Rundown (5/12-5/18) Are You Ready For the Summer? I’m Not!

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Summer Fun Time of AnalAre you ready for the summer? I’m not! Mostly due to how it means I’ll be done with high school, and can’t fart about as much because of internships and college classes. Remember one thing I’ll tell you kids, live free and wild, eating all he gummies, and playing all the video games. Then I guess OD before you go to the real world… Do you remember all the friendship I brought into your life- okay, now to fulfill my obligations.

Taking the space train to another point in time for seemingly no reason, the creature I crashed into had a note from the birdie of the internet, reading that the fifth Ace Attorney title, Dual Destinies, is not going to have a physical release. Why? Because Capcom’s North American branch supposedly dislikes the risk that comes with putting out the series and translating it. And instead of helping out the niche who enjoy the series and would pay $60 for a rad collector’s edition, it’s digital or nothing. Not that it’s any skin off my back, due to how whenever I want to play one of them, I’m turned off by the fear of using the wrong evidence, and feeling turbo dumb.

KS Sorry, Don't Spank MeI’d rather spend my autumn with, I dunno, maybe another Adventure Time game if the space gods would do me a favor. Oh, wait! It and a Regular Show game are coming out! Both by WayForward, and under the titles of Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! for the big 3 consoles, PC, and 3DS and Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land for the 3DS. Granted, the mix between this, Cat Girl Without Salad, and the new Shantae eShop game seems like a large loadout for WayForward’s Q3/4, hampered by how five key members left for Shovel Knight. That, and with a year to make a 4 player co-op multi platform adventure for Adventure Time, I think I should be skeptical. On the other hand, I’m excited enough to finally catch up on five months worth for both.PGOS Irrepessable Impulse of hyper

What I am not excited about is how Nintendo is being the bad guy in a thing, mostly fans getting ad revenue. Not removing, but claiming ownership of any video with footage from their games. In theory, this should be hunky dory, but when you are directly responsible for taking away ad revenue from people who use it to get some extra money, very little money mind you, when they are providing mostly original content with yours as a backdrop, it is very icky. But as the future is gradually becoming the present, I can’t help but feel that we need to throw several things out, start over, and make sure Copyright law is made for these modern times… kill the old for the space fetuses!

SCD Teenagers old fashion primitive retro false perspectiveAlthough, it could be out with the old garbage, in with the new, like what EA is doing with online passes. I never really had an issue with online passes, mostly due to how I buy 90% new titles nowadays, but I never saw them as a firm way to fight an issue that was blown out of proportions. Not that I am expecting generally consumer unfriendly actions to cease being made, but for the time being, one annoyance has moved out, and we’ll probably get some big old DRM instead, yay.MLM Did you hear the news?

Although, I do understand that dev costs can’t allow for something with a piracy rate of, say, Witcher 2’s 80%. I’d say that the best action would be to use less money for the game, but not as little as 4A Games’ Metro: The Last Light had to use. With former THQ CEO Jason Rubin claiming 4A had under 10 percent of most game budgets, to the point where they had to sneak in high end PC parts into Ukraine and sit in folding chairs, I must ask one question. Who at THQ thought this was okay? Losing heat and power regularly, and undoubtedly being in perpetual crunch time, how the hell, regardless of THQ’s financial situation, did nobody call out this bullcrap?SCD That's how it works in the industry

Although, the crap levels are still above what I, someone who loves the very idea of a Metroidvania, to see that Lords of Shadow is the most successful Castlevania. Now, nothing against the game itself, but… actually, everything against the game itself. While I have no issues with something changing, or perhaps becoming more streamlined, going from a very distinct series to just another 3D hack and slash feels backwards to me. You can have those too, but when it’s been five years since the last traditional iteration, I don’t like hearing that the newer stuff is where it is the best from a business point of view.

CDI Fashion Coordination With StyleHowever if I dislike your business decisions, I will still complain about them, namely with EA, who aren’t doing the Wii U. Quite simply, they will not be making any titles for it, at all. Now, they have their choice, but when you aren’t even making your crappy annual titles available for the thing, I can’t help but find that they actively want Nintendo to take its ball, and go home, the bully. You’re the kid who peed on his head, and you should go home EA, get a spanking, and quit eating all the bon-bons, you fat poop. Oh, and a Senior Engineer’s calling it crap with my metaphor feeling more apt!SCD Is this bullying in out student council room

Sorry, I got off track, but found that there was a Nintendo Direct to hold people over for about three weeks. And it is pretty much everything that was not big enough for E3. With a Mario and Sonic at the olympic games title coming to utilize the Wii U’s controller abilities. Along with a stated partnership with Sega for having Sonic games on their consoles, with only a teaser screen and title of Sonic: Lost World for right now. Which quickly diverted into them reminding everyone of the Zelda Oracles getting re-released, their May and June line-up, a release date for Wondrous 101. With the biggest chunks of news being how New Super Luigi U will be a standalone title, as well as having a god mode character. As Pikmin 3 continues looking rather keen, and bloody gorgeous! Yet, they made it all worth it by promising that select E3 demos would be at 100+ Best Buys around the US, so we all can play the Pikmins in June! Yay!

Now back to spelunking through my Unseen, Minimalist Pacifist run of Dishonored, because I am crazy like that, and want to use that as a vessel for my last week of school nights. I’m gonna miss this easy ride!

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