Intertoids Tale Seven: The Indoctrination

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Interoids was a bizarre fanfiction project created by Natalie Neumann that helped launch her passion for passion for writing fiction. Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 05: Intertoids of The Saga of Vincent Dawn and Volume 01: Intertoids of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.

The notion of an entire world growing dreary during one single day is a bit of a stretch. However, when everyone is neEring their own demise before a planet’s destruction, and their only salvation being sleep, I’m sure something is causing this massive wave of tiredness. One of the billions was Bhaalspawn, a young man who could be referred to as a cultural commentator. The process of work, enjoyable work, deal with crap from his obnoxious parents, talk to friend, was becoming like clockwork to him, with the only real problem being one with his parents. He was a respectful man, but the idea of telling someone who is quieter than you to be even more quieter, along with believing certain opinions as undisputable facts, were things he was on the verge of no longer being able to tolerate. He would certainly enjoy to leave this place and live with people who he actually considered to be worth tolerating, and that was at their worst moments.

Before the clock struck midnight, Bhaal was in his bed, resting up for another day of grinding his minor income from working at a Toys R Us, and hopefully being able to leave. It was a dreamless night, but not one that was uneventful. Somehow, despite all reasoning, he was now seeing from two places at once. It was a feeling he could properly convey, he could hear from two sides, feel two different feelings on the same body part, he could think two different things, he was two people that were somehow connected. It was like he was the same entity that was able to control two people, who felt just like himself. After getting accustomed to moving the legs and walking with one body, while the other one is sitting and getting out of a chair, Bhaal noticed something, both of these viewpoints were still in his bedroom.

He naturally headed for the door out of his room, with both bodies so he can compare what they see. Both lead to a dark blue nonagon(9 sides) shaped room, with a white door in the center of every side. Once he entered, Bhaal felt his control be ripped away from him. He could still feel and see from both of the perspectives, but he was no longer in charge of moving them. He was now a spectator on a ride that could be pretty much anything given the circumstance. As he was viewing both of his viewpoints, he had a moment to think, but all that came to his mind was, what am I not panicking. He was usually calm, but this is one of those situations where freaking out would be the appropriate response.

Bhaal continued to observe the viewpoints as they walked towards the center of the room, where his view began turning in a full 360 degree circle. And that is when things got off, his two viewpoints seemed to multiply into 16. The transition was awkward, so he did not even notice how each viewpoint was just for one door exactly like the ones he’d seen before, with nothing else visible from their perspective. Each entered the door simultaneously, and each viewing a dark blue room with 17 white doors, including the one he just came from, shaped in a perfect heptadecagon. The process repeated, leaving Bhaal now completely overwhelmed with over 200(256) different viewpoints filling his mind at once. Unable to focus, unable to blink, all of them doing the same motion, as he lost feeling with all of them. It was like looking at 256 screens with blurry borders, all showing the same image of a white door on a dark blue wall.

He somehow knew a message, “View all by entering each individual door and then select”. Not sure where, he tried thinking about opening a door, starting with the one in the topmost and leftmost corner. His viewpoints started to fade, as the one in the corner he selected filled his eyes with a blinding white light.

Scenario One:
The darkness was thick, the air was humid, and ground was damp, and it was nearly 0 degrees fahrenheit. The only salvation available was the open body of a moose, which she had found while the corpse was still warm, although it was missing its head. Janny had been running for a while, only 10 days, but considering the massive movement for Marsification, she was lucky to have made it out. She was in a government hospital when President Doctor Joseph had declared war on “Fems” Jenny was unsure as to why anyone would do such a thing, or the purpose of that derogatory term.

Once meaning female extremists who, “didn’t know their place”. It now meant anything that had a vagina and wasn’t in the shape of a tire they could smog. Then she heard a crash, followed by an angry moan. She had hidden the moose corps in the snow, so she could survive this riad, but the base was still 50 kilometers away, and she would have trouble getting to the base, since she was malnourished and now missing one arm. As a child of the age of 12, she would be spared for four years, where she might be freed. She could hide in the rotting moose corpse, and risk dying to the cold, due to her light coat that was ripped up quite a bit, or she could live, if only for a while before she is turned into an object.

However, it did not matter. After finishing that thought, she felt a cold metal hand grab her, and then she knew that there was no way out of becoming a guinea pig, so much for choice. She fell asleep not shortly thereafter. When she got up, she saw the oh so fabled white lights of the operation pits, covered in feces, blood, and scrap pieces of metal. But she was just twelve, they could not use her yet, and then she looked down, her neck feeling stiff, and her entire body not feeling anything. they had managed to make her body mature and ready for Marsing, through a process that consists of using the collected estrogen of other victims. Before long, in a new and foreign feeling body, she would be converted into a single purpose object, she would become a carrier.

A being that is technically alive, but devoid of any though other than remorse, depression, sorrow, and anguish. A lifeform shaped like a wheel, that has one side to push out new Bricks, and one side to take in the DNA of the other Bricks via their semen. She was glad to not be able to feel anything, because all that would await her was a life of pain. Now, all she prayed for was death, for her life was already over.

Scenario Two:
LIL.ORK-BHAAL was woken up by an alarm. It must have been the Fems, with another attack on their base. We were not some weak species that should be passive, we were animals, and had the right to act like it. He rushed out of his bunker pod, and entered the fray, picking up his quad-barrel shotgun and grenade launcher to get those protesters. Entering a pod, LIL.ORK-BHAAL was launched into the sky, ready to land at the disturbance with their peace. He crashed, heEring an audible squish or two before he exited. Holding his two weapons simultaneously, he entered his natural mode for exterminating, with each kill being more brutal than the last. After no more than five minutes, he was done, with about 200 dead, and 300 running. His job was done, being away from their male was enough reason for them to be shot, and the local guards are always watching, ready to kill at the slightest sign of resistance.

His pod had begun to send its vacuum bots to suck up the remains of the Fems, reusing them for the few bricks that were damaged if a Fem tried to inexpertly fire a Brick weapon. Women using guns, what is this world coming to? He would be called soon, and he was always ready, what good was any form of art in life, all we must do is survive, and secure our spots for the future of our race. Because that is all life is to him, and every other Brick, reproduction, and the reproducers just weren’t doing their job.

Scenario Thirty-Seven:
It began with a loud beep, a screeching noise that sounded oddly familiar, but obnoxious either way. She disgruntledly slammed her palm on the device creating such a ruckus, and silenced it. She emerged from her bed, her mind in a daze, with no real idea what was occurring. Almost by instinct, she lifted a blanket that was covering her, set her feet on the ground, and wandered off to the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom, she splashed some water on her face to wake herself up, but as she examined her own face, something seemed off. It was her normal, heavily pierced with ears, nose and lip piercings, tanned to the point she no longer looked to be of European descent, and heavily bleached blonde hair down to her rump. She thought something else might be wrong, but no, her body was still built like a doll’s, with proportions that had be artificially enhanced, along with her naturally short height. During this, she mumbled, with a voice that smelled of alcohol and smoke, and sounded like exhaust filled snow if it were given a voice.

After taking a shower, she poured about 17 different products onto her body, turning her skin, which previously felt like it had been merged with several handfuls of dirt, into something that felt more pleasing to the touch. Upon returning to her room, she rummaged through a rather large closet with chests filled with a collection of clothing that would value at about $7,000 if bundled together, with most of it still having tags attached. After five minutes of searching, she picked out an outfit, if you could even call it that. As if the visible thong were not enough of an indication, the rag she wore over her upper body was enough to cement the fact that she looked like a tart.

She wandered to her front door, only to be confronted by her mother and father, standing there, glEring at her clothing and body with disgust, as she wore a look that would be indented into someone if they had their head trampled by three horses a day ago. WeEring her six inch high heels, she promptly kicked ther father right in his genetals, and used her claws to scratch her mother, opening her hands, so she could snatch the keys she held within their. She walked out of the house with no more resistance, to her red sports car that she would be in debt to pay off for the next twelve years, long after she would lose it due to one of her weekly hitch ups. She drove away, presumably to her school, seeing as she had been held back twice, and was still a sophomore at the age of 18. In a sense, she knew this was the best of her life, with her body decaying down as she drove on, undoubtedly crashing upon her thirtieth birthday, with nobody to blame but her disgusting, stupid, ungrateful self.

Scenario One Hundred-Fifty-Two

A great headache filled his mind. All Bhaal could remember was how there were two of something, and he was feeling tired, his memories devoid of the other scenarios, none of them fitting with his body, now as himself, maybe he could find his own way out. He was devoid of clothing, and on a wooden floor donned with a very soft carpet. As he was searching for some clothing, he heard a knock, followed by a woman’s voice, she was asking if anyone was there. Bhaal panicked, completely confused because it appeared that he was in some overly designed mansion, with the ceiling of the room he was in being a good seven meters tall.

He hid behind a couch, only to wonder why he was so scared, what made him this timid, he never got this embarrassed. He’d just explain how he appeared in this house while he was naked… Okay, maybe he could just hide and find some clothes. Bhaal quietly breathed as the woman entered the room, only to hear her say something that sounded like a fancier version of the word “reveal”. Bhaal felt his body life up into the air, unable to move his arms all the while he was floating up a good three meters into the air. He heard the woman utter one single word, “Carrier”.

The woman’s eyes shifted downwards upon uttering that word, and she walked closer to Bhaal, stEring at his crotch. The woman had some sort of metal and leather medieval armor set on, with long brown hair, and a fairly small body with a dark complexion, but one that looked strong enough to kick his ass. She looked at his crotch for quite a while, before bringing him down, and touching his genetals. Bhaal was a bit uncomfortable about this, with a woman holding his flaccid penis and balls. Only for his uncomfort to grow even higher when he noticed something come out of the woman’s crotch, a penis, a very, very long penis that twirled as if it were a fully controllable limb. Bhaal began to speak and ask a few questions, but then his, and the woman’s penises touched, causing him to feel a surge through his body.

The feeling was unlike any he had experienced before, it was as if all of his blood were rushing out by a vacuum, and his skin was being burnt. His bones felt as if they were crumbling and reshaping themselves, and his mind turned off, then on again. Bhaal’s pain then vanished , only to be replaced by something that felt, well, pretty good. Air seemed to pass through him better, he felt lighter, yet stronger, and his mind’s speed was moving faster than he was used to. Yet, at the same moment, his vision was readjusted, now focusing on a man, a naked man who looked just like him, lying down on the same floor he was on.

Bhaal began to examine the man who looked just like him, when he noticed something, this man had massive balls and a vagina as well. With his face feeling odd as he made an expression of shock, Bhaal heard a another woman send a question his way, “Raiyne, what’s going on?” Bhaal was unsure as to how he knew the question was directed at him, but somehow the name, Raiyne, felt familiar to him. Turning to face the voice, Bhaal caught a glimpse of his hair, about the same length as his, but it was brown, not his normal black, and his hands felt different as he toughed it, ontop of now being covered by gloves.

Examining the rest of his body, Bhaal realized that someway, somehow, he had become either a replica of the woman who found him as he entered the room, or he was now in her body, most likely the later. After quickly glancing at himself, a term he still used due to his male mind, Bhaal looked at the one who called for this “Raiyne”, it was a woman in the same armor as him, with long curly red hair. Well, he was confused as to the proper term, seeing as she had a meter long penis jutting out of her armor’s crotch hole. Bhaal’s mind was then filled with information as to who this woman was, and why he had to help her.

Due to someone messing with the universe, the world Bhaal was originally born on, was destroyed and then replaced with an exact replica. However, the planets that now surrounded Earth were not the same as they once were, and due to the world’s misplacement, the planet was slowly losing all life on it, with the citizens on it having their subconscious altered and transplanted to many, many different world, 256 times for the seven billion of them. But there are two worlds that are getting more of people’s variants than any other, and this was one of them. He had been on the other several times during his previous 151 reincarnations, all of which he now recalled.

Those variants of him still existed, but the one he currently was, the one who was now in the body of the necessary political leader, Raiyne, was the important and aware one. He had a mission from someone, somewhere, to prevent a clash between the two most populated worlds. Each world would be different for each person, with scenarios made to destroy them and make them properly fit into what the world they occupied deemed as “right”. He had been through several.

Bhaal also knew about the woman he was stEring at, Mina the Longest, a prophesied hero of the lands, who needs to lead this world filled with magic and monsters to the spot as the dominant planet. An effort Bhaal now knew to be futile, since Earth was the dominant planet, and it was on it’s way to collapsing into a black hole that would destroy all of the planets in this universe. That is, unless he finds the one who can fix it, and Mina leading a war with the other big competitor for dominant planet was just the way Bhaal was going to get to the one. The one whose life could save all worlds.

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