Intertoids Tale Six: Revelations on Infinite Earths

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Interoids was a bizarre fanfiction project created by Natalie Neumann that helped launch her passion for passion for writing fiction. Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 05: Intertoids of The Saga of Vincent Dawn and Volume 01: Intertoids of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.

It was the crack of dawn in the midst of October when Erin awoke. He was a bit feverish from something, perhaps a dream he forgot as he woke up. He tried calming down through long breaths and eventually adjusted himself, and began his morning regime. Working as an animator who accumulated a cult following years ago, he always was in awe over just how he was able to make a living with stupid cartoons about video games.

While he was animating a few frames via his tablet, an error message popped up saying, “Upgrade Available”. No aditional information was in the little pop up, and the only option available was to install it. More than a hair confused, Erin allowed the upgrade. After displaying a bar that was filling up relatively quickly, his tablet’s screen turned black. After trying to restart it, and getting a tad panicked, the tablet’s screen shined once more, with a pure white light coming from it. It was the lightest his tablet ever displayed light, even with the brightness turned up all the way. Erin was briefly blinded by it and swatted at the air for a few second, while letting out a scream.

Erin awoke in a… Place. There were no walls, no boundaries, he was floating and could stand if he wanted to. The world was while and blank, with not a single feature in the entire area. While looking for any form of substance, Erin found another tablet. It was not his, and he did not know where his went, but he was more confused about the one he had just found. It was a purely black device, not showing anything resembling color, even the buttons were just black. After fiddling with its light design, Erin found a power button that brought up a drawing program that was left nameless, on the tablet’s screen. Erin still had his tablet pen, and he tried to see if it would work, so he wrote out his name, only to have it appear right in front of him within the place he was in.

The text of his name was floating within the air, only visible from a certain angle, and being the only thing in this world. He doodled something that he imagined to be three dimensional, and when he put his eyes away from the tablet, the sketch was already completed, and fully colored, standing right in front of his eyes. It was also no longer as stylized as before, it was pretty much as real as it could be. The character he drew had actual texture and much to his surprise, began to talk to him, and called him God. Erin was starting to panic about the situation, only to stop halfway through, as if he forgot why he was panicking. And why was he? He had just filled up this world. He grabbed his head, shaking it, wondering where that thought had come from.

Erin asked the character what was going on here, and it replied with, “You know, this is your world, you can control anything you want, you are god after all. Perhaps you should start by making a galaxy.” Erin made several galaxies almost instinctively, all of them he filled with history, ideas, people, culture, and then he stopped. Within five minutes, he had made over 50 billion complicated lifeforms. He tried to drop the tablet, but it appeared to be attached to his left hand. He drew a few more planets, all in the same space with the character now missing, along with himself being caught in the vacuum of space, not even noticing his the lack of air.

Erin tried to erase everything he made, although he could not, and just made more. It was as if he was just thinking as his body was acting, with him drawing out whenever his body started to draw something. While in control, hoping he could whip out a quick sketch detailing his idea before he would lose control again, Erin drew himself, in hopes of being able to prevent whatever was controlling him, to remove his very self.

Erin felt a surge over his body, now being a drawing of himself, and one that could feel, touch, talk, and was fully detailed through some kind of magic, or super science. He went up to the other Erin, the one who oppressed him while drawing and started to talk to him. The other Erin, who shall be referred to as Nira for the time being, just entered a fetal position and continued to draw in his tablet. The galaxies were piling up with one being made every few seconds, the Nira’s hands moving too fast to even be visible, and Erin smacked the tablet out of his other self’s hand, causing him, or rather it, to wail a high pitched scream. It nearly sounded inhuman, and after a second of shouting, it was revealed that he, or rather it, was not.

Nira began to expand his body out, ripping himself to pieces, throwing them away, and they expanded as well, only to break up into even more. After no more than a minute of this, Nira’s flesh now covered everything in this universe, or at least everything that could be seen from what Erin presumed to be the center of it. Once he got over the shock, Erin shot himself through the vacuum he was in, and reached the tablet he smacked away. Where he hit an erase tool and used it on Nira.

He was now alone, panting hard enough to bruise his lungs, and sweating a puddle due to fear. What the hell had just happened? Erin did not want to take any more chances, so he tried to draw back his own galaxy, being able to recreate it to a near perfect level through abilities and knowledge he was not even aware of. He drew a portal to his room, and went back there, away from all of this. Once he reemerged in his own room, Erin grabbed his new, black tablet and wondered what he would do with it. He was basically a god, but when he tried using it, he transformed himself. He was scared of using it once more, and pondered destroying it. Instead, Erin placed it in a closet, hoping he could just forget about it for now.

As he turned back from his closet, looking at his room remade perfectly, and only a minute having passed from when he left, he spent the rest of the day trying to forget about the whole event. He had basically fought a god, and won. How the hell could he manage to tell anyone about that? Erin went to bed early that night, still with so many questions in his head. He woke up once again, except he was now in the same white room he was before, except there were now two people there. One looked like a female version of him, who was donned in full medieval armor. While the last one looked sorta like him, if he were on steroids and wore scrap metal.

They had this to say, “We are the the duo, we are the ones fighting over this realm, and we will destroy ourselves if need be. You must chose your side, or will you have yourself lost here and now, obtaining neither of your views.” Erin suddenly knew what was happening. His mind was suddenly filled with a load of information, the cause unknown, but probably having something to do with the two figures.

Nira, wherever he came from, desired to create a universe, but he, or rather it, needed a vessel. He managed to control and manipulate Erin’s tablet, filling his mind and body with unimaginable abilities that he held despite lacking a physical form. Once he was in control, he reset the universe he entered and began to remake it in the way he saw to be fit. When Erin prevented him from pursuing his goals, Nira took his stolen physical body, still brimming with godlike power, while Erin was destroyed in terms of his original body, now controlling a new replica that he made.

However, before Nira was destroyed, he set a program through the universe so that Earth would be deleted, and it would be divided between two primary worlds. One based on Nira’s views of men, and one based on his views of women. The process would have every human being go through a trial that would either end with them entering some scenario that would either force them to one reality for part of Nira’s plan. Destroy them for not participating. Send them into the world and have them adjust. All while going through a trial where they lose themselves. No entry is the same, everyone follows a different sequence, with all of it working as a plan Nira hatched before he was erased. Memories and personalities would be destroyed, and collected in a form that this creature Nari would have found more interesting.

Erin’s mind and body lacked the skills Nira gave him while he was possessed, so this revelation gave him a large headache, as he was dropping to his knees in the same kind of white space where he began this journey. Erin looked at the two, stEring at them for a few good minutes. He was trying to think of how he could get out of this. He thought his options through, only to see a tablet lying next to him, it looked like an odd mix between his normal white one, and the black one he used to create the new Earth.. He tried to draw a small ball in thin air with it, desperately hoping for something to help him. Much to his surprise, the ball was created right in front of him. Seeing as how the two items must be connected, Erin accepted this revelation and thought that he could now draw anything to get his way out of his current predicament.

As he looked back at his two variants, he realized that they looked rather cross, holding their weapons, ready to murder him at any moment. Wasting no time, Erin drew something he knew would work. If just thinking while drawing could create anything, if he just create a hole to a place where he could go to and save Earth. He crouched down and drew a circle around him, falling as the two ends connected.

Erin realized he should have just made a button that would fix everything, but something told him he was going to be stuck with his wits about him. Now in a new universe, his tablet started to display information, with the short version being: Save all people from normal Earth via these instructions, and hopefully you will find the one you need, you will know who he is when you meet him.

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