Rundown (3/26/2023) One Year After Body Swap Terrorism Incident is DOPE!

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This Week’s Topics:

  • The BEST TSF idea book
  • A Loose Ranma Ramble (inspired by Chari)
  • Why it is ethically and logically correct to take digital copies of every delisted Nintendo game
  • Bye-Bye Battlefield
  • Counter-Strike 2² bay-bee!
  • Sonic Origins: The Better But Not Good Enough Version
  • Another new Nep-Nep (Feat. BIG MODE)
  • Tell this waifu your social security number because Intuit is evil!
  • AI is the next generation of game development (maybe)
  • Horde for Power – SapphicFuxx Part²²²²

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Rundown (3/19/2023) Natalie Watched A “TSF” Playlist  

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Natalie rambles about TSF-Adjacent videos.
  • Verde’s Doohickey 2.0 is being delayed to 2024
  • Student Transfer Scenario Reviews are coming back in May
  • The enticing appeal yet disappointing reality of AI
  • One of the most popular games in the world getting better creator rools

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