Star Warriors… unless that is already a term used elsewhere. But the odds are incredibly low, sadly.3 KillTime Well that was not so bad benefit of the doubt bright side

I’ve got no more news, but my mind had a dream, which happens about once a month, and I feel like sharing it. The dream was basically a 1980s comedy by somebody who saw maybe three of those in his life. So, the gist of it is that the standard aloof semi-fuck up that the director/writer was back in the day is told by god to impregnate the mayor’s daughter and fulfill his destiny though it may be difficult. This is “progressive” because the main character is Asian, and the mayor’s daughter is white. So, the kid decides to just get it over with, and take his shit car through the suburbs, listening to Save Me From Myself by Unknown Hinson… because fuck it. But the kid gets so into the song that he does not drive on the road, kills a few kids playing soccer, sends an old lady into the sky before she collides with a streetwalker, even though it is 5 PM. After running into a chicken coop, the kid soars into the mayor’s pool, where the mayor’s daughter saves the kid, and is immediately infatuated with him… ‘cos Satan. 4 TDIAPT Why You WOrking As Part Timer Satan.

But that is delayed until high school the next day, as Officer Fuckwit wants to “make myself some canned *slur for Asians that nobody uses or ever really used*.” The kid then flees after getting the mayor’s daughter down to the panty, and ends up in a park with two hundred kids, where the main character and the cop do a comedy routine as the main character eventually climbs into the trunk of a kid’s mom’s car, which he escapes and conveniently lands right in front of the mayor’s daughter, who was shopping at the time. I think they then fucked in a dumpster, but I had to wake up and type out this bullshit for you all.


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