Viktor: Der Pfad zu den Doktor

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I originally thought this up as a character about… a year ago or so. But why not make an origin story for them, because I keep on wanting to just establish a bunch of character with these stories and maybe do crossovers. Not like that idea is any good. In fact, it is pretty bad. And if the title didn’t put you off, I use a bit of Deutsche, because I’m currently taking level zwei German. Also, first thing I wrote for this blog to ever get four drafts, goodie!

From a young age, there was one topic that peaked my interest. It has been twenty years of work, study, and forced psychiatric assistance, but now… I’ve finally done it. The topic in question is one that often ends up removing me from conversations, if only based on how foolish they are as to not understand. I spent half my nights hunched over glaring into a textbook on the subject, and half catching up on sleep for the night before and after. But what is this topic that I live and breathe? I lack a proper term based on how rarely a description peaks the interest of any, but let’s just say I’m a lover of humans from a physical and animals standpoint.

Not love as in beatiality or pansexuality, but as in the pure adoration. Specifically in the department of limbs. I was a medical student, a very ambitious one, with the desire to form a new field entirely, all based on a concoction of over seventy different compounds, but I got the ratios correct, and could create my almighty Chungus!

A goo-like substance that allowed for the combination and removal of body parts. You lather it over one’s arm, and cutting it will be as easy as slicing through a warm pie, with none of the ooze. But when removed, the arm can still be controlled by it’s owner. As well as being attached to the body of others. You could replace the arms of two people and switch them around, leaving person A in charge of whatever arms are attached to them. Whether they be person B’s, or all four arms belonging to person A and B, with the third and fourth arms being on one’s chest, or on one’s head.

But if person A were to lather their body in this goo, and hug another person, or mammal, they will become one. With the one lathered in the goo becoming a dominant personality with an appearance crafted as their ideal mixture of both individuals. Not that it is limited to two, it is just that the mixtures between more parties often result in, shall we say, abominations.

For some examples, you may remove your own head after applying your neck with this substance, and shove it onto the neck of another. Or even neck stub if their heads were also removed with the application of Chungus. However, in the long term this will alter the added parts so they appear to look more similar to the dominant body type. Placing a black man’s arm on a white man will eventually have the newly received arm change its skin tone. While a black man’s head would eventually look like a white man’s as well.

With the merging of bodies being simple in practice. If a man covered in Chungus were to grab a dog, the dog would mix with the man and become whatever being their mind would view as the best possible outcome. They could become a smaller furrier man with excellent smell, or a muscular werewolf-like being, or perhaps just a harrier, and more muscular man with heightened senses.

Or at least, that is what my tests with mice and hamsters have told me. I have yet to truly experiment with humans, due to my social standings. I am a student at a university, who managed to be one of the few lucky enough to get their own room. Mostly due to how everyone kept switching with me due to my physical appearance, which made my entire plan all the more understandable.

I was certainly a large man, a tall one as well. Looming well above two meters, but also being more than a hundred kilograms. Paired up with a stone face only covered by spectacles a series black hats, the occasional mask, and a mighty red beard. Beneath the hat, I was more or less bald, despite being twenty two. All shocking considering how I was the result of two excellent gene pools, with the cause for my deformities being unknown, not unlike my red hair’s origins. But it mattered not. If worst came to worst, I could secure myself a new form and have a third party assist in transporting my brain from one form to another. It at least worked with the rodents.

Now, April 30th, 1984. My presentation with the rodents was a success, seeing two perfectly healthy rats both half white and half black, scampering about, with the use of two tools. A scalpel, and Chungus. I am just thankful I set up a patent before all of this, seeing as how twenty different companies wished to utilize my product in some form. However, that was until a student asked for me to prove to him the abilities held by the ability to alter humans. I did not mention the merging factor as a key point, but he demanded proof of it, and proof that worked with humans. Namely him and I.

He was an Aryan gentleman, very fit, likely in a sporting team, but also intelligent from that times I saw him in the lecture hall. He was aware of the consequences, and I was willing to prove myself. My procedures had show that the inclusion of clothing is just another factor in the alteration of appearance. I took my jar of the thick liquid, and lathered it over myself, a lot was not necessary, seeing as how quickly it spread out. Although, I still needed a handful.

With that, I grabbed the young man, and pressed him against my Chungus coated chest, creating a sensation that I soon could not live without. It was not unlike an orgasm, but it was like a drop to a bowl in terms of sheer pleasure. However, shortly after my expected merging, I noticed that I looked and even sounded exactly the same, and there was no sign of the man, just several people looking at me in shock.

I tried to explain how this wasn’t able to happen, trying to think about the man, and where he could be, as I felt my body turn and jutter about, right down to my clothes. The group was horrified as I noticed my voice was just like the man’s as well. They began to run, as I grabbed the shoulder of one who observed my presentation, trying to plead for understanding. But the individual, a student in from a few classes I had last semester, froze as I clenched my hands that resembled the man’s. She turned her head, face frozen with fear, as the hand I grabbed her with started to feel… funny.

Within a mere second or two, the girl, clothes and all, seemed to be sucked through a high powered nonexistent vacuum in my palm. I stood there for a moment in response, believing this was all likely a dream, but as I thought of seeing her hands, and they appeared before me, I knew that this was real. My once amazing discovery that would allow for me to replace limbs and even combine bodies had turned into something I never could have intended.

I panicked, with my first thought being that I was a monster of some variety, I was certainly being treated like one. I kept my palms away from anyone, adopting my normal form, seeing as how my face would not cause a panic more than any others I believed to have access to. I hid away in my dorm room, as I avoided the outside world to experiment with how the blazes I was able to do all of this.

Thankfully, my room was not a place anyone thought to search, assuming I’d flee and perhaps absorb another citizen. It took me nearly a day to determine what happened, but I eventually determined that because I never tried using the Chungus between two humans, I never realized what reaction it would have. Something about human DNA made this possible, and to this day, I am not sure what causes it to click. Instead, I made a point to consume every last drop of Chungus I created, seeing as how burning it would create a thick fog, and leapt out of my dorm’s barely opened window. Sadly, the bush from the two story drop did not break my fall.

Trying to wince the agony away as much as I could, my broken leg began to periodically heal mere seconds later. Well, it did rapidly heal a few cuts with a swab, so I suppose this was not overly unexpected. With this knowledge in mind, I had to go and make a name for myself. But could I really let this knowledge go untapped? I thought I could at the time, but it took me only a few days to realize that was not the case.

May 1st, 2004

Nearly fifteen years ago, I gave up on ever returning to normal. A being walking with the face of others, along with any other trait of theirs that he enjoyed. It didn’t take me long to secure an account of fifty million along with a series of houses across the country. Well, nearly all countries at this point. Ever since I managed to access the memories of those I Consumed. It took awhile to get it right, but I have had years of practice. 20 years and 6,851 Consumed, or at least I believe that is the count. It depends if you count pregnant women as one or two.

I have been in nearly every country, seen countless aspects of the world, and lived countless lives. All of which had to be destroyed, as several children went without parents, or even a fulfilled life. Some may call me awful, but I doubt I would have been able to live with myself if I began having empathy. And there would be nothing I could do with myself, aside from eternally drowning in cement shoes. Seeing as how I could swallow a grenade and still be fine mere minutes later.

All due to how I swallowed that large amount of Chungus, which nobody was able to discover despite having left a series of clues to its creation in my dorm room. It was a long process regarding using the phrase, “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” A large collection of books I owned, a series of characters that would be used based on whatever the forty seventh character of the page that equals the author’s first name, if each letter were given a numerical value. Actually, I suppose it was a bit much. Especially with fifty different keys containing the ingredients and ratios that I locked up in a safety deposit box under the name Anita Neukar. Which I made prior to my… awakening.

Spring 2014

After taking a trip to Deutschland, Ich ha- I lost control of the Chungus. In fact, I believe i might have Consumed someone else who had also Consumed it. Es ist kaputt für- It is broken, at least for me. For whatever reason, the body I shoved my brain into is immune to the Chungus, so I am stuck. I managed to get in no problem, but now Ich bin- I am stuck and keep on thinking in German for whatever reason.

I can feel my mind practically slipping away, the first time I have not been in control in 30 years. Did I abuse the power? I was told it was limitless. Warum- Why was I told otherwise? Perhaps I overused it. Vielleicht- Maybe I was caught. Nein, nein! Das ist nicht possible! I war wirklich- Stop that, I- I… I need to research this. I can barely stand this fat man’s body a moment more!

Summer 2014

Heute, Ich bin fünfzig jahre alt. Und ich fühle wunderbar! I have learned to accept my other side, and he is a dear, we really are. He had all of these wondrous plans for things we could do, people we could find, and what we could do with them. I once made einen Mann half-elefant with you, my dear Chungus. He was hardly a Mensch, crying instead of laughing with delight. I am just acting as god’s hand, and you are crying at the work of your savior, rather than shoving it in your trousers! Ich bin den Doktor! Der Arzt. From bits und pieces to something voll. Die Zeit ist richtig! Der Doktor is in! This city- Nein! Diese Welt shall be mine soon enough, früh genug!

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