TSF Series #006-3: OPPAI 3 – Let’s Go To Hell!

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When the planet is in peril, the only path to salvation lies within the bowels of Hell!

Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including sexually explicit activities, strong language, incest, depictions of rape, transphobia, extreme violence, and bizarre fetishistic nonsense. Reader discretion is advised.


After almost two years of piddling about with other projects, I have finally written a sequel to TSF Series #006-1: Office Party Panic – Amorous Indulgence and TSF Series #006-2: Old Person Pandemonium – Anarchistic Incident. A sequel that follows my original ideas from July 2020 for an ‘endgame’ of TSF Series #006 by not only raising the stakes and skipping ahead 7 years, but taking things to the natural endpoint for all series: SPACE HELL!

It is a massive, messy, and overzealous thing that probably should have been cut down in several regards, but after 17 days of development (bad on me for waiting until the last minute), this is what I have. A wild world-changing adventure with a large cast, highly sexual subject matter, and about as much weirdness as I could put into this story without completely going off the rocker. It is super long as well, at over 29,000 words, so grab yourself a nice drink, a good snack or meal, and enjoy another TSF Series experiment.

Also, despite including a 1,000 word prologue, I would still recommend reading TSF Series #006-1: Office Party Panic – Amorous Indulgence and TSF Series #006-2: Old Person Pandemonium – Anarchistic Incident before starting TSF Series 006-3: OPPAI 3 – Let’s Go To Hell! So without further ado, let’s do it!

TSF Series #006-3: OPPAI 3 – Let’s Go To Hell!
Chapter 0: One Preposterous Prelude – Asinine Indulgence

December 17th, 2015. 69 people, scattered all around the world, woke up with a different set of genitals in their pants. Women woke up with dicks between their legs, men woke up with pussies, and as they pleasured themselves, they began to transform further. Men became women, women became men. Those 69, known as the Original Carriers, possessed something known as the Provectus Pathogen. A microbe spread via bodily fluids, but mostly through sex. When a regular human, a Homo Sapiens, came into contact with it, their body transformed. Their sex inverted, their genetics were reworked and rewritten, and they became a different species. A better species. 

Homo Provectus, or just humans as we’ve come to call them, are basically Homo Sapiens, but better. Stronger, smarter, better at learning new things, capable of greater physical and intellectual feats, and able to regenerate lost body parts. The only catch? Well, there’s three. Though, it’s more like three shades of the same problem.

One, they’re all a bunch of perverts who struggle to go more than 72 hours without fucking. Masturbation helps, but most need the juices of another just to stay regular. 

Two, they multiply like crazy. A Homo Sapiens takes nine months to gestate and squirt out a baby. A Homo Provectus takes less than one month. And when the kids are born, they grow up ten times faster. One week they’re shorter than your knee, but after 22 months, they’re fully grown.

Three, Homo Provectus don’t like to die. They don’t age, don’t decay, just keep going, and are a helluva lot more resistant than their predecessors. Once they hit their peak, they stay there, and they don’t need to worry about the usual bullshit like aids or cancer. But a bullet to the head or knife to the jugular will still kill your ass lickity split.

This is all common knowledge, and something I am intimately familiar with.

The name’s Cain Steticks. I used to be a 52-year-old miserable-ass-bitch. But one day I woke up with a cock instead of a clam, and half past a quarter to noon, my entire workplace as well on their way to joining the superior species known as Homo Provectus. 

I was one of those 69 Original Carriers, and since then, I’ve been bouncing around the US. Getting poked and prod by people in white coats for money. Man-whoring myself out in conference rooms, auditoriums, and love hotels. Fucking my beautiful Asian wife, Justine. And raising my second kid, Zedaki Steticks.

For me, this shit has been tits and tomatoes. But for the world at large, it’s just been regular shit. Seven and a half years after ‘The Provectus Revolution,’ the population of Earth surpassed 10 billion people. That’s an extra 2.6 billion in 7 years, a 35% increase, and if you know even an iota about macroeconomics, you know that ain’t sustainable. 

We’ve got the housing crisis, mass unemployment, water shortages, food rationing, the works. And this was the best-case scenario, after birth control and abortions were internationally reclassified as human rights back in 2017. We said fuck it to due process and started getting smart with food-efficiency and water filtration back in 2016. And mobs of thousands just started murdering and stealing from billionaires to redistribute the wealth. What can I say? Us Homo Provectus do not fuck around!

But even then, shit is 69 shades of fucked. We tried to course correct, but because people stopped dying and kept having kids, the world is prepping for wars for resources. It would take a miracle in order to prevent The First Provectus War from revving up… but then shit got weirder on June 6th, 2023.

Across the world, 6 Big Holes appeared. Massive sinkholes that adhered to strict dimensions. 666 meters in diameter, 6,660 meters tall, a perfect circle, with smooth walls. They appeared in Mexico, Pakistan, Angola, Norway, Malaysia, and Chile. It took them 6 seconds to appear from nowhere. Nobody died when they did, somehow. And when they appeared, everybody dropped whatever the fuck they were doing to gawk at them. Myself included.

Further research revealed that this happened around the estimated moment the Earth’s population reached 10 billion, and when people started diving into these holes, they found that they were completely empty, except for a black metallic wall. 6.66 meters tall and 6.66 meters wide. They took down tools to open them, but even when they tried digging around it or using C4, it didn’t work. Nobody knew what their purpose was, but everybody assumed that, whatever these were, they were entrances to Hell. It was the only reasonable explanation, because their very existence did not just laugh at the face of science. They fucked her ass until it bled!

…Which begs the question. How do you enter the gates of Hell? Well, I had a theory. Call it a hunch. Or rather, a dream I had— that every Original Carrier I know of had. On June 6th, 2023, we all dreamed about seeing a black gate, and putting our hand against it. The next day, they entered one of the Big Holes, and saw a black gate. The same one we saw in our dreams.

This got me to thinking that, somehow, we Original Carriers were the key to the Big Holes. Which, if things were organized, would be a pretty easy thing to arrange. I could just hit up the Mexican government, get a lift down there, and see what they’ve got. Since Mexico doesn’t have any Original Carriers to call their own— none of the Big Hole countries do— and the Original Carrier from California got cannibalized by some fucklo Protestants.

With global tensions at the highest in about 50 years, I decided to forgo the official channels, getting involved in political bullcrap, and just do things my way. So, on June 20th, along with my wife, son, and a merc, we began Operation: Invade Big Hole, Mexico.

Chapter 1: Our Planet’s Perils – Adventure to Inferno

June 23rd, 2023 – 07:20
Durango, Mexico

My eyes fluttered open as the sun pierced through the window, illuminating my face and my prison. A discarded building in disrepair, with paint peeling from the walls, and the air filled with dust and debris that would sicken a Sapien. I hacked as I tried to take a deep breath, and looked down at myself. I was stripped down to nothing, with a chain around my ankle, and rope around my wrists. It wasn’t the best prison, but it was enough to keep me contained.

My body had seen better days. I still had the body of a strong young man, one with visible abs and arms strong enough to lift 80 kilograms without too much problem. Yet it was tattered in splotches of red and purple after all the abuse I’d been put through. And while I didn’t have a mirror, I could tell that my face looked like shit. I had three days of stubble, cuts along the cheek, a fat bruise on my forehead, and the swelling still hadn’t gone down from my left eye. It was nothing that I wouldn’t get over in, like, 3 days, and it didn’t hurt that much, but I still woke up with aches across my body.

I stood up from my well-worn cloth seat of my chair. Brushed my hands through my short blonde hair as I tried to wake myself up. Before rubbing the gunk out of my gray-blue eyes. The room I was in barely met the legal requirements for a prison cell, but it gave me enough space to pace around as I thought about what happened these past three days

02:07, June 20th. Me, Justine, and my kid, Zedaki, gathered in south Pima County, Arizona. We met with an escort, trained military personnel and all around hard-ass black bitch, Jack Crowhurst. She drove us into the country under the cover of night, taking a real rural route to avoid any attention. Right as we were halfway to Durango, we took a pit stop to piss, shit, and grab some tacos. It was a clean place, under the radar, but when I ducked away to take my morning shit, some motherfucker jumped out of the other stall and jabbed something in my neck. 

Everything went black. I woke up here, and since then… I’ve been a real fucking stud, if ya catch my drift. I could go into detail, but right as I started pacing and recollecting on crap, the door to my humble little cell swung open with a thud, revealing the man who imprisoned me. Max Flare.

He stood 1.85 meters tall, his skin colored a deep brown, and his hair a wavy mane that elegantly poured past his shoulders. He was dressed in only a leather jacket that exposed his wide, scarred, and hardened chest, and a pair of dark jeans that hung low and made it damn near impossible to not notice his tightly packed dick. I couldn’t eyeball the exact measurements, but mine was definitely bigger. And a pair of elevated boots that allowed him to just barely tower over me.

He was a dude who I‘d normally be DTF for just a Franklin, but after the shit he put me through… it’d cost him at least a Madison

Max: “Ah, up nice and early. That’s good to see, my precious little stud.”

Cain: “Yeah, yeah, cut the crap, Max. Break out the pump, give me your chemical slop, and you’ll get my cum.”

Max: “My, it appears that you have grown quite submissive, my dear.”

Cain:Bite me. You think I’m in the mood to joke around, ya fuckin’ slaver?”

Max leaned forward and placed a hand on my throat, to ‘remind me of my place.’

Max: “Please Cain, I implore you to cooperate. Or else, I will need to resume drastic measures. And I don’t want my prize hog to be all battered and bruised.”

Cain: “If you expect me to kneel to a twisted billionaire fuckwit, you clearly don’t know shit about me.”

Max: “Yes, yes. The Midwestern Man-Whore, the Seed of Satan, one of the few Original Carriers who chose to pursue profit and fame rather than seeking to aid the public. Trust me, I had my eyes on Vic Velasquez, but he just had to get murdered. Fucking Christians.”

Cain: “But it’s worth dealing with me if it means you get my sweet, succulent, and viscous man-milk?”

Max: “It is the most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet. You would be amazed at what people in my circles are willing to pay for one night of utterly indescribable pleasure. I’d figure that a playboy like you would have the foresight to pursue such a venture— an associate of mine even made you an offer two years ago— but instead you have wasted your gift time and time again. And it is my duty to exploit the ignorant and gifted masses, is it not?”

Cain: “Finally, a straight fucking answer from you! Look, if you really want my cum, then fine, I’ll work something out with you. We can, fuck it, I dunno, set up a milking station in my house. I’ll pump out whatever I can, you send me supplements, then once a week you send somebody to get a couple liters of my frozen cum? Give me 30% and we’ll call it a deal? There, was that so fuckin’ hard?”

Max: “It’s cute that you think you are capable of making demands in your current situation, Cain. I have you where I want you. I possess you. And I did not accumulate such power and wealth by placing trust in others—”

Cain: “—Bitch, you didn’t accumulate shit! Your parents got busted for selling child sex slaves and got murked in prison! And I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the fuckin’ tree! But at least you’re aiming for majors. Not like you have much of a choice nowadays.”

Max then kicked me to the ground and stomped his boot onto my chest. Paint chips, dirt, and dust were ground into my wounds. Even though I was probably tough enough to fight off any lead poisoning, I still couldn’t help but let out a scream.

Max: “Cain, you assume that I value your life. I do not. All I value is what lies below your waist. Your dick, your balls, your prostate. Those are what make you valuable, and those are all I need. Once I have them, I can prepare an artificial stud. And while I did not want to indulge in such incivility… you chose to live up to your reputation.”

Cain: “Christ, you’re a twisted little dick… Okay, how about a deal? You can have my dick, my prostate, whatever the fuck you want, I don’t care if I get killed in the process.”

Max: “It is a safe procedure with a low 5% mortality rate on Homo Provectus. Plus, everything we’d harvest from you would grow back in 4 months.”

Cain: “Oh… How much would you pay me for that?”

Max:Nothing, you pompous little turd.”

Cain: “Shit… okay, look, you know why I came to Mexico right? To investigate the Big Hole. If you let me go down there and open the gate, then I’ll stop being a dick and let you do whatever.”

Max: “…Why does the Big Hole fascinate you so?” 

As Max asked this, he removed his boot from my chest

Cain: “Don’t act like you didn’t hack the O.C. Discord. You know exactly why I came here. I think it might be the key to saving the world. The only way to prevent all-out war.”

Max: “And you think I want that?”

Cain: “…Holy Hell! You scumbags are exactly like you are in the movies. Fuck you, you defense-contractor-ass-motherfucker, but I love the honesty. …And I take it that you think I don’t really know what else my cum can be used for, right?”

Max: “Please, regale me with your answer. I do not wish to play guessing games with an ornery cur like yourself.”

Cain: “My cum functions as more than just an aphrodisiac. If anything, it acts as… a sort of super drug, I guess you would call it. It can heal injuries, numb pain, restore one’s energy— the perfect thing to give soldiers to keep them fighting for their ‘democratically-elected’ masters!”

Max: “Hm, I guess you’re not quite the himbo the media paints you as. …Or maybe that is being too generous. But you know this changes nothing. In fact, within just a few hours, you shall be on the operating table, and your organs shall be harvested. I would have arranged things sooner, but quality black market surgeons are such a bother to find nowadays.”

Cain: “So, that’s it for me? Just sit back, relax, and get ready for my goods to be stolen from me before you leave me in a bathtub with ice? I thought this was Méjico, not Vegas.”

Max: “Who said you’d get ice? That’s a luxury here in the desert.”

Cain: “Heh. Well, if these are your true colors and any hope of a peaceful solution is impossible, then… I guess I have nothing more to say than… Omicron Pi Phi Alpha Iota Sigma.”

Max: “What the Hell are you—”

Seconds after I uttered the passphrase, the backup plan began, and it kicked off with a literal bang. It was muffled, and I had no idea what sort of structure I was in, but something big just blew up, and the entire building shook in response.

Cain: “You stupid little fuck! You seriously think I’d hire a merc and not have a tracker on me? You should have checked my ears!”

As I belittled Max for being a dumbass who failed to account for discreet military-grade tech, he ran out of the room, and bore witness to the destruction of everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

June 23rd, 2023 – 07:44
Durango, Mexico

At the other side of this abandoned stone building, an explosion decimated one of the exterior walls, sending a cloud of dust into the building and coating the ground with a litany of rubble. As the explosion happened, a group of armor-clad men dashed forward, finding the nearest bit of cover and peering forward, anticipating opposition. Yet right as they secured the perimeter, a second explosion occurred, stunning them from the sudden noise and drawing their attention away as they tried to pinpoint where the attack came from. 

During this moment, a figure zoomed through the site of the first explosion. They were riding a motorcycle, allowing them to move quickly— too quickly for any of the guards to even hope to incapacitate, let alone avoid. As the motorcyclist zoomed past the cloud of dust, they steered to the nearest target and, once they were a few meters away, the rider jumped off. The motorcycle impacted the guard, slamming into their body and pushing them against a wall, before a mechanism within the motorcycle was triggered, causing the vehicle to erupt into a blazing inferno.

As the guard burned, the rider flipped through the air before landing triumphantly, striking a pose as they displayed the shotgun held in their left hand. The guards stared at the rider as they landed, and were taken aback by their appearance. They were dressed in a skintight material across their entire body, with their chest protected by silver armor, knee-length boots, elbow-length gloves, along with a silver helmet featuring a black visor. He was the only ‘recognized’ son of Cain, Zedaki Steticks.

Zedaki then began firing at an onlooker, failing to hit them, but forcing them back into cover in another room, where they were met with greater threat. Jack Crowhurst. A black woman with voluminous black hair pushed back with a dark hairband, dressed in desert fatigues, sunglasses covering her face, and chest protected by a bulletproof vest. With the submachine gun in her hand, Crowhurst fired a burst of bullets at both of the guard’s knees, incapacitating them. As they fell to the floor, she grabbed their carbine and fired a round into their right arm, barking at them to “stay down.”

As Crowhurst took out one target, the armor-clad Zedaki ran toward a firearm he saw poking out from behind a door frame. But instead of aiming for the door, Zedaki aimed for the wall, tackling it and causing it to crumble, as if it were made of cardboard. The guard behind the wall fell to the ground, crushed by the stone below, but Zedaki was quick to grab their weapon. Now dual-wielding weapons, he began to dash through other rooms, blind firing to deter any aggression from others, forcing them to flee into another room.

As Zedaki sprayed and advanced, so too did Crowhurst, firing her submachine gun and carbine to deter the three remaining soldiers into a single room. Once they were boxed in, with no escape route other than breaking through a window, Crowhurst threw a grenade into the room. It landed right in front of a raggedy couch they were using for cover, and took cover behind a wall.

The couch dampened some of the destructive impact of the grenade, but it was still enough to leave the three soldiers splayed onto the floor. Debris and shrapnel had seeped past their armor, and the impact left them with internal bleeding. Both Crowhurst and Zedaki looked over them, deliberating their next course of action, before Crowhurst began planting bullets into their legs. Immediately inspiring Zedaki to speak to her with his synthesized voice.

Zedaki: “Crowhurst, what the fuck?!” 

Crowhurst: “They’re Provectus. They’ll be fine in about two months. Three tops.” 

As Crowhurst said that, she plopped a bullet into another guard’s leg.

Zedaki: “Yeah, but—”

Crowhurst: “Look, I’m not going to take shit from someone who looks like they jumped right out of one of those Vietnamese martial arts kids shows. Besides, you absolutely killed that person with your motorcycle.”

Zedaki: “You told me to… And they’re Japanese, thank you very much.”

Crowhurst: “Oh, piss off, Zedaki. Let’s just get your dad and get out of here.”

The two, Crowhurst and Zedaki, then began to wander through the rest of the facility, one weapon in their hands and a spare kept on their person. Soon enough they happened across a door to a sealed room, the walls and ceilings covered in plastic, with medical equipment strewn about. Though, most pressingly, a group of four dressed in lab coats, all sitting on the floor with their hands on their head.

Crowhurst: “We’re not here to kill you. Just tell us where we can find Cain and you’re free to go.” 

Medical Staff Member: “Th-They’re upstairs. A-A room in the east.”

Without saying anything, Crowhurst then walked out of the makeshift medical bay and began running up the stairs, with Zedaki following behind her. They slowed as they approached, only for a door to swing open. It was Max Flare, a shotgun in his hand, and a look of fury on his face. He aimed the weapon at Crowhurst, but before he could put his finger on the trigger, Crowhurst released a burst from her submachine gun. The gunfire landed in Max’s lower torso, sending him tumbling to the floor.

Max: “FUCK!”

Crowhurst then looked at Max’s jeans and planted a bullet in each of his legs, before picking up his shotgun. She paused for a second as she pondered how to carry it with her other two guns, before using it to blow open a nearby window, and then throwing the gun out of the building.

Max: “Do you have any idea who I—”

Crowhurst: “I know, and I don’t care. You jumped at me with a shotgun, and I retaliated. I’ve got a bodycam, so it’s all recorded. If you stay in bed and eat your Wheaties for a few months, you’ll be right as rain.”

Crowhurst and a bemused Zedaki then walked past Max Flare and entered the barless cell of Cain Steticks, who was sitting on his chair, his legs crossed and his penis poking out from between his thighs.

Cain: “Yo, Crowhurst! And… Did you seriously have your Tokusatsu suit imported here, Zed?”

Zedaki: “You got that right, papa! I figured you wouldn’t want me to get harmed in a firefight.”

Cain: “Ugh… I should have expected as much… Well, don’t keep me waiting. Free me and let’s get the fuck outta here.”

Zedaki then began carefully aiming his shotgun at Cain’s chains, only for Crowhurst to push the weapon down, shake her head, and take it from Zedaki. Crowhurst then adopted a more secure stance as she aimed the weapon against the chain, decimating it with minimal collateral damage and freeing Cain from his walled prison. Crowhurst then grabbed the knife from her belt and used it to sever the ropes binding Cain’s wrists, and allowing him to stretch his arms out for the first time in days.

With Cain rescued, the trio left the makeshift prison, only to run into Max Flare as they made their escape.

Max: “So, are you going to leave me to bleed out or—”

Zedaki: “Bleed out? You have medical personnel downstairs who can tend to your wounds. Although… maybe we should—”

Crowhurst: “—Literally ten minutes ago you were giving me shit for shooting people in the legs. Now you’re contemplating murdering someone? …Though, I wouldn’t feel bad about pulling the trigger on him again.”

Cain: “Hm… tempting offer. He is a billionaire, so I’d be inclined to kill him… but I also can’t blame him. If I was in his position, I would have done something similar. Just, you know, better. But when you’re a billionaire, you lose track of a little thing called common sense.”

Max: “If you think this is the end, I’ll—”

Cain: “Yeah, yeah. Kidnap me and steal my prostate when I’m back in America. Just leave me alone for the rest of the day, thanks.”

Cain then stomped on Max’s face as he and his cohorts escaped from this tattered building. Though, Zedaki needed to carry Cain out, as he didn’t have any shoes and it would be stupid to even try to walk over rubble and broken glass. As they approached another nearby building, they were greeted by another person. A Vietnamese woman dressed in a navy tank top, khaki shorts, and knee-high boots. Her face covered by sunglasses, her body toned yet slender, and her long dark hair gathered in a ponytail.

Cain: “Hey Justine, it’s good to see ya!”

As Cain spoke in an exaggeratedly affable tone, the woman, Justine, put her hands to her hips and let out an exhausted sigh. 

Justine: “…Well, it’s good to see that you’re not traumatized or anything. Just get in the car, I’ll drive. The sooner we’re out of here, the better.”

Justine directed them around the corner of a building, where they were greeted with a red 1980s Cadillac convertible. It looked like it had more than a fair share of run ins with some sandstorms, given its discolored interior, chipping paint, and rusty bottom, but it still looked to be ‘functional.’ Despite looking rough, Cain still jumped into the back seat, splaying his arm out while Justine went in to sit beside him. 

As he did so, Crowhurst and Zedaki loaded their extra guns into the trunk, pulled out four parachutes, and landed in the front seats. Crowhurst took the wheel and Zedaki took shotgun… while holding a literal shotgun in his gloved hands. Once everybody was buckled up, Crowhurst planted her combat boots onto the gas pedal, causing the Cadillac to spurt out a cloud of smog as it zoomed forward. And onwards it went, through the desolate sandy flatlands of rural Mexico.

Cain: “You’ve gotta be kidding me with this clunker. I gave you guys a hundred grand and this is what you use for a getaway car?”

Crowhurst: “Oh, quit your bitching. This was supposed to be a simple escort, one in done, easy money, but then you had to get kidnapped. I told you, never shit alone!”

Cain: “Yeah, well, Kdin is gonna owe me a partial refund for this crap—”

Crowhurst: “—If what you say is true, and this Big Hole does help save the world, he will refund you. 100%.”

As Crowhurst made this comment, Zedaki reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a mini water bottle and three nutrient bars. With those clumsily in hand, he handed them to Cain, who gave him a nod as he began opening up the water and bars, eating and drinking while talking.

Cain: “Damn, a full refund? That’s pretty generous. You mercs might not be all bad.”

Crowhurst: “I’m not a mercenary. I’m a bodyguard.”

Justine: “Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.”

Crowhurst: “Just because we spent three days together doesn’t mean that you know me, Justine!”

Zedaki: “Well, based on what you’ve told us about yourself, you’re not a particularly complicated man.”

As Zedaki spoke, he took off his helmet, planting it between his legs. Doing so revealed his handsome face, slightly tanned skin, crisp blue eyes, and long white, platinum blonde, hair that billowed behind him in the wind.

Zedaki: “You were a man with nothing who found new life after he ‘ascended,’ but after living a life of a good-natured laborer, happy to contribute to the greater good, it all went up in literal flame after the Great Virginia Fire.”

Crowhurst: “…And in my depression, I let my nephew talk me into wielding a gun for the first time in 75 years. I was good at what I did, and my reflexes were sharp, so he kept sending me from security job to security job, so that I could feel like I was doing some good in this world.”

Cain: “God, your altruism is so sweet, it’s sickening.”

Crowhurst: “You had sex with animals… for money… on a fucking livestream!”

Cain: “…Oh, yeah, I guess I did do that. Heh. For the record, I was high as shit at the time. When I get high, I will fuck anything you put in front of me. And I don’t regret it or nothing, because I made 25 grand in a single night from tokens alone. Did you ever make 25 grand in a single night? I don’t think so!”

Justine: “For the record, I know everything Cain’s done with his dick since the day he got it. Including the crayon incident.”

Cain:Damn it, woman! I told you not to mention that in polite company! ”

Zedaki: “Don’t worry, papa. It’s already all over the internet. Has been for three years.”

Crowhurst: “I’m not even going to ask… Zedaki, what’s our ETA?”

Zedaki: “Ah crud. My phone’s inside the suit, and I took off the helmet, so—”

Justine: “Big Hole, Mexico is approximately 20 kilometers to the southwest. We’ll be there in about 10 minutes, based on Crowhurst’s ‘driving.’”

Crowhurst: “Please, I’m an excellent driver. I’m just driving this escape car like an escape car. It’s going to be scrapped or destroyed by the time we’re through. And knowing how today has gone, I’m going to say destroyed.”

Cain: “Great vote of confidence there, chief.”

As Cain sank deeper into his seat, he flinched as a bit of vegetation flowing in the wind slammed against one of the many wounds on his chest, only to be pulled away by the wind a second later.

Justine: “…Shit, I forgot to ask— Cain, you’re not too roughed up after this whole thing, are you?”

Cain: “After that night in Kayla Jones’s Premium Sex Dungeon, where she straight up pulled the nails from my fingers—”

Zedaki: “—Just like the yakuza used to do!”

Cain: “…Stuff like this is nothing. By the way, you guys wouldn’t happen to have a razor or anything? I haven’t seen my reflection in days, but I know I look like trash with this fuzzy-ass beard.”

Cain then paused to play with his beard hair. It was coming in nicely, but it was in that awkward middle section where he just looked unkempt, and that was made all the worse considering the wounds his body was painted in.

Justine: “Sweetie, you look fine. Besides, you look good with facial hair. Your beard hair is always thick, but surprisingly soft.”

Zedaki: “That’s the power of shampoo and conditioner!”

Cain: “Yeah, I know you like the beard, but it gets hot during the summer and— You know what, I’ll do it for you. I know I keep doing this irreverent shit-talking schtick— the testosterone, youth, fame, and cash brought it out of me— but I put all of you guys in mortal danger and… Thank you. Justine, thank you for being my wife while I was slutting it up, snagging more slizz than a pro wrestler in the 80s. Crowhurst, you risked your life trying to save me, and thank you for that. And Zedaki… you’re a grade-A dorkus, but you’re my kid, and I love you unconditionally. But then you went and also risked your life, so thank you for that. Though, I’m still pissed about you spending over a million bucks on that armor.”

Zedaki: “That’s fair. But worry not, papa! I shall continue to fight for justice and shall reap the greatest rewards possible! For I am the Scourge of Justice!”

Justine: “Cain, are you seriously trying to turn over a new leaf?”

Cain: “Ah, fuck no! I’m an ass, I’m always going to be an ass. It’s just that… Being an ass doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try to be cordial and tell my loved ones that I love them. Especially after they save me from death, and especially when they are minutes away from trespassing on government property as part of a wild goose chase. One that could leave us stranded in a 4 mile deep hole.

Zedaki: “We don’t use miles anymore, papa!”

Crowhurst: “Well, some of us still remember using miles, kid. Besides it is, and always will be, easier to say than kilometer. And calling them ‘kilos’ or ‘kms’ doesn’t freaking work.

As the quartet continued to bicker about, they eventually reached their outskirts of their destination. Big Hole, Mexico. An imposing structure from the air, but hardly noticeable given the flat terrain surrounding it. However, Crowhurst knew she was in the right spot as she saw a perimeter in the distance. With a 2 kilometer circumference, it was infeasible to fully guard the hole from any would-be-intruders. So the Mexican government stationed a guard every 100 meters, with wooden barricades erected to deter any vehicles from rushing toward this massive crevice.

Crowhurst: “Everybody, make sure your parachutes are secure.”

Cain: “And Zedaki, you put on your GOLDARN helmet! Because I will NOT buy you a replacement!”

As the four made sure they were as ready as they could be, Crowhurst slammed on the gas, causing the Cadillac to sputter forward, shaking as aging parts gyrated and its body bounced against the rocky terrain. Little did Crowhurst know, however, that a far greater obstacle was looming behind them..

After Zedaki put on his helmet, he began to fiddle with it, reactivating the augmented reality display it provided him with, but he almost immediately was distracted by something he had not perceived beforehand. Something behind them.

Zedaki looked accordingly, turning his body around and looking upwards, where he saw a helicopter in the sky, and it was moving fast. Faster than this Cadillac could ever dream of going.

Zedaki: “Everybody, look!”

As Zedaki shouted and pointed, the other three turned their heads back, and a mutual dread spread throughout the group.

Justine: “G-Guys… please tell me that you killed Max.”

Crowhurst: “I would, Justine. But that’d be a lie.”

Cain: “Oh, you infected hemorrhoid… I told him to come after me once I got back to America. Okay, Crowhurst! You were right, I should’ve killed Max. You guys got anything to take out a chopper?”

Crowhurst: “Why the FUCK would I bring anti-air weaponry to a rescue operation like this?”

Zedaki: “Last I checked, we have some plastic explosives, but that’s about the only thing that would work.”

Justine: “Well, then either we could give up and probably die… or—”

Crowhurst: “—As my general used to say, it’s better to die fighting then let the enemy capture you and your men!”

Crowhurst floored it and continued driving toward the Big Hole. She moved quickly and precisely enough to swerve around the saw-horses that protected the cops standing 50 meters away from their destination. As the Cadillac zoomed forward, the cops pulled out their weapons, began shooting, but they were unable to hit the car or any of its occupants.

Before they could devise a counter measure, the Cadillac had driven off the edge and was flying for one brief moment, moving forward before being pulled down by the force of gravity.

The four shouted as they felt their bodies tugged doward toward a deep dark abyss from which no light could escape.

Zedaki: “We’ll be falling for ten minutes! I’ll let you know when to release your parachutes!”

Cain: “Ten minutes of this?! Christ, I can feel the bile escaping from my stomach.”

Crowhurst: “Just bear it! Once we’re down, this’ll all be over!”

Justine: “You bet your ass it’ll all be over! How the hell are we going to get out of here if Max is waiting for us?!”

Cain: “All we can do is pray, Justine! Pray that we find the gates of Hell!

As the four became absorbed with the darkness around them, illuminated only by the dashboard light and headlights of the Cadillac, they heard something pierce the abrasive sound of air slamming into this metric ton of metal. It was the sound of roaring propellers and speakers crackling. As the four looked up at the source, they were greeted with the helicopter they had been escaping, matching speeds with their car as it descended.

The helicopter was painted a stark black, causing it to blend in with the darkened surroundings, even when illuminated by its powerful lights. Its transverse rotors created an absolutely dreadful noise as they rotated hundreds of times in a single minute, powerful enough to shred anyone unfortunate to make contact with them. Blinking red lights illuminated from within its cockpit, while a masked figure held onto the controls. And although obscured, the front of the vehicle housed a pair of machine guns. Powerful enough to shred through the Cadillac within a matter of seconds.

As the four took in this threat, they realized that there was no way they could flee from this menace, and their harebrained plan of escape was doomed from the start if this was the opposition they were up against. But just as they began to accept this dire situation, they heard the voice of Max Flare, amplified over a pair of speakers attached near the cockpit.

Max: “You thought you could escape from me?! I did NOT get where I am today by allowing opportunities to run away!”

From the helicopter, a rope ladder was released, long enough that it not only reached the Cadillac, but it gathered around the floor of its back seat.

Max: “Cain, grab that rope if you want to live! Or else I’ll just have to blow you to smithereens!”

Cain: “Fuck off! I told you to leave me alone until I got back to America!”

Max: “Your terms, not mine! Now join me or die!”

As Max made that threat, a burst of gunfire escaped from the helicopter and shot off the passenger’s side rear view mirror with a single burst

Cain: “Like fuck I’m going to give up, you elistist slave trader. If you want my co-operation, at least pretend to care about my wife and kid!”

Max: “Your value is as a thing, not a person, and if you don’t comply, I guess I’ll just have to pry your fucking corpse!

As the four realized that Max was fully mask-off and beyond any humanity or reason, Cain looked at his allies desperately. As he received this look, Zedaki turned his gaze away, reached under his seat, and pulled out a foot-long brick of white goop. With only a second of wind up, he threw the brick at the helicopter above, where it slammed against the bottom of the vehicle, sticking to it.

Zedaki: “HIT THE NITRO!!!”

As Zedaki shouted, Crowhurst slammed her thumb onto a button, which caused the airborne car to shoot forward as a burst of flame shot from its exhaust pipe.

The car traveled only a few meters away, in an arbitrary direction, but once some distance had been accumulated, Zedaki pressed a button on a tiny remote, causing the white brick of goop to detonate. The ensuing kaboom demolished the body of the helicopter and began a fire that spread throughout the vehicle. As its stability was compromised, it began to spin and sputter, exasperating its structural issues and causing more parts to detach as a string of explosions followed the first one. No screams could be heard over the explosion, but based on the flames coming off of this hunk of metal, its occupants were all dead. 

Cain: “You had fucking C4 under your seat? Why didn’t you say so?!”

Zedaki: “Because it is a plastic explosive! I said I had plastic explosives!”

As they conversed, Crowhurst attempted to steer the car’s wheels in another direction before pressing the same nitro button, causing the car to move even further away from the burning helicopter.

Crowhurst: “Okay! We are falling at the same speed as that fucking thing, so here’s what we’re going to do! We’re going to jump, let out your parachutes, and descend. You got that? 

Justine: “I… I guess—”

As Justine started to speak, the pressure and motion got to her stomach, causing her to vomit out the side of the car. But as she released this brown-green fluid from her body, gravity redirected it into her face, where it covered every inch of her visage and invaded her hair. She sadly groaned as she realized what she had just done, and began to ineffectually throw her hands at her face, scooping up whatever barf she could into the air, where it floated above.

Justine:Shit! I knew those midnight tacos were a mistake!”

Cain: “Do you need a hand, Justine?! I doubt we have towels or wet wipes or anything, but—”

Justine: “No it’s okay, let.. let’s just go. I’ll… jump first.”

As Justine volunteered herself, she stepped up and walked off of the trunk of the Cadillac, propelling her parachute as she began freefalling. Seconds later, the other three followed her lead. First Zedaki, then Crowhurst, and finally Cain. All their parachutes operated properly, and the added wind resistance made their once dire fall seem mundane by comparison. However, without the headlights of the Cadillac, their surroundings were shrouded in darkness, as they were already several kilometers underground.

Crowhurst: “Everyone! Remember, you have a mini flashlight on the left side of your parachuts.”

As the other three heard Crowhurst’s shouts, they all fumbled in the dark for their lights, and all quickly flicked on a simple lock-shaped light, meant to illuminate an area around the wearer, rather than shine into the distance. It was a cheap thing that probably cost 10 bucks, but it allowed the four to see where each other were.

Cain: “Okay, that’s four lights, so everyone’s still alive!”

Justine: “Z-Zed, how much longer do we have until we fall?”

Zedaki: “We are moving at approximately 27 kilometers per hour, so about ten minutes.”

With nothing much else to do, the four chose to pass the time by regaling Cain with the minutiae of their past few days, catching up before they finally started to see the flames burning below.

Cain: “—I’m actually not opposed to the ‘selling my cum thing.’ Of course, that means I would need to save basically all of my boys, Justine.”

Justine: “Well, how much could you get from a single load?” 

Cain: “Depends on the buyer. Max was citing prices as low as one-hundred to ones in the thousands. If I give more supply though, it’ll probably be the former.”

Zedaki: “Even if it is merely a hundred dollars, if you produce 20 servings of cum a day, a good average number, that’s 700 grand a year!”

Cain: “Hm… I like that figure. I don’t like the tax bracket, but that… that makes me feel rich. Or, at least, richer. Maybe being a man cow really was my destiny, eh? Of course, I would need to cut back on regular sex and while artificial pussy is real good nowadays, but I can’t help but love the real deal. The raw deal!”

Crowhurst: “If you three are done talking cum economics, we should be landing in a matter of seconds. Stay clear of any wreckage.”

Cain led the charge in landings… only to botch it and fall on his ass, getting wrapped up in his parachute straps. Crowhurst, Justine, and Zedaki all had far less clunky landings, and were quick to throw off the parachutes, leaving them behind as they took off the flashlights and stared at the burning metal wreckage around them. 

Zedaki: “Goodness! That is quite an impressive crater. Though, I suppose that makes sense considering the weight of gas-powered vehicles.”

Cain: “I’m half tempted to go searching for Max’s corpse—”

Crowhurst: Please. He’s dead, and he died minutes ago. He might be a strong fellow, but he ain’t shit against gravity and explosions.”

Justine: “Hey guys, I think I found it!”

As Justine voiced her discovery, the other three turned her way and saw that she was shining her flashlight against a 6.66 meter by 6.66 meter wall of dark metal. What Cain believed to be a gate to Hell.

Cain: “Welp, time for the moment of truth.”

As Cain spoke, he held out his left hand against the flat glossy black surface of this structure. As his skin made contact, he felt something pierce the center of his palm, locking into his skin and forcing him to remain there as he felt the blood leave his secondary hand. After a few seconds of this, the piercing apparatus receded to where it came, and the black metal sheet began fragmenting itself, forming a vertical line down the center. A line that swiftly began to grow into a wider and wider grap. A gap that revealed something else. 

The gap led into a room of metal, painted a stark white, and illuminated by lights overhead. It was a simple box, 6 by 6 by 6 meters, and while all four housed varying levels of suspicion, Cain began walking toward the room,and everyone else followed. Inside, they began to examine it closer, and noticed a digital display that read “6.66 km UG” in red letters on a black backdrop.

Justine: “Cain, did you see anything like this in your dream?”

Cain: “Nah. This is all new to me, and my best guess is that this is… some sort of elevator. Except there are no buttons to make this thing move… which is stupid.”

Zedaki: “Well, if buttons don’t function as a trigger for the elevator to move, maybe it responds to some other stimuli.”

Crowhurst: “Elevator! Descend! Take us to Hell! Bottom floor!”

As Crowhurst tried uttering generic voice commands, nothing happened, and she gave the other three a shrug. They mulled around for a few seconds later, but as Cain touched the walls of this room of white metal, they heard a voice. A garbled voice that spoke as if it was positioned in the center of this white room.

Unidentified Voice:Og rjua q odjid ru cimrati omru rji subeom ug jikk, rjua badr eyyiedi rji sibumd q orj e sodykep ug vuorad ut bedratneroum.

Zedaki: “Hm… my translator is not identifying that language.”

Justine: “I’m not even sure if the human tongue is capable of making noises like that.”

Cain: “Well, lucky for you all, I know exactly what that voice was saying. If we want this elevator to take us to Hell, we’ve gotta cum!”

Crowhurst: “Is that it? I was expecting a sacrifice or something.”

Cain: “What, don’t believe me? Well, let’s try it out.”

As Cain said that, he took a deep breath, allowing his bare and battered chest to rise and fall as he took in the crisp subterranean air. As he did so, his flaccid penis stood up and the tip aimed skyward. From the force of his will and the power of imagination, he granted himself an erection. As his erection lingered, his full 29-centimeter-long cock displayed to his wife, son, and bodyguard, he let out an aggressive grunt and clenched his fists. Following this display, a spurt of semen burst from his penis, and flew through the air, traveling nearly a full meter before splattering against the cool metal floor.

Zedaki:Dayum! Papa can bust with no hands!”

Cain: “You got that right. I’ve been cumming in a synthetic pussy for three days, and I can get off using just my brain at this point.”

Crowhurst: “I’m not sure if that’s impressive… or just kind of sad.”

Before Cain could make a retort, the four paused as they heard the large doors to this white room close, locking them inside. Panic momentarily filled them as they realized they would be locked in this metal box with no food or water, but just as the doors shuttered, they felt their metal prison begin descending, moving downward, but at a slow pace. Slower than when they were descending the Big Hole via parachutes.

Justine: “I don’t know what’s more unbelievable. The fact that your theory that this Big Hole was a Gate to Hell… or the fact that the Gate to Hell is accessed by cumming.” 

Unidentified Voice:Rjua jedr nifem rjomi sidvimr. Ru beli ftierit jedri, essoroumek uggitomfd ug dizaek imitfp badr ni besi.

Cain: “‘Keep fucking to make the elevator go faster.’ Sounds doable to me! Justine, get over here!”

As Cain shouted at his wife, he lunged toward her, latching onto her sides as he pressed her body against his, and raised her off the ground.

Cain: “Take ‘em off!”

With a smirk on her face, Justine followed Cain’s commands, placing her hands against her motherly hips in order to loosen her tight shorts, wiggling them off along with her panty. They slid down past her knees onto her feet. She kicked them off before bringing both legs around Cain’s waist, locking the two together.

Justine: “Still as aggressive as always.”

As Justine spoke to her lover, she brought her lips against his. Her smooth lips brushed against his— ragged, cut, and surrounded by hair. He felt desperate— dangerous— but that only made her all the more eager. She lifted her butt away from Cain, revealing her damp pussy, inviting him to stick it in, which he did without hesitation, sliding into her like a peg into a hole.

Laughter escaped Justine’s mouth as she felt him enter her. They paused for a moment, staring at one another’s smiling face, before Cain began to work his abdominal muscles and press himself against her. Like a pair of musicians playing their signature song, the two fell into the rhythm of love without a second of hesitation.

Cain: “God, I missed this.”

Justine: “You always do… and I guess I’m the same.”

As the two continued in their erotic embrace, they discarded the world around them. Forgetting their goal, their surroundings, and even those around them as they indulged in a mutual pleasure. One that had been honed and curated over the course of nearly a decade and through thousands of repetitions. 

Crowhurst: “Are they always like that?”

Zedaki: “Most certainly! Mom and papa always lose themselves when they start going at it. It’s how I know they really love each other! As true and as full as two people can!”

Crowhurst: “Well, good for them then… So, you wanna screw?”

Zedaki: “I was hoping you would volunteer!”

Zedaki then stood tall as he looked up at Crowhurst, placed his hands on his hips, and nodded his head. This action caused the silver armor covering his crotch to split into two, sliding down his legs as he revealed his penis, poking out from the black spandex-like armor. While flaccid when exposed, it grew larger as Zedaki’s head became full of lewd thoughts. Though not as impressive as his father’s, it was still a respectable average-length (by Homo Provectus standards) 23-centimeter-long penis.

Crowhurst looked at this sight like she was judging a cut of meat, looked over the mask of the man before her, and let out a sigh.

Crowhurst: “Could you please take off the helmet? I know the suit is a lost cause, but I’d rather feel like I’m looking at a person, not a freaking Power Ranger.”

Zedaki did as she asked, plucking off his helmet with a single motion, before shaking his head, allowing his platinum blonde hair to flow onto his shoulders before he looked at Crowhurst with a loving grin and a twinkle in his gorgeous blue eyes.

Zedaki: “I get it, all the ladies love the silver locks. Can’t say I blame them.”

Crowhurst: “Well… Look, when you spend a couple decades at an old folk’s home, you start to develop a thing for white hair.”

Zedaki: “Comparing me to an geriatric, are you? Is that your way of asking me to be rough?”

Crowhurst: “Pfft. Look kid, no matter how rough you are, it’s nothing I can’t handle. You might think you’re tough shit with your suit, but I can bench press 300 kay-gees. We can go all soft and nice like you Gen-Ps like to do, or we can do it my way.”

Crowhurst stripped as she spoke, doing away with her fatigues, tossing her bulletproof vest, and taking off her boots, sunglasses, and underwear, until she was wearing nothing but the hairband keeping her hair out of her face.

As Crowhurst saw this woman strip before him while cementing herself as the dominant member of this engagement, his expression changed. It went from that of a warm and welcoming lover into something sinister and devious. His blue irises seemingly expanded as his eyes widened, his casual smile turned into a beastly grin, and his white eyebrows both rose and narrowed. He then grabbed Crowhurst by her muscular biceps, and thrust her onto his dick. Her face remained stoic as he grabbed her, and even as he penetrated her.


Crowhurst smirked as Zedaki gave her carte blanche to make things interesting, and she began by bringing things to the floor, slamming her feet against the metal floor and pushing Zedaki down as she pinned his arms. They took a moment to recognize one another’s mutually aggressive desires, before Crowhurst began to work the dick inside her, loosening her hips on it as she searched for the right spot for it. Once she found it, she truly began, bouncing up and down against him as she locked him in place. 

As Crowhurst rode Zedaki, she did so caring only for her pleasure and knowing that, because her technique was so good, he would get off sooner or later. Her disinterest was so extreme that she was hardly even looking at him. Zedaki, as he recovered from the initial shock of pleasure, saw this, and decided this simply could not stand, spurring him to take action by raising himself from off the floor and looking up at his partner. Past her immaculately toned stomach, the muscles so defined they had curves, and to what was normally the highlight of any woman’s torso. They were big enough that they should’ve been flopping about as she rode Crowhurst, but strong enough that they held their place! 

Zedaki took a moment to stare at the center of her breasts. At the deep brown nipples in the center, the large areolas surrounding him, practically calling out to him with the intensity of their color and their slightly rough texture on a body that was otherwise smooth as silk. Zedaki leaned up to them, grabbing one with his hand and planting his mouth on the other. 

Crowhurst snickered as Zedaki began working his tongue on her right nipple, lubricating and stimulating it with prolonged yet focused strokes. Crowhurst retorted by fastening her technique, increasing the intensity and heat surrounding Zedaki’s dick, inspiring him to get aggressive as well, using his teeth to send jolts throughout her body with carefully-placed strikes. 

With his mouth on one nipple, he titillated the other with his hand, starting with just his thumb before deciding to take things to a higher level, making the most of his special gloves. As Zedaki murmured to himself, his left thumb began to jitter about in small yet rapid movements. This sudden spike in movement startled Crowhurst as she felt the digit massaging her areola become a genuine vibrator.

Crowhurst: “You’ve got a lot of gear in that suit, y’know.”

Zedaki: “You haven’t even seen 10 percent of everything I can do with this thing… but if you wanna see more, you need to work me harder.”

Zedaki then moved his mouth away from Crowhurst’s right nipple and up to her mouth, briefly piercing her mouth with his tongue before giving her a smug simper.

Crowhurst: “Heh. So, you think you’re ready for the real thing? Alright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Crowhurst then leaned forward into Zedaki, forcing him back to the floor. He adjusted himself afterwards, placing both hands onto Crowhurst’s breasts and enabling both of his thumbs to vibrate. Crowhurst cooed as this happened, and Zedaki went in for a deeper kiss. After a moment of indulging in this new wave of pleasure, Crowhurst began fulfilling her promise. She tightened her grip on Zedaki further, as if she was trying to crush his penis, before she began to pound her crotch against him.

Zedaki’s spandex-covered ass slapped against the metal floor with every one of Zedaki’s downward thrusts. His body bounced in response to hers as she not only set an aggressive tempo, but went harder and harder, the pressure growing with every repetition. Zedaki began to breathe through Crowhurst’s mouth as this happened, struggling not only to contain himself as his body sought release, but struggling to release himself in general. 

His flapping balls made it hard for the sperm to flee within, and even if it did, it remained billowed up in the back-end of his dick, unable to squeeze through the tightened tubes. Crowhurst was fucking Zedaki so damn hard that he couldn’t even cum, and with every passing second, Zedaki felt his resiliance and grasp on his own mind slip. Yet, it eventually reached a breaking point, inspiring him to make the most of the armor he still wore.

Zedaki rammed his thumbs into Crowhurst’s nipples, causing her to gasp and free her lips from his. In this moment, Zedaki lifted himself off the ground, stood up while fucking Crowhurst, and then pushed her to the ground, where her back slammed against the metal floor. With her dominant position gone, her grip on Zedaki’s penis loosened, allowing Zedaki to unleash himself.

Crowhurst spasmed as a literal cup of cum gushed inside her, drenching and overflowing her pussy, while searing it with an abrupt heat that caused her composure to shatter as her dark eyes widened. And that expression stuck until Zedaki finished his load. She paused and panted as the semen pouring out of herself was reduced to a mere drip and, with Zedaki still planted inside her, and still hard, she leered at him.

Crowhurst: “You Gen-Ps keep finding a way to impress me. You’re, what, seven-years-old and already pulling shit like that?”

As Zedaki received recognition from Crowhurst, whatever cockiness his face bore faded, revealing a look of exasperation as he began to pull out of Crowhurst.

Zedaki: “To be honest, I’m sorta wiped after all of that. Sorry if I took your position, but you were preventing me from finishing, and I really needed to cum.”

Crowhurst: “Yeah, no shit. Christ, I knew I should have kept a canteen with me or something, because there is no way I’m not going to ruin my panty when walking around with this—”

Crowhurst paused as the speed of the elevator increased dramatically and, for some inexplicable reason, the cum in Crowhurst’s pussy began to float upwards, levitating slowly as it made its journey to the high ceiling. As this happened, Crowhurst saw the same thing happen to her underwear, while her weighed-down fatigues and Zedaki’s helmet both stayed put. As Crowhurst and Zedaki went to retrieve their belongings, they were reminded of two having sex on the other side of the elevator, as Justine and Cain were still going at it, yet nearing the precipice. 

Cain was still standing tall while Justine gripped onto him, but both their bodies were covered in sweat, and the once intense motions had been slowed by exhaustion. …The change in gravity probably helped too. And as Cain realized this, he looked at Justine with a glimmer in his gray-blue eyes.

Cain: “Let’s end this! Get ready! It’s time for the BIG FINISHER!”

Justine: “Oh Goodness, you don’t mean—”

Cain: “I mean it’s time for LEVEL ONE!”

As Cain spoke, he unleashed a burst of semen into Justine, who gyrated, clenched his back, and twisted her face as her husband creamed her. 

Cain: “You liked that? Try out my LEVEL TWO!!”

Within a span of seconds, Cain unleashed another burst of cum, firing off inside Justine with enough intensity that the cum splashed out of their mingled genitals, spraying onto the floor, but mostly Cain’s legs and abdomen.

Cain: “Still hungry? Well… enjoy my LEVEL THREE!!!”

For the third time within twenty seconds, Cain busted in Justine. She could not help but scream as Cain continued his sexual combo, and tears soon followed. The tears poured out of her eyes only slightly slower than the cum poured out of her pussy.

Cain: “Let’s end this! GET A LOAD OF LEVEL MAXIMUM!!!!!!”

Justine cried out like she had just been stabbed as Cain unleashed his fourth consecutive orgasm in 30 seconds. She held the high note as the quarter-liter of cum inside her continued to gush out, unable to find any source to call home. Once this load was expelled, Justine’s grip loosened, but she still remained attached to Cain, too worn out to support herself on her own. She looked at him with blurred half-opened eyes, and their lips gently drifted together

As this sight played out, Crowhurst put on the fatigues and vest, while Zedaki simply covered his face, as he did not want to lose this helmet.

Crowhurst: “Damn. I guess his reputation has some merit behind it after all.”

Zedaki: “You got that right! Papa is a sex pro! He got the title of ‘Mega-Playboy’ for a reason!”

Before any more comments could be made, the four felt that the elevator was moving faster… way faster. At first, the elevator felt like it was moving at maybe 60 kilometers per hour, but within the span of a few seconds, that speed quintupled to at least 300 kph. The four paused as they recognized this, and felt a sense of weightlessness… before being pulled upwards. The four clung together, hoping that their combined weight would prevent them from flying upwards into the ceiling. Yet, as all joined into a half-naked hug where cum dripped onto everyone’s legs, they were still met with a sense of weightlessness as they were pushed upwards to the ceiling. The ascent was gradual, but as they reached the top and looked down at the 6.66 meter drop below, they realized… they were probably fucked.

Cain: “Well, this is not how I expected things to end… Justine, Zedaki, I love you two. You are the two greatest people to ever come into my life.”

Justine: “Cain, Zedaki without you… I have no idea what I would be doing with my life, and while things were rocky for a few years… you are some of the only people in this world who I truly love, and… you’re also the best friends I’ve ever had.”

Zedaki: “Papa, mom… I’m sorry I stole a million dollars from you to commission this suit… actually, no, that’s a lie. Let me try again. Thank you for loving me and accepting me all my life. I know I was a tough kid to raise, but even if you weren’t my parents… I would still like hanging out with you.”

Crowhurst: “I’m… just glad that I got to live past a hundred, I guess. Course, after my transformation, I was planning on—”

As Crowhurst tried to make her final remarks, the elevator bottom slammed into a floor, stopping the momentum, and causing the four to not only fall, but slam against the metal floor, where their bodies exploded. Skin tore open upon impact, organs ruptured and spilled like water balloons hitting an iron pole, and bones shattered like they were struck with a jackhammer. Even Zedaki’s suit failed to protect him, as his entire body spilled out of it in a gooey mesh that released at the seams.

Within a matter of a second, they had all been reduced to nothing but piles of jelly-like viscera that mingled and meshed together into one vile red and brown slurry. A slurry that sprayed onto the white walls, staining them in filth. 

For all their efforts and determination, this was the result of their plan. This was the payment for their desire to do good. And with the doors still sealed and their destination obscured, it was hard to tell what this elevator even was. Could it have been an elaborate death trap concocted by a force more powerful and eccentric than even Max Flare? Or was this the work of some twisted God? Whatever the answer was, it seemed our heroes would never know.

Da End


Hoya, hoya, hoya, my Fizzies! How do you like them dankalicious apple nibs? What, you thought ‘I’ would actually live up to that premise? Show Hell, and develop these characters after doing my usual banter bullcrap? Fuck no! This is a Nathalie Newman joint! I gots novels to write and spreadsheets to make. Iffin’ youse don’t like this phat ish, y’all can just suck my teensy tranny cock! Fo’ real, what sort of dick knobber do ya think—

Natalie Neumann (The Real ‘Author’): “Hey, Akumako, I only said you could do this if you laid off the ‘tranny’ jokes. I mean, I can say that shit, because I’m trans, but not you.”

Akumako (The ‘Fake’ Author): “Oh, sorry chief. I just thought that—”

Natalie Neumann (Hack Writer): “You thought wrong, get the hell out of here, ya dummy. In fact, for doing that, I’m gonna shove an extra 10 kilograms directly into your ass. You’re a dummy thicc demon now!”

Akumako (Scrawny Thicc-Loving Demon): “Is that supposed to be a punishment?”

Natalie Neumann (Ornery Hell Bitch): “Yes. Because I’m gonna take your thicc-ness away after this story.”

Akumako (Victimized Hellspawn): “…And somehow I’m the demon? Fine. This intermission has run its course. Let’s get on with the story.”

Natalie Neumann (Waifu Abuser): “That’s my line, ya little cunt muffin! You know what? Just for that, I’m stealing your smegma dick!”


Chapter 2: Obtain Provectus Patch – Affliction Inhibitor

June 23rd, 2023 – 09:36
The Sex-Powered Hell-Mexico Elevator

The once immaculate room of white metal was painted in a splatter of viscera. The remains of four persons, their bodies liquified by the power of gravity. It was a sorry end for such an eventful journey, but after this sight was left to linger for just over 11 minutes, it transformed in the blink of an eye. The scattered and mingled fleshy paste of these four persons re-centered itself at the point of impact, rearranged itself, and reformed into a pair of four humans.

There was Cain Steticks, his blonde hair short, his pale yet angular face adorned with a growing beard. He looked as he did before, yet all his wounds were gone and his once naked body was now body clad in a white suit. A suit that covered a with a cobalt dress shirt that complemented his pale blue eyes.

Next to him was his wife, Justine Steticks, her jet black hair bundled in a ponytail. She was dressed in a low-cut sleeveless purple top, a studded belt, and a pair of black jeans that stopped halfway past her knees, showing off her ankles as her feet were covered by a pair of comfy and easy to wear sneakers.

Jack Crowhurst was the third in this row, and she found her hair once again bound in her hairband. Yet instead of her military garb, she instead found herself dressed in a red cocktail dress, which clung tightly to her muscular frame, and prominently displayed her muscles, with her shoulders, upper back, and arms all on full display, the muscles looking even more impressive next to the slimming dress underneath. And to complete the outfit, she was wearing a pair of matching heels.

Lastly was Zedaki, who was wearing the silver and black armor million-dollar Kamen-Rider-inspired armor he had worn before this he was splattered. But his helmet was in his gloved hands, exposing his wavy platinum blonde hair and allowing his brilliant blue eyes to shine unimpeded. 

Cain: “…The fuck just happened? Didn’t we just die?”

Crowhurst: “We definitely did, and… the Hell is up with this outfit?”

Justine: “That’s what I wanna know! You two got this swanky-ass drip, while I look like I’m doing errands or chilling around the house.”

Zedaki: “Personally mom, I think the casual look suits you. You have this talent to make almost anything you wear look good. Always have.”

Justine: “Could you try to say that without sounding like you want to fuck me? …And why did you keep your outfit?”

Before any further questions could be asked or comments could be made, one of the walls of this 6 by 6 by 6 cube opened up. The four all turned to look at this, and as the crevice widened, they were met with the color red and a wave of heat. They all shut their eyes as the blisteringly hot air rushed into the room, covering their faces and warming their bodies. It was humid, approximately 30 degrees Celsius, and they felt purchased as this air rushed down their throats. 

As they opened their eyes… They were met with the sights of a deep brown cavern that stretched on, seemingly forever, illuminated with pits of magma that radiated a spectrum of yellow to red, and unleashed spurts of fire into the air as the viscous fluid moved at the pace of a lethargic lake. As they looked further, they noticed the mountainous structure of the stone terrain, with spikes and jagged edges filling the landmasses before them. They could also faintly see a ceiling above them, one about a kilometer above them, yet filled with massive imposing stalactites.

As the four continued to look onward, they saw something burst from the lava, a large frog-like beast with a giant mouth. The beast rose from its scorching embrace and released furious high-pitched wail, the sort that would not be out of place in a metal album. As they took in these sights and remembered their mission objective, they realized what they were seeing and where they were. They had descended to the realm of Hell.

Cain: “FUCK YEAH!!! I knew it was real! We made it to motherfucking, dick-sucking, ass-creaming Hell!”

Crowhurst: “…You know, part of me thought this whole thing was just a crock of shit, but… if this is real, then is Christianity real? Or at least partially real?”

Zedaki: “Probably not. This does not seem to be a Biblical depiction of Hell, and is more akin to the depiction that became popularized throughout the 20th century in film and television.”

Justine: “Regardless of what ‘flavor’ of Hell this is… what are we supposed to do now? We didn’t really plan that far.”

Cain: “Same thing you do whenever you arrive in a new place. Look around, ask stupid questions to strangers, and hope you don’t get shot, shanked, or shagged.”

Cain began walking out of the white elevator and into Hell proper, planting his slick white loafers on the heated rock below as he moseyed onward. His cohorts followed, lacking much other direction, and they began walking down the most obvious path, staring into the distant horizon of this realm as they searched for some form of civilization, only to find nothing past the expansive mountains.

Yet, no more than a few minutes after exiting the still-open elevator, their attention was drawn overhead as they heard the flapping wings of a large creature. The four all looked up around the same time, and they all wore a look of shock or confusion as they pieced together a silhouette unlike any creature they had seen back on Earth. 

It was a hybrid of a human and a horse. Not like an Ipotane, a humanoid creature with a horse’s head. Nay. They were a creature with the head of a horse attached onto the unclothed fur-covered waist of a human male, and possessed a pair of talon-bearing bat-like wings with a wingspan of roughly 2 meters. This should have been nowhere near enough to allow such a creature to fly. Yet, miraculously, the creature soared high and with little effort, having a large level of control over their movement as they descended to the four. Despite having such a monstrous and less than human appearance, the creature spoke to the four, communicating not only in American English, but doing so in a laid back dialect oft attributed to those who enjoyed the consumption of cannabis 

Horse-Headed Demonic Critter: “Wassup, new blood! The name’s Jeremiah Pepperoni, and just from a sniff, I can tell that you all ain’t from around here. Didja take that swanky new elevator down here to Inferno?”

Cain: “You got that right… Jeremiah Pepperoni. We fucked to make your sex powered elevator move, got splattered, and now we’re in Hell. It was a, pardon the expression, helluva experience, but now that we’re here, we’re a bit lost as to where we are and what we’re supposed to do next. Would you mind showing us the way?”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Ah, so that’s how those things work? Makes sense. Sexual energy’s all renewable, and you new humans are pippin’ with that shaz.”

Crowhurst: “Are you some sort of demon… Jeremiah Pepperoni?”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Ayup! Cloaca-born Hellspawn circa 1414. Inferno District 37, born ‘n’ raised. This place is my home, and as a resident, it’s my duty to ‘assist’ any lost souls who find their way here. Except you’re not really lost souls. But don’t worry. I ain’t gonna nib yo nips or nothin’.”

Jeremiah Pepperoni then began to walk down the path Cain, Justine, Crowhurst, and Zedaki were already trotting down. They followed their man-legged escort with post-haste, all while exchanging looks and whispers of exasperation. After a few minutes of walking, they made it to a lake of magma that should have set the ablaze as they drew closer, but it did not. For that matter, the magma was apparently cool enough for aircraft to float across it. As demonstrated by a stone dock along the edge of this magma lake, one that housed over a dozen airboats.

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “You can take whatever boat you want. It’s not like anybody owns them or anything. And don’t worry, I might not have real arms, but I can drive these things like a pro with these here wings.”

Jeremiah then flapped his wings once and caused his body to ascend a few centimeters from the ground, showing off his immense strength.

Justine: “So, is this lava real lava, or does it just look like it?”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “We’re in Hell, lassie, so it’s all magma. And while it’s not as hot as the sort you see on the surface, this stuff’ll kill ya if you try going in for anything more than a dip. So make sure to keep your hands and feets in the boat at all times. And don’t worry about a li’l bit of splashing. At worst, you’ll get a li’l bit singed

Zedaki: “Is it worth inquiring about how exactly this all works? Because I’m certain the scientific ramifications of this place would be utterly fascinating to the humans on the surface.”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “No can do. Y’all being here is a special obligation as is. But if you die and become permanent residents, then we can talk science. I might not look like it, but I’m awfully fond of that book learnin’.”

As their conversation continued, Jeremiah flew to a bench on top of the motorized fan of the magma-based air boat and waited until all four of his passengers got on. Once they were securely seated, he began to flap his wings, causing the boat to move at speeds upwards of 80 kilometers per hour as it narrowly avoided stone structures poking out from the magma lake. Cain and company were left silent as the hot wind pelted their faces, unable to do much more but bask in the sights before them. The intricate natural rock formations, the beings they saw swimming through the magma, the dizzying array of creatures they could see fluttering about the air.

Creatures great and small poked their bodies out of the magma, from small fish-like critters to golem-like creatures the size of an apartment complex. While the area above was busy with activity as beings, with and without wings, flew about. Ranging from humanoids to giant insects to demonic birds and even a few vehicles whose designs baffled the group as they tried to make sense of this world. Succubi scurried aside blazing swallows. Beetles the size of semi-trucks carried freight crates with their mighty legs. And typical helicopters flew alongside what looked like the flying cars from Blade Runner.

The display left the four in a state of awe as they realized just how foreign yet familiar this bizarre subterranean world was. Yet before they could do more than dip the bottoms of their toes into this splendor, they found themselves slowing down, and the vast lake ceased scrolling over the horizon, revealing what looked to be a city. 

A city that, by comparison, looked both tame and human. Albeit with a dizzying array of different architecture on display. Much of it could be traced back to Earth, spanning continents and at least four centuries. Yet there were buildings that defied conventional thought and more closely resembled elaborate art pieces than sensible structures. It was an odd mishmash to say the least, but it was somehow a reassuring and comforting sight.

By the time the quartet of visitors took in this sight, their horse-headed escort had driven their airboat to a dock, parked, and hopped off.

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “C’mon dudes. I know it’s mighty pretty, but you’ve got places to be and peeps to see!”

On queue, the four left the boat and began following behind Jeremiah as he trotted down the dock.

Cain:Hot damn. I’ve been called to some pretty wild places over the past few years, but none of them even hold a candle to this shit.”

Zedaki: “I’m totally with you, papa. I have zero clue how anything here works, but I can already tell that I’d find some way to fit in. …Somehow.”

Justine: “Now boys, I’ll admit that this place looks like it’s interesting enough to warrant a week-long vacation. But remember, we’re here for a reason, and that reason isn’t sightseeing.” 

Crowhurst: “You know that feeling of thinking that everything you had ever been taught has been a lie? That’s where I’m at mentally.”

Cain: “God, you sound like such a Christian.”

Crowhurst: “I’m old enough to be your grandparent, you little squirt! Back in my youth, Church was a part of life, and if you didn’t go, you’d get ten smacks with a bag of beans and wouldn’t get any cornbread with dinner.”

Zedaki: “Wow, the Great Depression really was rough. No wonder you went to war.” 

Crowhurst: “I didn’t have much of a choice, boy. It was a draft. And if there was anything that made my childhood look like a walk in the park, it was fighting those tenacious Japanese.”

Justine: “You fought the Japanese, and you just fucked my son while he was wearing a Japanese hero costume he imported from Japan.”

Cain: “It’s not all that weird. Now, if Crowhurst fought back in ‘Nam, then it’d be sexy!”

As their conversation lingered, they arrived from the docks to the streets, where they were met with a bustling city, with roads filled with all manner of vehicles. From oddly shaped doodads on wheels, to giant insects carrying passengers of all sizes and colors, to regular-ass cars, while the sidewalks were filled with even more traffic. Your typical red demons, ordinary looking humans, odd fellows dressed in clothes centuries out of style, a deluge of anthropomorphic people whose blend between human and animal ran the entire spectrum. And that’s just what they saw in a five-second-long gander.

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Look, I get that this is real dope if this is your first time in the city, but you guys aren’t really supposed to be here. So strap your blinders on and follow my skinny li’l tail.”

As Jeremiah said this, he wagged his little thin horse tail, which he had been storing in his humanoid butt. It had a green bow around the end, and spun around in a circle as Jeremiah tried to get their attention.

Cain: “Seriously, Jerry? How is it that we ‘aren’t supposed to be here?’ The elevator dropped us down, so I say we’re here for as legitimate reasons as possible. And if I wanna go on an 18-hour bender, seeing what your beautiful city has to offer as I get drunk and get punched, who the fuck are you to say no to me?”

As Cain berated his demonic escort, looking down at him and smirking at his horse face, Justine clenched her fist and bonked Cain on the head, causing him to nearly tumble onto the concrete below.

Justine: “What my HUSBAND means is that he would be DELIGHTED to follow your lead, Mister Pepperoni. After all, we are GUESTS in this land, and we would NEVER DREAM of causing a ruckus. Is that not right, my darling husband?”

Justine then held her left hand up to Cain, showing off the platinum band that rested on her ring finger. 

Cain: “Y-Yes, my dearest Justine. I would be more than happy to follow your lead, my… demonic friend.”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Aight, aight. Nah, that’s more than aight. That’s… splendiferous? Yeah, I dig that cut. Like I said, follow the way. The joint’s only about 6 blocks this-a-way.”

As this event played out, Crowhurst leaned into Zedaki’s ear to comment on this situation.

Crowhurst: “Are they always like that when Cain’s being an ass?”

Zedaki: “Only when Cain’s about to do something that’ll send him to jail… again.”

Crowhurst: “How many times has that happened?”

Zedaki: “Twenty-eight. But never in a proper jail. Just in a… police station jail. How many times has that almost happened? Over a hundred.”

Jeremiah resumed his role as the escort, sending the four on a limited sight-seeing tour that they continued in relative silence. That is, silence beyond oohing and ahhing as they looked at the sights with a mixture of fascination, horror, and envy at how overwhelmingly different, eccentric, and cool everything looked. 

Alas, this faux-tour came to a close as the quartet reached their destination… a brutalist office building made of tan bricks.

Jeremiah opened the door to the building using his wing-bound talons and was greeted with a small chime before entering a wide lobby. The five filtered into the room, and found it all to look… disappointingly mundane. It looked like any government building you would find in the US. Dated by a few decades, somewhat tacky in its aesthetic, and bearing a difficult to describe musk

Jeremiah paused as he looked at this place, walking in one direction before stopping, while craning his head to look at the ceiling-mounted signs. All before his onlooking was noticed by someone walking about. 

They were an anthropomorphic fox creature, but not as in a human with fox features. They were about 75% fox and 25% human. Their face looked like that of a common fox, just with slightly more humanoid proportions. Their body stood at about 1.6 meters tall, but their frame was remarkably thin. About 75% as wide as even an especially skinny adult human. Their attire consisted of a scarlet suit with brass buttons, yellow dishwashing gloves that the fox moved as if they had five fingers, while their legs, or back paws, were shoeless and looked like they belonged to a fox. Though the oddest thing about this individual was how they lacked a tail sticking out of their back, and appeared to not be hiding it away anywhere. 

As the anthropomorphic fox scurried up to the five, their legs moving in rapid yet tiny steps, the group saw that they were wearing an ID badge with the name ‘Callie Worcestershire.’ Once within speaking range, Callie began to talk to them in a soft yet frail voice and the body language of a small and timid child

Callie Worcestershire: “G-Good day. Is th-there anything I may h-help you with?”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Good day to you too, ma’am. See, my friends here recently arrived here from the elevator a couple kay-ems down south. Would you be a dear and help them get where they need to be?”

Callie Worcestershire: “Oh goodness! I thought you were going to arrive with T-Tenshiko. V-Very well. Y-You all can f-follow me.”

Callie then began leading the crew behind her to a nearby stairwell, until they reached the third floor. It was an office, unremarkable except for the people working it, each face more brow-raising than the last. With no further roadblocks, the crew of six navigated to an opened door revealing an expansive corner office with windows overlooking the city below. In the center of all the shelves of books and assorted chachkies, there was a practically sized and mostly clean desk with two arm-mounted monitors. It looked like something mundane, if not human, and that impression remained true even as they looked at the person sitting behind the desk.

A woman with brown skin, dark pink eyes, and messy turquoise hair that failed to cover her long and pointy elf-like ears or tan horns. She laid back in her chair, dressed in a sharp purple suit with orange cuffs and shoes, staring passively at her screen. At least until Callie knocked on the opened door, causing the woman to turn her head and widen her eyes as she saw the six loitering outside her office. She leaped out of her chair, struggling to get out of it for a moment on account of her thicc behind, before running over to her door frame. Where she spoke in a harsh raspy voice.

Demon Woman: “What the frick are you doing here? I thought Tenshiko was still waiting for you? Actually, screw it! I can make this work! You four humans, get in and plant yer heinies! Callie, get us some snacks!”

Callie Worcestershire: “W-Which ones Miss Akumako?”

Akumako: “Uuuuhhhh… Some of those candy-flavored LEGOs, French Onion Sun Chips, goat kielbasa, and dark chocolate milk tea.”

Callie Worcestershire: “W-We’ve been out of the candy-flavored LEGOs for weeks.”

Akumako: “Then give them the LEGO-flavored candies, they’re the same frickin’ thing! Oh, and you— horse face— you responsible for bringing these guys here?”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Ya got that right, lady.”

Akumako: “Then give this fine upstanding citizen a big old bucket of macaroons!”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “M-Macaroons? You ain’t foolin’, are ya?”

Akumako: “I’m as serious as a scarlet salamander. Ya did good work, unlike a certain SOMEONE I could mention!”

As this conversation played out in the doorway, Cain, Justine, Zedaki, and Crowhurst slowly filtered into the room, but found there to only be two wooden cushioned chairs for the four of them.

Akumako: “Hm? Ah, right. The elevators were kind of a rushed job, so there were no cameras inside them, and we didn’t know how many people were fu— boning. Lemme get you some of the good chairs.”

With a snap of Akumako’s fingers, the wooden chairs burned up in flames, leaving behind nothing but ash. A second later, a series of four Markus chairs took their place, because apparently there is an IKEA in Hell. 

Cain: “…Okay, I guess magic is also real, because why the HELL not?”

Cain then plopped his ass into one of the chairs, while his cohorts followed.

Akumako: “Heh. You humans are always so kawi when you first see all the good ish we have in our realm. It makes us feel like we’re on top of the world.”

Zedaki: “I believe the word you are looking for is kawaii. Considering your name, I would assume that you would be familiar with the subarashii Japanese language.”

Justine: “Zed, please try not to get on the demon’s bad side.”

Akumako: “Puh-lease. I’m a demon. We’ve got hides that are tougher than a stab-proof vest. And I’ll be with you all in just a sec, let me first call the woman who was supposed to bring you here but, clearly, fudged the donkey!”

Akumako then sat back down in her chair, fished through her tight dress pants for what looked like a contemporary smartphone, tapped it a few times, then gently placed it onto the center of her desk. After a moment, it let out a familiar ringing sound three times before displaying the name ‘Tenshiko,’ who spoke in an exhausted motherly voice.

Tenshiko: “Yes Aku, what is it?”

Akumako: “Yeah, the humans, they’re already here. Some inverted centaur bat guy brought them in. So, tell me, why the heck weren’t you doing your goldarn job?”

Tenshiko: “Look, I just got the notice 10 minutes ago, and I needed to travel all the way from the city out to the elevator. It is not my fault the notification system wasn’t working properly and— I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Leave the window unlocked, okay?”

As this call ended, a loud neighing noise could be heard from outside the door frame as a bucket full of multi-colored macaroons came spilling out onto the burgundy carpet of this office floor. Jeremiah came running into the room half a second later, where he began to thrust his large molar-like teeth against the macaroons before lapping up all he could with his tongue. While Jeremiah normally behaved similar to a human, he was nothing more than a beast as he consumed these sweet treats. It was a frightening, if not ghastly, sight, but then his human man penis hardened and, while still pointing out the ground, released a torrent of semen. It was as if his penis was a seminal faucet, releasing a steady stream of cum as he continued to eat the dozens of macaroons from the bucket, flooding the carpet floor with his spunk.

As this display continued, Callie returned to the room, carrying a serving tray almost overflowing with the treats Akumako requested.

Callie Worcestershire: “Oh, Lucifer. I am so s-sorry about this, I—”

Akumako: “Nah, I knew this would happen. I love seeing these dudes get off on friggin’ cookies. It’s hilarious.”

Jeremiah then released a prolonged howl as his cum began ejecting from his body with enough force that it splashed against the carpeting below. Those in the room looked on at Jeremiah’s eyes and saw that they had lost their majestic dark hue, and had become stark white. Whiter than his cum.

Callie Worcestershire: “B-But, the cleanup will—”

Akumako: “Give it a minute, girl. Mah boys are coming on in.”

As Akumako said this, a group of beetles, several hundred, spanning dozens of different species began scurrying from under the furniture and crevices of this office. They all moved toward Jeremiah as he continued to unleash several liters of cum into the carpeting, and as they took in this sight, they spoke as one, releasing a pitched proclamation as they witnessed this most unholy of sights.

Hundreds of Beetles: “Huzzah! Horseman cum! The sweetest cum of all!”

The beetles then began to press themselves around the perimeter of the semen sinking into the carpet, and began to drink it. Their tiny voices acting as one as they unleashed a synchronous slurping sound. Jeremiah finished his macaroons as the beetles drank away at the pool of cum, but even after licking up the crumbs from the floor, he still stood tall and his penis continued to release a stream of cum onto the floor. While this seemingly infinite supply of spunk was worrying, the beetles continued to consume it, having an insatiable appetite for the stuff.

Crowhurst: “Can… Can I just leave now? Because this shit is way too weird for me.”

Cain: “And go where? Unless you plan on eating the charred corpse of Max Flare and whoever else was in the helicopter, how do you expect to survive in the Big Hole, let alone escape?”

Justine: “He’s got a point, Grandma. Just roll with it, and don’t fret the weirdness too hard.”

As Justine said this, she leaned forward and grabbed one of the candies from the tray Callie placed on the end of Akumako’s desk. She plopped one periwinkle-colored cube into her mouth and began to chew it, twisting her expression as she swallowed it.

Justine: “Damn, they really do taste just like LEGOs.”

As Justine sampled the candy, the others leaned forward and tried the complementary treats.

Zedaki: “This kielbasa is filled with mustard and garlic for some reason… but I’m not complaining.”

Cain: “This chocolate tea makes even the premium hot chocolate taste like… imagine if you boiled a cup of water with three, no, two Hershey’s Kisses.”

Crowhurst:How are you even eating when there is a demon cumming three meters away from us?”

Zedaki: “Clearly, you have never had lunch at a fuck house.”

Cain: “Let alone a dinner orgy.”

Justine: “So, Akumako, are these just customary offerings or—”

Callie Worcestershire: “N-No. These are just things that Akumako enjoys having as s-snacks.”

Akumako:Darn it, Callie! I was gonna lie to the foreigners, but you ruined my japes! You jape-killer.”

As their bickering and banter continued, the six participants in this conversation were drawn to the windows overlooking the city, where they saw a woman with large bird-like wings knocking on the glass. 

A tall woman with a brown complexion, deep indigo eyes, straight lavender hair that cascaded down to her elbows, and plump lips colored a vibrant purple. She was dressed in a tight high cut t-shirt colored a soft pink and bedazzled with a black cross symbol. The shirt left her midriff exposed, showing off not only her navel piercing, but also an all-black pelvic tattoo. A tattoo featuring what looked to be a standard heart symbol, surrounded by sharp and vaguely threatening lines that gave the impression of danger or the demonic. Beneath that, she wore a short white skirt that stopped halfway down to her knees, and past her towering legs, she had on a pair of off-white pumps with a thick three-inch heel. Not that she needed any more height.

Akumako leaped out of her chair… only to get caught on the armrest on account of her unusually wide buttocks, causing her to fall face-first onto the carpet. She immediately stood up, freed from her dastardly chair, before grabbing the handle for the window the winged woman was standing outside of, allowing her to enter casually.

As she spoke, she sounded exactly like the woman Akumako had on the phone a mere 5 minutes ago, and she wasted little time reintroducing herself to the humans staring at her while eating an odd assortment of snacks.

Tenshiko: “Greetings. My name is Tenshiko, and you for must be the humans who—”

Tenshiko stopped a sentence into her introduction as she drifted her eyes to the sight of Jeremiah Pepperoni, still cumming directly on the carpet, while the hundreds of beetles sucked it up, making a slurping noise as they did so. Tenshiko stared at this sight, her brow furrowing and her expression souring with each passing second, before she decided that something had to be done about this thing before her. 

She slowly walked up to this horse-faced, bat-winged, and man-legged chimeric creature, who looked up at her with white eyes and a foaming mouth. With a single motion, Tenshiko grabbed Jeremiah by one of his human legs, and flung him out the still open window she entered from, where he narrowly avoided the window frame and was cast out into the air. With cum still bursting from his penis, he flopped around, propelled by the forward momentum, but soon fell down to the bustling street below. Before they could make out any crash, Tenshiko slammed the window shut and stared at Akumako, clenching her own love handles.

Akumako: “Nice to know that you’re still a hate criminal, sister.”

Tenshiko: “You shut your tainted mouth! I do not know WHAT that thing was, if it was a demon or just some deranged experiment, but you chose to keep that in your office when you knew I was on my way?”

Akumako: “You’re just saying that ‘cos you wanted to bang him. And I wouldn’t blame ya.”

Tenshiko:Of course I wanted to have sex with him! You gave me this demonic sigil.”

Tenshiko pointed at her pelvic tattoo as she spoke, which was emitting a soft violet glow.

Akumako: “Yeah, ‘cos I gots ta help my sister from another mister fit in with the master race.”

Crowhurst: “Hey, um, Callie, was it? Could you show me the nearest restroom— water closet— whatever you folks call it here? Because I need a break from this bullshit. If this is all some elaborate ploy to get me to want to kill myself, mission accomplished.”

Akumako: “Pfft. Even if you kill yourself, this is Hell. You’ll just respawn at the last checkpoint. But if you’re that much of a little priss, I’ll quit bustin’ yet boobs. Just get on with the presentation, Tenshi. I have the slides loaded up and errythang.”

Akumako then plopped her lumbering milkshake-adjacent rump into her chair, switched over to an Opera window with 12 tabs. Most of the tabs looked to contain some variety of porn, but the active tab was for a Google Slides presentation. Akumako swiftly made the presentation full screen before throwing a tiny remote at Tenshiko. She grabbed it swiftly before taking a deep breath as her wings receded into her back, giving her the appearance of a normal, albeit slutty, human. Upon releasing a sigh, she walked in front of Akumako’s desk, standing right in front of the tray of snacks that Callie so generously provided as she began her presentation.

Tenshiko: “Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Tenshiko, and as you probably guessed based on my name and retractable wings, I am an angel. My associate here, Akumako, is a demon, as are most of the folks you saw after you entered Hell. Now, you assuredly have all sorts of questions about the nature of the domains that dwell beneath the surface of the Earth, and I have prepared a punctual summary.”

Tenshiko: “Earth is divided into three realms. The realm of humans, which resides on the surface of the planet, along with the realms of Heaven and Hell, who reside within the mantle of the planet. Heaven and Hell are populated with the souls of deceased humans, and other intelligent life forms, who were reborn into Heaven or Hell, depending on which realm better fits their personal ideology.”

Akumako: “The gist is that Hell’s chaotic good, and Heaven’s lawful neutral. Us Hellspawn actually believe in something. That people are naturally good, and that while order is necessary sometimes, you need to give people a lot of freedom to do as they please and be who they want to be. Because the fart’s the point of living if you need to live around rules and bureaucracy?”

Tenshiko: “…Whereas us Heavenborn believe that all beings are bound by selfish impulses, and that they must be repressed and used efficiently in a structured society. One where democracy, merit, process, order, and dedication are virtues above all else. Because what reason is there to live an eternity if one believe in nothing more than self-indulgence”

Akumako: “Yeah, that’s what they say they’re about nowadays, but I remember when you weren’t letting in slaves who sought their own freedom because their existence was ‘treacherous and deceitful.’”

Tenshiko: “Your kind used to cannibalize all humans as they entered Hell, so that the pain and horror would soften them up.”

Callie Worcestershire: “I-I do not mean to interrupt, but I b-believe you are going off-script.”

Tenshiko: “…Heaven and Hell waged countless conflicts between one another over their ideological differences, with Hell’s growing population allowing them to claim more and more territory within the mantle of Earth. But as Humanity above continued to evolve and develop, both domains began to share mutual worries about the future of the surface. About whether humanity was capable of sustaining itself indefinitely.”

Tenshiko: “We began discussions after the death of 3% of the human population and the introduction of nuclear weapons in World War II. Yet the parties struggled to cooperate and eventually reached the conclusion that one of them, Heaven or Hell, needed to dictate the terms when it came to ‘fix’ the problem that was humanity.”

Tenshiko: “We put it down to a wager, a gamble to see if humanity would indeed bring itself to the eve of destruction. Hell put its faith in humanity… and Hell won. Meaning they would dictate the future of the human race, while heaven would be granted limited power to prevent the leaders of Hell from doing as they pleased.”

Tenshiko: “The Hellspawn determined that the problem with humanity was humanity’s limitations. To them, humans were too weak, too slow, too angry, too receptive to evil, too frail, and too stupid for their own good. They wanted to make humanity better. They wanted a superior human race. One that did not decline in their age, that did not waste years maturing, could better grasp and comprehend the increasingly complex world they had created.”

Tenshiko: “It was an enticing concept— creating a ‘humanity version 2.0’ that could be upgraded as needed. Heavenborn were slow to accept this concept, but we eventually agreed to it, and the Provectus Patch Project began. Though, we did not agree with the other terms the Hellspawn proposed.”

Akumako: “Yeah, yeah. We wanted everybody to get their sex inverted to help loosen up humanity’s moronic understanding of gender and sexuality. And since over 70% of the population’s pansexual now, I’d say that’s a mission accomplished.”

Tenshiko: “Topics like this led to a frustrating back and forth between Hellspawn and Heavenborn, but the Hellspawn eventually realized that they did not need the approval of the Heavenborn. For they already had the power to do as they pleased. The power to spread chaos over the world. But not just any kind of chaos. The particular breed the Hellspawn both craved and admired. So they used their power to change two things about the Provectus Patch.”

Tenshiko: “Originally the upgrade was going to be spread throughout humanity at the speed of light, near-instantaneously transforming every human alive into a Homo Provectus. But the Hellspawn transformed it into a pathogen, a ‘virus’ that was spread through bodily fluid, and eventually spread through 99.99% of all humans. This led to the ‘sexual pandemic’ during the winter of 2015, but would not be too much of a setback. However, that was far from the only thing the Hellspawn changed.”

Tenshiko: “Instead, they made you into vastly more sexual creatures. Creatures with a biological need, not desire, to engage in sexual activity. Creatures who procreated rapidly, with 3.5 week gestation periods. Creatures capable of breeding after less than 2 years of life. Creatures destined to undergo their own ‘population apocalypse.’”

Tenshiko: “Which brings us to today. There are several features that the Hellspawn ‘cut’ from the ‘original release’ of the Provectus Patch. The power for one to change their sexual features as they see fit. The ability for one to control their sexual urges and repress them with no adverse effect beyond rampant arousal. The requirement of ‘mental acceptance’ in order for a human to carry a child. The capability for humans to end the life of any unborn child they carry during the first sixty percent of the gestation period. And the gift to… nourish plans using their urine, excrement, and sexual fluids.”

Akumako: “Don’t you DARE poo-talk that last one. Your kind pushed for dookie and piss! We just threw in cum, because cum’s great! It’s nature’s mayonnaise!”

Tenshiko: “Regardless, to distribute the ‘Provectus Patch 2.1,’ the Hellspawn, yet again, chose to pursue an option more chaotic than sensible. And, well, I think you all can gather what needs to happen next.”

The four had since fallen silent as they took this all in, and were in varying states of awe and confusion by the time Tenshiko brought the metaphorical mic in front of their faces.

Cain: “Look, I think I get everything you’re saying… but I don’t want to try to solve any of your damn riddles. Just tell me why, in the name of fuck, I’m here.”

Justine: “Is it because Cain’s an original carrier and, for some reason, you want him to distribute the ‘Provectus Patch 2.1?’”

Crowhurst: “And the easiest way to distribute this thing was to… build 6 elevators to Hell, make 6 6.66 kilometer tall sinkholes, and bring us to a freaking office building?”

Zedaki: “…If you’re an angel, why are you dressed like a slut, and why do you have a hentai demon sigil above your pussy?”

Tenshiko: “…I knew I should have done another draft of this spiel. The reason you are here is because the agreement between Heaven and hell dictated that the second patch would be distributed by one of the Original Carriers of the Provectus Patch. And because Hell eventually wanted to establish connections with Earth anyway, they decided to kill two problems with one bill. Or in other words, the reason why you are here, instead of just waking up with the Provectus Patch 2.1, is a strictly political reason.”

Tenshiko: “As for why I look like this, the answer is also political. And I am not sure if I am allowed to—”

Akumako: “Ya see, we here in Hell derive power from sexual energy, and because y’all have been doing such a bang-up job banging out, Hell has become so dang strong that Heaven has fallen under their control. All according to our leaders’ marvelous plan! And as part of this process, the governments of both Heaven and Hell have begun transitioning various angels into demons and vice versa. Which is why Tenshi here is rockin’ that demonic style. Because this is the, objectively, best way to establish ‘solidarity’ between our races.”

Tenshiko: “Aku… Amkuamko is correct, and… I fucking hate it… because I actually like it.”

Akumako:Pardon? Would you care to repeat that, my sweet Tenshi?”

Tenshiko: “Ugh! …I’m about 500 years old, so it will take me a while to get a grasp on this relatively recent change, but… as I keep fucking and getting fucked, I can feel my alignment drifting ever so slowly.”

Cain:Great for you. You’re coming to terms with your true self, and I wish you the best. Now, could one of you demons please tell me how exactly am I supposed to get the ‘Provectus Patch 2.1?’ Because if I heard you right, once I get it, I can grow tiddies again. And papa might love his abs, but sometimes he misses having some girls he can feel up.”

Justine: “I thought you didn’t like masturbating before you transformed… or sex in general.”

Cain: “What does that have to do with anything? I love sex now, and while being a dude is great, and I love it, sometimes I wanna fuck around with some lady bits! I mean, Crowhurst, I’m sure you’re hankering for a wankering every now and again.”

Crowhurst: “…I barely remember what it was like to have sex with a penis… so of course I’d be down to give it a go if given the opportunity.”

Cain: “So chop-chop, and lemme know how I can get myself some tiddies!”

Zedaki: “In case it isn’t clear by now, papa gets impatient when he’s horny, and he has a thing for slutty girls like you, Tenshiko.”

Tenshiko: “…I hate the fact that I don’t hate that you called me ‘slutty.’”

Akumako: “I never took you for a busty boy fan… and I like the mental image you’re fronting. Alright, Cain. As a representative of Hell, I am assigning you a mission. Once you are given the Provectus Patch 2.1, you will need to spread it far and wide. You will need go on a world tour fuck-a-thon!”

Cain: “Interesting proposition… What’s the catch to this Patch?”

Akumako: “Heh. crafty bloke, ain’tcha? Well, there was one final clause in the bill, where we created a unique way for the Patch to be distributed across all of the 69 Original Carriers. And while yours was not the best, it was…. probably in the top five.”

Cain: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Akumako: “You see, Cain, back in 2008, your firstborn child, Jad Steticks, took their own life and—”

Cain: “—Do I need to fuck my dead son in order to save humanity?”

Tenshiko: “GUH!”

Akumako: “You bet your firm creamy rump you do!”

Cain: “And if I fuck him, can I bring him back to Earth with me?”

Akumako: “Assuming you mean the surface, well… abso-friggin-lutely!”

Cain: “Well then stop pussyfooting around, you fatass Hell-Bitch! Lemme fuck my dead son to save the world!”

Chapter 3: Objectionable Paternal Penetration – Anal Invasion

June 23rd, 2023 – 10:52
Akumako’s Office, Hell

For a brief moment, this Hell-based office was silent. Akumako was leaning back in her chain, giving the shittiest grin she could. Cain stared at her, a twisted rendition of joy on his face as he leaned against the desk, his hands on the edge, poking his head through the dual arm-mounted monitors. Justine wore a look of concern as she sat at the edge of her chair and read her husband’s body language, the chocolate tea in her hand having long since grown cold. Zedaki leaned back in his, a hand on his chin as he adopted a coy smirk, eagerly anticipating what would come next. 

Crowhurst was enjoying a bag of French Onion Sun Chips, which looked wildly inappropriate (or strangely fitting) considering how she was a tall muscular woman in an elegant form-fitting red dress. Tenshiko was leaning against a bookshelf, biting her knuckle as she ruminated over the sensations going through her demonic yet biologically angelic body. While the stuttering fox demon, Callie Worcestershire, cautiously moved around these eccentric individuals, bringing the snack tray out of the room.

As she left, Callie carefully walked around the hundreds of beetles that were still suckling the cum of Jeremiah Pepperoni out of the carpeting. Since they first scurried out from behind the furniture, they had grown twice as large, thoroughly filled by the nutritious protein-rich treat that tasted like macaroons. 

Akumako looked onward at Cain as he smiled and scowled at her, before busting out in laughter for a second, before she began gathering up her papers, her keyboard and mouse, and moving her monitors as far away as possible.

Akumako: “Alright, big papa! I was hoping that you would be half as eager as this, but you’ve found a way to surprise me yet again.”

Cain: “Again? What, are you spying on me or something?”

Akumako: “Honey, here in Hell, we see everything. But enough talk, let’s bring ‘er on in!”

Akumako snapped her fingers, causing the tiled ceiling to open up, and from it fell a naked young man. His body was thin and scrawny, his complexion was fair enough to see veins across his chest, his head was covered in unkempt brown hair, his emerald eyes were wide open, while his penis was flaccid and just slightly shorter than the average Homo Sapiens. As he fell from the ceiling and onto Akumako’s desk, he let out a loud grunt before quickly trying to lift himself up. In doing so, he came face-to-face with Cain, who stared back at the young man before stepping away.

Cain: “…Jad, is that really you?”

As Cain spoke, he did so without the irreverence he so previously flaunted. He was somber and subdued, as if he had returned to a different point in his life. 

Jad: “Y-Yeah… and from what Akumako has told me… you’re my mother, Caroline?”

Cain: “Heh. It’s been years since anybody’s called me that but, yes son. I’m your momma… not that I look like it anymore.”

As Cain spoke, he brought himself closer to Jad, embracing his first child in a hug. Jad, while timid, returned, embracing the person who they once knew as their mother. As they joined their bodies, Jad began to cry, tears dripping onto the shoulders of Cain’s white suit.

Cain: “It’s okay, son. Let it all out. You’re okay. And by the time we’re done here, we’re going to leave Hell together. But, before then, we’re—”

Jad: “I know. Akumako told me beforehand…”

Cain: “Heh. Look, if you heard me, I know I was really excited for a moment there, but I can be a tender lover you know, just let me know what makes you the most comfortable and—”

Jad: “Moth— Sorry. Cain. Before you… have your way to me, I need to tell you something.”

Akumako: “Aw yeah, time for the good ish!”

Jad: “You… remember how I died, right?”

Cain: “Yes. On November 18, 2008, just a month after you turned 18, I came home from work and… saw you on your bed. You had taken a knife to your throat, missed your jugular, and… stabbed yourself in the eye. They said your death would have been excruciatingly painful. I have never gotten that image out of my mind. And I never knew why you chose to take your life.”

Jad: “Because… I thought I could never live the life I wanted. If I told you what I wanted, if I told you and dad about my deepest desires, I knew you would not respect me. You would want nothing to do with me. And… I knew that without your support, my life would be hard, it would be full of suffering and… I decided to end it all before the suffering got worse. I mean… part of me always thought I would not be able to live a normal life, because of my disability and—”

Cain: “Jad, please, just tell me your secret. can’t speak to the person I was 15 years ago, but now, there is nothing you could tell me that would make me not love you. …Well, unless you’re a Nazi or some shit.”

 Jad: “W-What? No. God, no! I’m… I’m… I felt wrong in my body, and I wanted to change that. I looked into this feeling, this dysphoria, and—”

Cain: “You’re transgender. You were worried that I would not understand. That Yucca— Yuccot’s new name— and I would call you a degenerate, a faggot, and that we would not accept you as our daughter, let alone our son.”

 Jad: “…Exactly.”

Cain: “Well… I can’t lie to you. 2008-me probably thought all trans people were pedophiles or some shit. So you were correct to think that I would not understand. And Yucca… she was even worse than I was.”

Cain then began to strip from his white suit, slowly unbuttoning his top before bringing his hands to his belt and kicking off his shoes, before he was as naked as the woman in front of him. 

Cain: “Or in other words, I hate to say it, but you made the right call killing yourself Jad— or do you have a new preferred name?”

 Jad: “I… I was planning on going by Jade. People thought that’s how my name was pronounced before and… it always made me happy when people called me that, so—”

Cain: “Well Jade, lean back, relax your ass, and get ready for your new daddy to make a biological woman out of you!”

 Jad: “C-Cain, I know you need to do this to spread the p-patch, but—”

Akumako: “Shut your trans-butt up, girl! When in Hell, you gotta embrace your inner-demon, and I won’t let this patch through unless Cain lives up to his Mega-Playboy reputation. Fuck her raw and fuck her hard, Cain! For the future of the human race!”

Cain: “‘For the future of the human race?’ Heh. Now I’m getting excited!

Cain’s footlong dock loomed over Jade’s flaccid little thing, while Jade’s face became doused in sweat. Her body shook as she tried, and failed, to mentally prepare herself for paternal penetration, only to have the tension severed by an outcry from the peanut gallery.

Tenshiko: “Akumako, can I leave now?”

Akumako: “Seriously? We’re at the best part!” 

Crowhurst: “Yeah, I was about to say that I don’t want anything to do with this. I’m fine with people doing whatever they want, and Cain has a good reason to fuck his daughter, but I’m not going to watch incest happening 3 meters away from my face. So Tenshiko and I are walking out. Anybody else coming with us?”

Akumako: “You two can leave, but you’ve gotta smash in the rec room four rooms to the left. And are you sure about that Crowhurst? Because Tenshiko’s got a dick, and a real nasty one at that.”

Tenshiko: “It… it’s made of fungus. It gets me more demon points and helps with my transition.”

Zedaki:Oh? Then may I take my leave as well?”

Cain: “…Seriously, Zed?”

Zedaki: “I love watching you have sex, papa, but the opportunity to make love to a an angel transitoning into a demon is far too tempting for me to pass by. Would you care to join me, mom?”

Justine: “Honestly… I’m just kind of shocked about everything that’s going on, and if I’m going to be Jade’s new mother, I feel like… I should be here for something like this. Also, as someone who had penis problems back when she was 16… the less genital fungus in my life, the better.”

Zedaki: “Ah yes, and while I do feel a sense of duty as an otouto to be there for my onee-chan as she blossoms into womanhood, this is a more of a personal matter.

Crowhurst: “Hold up, I never agreed to taking smegma cock in any of my holes. Let alone getting tag-teamed.”

Zedaki: “Worry not, Miss Crowhurst. I shall be the ‘girl’ in this three-way. Simply take this strap on and allow me to engage with my fraulein henshin.”

As Zedaki spoke, he reached into his million-dollar Tokusatsu suit and produced a black footlong strap-on penis. It was not clear to anyone where this was stored or how it fit in his suit, but nobody asked questions, not even Crowhurst as she was handed this sexual aid.

Zedaki then placed his helmet on his head once again and began to spin on the tips of his toes before doing a ballerina-like pose. As he danced, he spoke, elongating the word ‘henshin’ in a high-pitched voice. These words and actions caused the suit to quiver and squirm over his body, redistributing elements of his firm and strong masculine frame into something with a larger distribution of fat, while still being sufficiently muscular.

As the transformation ended, Zedaki took off the helmet, revealing the same lush platinum blonde hair, but a face with slightly softer features. While the transformation was not as extreme as those caused by the Provectus Patch, Zedaki did have small breasts, slightly larger hips, and a generally more narrow frame than before. After looking over their form, Zedaki then tapped the armor covering their crotch, causing it to open itself, revealing an orifice within the suit that resembled a vagina in shape, size, and placement. Zedaki then spoke, their voice an octave higher, but sounding more androgynous than anything else.

Zedaki: “It’s not perfect, but we’ll be able to get better results after papa has his fun. Now then, venture forth, my fellow ladies. We’ve got some fucking to do!”

As Zedaki led the charge, the trio left the room behind and closed the door, giving privacy to Cain, Justine, Jade, Akumako, and the cum-drinking beetles, who everybody had long-since stopped paying attention to.

Cain: “…Well, that killed the mood… so I guess I’ll just need to try all the harder to make you feel good, my lovely daughter.”

As Cain referred to Jade as his daughter, she flinched, and her heart began to race, before she found her mouth invaded by Cain. Jade panicked as this happened, but before she could object, Cain had already loosened his lips, and grabbed Jade by her narrow hips, and flipped her around, pressing her flat chest onto the wooden desk. Jade looked up at Akumako, who was laying back in her chair, unwrapping a strawberry bon bon hard candy that she casually plopped into her mouth. 

Jade looked up at Akumako, as if begging for mercy, only for Jade to flinch as she felt something unfathomably massive enter her anus. She could not turn her head far enough to see what, but as she felt this thing move to and fro, thrusting in and out of her largest hole, she knew what was happening. She was being ass-fucked by her dad. She whimpered like a sad little animal, tears billowing in her eyes as she realized this was her first sexual experience with another person, and whispered to herself that this was ‘okay.’

Jade:Once he’s done, it will be over. I’ll be a girl, and I’ll be able to live my life as I want. It’s okay. I will be— What are you doing, Cain?!”

Jade screamed as she felt another sensation from her lower regions, except this time it was not her rectum, it was that thing. The one-eyed monster that had tormented her for her entire life, with its vile sacks that tainted her body into something she could not help but despise. It was something she was hoping to ignore, but there it was. Firm and long, wrapping inside of a pair of fingers and brushing against a palm. 

Cain was fucking her in the ass and jerking her off at the same time, and as Jade realized this, she heard the quiet yet maniacal cackling slipping out of Cain’s mouth.

Cain: “C’mon Jade. It’s the last time you’ll ever cum this way. You ought to enjoy it. Just stay still and let papa do all the work.”

Jade bit her tongue as she tried to take in Cain’s advice, and in order to get into the right mindset, she went back to the past, to 15 years ago, when she would fantasize about becoming a girl through fantastical means. Laying in her bed with a stubborn monster wrapped in her left hand as she imagined it shrinking down into a teensy stub, sending a ripple effect through her body and reshaping it into what she desired. It was a foolish fantasy, so bereft from reality it was a miracle she could even suspend her disbelief that much. But that fantasy… was now reality.

Jade began to accept her father’s palm, loosening her clenched asshole in order to feel some approximation of pleasure before having her lifelong fantasy fulfilled. Her breathing evened as she accepted this, knowing that it would all be over soon… Only for her viper to unleash its venom a few seconds later.

Cain: “What? That wasn’t even a minute!”

Jade: “S-Sorry, C-Cain.”

Cain: “Hey. Don’t worry about it. Cumming this quickly just means that you were a shitty boy, and that you’ll make a great girl. Because men love it when their women cum quickly. It makes them feel like Gods!”

Jade’s face burst out into a flurry of red a second after Cain said that, as it felt as if Cain’s penis grew to an even more unfathomably large size while within her anus. Her breathing became rapid as she felt him go in and out, tenderizing her while Cain grabbed hold of her narrow hips. Jade whimpered as she felt the pressure from her hips flow through to her anus, making it all the tighter and making each thrust more intense than the last.

Jade looked up at Akumako once again, who had brought a hand down her pants pleasuring herself as she audibly rubbed the hard candy against her teeth. In doing so, she produced a slurred rattling sound that mimicked the motion of Cain’s vigorous thrusts. Desperate for some escapism, Jade began to do something she vaguely recalled from her time researching trans people on the internet, and learned that some tried to dissociate from their genitals by focusing on pleasuring their anus. By pretending that it was a vagina, due to the similar functions both orifices had in the context of sex and sexual pleasure.

With this insight in mind, Jade began to distance herself from this situation. From Hell, from the incest, and from her own unfortunately male body. She imagined her body as that of her idealized self, this wooden desk as a bed, and the penis-haver penetrating her as a handsome boy she fancied back in high school. She imagined him whispering sweet words into her ears as he held her close, embracing her entire body as they moved in unison, and sharing a kiss as they indulged in this most sensuous coitus

It was enough for Jade to be brought to the erotic precipice a second time. Except this time was way better. Her body convulsed as she sprayed her venom onto Cain’s leg, and her face morphed into a classical ahegao as she relished in sexual relief. It was so overwhelmingly kawaii that Akumako nearly choked on her strawberry candy.

Akumako: “O-M-G! If that’s how you look when boy-moding it, you are going to be such a cute girl! Cain, I think she’s had enough. Do her like they did in ‘15 and cunt-ify this bitch!”

Cain: “Can do, boss! But first, Jade, I need a little something!”

Jade: “W-What do you want?”

Cain: “I want you to get yourself off. One last time.”

Jade: “…The fuck are you saying?”

Cain: “Damn. That’s the first time you’ve ever said the f-word in my presence. I like it.”

Cain then squished Jade’s tiny little ass cheeks together, pressing the miniscule fat against his cock.

Cain: “Look, you wanna be more of a girl, right? Right down to the cellular level. Be one in every meaning of the world.”

Jade: “Y-Yes, of course. I want nothing more. Even if it meant true death, I would die happy knowing that I became a real girl.”

Cain: “Heh. That 2008 jargon sure hasn’t aged well. Take that desire, take that anger, and use it on your dick. Kill it with your hands. Shit-talk it for what it did to you. Do it. For me.

With a look of hatred on her face, Jade brought her left hand down to her penis. Even after cumming twice, it was still hard, still begging for attention and stimulation. Jade hated the idea of doing this, but that hatred would give her strength as she transformed her hand into a penile vise!

Jade:YOU! You have ruined my life, you repulsive beast. You mutilated monstrosity! I could have been happy, I could have lived a full and complete life, but you did this to me! You are the reason why I’m here, with my dad’s cock in my ass. If only you were a pussy, my life would have never turned to this. I wouldn’t have had to fucking kill myself! I could have been born as a woman, I could have lived my childhood as a girl, I wouldn’t have spent over a decade doubting my identity! I could have felt comfortable enough to find an identity. I wouldn’t have been so terrified of being raped and murdered that I would rather die than live! So now it’s your turn! Your turn to die! Die! Die! Die! Release the last of your venom and set me free. Let me live! Let me turn into a girl!”

As she made one final stroke, a burst of blood oozed out of Jade’s penis, mingled and pinkened with traces of cum lingering in the urethra. As this happened, Jade could not help but silently sob. Cain saw this and, as a parent, could not let their child linger in such sorrow without taking action. He planted a hand on her shoulder and leaned forward, whispering into her ear.

Cain: “Shhh. It’ll be okay, sweetie. You’ve been through a lot and… it’ll all be over in three… two… FIRE!”

Cain thrust himself forward, deeper into Jade’s anus than he ever had before, and in these depths, right before the entrance to the large intestine, he unleashed his load. No less than 200 milliliters of semen came gushing from out of Cain’s penis, where it coated Jade’s anal wall, drenching it in his hot white ooze.

As the semen flooded Jade’s body, figuratively burning her insides, she could not help but shout  in a discomforting mixture of horror and pleasure. Yet as she screamed, her voice began to change, rising from a middling masculine range into something unmistakably feminine, if not outright girlish

As this vocal cue informed them, the transformation had begun. Jade would transform from a biologically male Homo Sapiens into a biologically female Homo Provectus. It was a sight Cain had seen countless times, but had not seen in-person for over 7 years. He slid his lubricated cock out of Jade before grabbing her still narrow hips and flipping her body by 180 degrees, allowing him to bask in the fruits of his sexual labor by seeing Jade’s face, genitals, and the front of her entire body morph before his eyes.

Jade groaned as she tried to sit up, her breathing heavy, but before she could secure a more comfortable position, her eyes drifted downward. Her penis was hard, red, and her testicles looked as if they were swollen. It wiggled up and down with every breath she took and, without so much as touching it, it reached its apex. Cum shot out of her penis and through the air, where it landed on Cain’s chest, painting his torso with at least 75 milliliters of this stuff until the release stopped. 

Cain smirked as he saw this. The release of all seminal fluids was one of the first parts of a Provectus transformation, and he chose to celebrate in this sight by tasting his daughter’s final batch. He brought cum-covered fingers to his mouth, where he let the flavors wash across his palate, before he finally swallowed.

Cain: “Hm… not bad. You can definitely taste a bit of blood, and it’s far spicier than I expected.”

As Jade recovered from her final ejaculation, she kept her eyes locked on her genitals. As the erection faded and her penis grew flaccid, it began to shrink, sinking into her body and rendering her genital area a mesh of saggy skin. Much the same happened to her testicles, which retreated into the inguinal canal they originated from, leaving behind a tuft of floppy shaved epidermis dangling above Jade’s perineum.

This loose skin continued to spread and shrink as the flesh below lurched about, before folding itself inward. Jade quivered as she felt a new orifice forming within her form, clenching the desk before her father offered her a hand, which she clenched, her fingers shaking. As her lower abdominal flesh continued to part ways for this new hole, she looked down at her crotch, and saw it settling into a flat puffy layered patch of pinkish skin.

It was a vagina, the grandest object of her desire, now a part of her form. As she looked at this, tears returning to her eyes once again, she felt a slight dampness escape it, with two drops of fluid seeping from her reforged genitals and onto the desk below. Before she could even consider bringing a hand to this however, she felt a churning in her abdomen again, as if something inside her was stretching, bursting, or devouring something. 

She sealed her mouth and regulated her breathing, before she heard a slurping snapping sound escape from the area beneath her navel, and felt a pressure gather around her butt. Looking down, she saw the gap between her hip bones widen as her scrawny ass expanded with a newfound layer of fat. She brought her free hand to her leg and felt the protrusion of her hips, gasping at the curvature her frame now possessed, and blushing as she looked down at the area beneath her waist. She had the genitals, hips, and rear that she always desired, and her eyes continued down to her legs.

Jade had always shaved her legs, a habit learned years prior to her death, and while her legs looked smooth, a hand across them revealed teensy little hairs poking at her pale skin. Pale skin coated in little pink dots. Yet as she held her hand against a quadriceps, she began to feel the lean muscle beneath her body flex itself, the loose fat squirming within her grasp. While the skin itself shifted its hue and texture, freeing itself of the pesky pink dots in order to become something monotone.

 The changes were subtler than the extreme shifts she had just witnessed, with her muscles feeling firmer and her skin feeling softer, but then her eyes gravitated to her feet. Large, wide, and far from dainty. Yet, before her eyes, the rigid and complex system of bones that made up a foot began to shift, producing a noise comparable to a popcorn machine as bone snapped and shattered. The result was something at least one centimeter more narrow and three centimeters shorter. 

As Jade focused on her feet, basking in the womanly sight beneath her waist, she failed to notice what was happening across her torso. Her once rectangular frame had been blessed by curves that narrowed as she went up her flat and smooth stomach, before flaring out again as she reached her rib cage. Something she could once see plainly, but was now blocked by her… breasts. They were not particularly large, barely constituting a B-cup, but the mere sight of these mounds resting beneath her skin was enough to rob her of whatever waffery composure she had and break down in tears.

Tears of joy. Tears that were paired with laughter. Tears that were paired with panting, squirming, and shaking as Jade immersed herself in her new self. She let go of Cain as she brought her hands to her arms, rejoicing in the smoothness of her skin, freed from the thick dark hairs that once tormented her. She gasped at her shrunken shoulders, and quivered as she felt her skull, forming a mental picture in her head, before she felt something cold and flat land between her thighs.

It was a simple hand mirror, one that she immediately brought to her face. She was greeted with her eyes, still a shining emerald hue, and virtually unchanged. Despite her body undergoing so many changes, her face retained the same structure. Yet, the harsh masculine edges had been shaved off, and the deep sunken cheeks had been filled with a newfound layer of fat. In looking at her reflection, Jade still saw echoes of her past self, but mixed with her female family members. She gulped as she realized how much she resembled ‘Caroline as a young woman,’ before she looked into her periphery and saw the curly, poofy, brown hair that stopped two fingers beneath her ear. It was far longer than the hair she had a few moments ago, and as she moved the mirror afar, to get a good look at her headshot, she could not help but utter the first thought that came to mind.

Jade: “I’m… beautiful. This is… me. This is… everything I wanted to be.”

Jade then lowered the mirror and looked at Cain. He was still naked, with cum across his chest and his penis drenched in viscous goop, but he looked at Jade warmly. Like a father filled with pride at his daughter’s accomplishments. Jade reminded herself of what instigated this situation, and got off the desk, where she fell into her father’s arms.

Jade: “Thank you, Cain. Thank you, father. I don’t know how I can thank you for this, but—”

Jade stopped talking as Cain brought a finger to her lips.

Cain: “Jade, you’re my daughter, you’re my sweet little princess. You brought so much joy into my life all those years ago and now… I’m just happy to have you back. Happy that you’re finally able to be your true self.”

As the parent and child embraced each other, they were interrupted by the sound of applause. Starting with Justine, who has been the silent spectator this whole time, and then with Akumako, who was responsible for this perverted reunion.

Justine: “Gosh, you two are sooo cute together. It just makes me want to cream.”

Jade: “Oh? And you are… Cain’s wife now?”

Justine: “Yep! Meaning that I’m your step-mom, Jade. We can talk later but if you need someone to help you ease into the world of womanhood, I’m your gal! Besides, I always wanted a daughter, but Cain thought that one child was enough.”

Cain: “Justine, I love Zed, but would you want to be living with two Zedakis?”

Justine: “And I kept telling you that Zedaki was our special little boy, but you just kept being cautious and made me take the pill… which I won’t have to take anymore after we go at it again…. Or we could try going at it, Jade. If you want to lose your female virginity with your step-mom. There are plenty of worse ways to lose the double-V-card.”

Jade: “Um… I’m still figuring a lot of this stuff out, so… maybe?”

Justine: “Hm… it’s weird that you’re not DTF right after transforming. I know I was. But I guess that’s part of the Provectus Patch 2.1. Cain, are you still the same horndog as always?”

Cain: “If you’re asking if I would fuck you in… about 10 minutes, the answer is absolutely. Seriously, the casual look is— and always will be— hot as fuck on you, honey.”

Akumako: “If you wanna be horny, the Provectus Patch 2.1 won’t stop ya. But if you wanna be icy in the sack, you can do that too. Nobody’s gonna change against their will, it’s just that the acceptable range got way wider than it was before.”

Cain: “Cool. So, what’s—”

As Cian began to ask a follow-up question to Akumako, he noticed something crawling up his leg, lapping up the trail of drying semen dripping from his crotch. It was a beetle, which Cain instinctively pinched and crushed until it let out a satisfying ‘pop’ sound and covered his fingers with immiscible black and white fluids. Cain then looked down as the bug’s corpse fell, and saw that a swarm of beetles, the hundreds of beetles who had been suckling Jeremiah’s semen from the carpet, had gathered around Akumako’s desk, still thirsting for cum.

Cain: “Hey, the fuck you bugs think you’re doing? If you want my cum, you gotta pay for it. You gotta pay top fucking dollar for this Original Carrier cum! At a minimum, a buck a milliliter!”

The beetles, speaking as one, rose their little voices yet again.

Hundreds of Beetles: “We haven’t any currency, Mister Steticks. And it’s not like you are going to save your succulent seed. So please allow us to indulge ourselves.”

Cain: “Pfft. Just ‘cos you can talk, you think I care about you scum sucking vermin? I don’t!”

Akumako: “By Luci’s Lumps, you sound like a regular old hate criminal, ya Aryan-looking dung-bird. Cool it, or else it’s punishment time!”

Cain: “You expect me to respect these things? They’re bugs that drink cum and live underneath your furniture.”

Cain then lowered a naked foot onto the Hundreds of Beetles, crushing dozens of them while dampening his foot with semen and bug guts.

Cain: “Besides, this is Hell, and isn’t everybody immortal in—”

Before Cain could finish that thought, Akumako reached under her desk, pulled out a handgun, and lodged a bullet between Cain’s eyes, causing his body to burst into a deluge of viscera. Fractured bones, eviscerated organs, and absolute oodles of blood, all of which painted the walls of Akumako’s office. From the ceiling to the bottom corners, the fronts and backs of all occupants, all were covered in blood, even if it did not make any sense given the trajectory of the explosion. 

However, the semen covering Cain’s body was, somehow, not affected by this explosion, and fell in a neat little pile on the floor, right in front of the beetles.

Hundreds of Beetles:¡Alegrarse! We shall dine like the succubi thanks to our generous Master. Danke schoen, devilous Akumako-chama.”

Akumako: “It weren’t nothin’ but no hot ish, my minions.”

Jade: “H-How did you even do that with one shot? W-Why would you even kill Cain?”

As Jade spoke, she looked traumatized, clearly not used to this level of casual hyper-violence. Justine, on the other hand, was as cool as a kumquat. 

Justine: “Jade, that’s not how you ask someone for something when they do something you don’t like. Here, watch a pro at work.”

Justine then walked up to Akumako, her sneakers making a squishing noise against the bloodied carpet below.

Justine: “Where do you get off?! You invited us into here and chose to subject us to things that you know are—”

Akumako then busted Justine’s cap, holding her gun sideways as she did so. Much like her husband, Justine blew up in a cascade of red chunky meat shavings, with an excessive quantity of blood.

Akumako: “My job is done, ya yatch. And while I was impressed, I need to get you suckers outta here, and this is the most efficient way.”

Jade: “Wait, so that means—”

Before Jade could say another word, Akumako let out a shot straight into her dome, ending her life in a flash and adding a third layer of red paint to this room.

Akumako: “I love it when the state pays me to kill people. It moistens my tentacles.”

With the utmost swagger, Akumako swayed throughout the halls of the office, leaving bloodied footprints behind her. The blood blended in with the burgundy color, so she didn’t really care about making a mess as she moseyed on over to her destination. A closed door that she forced open by slamming her thick hips into it, shattering the doorknob with a single thrust. Inside, she saw a threesome in progress. Where Zedaki, her body feminized by her Tokusatsu suit, was currently getting tag-teamed by Crowhurst and Tenshiko. With Tenshiko plowing her anus with a gushing white cheese-like appendage, while Crowhurst took the front, penetrating Zedaki’s synthetic pussy with her double-ended strap-on. 

They stood tall as they engaged in this act, Crowhurst and Tenshiko propping up Zedaki as she was double-penetrated, but whatever look of lust or affection they worse when in the swelling act of sex were absent from their faces. Instead, they looked at Akumako with confusion, and before they could so much as register the gun in her hand, she made the first move.

Akumako: “Da-da-da-da-da. It’s time for you to D-I-E. Ye ye ye!”

With the reflexes of an expert marksman, Akumako raised her arm and fired at Crowhurst and Zedaki, both of whom burst into wet and meaty viscera that got all over the dang place, lathering her with layer number four, and staining Tenshiko in crimson.

Akumako: “Cream jeans erryday!”

Tenshiko: “…If you wanted to get rid of them, and wanted to do it fast, before I could get my goldarn demon points, there were dozens of cleaner ways you could’ve gone about it.”

Akumako: “Yeah, but Cain started killing my boys, and you know how I feel about my boys. But if you want demon points, then come into my office. If we’re both covered in blood that’s a, what, 1.6x multiplier?”

Tenshiko: “Ugh… whatever you say, boss.”

Akumako: “Please, doll. If you’re really jonesing for points, you gotta be a bit more aggressive than that. And to help you out, Imma gonna let you stick it right up my fat ass. And you better make the most of it, or I’ll have to—”

Tenshiko then grabbed Akumako by her waist and thrust down both her pants and panty, revealing her naked ass. With such a tantalizing sight before her, Tenshiko wasted little time thrusting her slimy fungus-based dick into Akumako.

Tenshiko: “What was that you said before I left? ‘When in Hell, you gotta embrace your demon?’ Well, if you insist.”

Chapter 4: Onwards Plunderous Pentad – Ascension and Intercourse

June 23rd, 2023 – 11:58
The Sex-Powered Hell-Mexico Elevator

In Hell, and Heaven too for that matter, ‘death’ does not mean actual death. It just means you respawn somewhere else in this expansive domain. And for our five central human characters, that place just so happened to be their entrance to Hell. The white-painted sex-powered Hell-Mexico elevator. 

Cain, Justine, Zedaki, Crowhurst, and also Jade, all found themselves in this 6 meter cube of a room, all dressed in the clothes they were given when they first entered Hell. Cain had his white suit with blue dress shirt. Justine had her purple top, black jeans, and studded belt. Zedaki had their black and white Japanese hero suit, helmet included, and had returned to his original male form. Crowhurst was still in the red dress that tightly contorted to her tall and muscular frame, along with utterly unnecessary heels. While Jade, who was naked up until now, was wearing a green and white floral dress along with a pair of wooden sandals with a 1-inch heel. 

Cain: “Well, I see Jade’s here, so that all wasn’t just some fucked up dream… and we’re at the elevator already.”

Justine: “While that is quite convenient… I still can’t believe she just shot us. Or at least I’m assuming that she shot all of us.”

Crowhurst: “She sure did. And we were still getting started…”

Zedaki: “I’ll take that as confirmation that you feel we have a high compatibility rating then?”

Crowhurst: “Yeah. You fuck like the kid of a Mega-Playboy, and while I wouldn’t think I’d be interested in the armor… I guess you could say I’ve seen the light.”

Jade: “I have no idea where this dress came from, but…”

As Jade said that, she paused to spin around in a circle, looking down at the skirt of her dress as it fluttered about. A warm smile danced across her face as she indulged in this moment of euphoria, before she redirected her attention to Crowhurst and Zedaki, who were looking at her intently.

Jade: “H-Hi. I’m Jade and… this is what I look like now! I… I’m sorry, I just thought that… it would be cute if I…”

Crowhurst: “Girl, you’re an adorable little thing. I know I only had a fun couple of days with dresses and stuff before I had my fill. So I can scantly imagine what this is like for a true transgender woman like yourself.”

Zedaki: “And if you are worried about how you look, onee-chan, don’t. You are utterly adorable.”

Jade: “T-Thank you, Zedaki. Huh. It’s weird to think that you’re my brother… but you’re also into using your suit to transform yourself?”

Zedaki: “Oh, that? It was prototype tech that will be outdated once you and papa sow your wild oats. After all, who would want to use a suit to go from a pee-pee to a vee-vee, when they can do that using the power of their minds?

Justine: “…Literally nobody on Earth calls a vagina a ‘vee-vee,’ Zed.”

Cain: “Shit, that’s right. If I have that Provectus Patch 2.1 inside me, then I should be able to…”

As Cain spoke, he stared at his chest, obscured by his suit jacket and dress shirt. But as he clenched his face and focused, his chest puffed outward and two mounds began growing from within his shirt. Ten seconds later, the mounds grew big enough to pop off the top three buttons, revealing a pair of DD-cup breasts hanging from his otherwise male and masculine body.

Cain: “Damn, son! What’re you doing out here with all this boob? Double D’d up on a Friday afternoon. Hella tits! I know we’re in Hell, but the sun is still out, my dude! …Okay, that was dope, but I’m feeling pretty winded after that. It makes sense, but I was kinda hoping that it would be more like a switch. Ah well, not like I’m in a rush to back my boys away.”

As Cain cackled at the sight beneath his chest, unbuttoning his top to reveal his ‘boys’ to the other four, he was interrupted by a familiar voice, uttering equally familiar words.

Unidentified Voice:Og rjua q odjid ru kieci rji subeom ug jikk, rjua badr eyyiedi rji sibumd q orj e sodykep ug vuorad ut bedratneroum.

Cain: “Heh. Typical sex-powered elevator. If we wanna leave this place, we’ve got to fuck or masturbate. Yo, Justine, you didn’t happen to drink any of my blood after I died, did you?”

Justine: “Um… I definitely got a mouthful of your blood after you exploded into a bunch of giblets, so I guess I would have the Provectus Patch 2.1 inside me… Though, it wouldn’t hurt to go another round, and see what you can do with those puppies.”

Justine then grabbed her husband’s breast, bringing a hand to his nipples and watching his face as it contorted with pleasure.

Crowhurst: “…Right, you’re carrying that patch around too, aren’t you Jade?”

Jade: “I… I guess, but I’m not sure if I’m… ready for that.”

Zedaki: “Ah, Jade. You are a sweet little flower, one who has only just now bloomed. And I take it that you might be a little scared of what sex might be after a round with papa. But worry not, if you want—”

Cain: “Zed just wants to fuck you so he can play with a fresh virgin pussy.”

Zedaki: “Come now, papa. You know, from firsthand experience, that I can be a tender lover in bed.”

Cain: “Hey. I can be too… I just don’t wanna.”

Jade: “I mean… I just got through having sex with Cain, and I do want to just… take it easy, but if this elevator is powered by sex, and I do carry something that—”

Justine:Technically, just a drop of blood works, so we could just give Cain a paper cut and lick his wound—”

Cain:Honey. If I am going to do this, I want to do it the fun way! I don’t want to— You know what, screw it. Zedaki, Crowhurst, Justine, you’re all gonna fuck me, at once. Jade… I’d say get some privacy and play with your new lady bits, but there aren’t any rooms, so… just go masturbate in the corner or whatever. You’re a Homo Provectus now, so you’re gonna get extra horny being around so much sex. So sit back, relax, and do what comes naturally. Hell, maybe even join in. Just know that your big tiddied papa will get you home. …Well, not ‘home,’ because Yucca and I sold that house years ago, but we’ll take you to a newer and better home. With a pool… and a pool table.”

Zedaki: “You never use the pool table though, because you’re awful at billiards.”

Cain: “Shut your smartass mouth and ram your dick between my tits.”

Zedaki: “With pleasure, papa! Paizuri ho!”

I had only been alive for maybe three hours, and I wanted nothing more than to be locked in a room, alone, away from the world, as I came to terms with myself. I feel like I died and entered a world of fiction, a world of the fantastical, a world of transgender fantasy, or maybe transsexual fantasy. The demons, the sci-fi nonsense, the sex, and the feeling of becoming my idealized self… to say it felt surreal would be an understatement. I could not think of a word to describe this sensation, and… It made me so numb that I felt the only way I could understand what was going on was if I disregarded my idea of ‘normal.’

The world has changed a lot in the past 14 years. Or, I guess 7.5 years would be more accurate. And it is going to change a lot going forward, as humanity is upgraded again and… Hellspawn start communicating with humans. I truly don’t like being this involved, being one of two only people in this world carrying something this important. But I guess that’s the price I have to pay to be in this body, to still be alive, and to have a second chance at life. 

I felt that I could dwell on the sense of dread and doubt that fluttered through my mind, the guilt that haunted me over how slim my chances of being revived truly were, and how other people might deserve this opportunity more than me. But… I know that my father would tell me to shut up and be thankful for what I had and the good fortunes I had been given.

“Yeah, that’s right Jade,” I thought to myself. “You should only worry about enjoying the second chance you have been given. And… you know where things go from here.”

During my first life, I tried to… stifle my desires. I feared being labeled as a pervert, and tried to convince myself that, if I did ‘become a girl,’ I wouldn’t dare to be involved in anything sexual. Because, I thought, if I did so, then I would just be proving the theory correct. That I was merely an autogynephile who only wanted to look like a woman in order to get off to myself. But in this new world… such a stigma does not exist. The world has long-since moved past such fear-mongering and… I can embrace myself, as a woman, without any fear of being judged or hated.

I, somehow, managed to tune out the deluge of moans behind me and, while staring at an empty corner, I decided to take the first true steps in… exploring myself. I unzipped the back of my dress and began to remove my arms from the short sleeves, soon revealing my body, clad in simple underwear that matched my light complexion. I could feel my face burning up as I saw this sight alone, despite having been naked only a few minutes ago. I groaned as I searched for my conviction, and stripped myself down to nothing, allowing me to look at myself, uninhibited by any clothing. This was me now, in its purest and rawest form.

The sight of my body paralyzed me, so I shut my hands as I went about my maiden voyage. I began by bringing my left hand down to my crotch. My sensory homunculus had still not fully adjusted to my transformation, and what lied between my legs was a vague shadow of a penis and testicles. Yet, as I brought my hand toward my flattered crotch, I was able to shine a light on that shadow, make it disperse as I replaced it with a new reality. A new series of sensations. It felt tender, it felt raw, it lacked the same firmness of the skin covering the rest of my body, and as I brushed my fingers against the labia, I felt my back stiffen as a wave of electricity flowed through my spine. 

It was warm, welcoming, and made my breathing both slow and heavy. Only for it to be cut off by a sudden gasp as I traced a finger over a little nub near the top of this patch of puffy skin. It was my clitoris. The part of my body that used to be— No. It did not matter what it used to be. Now… it was one of my… many pleasure centers. I began to push against it lightly, rubbing it between two fingers, only to feel a dampness from below.

I filled my lungs and held my breath as I spread my legs further apart and opened my eyes once again. I was surprised by how tiny it all looked from this angle. My clitoris wasn’t even as big as a pea, and my v… vagina looked like it could barely hold a few fingers, let alone a… penis.

I felt my body grow warm as I imagined myself getting penetrated. I thought back to Cain as he stuck it in my butt. Anuses were tiny little things capable of stretching to release waste. They were not designed for pleasure… but this was different. 

“If he made me feel that good while brushing with so much dysphoria… what would it feel like for him to stick it in here?”

As I let my imagination visualize this concept, I felt both a great shame… and a greater arousal. 

“Well, Jade, don’t just imagine it,” I whispered to myself, the sound of my new voice igniting fireworks in my belly. “Go ahead and explore yourself. It’s the normal thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. This is your body, this is not someone else’s. And what you are doing is not shameful. Not anymore. Humanity has advanced. If anything, you’re the weird one for being so skittish. So go on, girl. Just go for it! Just stick one finger in and… Heck, go for broke. Try two!”

I stared intently at my vulva as I placed two fingers into the hole hidden behind its folds, moving in slowly, maybe a millimeter a second. I slowed my breathing, brought a hand to my mouth, where I placed my front teeth on my knuckle. I smelled my hand as I breathed and was met with a softer, almost sweeter, scent than what… I was used to

I used this scent to distract me, and before I knew it, both fingers were inside me. I submerged all three phalanges inside me, and I could feel them in their entirety. I felt them and the flesh around them, and as I looked down, I struggled to comprehend the scale of my body. Everything felt massive inside me, yet looked so… petite as I looked down.

Merely resting inside me, the fingers filled me with a warm soothing sensation. I was content to let them merely stay there as I let this sensation wash before me. But… if I was going to do this, I wanted to go all the way. I shoved my tongue against my molars as I began to use my fingers to circle around my innards, exploring my… vaginal canal.

It was more sensitive, more tender, than anything I had previously felt before in my short life, and I couldn’t help myself from moaning as I bent my fingers, felt the skin of my joints pressing against my innards, and reveled in the multiple textures of my fingers. The hard yet smooth nails, the smooth outer-finger, and the subtle textured markings of the inner finger. It was an addictive feeling that helped urge me on, inspired me to not only rotate my fingers around, but thrust them in and out.

As I continued, whatever restraints I began with had faded away. I began moving faster and faster, venturing into this hole as deeply as I could with just my fingers. And as the repetition continued and my thoughts became clouded with pleasure, I reached an apex. Panic and concern filled my being as a burst of hot viscous juice freed itself from the folds of my skin, dousing my hands. For a brief second, I was filled with fear, worried that it was just blood, but before I could even open my eyes, I was met with a sweet and pungent musk. One that was… comforting. One that made me think that all was right with the world, and urged me to take a moment to calm down. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw my left hand covered with a clear sticky fluid. It was familiar, reminiscent of something I had seen many times… and recently too, but it was purified. It took something that was laced with a vile whiteness and a pungent stench, but cleansed, and turned into something that brought me a distilled joy.

While laying in the afterglow, I realized that the elevator I sat in was not only moving, but had begun to move faster, reaching at least 60 kilometers per hour.

I turned myself away from the wall and looked at the center of the room. Cain, Justine, Crowhurst, and Zedaki were all over each other, sharing in sexual delights and sharing their natural juices. I felt their sexual energy call out to me, their erotic scents urging me to participate in the splendor, and I could even catch a few winks from Cain as I leered at their display. 

I tried to resist, to tell myself that I should hold off on embracing such degeneracy and not act like the protagonist of a porn comic where a male character is miraculously transformed into a woman… But was I really going to let fear continue to define me and my existence? Fuck no! I stood up from the ground, looked at the sight of sex before me, and spoke aloud, but only loud enough for me to hear my euphoria-enduing voice.

“My name is Jade Steticks, and I’m going to do whatever I want with my life, whenever I want! And if that means getting into an orgy minutes after masturbating for the first time, then so be it.”

It’s just as I used to say to myself after I masturbated in my former life. ‘If it feels so good, then it can’t be wrong.’

Chapter 5: Opulent and Pleasant Present – Anniversary of Inoculation

June 23, 2033 – 19:17
Rural Wisconsin

My eyes crept open and I was met with the sight of the setting sun. It was almost obnoxiously bright as it blared against my face, but that did not stop me from throwing on my shades and taking a gander outside. I couldn’t see much, on account of the train zooming at a crisp 600 kph, but in the Midwest, there wasn’t much to see but farmlands. Though, I always got a kick out of seeing them zoom on by. These immense fields of crops, growing or ready to be harvested. 

I know from experience that this all used to be a bunch of barren fields, doing nothing but growing worthless weeds. But that all changed after Provectus Patch 2.1— PP2.1— started doing the rounds. 

Ten goldarn years. It was hard to believe that just a decade ago, humanity was on the brink of global war. Food and water shortages were either revving up or already happening. And a population apocalypse seemed like a certainty. All before someone saved the day. Someone by the name of Cain Steticks. A.K.A. me

The media blew out my ass, calling me a ‘savior of humanity’ just because I went around on a worldwide fuck tour, spreading PP2.1 to nearly every country. And trust me, that was one of the highlights of my life. But since then, the patch cycle has gotten a lot smoother, and things have been pretty chill. Seeing the world, chilling out with my family, and taking a page out of Max Flare’s book by selling my cum for mad profit… Before fuckin’ Flare Industries copied my home brand and made some synthetic shit. Even in death, that man found a way to bust my balls. I still get buyers, but I went from making almost a million a year to just $120k… before investment income from my ten million in savings.

I laughed at myself as I realized what I was doing, reflecting on my life like some old bastard. Though, I was technically 70, so maybe that was appropriate. That, and you tend to look back on the past more when things are going great, and… well, some would say great is an understatement. 

We’re in the middle of a second green revolution as cities are reworking sewage systems to fertilize and accelerate the growth of crops. Technology keeps getting better and cheaper as people only seem to be getting smarter. The very idea of war is a foggy memory to most. And the worldwide population growth started plateauing at 11 billion— after PP2.1 put a stop to people having 13 babies a year. Well, for the most part.

At this rate, a utopian state is looking like a legit possibility… But that didn’t have anything to do with why I was on this train, heading back to where I was born, raised, and lived for 53 years. Because while the tenth anniversary of something doesn’t mean much, it’s a good reason to get the whole gang back together.

As I indulged in this recollection, I looked on at my surroundings again. I was in a first-class private train car on my way to my hometown in Jenova, Wisconsin. With my wife, Justine, resting on my lap. 

At the time, I was clean-shaved and my blonde hair was short, just three weeks after a haircut, and I was deciding to get in touch with my ‘feminine side’ a bit by breaking out the boobs and letting in a good amount of junk into my trunk, giving me these nice child-bearing hips and fat-ass thighs. Aside from that, I still looked like a dude, sounded like a dude, had a footlong cock like a dude, and all that other dude shit. It was just a bit of casual gender-fuckery, and the look I felt the most cozy in.

When it came to clothes, I had developed a lowkey fetish for formal wear over the past couple of years— the suit I got in Hell is what killed it. I liked it because it was pretty basic, pretty modular, but also made me feel like some important and respectable motherfucker. And I was some important and respectable motherfucker! And since it was the summer, I tended to favor the daring white suit, with a bright color underneath. Today it was vibrant pink. It looked nice with my DD tiddies.

I looked down past them— past my boys— at my wife, Justine, resting her head on my pillowy thighs. Her dark hair was cut short, by her standards anyway, and she opted for a stylish layered look that made her look like a goldarn anime lady. I looked down at her resting face, every feature perfect as far as I was concerned, and looked at the rest of her body. She went for a casual look today, wearing a midriff revealing tank top, along with a pair of shorts that barely covered anything except for her bikini line. I remembered back when this look would brand her a slut, but now? This was just normal.

I placed a hand on her face, rubbing her cheek with my thumb, only for Justine to nudge her head, raising it from my soft cushioned lap. She bonked her head against my tits— as she always does— but quickly moved around them, straightened herself out, and plopped back in the seat next to me.

Justine: “So, are we there yet?”

Cain: “We’re just a few minutes away, honey. I can feel the train slowing down.”

Justine: “That’s good. So, you got a place in mind for dinner?”

Cain: “Yeah. We’re meeting up with the kids at the Thai place on Hemmingway. Then we’re heading to Nina Tendo’s.”

Justine: “Nice… Wait, who’s bringing the recording equipment?”

Cain: “Nina Tendo’s Love Hotels have recording equipment built in, and they know who we are, and that we’re gonna rake in mad tokens.”

Justine: “Cool… I’m gonna keep laying on your thighs for now.”

Cain: “Yeah, you love the muscle-mlif-man mode, don’tcha?”

Justine: “It’s sexy and it’s soft. What more could I ask for?”

Cain: “So, you planning on packing tonight or what?”

Justine: “Is Crowhurst still rocking a vee?”

Cain: “She has for 8 years, so I don’t know why she’d change it up now.”

Justine: “And Callie’s gonna be there?”

Cain: “Yeah, it’s not an anniversary party without some fox cloaca.”

Justine: “Okay, so that’s 3 penises, 3 vaginas, and two wild cards… yeah, I’m gonna rock a cock.”

Cain: “Nice. I love it when you do that.”

Justine: “Sweetie, you love me no matter what I’m frontin’.”

Cain: “So, you’re gonna do it here?”

Justine: “In these shorts?”

Cain: “I never said you should let your girls out. Just junior.”

Justine: “Hm… it always feels like I’m cheating when I just do the penis, but… yeah, I’ll give it a whirl. Besides… it feels nice when it gets hard against stuff.”

Cain: “Just make sure the bottom is facing your crotch. You don’t want the dick to creep out the top and outta your panty.”

Justine: “Honey, I’ve had a penis for longer than you have.”

Cain: “Yeah, and you were really using it from ages zero to fourteen.”

Justine: “Point taken. And I guess you are the man in the relationship, despite the fact that your tits are bigger than mine.”

Cain: “They’re bigger ‘cos I know you love ‘em, babe.”

Justine: “That’s true. Once an oppais fan, always an oppais fan.”

Justine then grabbed my hand and yanked it under her khaki shorts. She took a deep breath as she started transforming herself, and I had two fingers around her clit as it began. It grew from a little nub into something too big to fit into a single hand, bit by bit, and inch by inch. All until the 21-centimeter schwantz was freed, and her pussy below was replaced by a puffy batch of perineal skin. Or as I coined it, the p-sack. Because it’s below the penis, made of the unused pussy parts, and technically part of the perineum.

I thought about prompting her for a quickie, but as the train began to slow to a comparative crawl, I decided to keep it in my pants until we got to Nina Tendo’s.

June 23, 2033 – 21:24
Nina Tendo’s Love Hotel – Jenova, Wisconsin

As the Thursday night carried on, the rooms of a quaint little family-owned casual sex place began to get noisy. From the sounds of foreplay, fucking, and from one room in particular, a veritable shouting match between parties. An orgy-sized room that the staff at the Love Hotel looked at with cautious eyes, for they knew who was inside it. An oddball group of 5 humans and 5 demons, all naked and minutes away from a sex-fueled livestream.

The humans included Cain Steticks, his strong male body bearing sizable breasts on his chest, wide hips, and a plump butt, but no other feminine features to speak of. Justine Steticks, her body female beyond a testicle-less penis. Zedaki Steticks, still wearing their Mk. II Tokusatsu suit, which was basically an upgraded version of the first one, but with golden trimmings. Jade Steticks, fully female from tip to toe, but looking at everybody around her with a lustful gaze. Jack Crowhurst, her face feminine, hair voluminous, and crotch bearing a vagina, but every other part of her looked like a classically trained male bodybuilder. 

While the demons consisted of Akumako, her breasts teensy, ass giant, and brown-body generally petite. Jeremiah Pepperoni, his horse head and male human legs looking the same as they ever did, but his bat wings shrunk to the size of chicken wings in order to prevent any injuries. Callie Worcestershire, her anthropomorphic fox body looking even more like a fox without clothes. However, she did bear both furry humanoid breasts on her narrow torso and an ambiguous genitalia between her legs that she called a cloaca… even though it could retract from its hole and act like a penis.

Tenshiko, or Tenko as she had taken herself, had undergone a dramatic transformation since they first met. She who was once an angel undergoing a demonic transition had blossomed into a full-blown succubus. A demon with harsh red skin, yellow eyes that could see within one’s soul, and horns that gave her an extra 5 centimeters of height. All of which was made complete with positively plump features, granting her a body so top and bottom heavy that it would be difficult for her to move if not for the demonic blood coursing through her veins.

Yet, Tenko was somehow not the strangest addition, as there was an unexpected tenth participant. 

A tall incubus with violet skin, a 40 centimeter-long python poking out from his legs, and a muscular body that released a musk designed to illicit sexual desire. He thrust a hand through his dark, slightly disheveled hair, narrowly avoiding his prominent 10-centimeter-tall horns, as he looked at the humans, who gazed on at him with both lust and confusion. Mostly lust though.

Akumako: “And allow me to introduce the newest member of Hell’s 37th District’s council, the anarchically-elected Max Flare!”

Max Flare: “Yo! I’m back, bitch! I’m up in this hizzle for rizzle, my nizzle!”

Cain: “You sonuvabitch! I should’ve known you’d make it in Hell… and that you would look like one fine lump of man nugget. You know, my only regret about killing you, for all that milk slave shit, was that we didn’t fuck asses before you burned to a crisp.”

Max Flare: “Thanks bro. Trust me, I wanted to creampie your ass, but I didn’t want to soil the goods with a li’l bit of homebrand, if ya catch my drift.”

Cain: “Well, guess it’s time to make up for lost time. Callie, how’s the stream looking?”

Callie: “Everything’s just p-peachy! All five cameras are looking good, and Gem Stone has everything r-running on h-her end.”

Justine: “If I knew Max was going to be here, I wouldn’t have grown a dick. Lemme just—”

Tenko:Sugar, don’t worry about it. I can tell you have some juicy ideas for that thing of yours, and we should have a dickgirl in our midst. It’s good for diversity.”

Zedaki: “Indeed! The more diverse we are, the hotter things shall be!”

Crowhurst: “Which is why we are representing the human race with me, and four members of the same family.”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Hehehe. Get with the time, grams. It’s plenty diverse, since, like, 80% of peeps have sex with theri family nowadays. It ain’t no thang but a chicken wang up in the two-oh-three-three.”

Jade: “So, um, have we decided who would pair up with who first, because I—”

Cain: “Sunshine, you can start if you want. We’re all DTF with everybody here… unless anybody’s still racist against horses.”

Tenko: “I used to be! But I have since learned the err of the Heavenborn philosophy. In fact, as penance, would you care to start with a sampling of my fruits, sir Pepperoni? Just be gentle when it comes to the biting. I don’t mind a bit of blood play, but we’re doing a 12 hour endurance run.”

Jeremiah Pepperoni: “Ooh la la, now that’s an offer I can’t refuse. But worry not, I’m a gentle stallion, and I prefer kisses over the cunni.”

Jade: “On a completely unrelated note, I brought some mints if anybody wants them. They’re in my purse.”

Akumako: “Peeps, we’re starting! Hitch up with partner one, and remember you’re all gonna wind up makin’ love with everybody here at least twice! So don’t be picky little fricks!”

On cue, the ten dispersed across the five bedroom room, hopping in seemingly random beds to see who they would pair up with, all before the laptop at the front of the room let out a loud beep, indicating it was time for the show. A half day of non-stop sex, all as a means of celebration. Celebrating the good that was brought upon humanity with the introduction of the Provectus Patch 2.1. Celebrating the prosperity of the world. And celebrating the joy of banging out. It was a wet, gross, and sticky mess. A debaucherous display of degeneracy. But it was a showing filled with naught but affection. Naught but love.

Das Ende


Natalie Neumann: “Goodness. That was a long one. Not quite 30k, but close enough. In fact, I’m not even sure what to say after completing something like this. Maybe I should just forgo an Afterword?”

Akumako: “What, and deny your pitiful readership a morsel of content?”

Natalie Neumann: “…Are we seriously doing this? This shitty back and forward between myself and my latest snarky waifu?”

Akumako: “Latest and greatest.”

Natalie Neumann: “I would say that line was predictable— or predictabo— but that just speaks poorly to my own dialogue writing skills.”

Akumako: “Do you want to get on with this or not? Because if you don’t watch yourself, this Afterword will wind up being 5,000 words.”

Natalie Neumann: “Good point, so… where to even begin with this one? Well, as I said in the foreword, TSF Series #006-3 began its conceptual phase two years ago, all the way back in July 2020. And while I changed a lot of things, such as removing Kdin (from TSF Series #006-2) from the character roster (because the cast was too big) and going back and forward with several things, the core idea of this story remained the same since its inception. Cain Steticks needs to go to a giant hole, a Big Hole, that takes him, and his allies, to Hell, where he received a patch to distribute to humanity in order to save the world… by having sex with his pre-transition transgender daughter.”

Akumako: “…What the fuck, Natalie? Why would you, a trans woman, want to write a story where a trans person is incestuously raped in order to save humanity?”

Natalie Neumann: “Because I thought that, at this point in his life, Cain was enough of a weirdo that he would get a kick out of this. I also thought that, from Jade’s perspective, there would be this excellent combination of dread and delight as she eagerly anticipated the transformation while either dreading or trying to enjoy her first sexual experience with another person. Also… part of me thought it was funny, in a warped twisted sort of way.”

Akumako: “Uh-huh. You’re also a sticky fingers incest pervert, aren’tcha?”

Natalie Neumann: “UGH! Look, in the realm of FICTION, and as a WRITER, I have a certain fascination in exploring a platonic relationship becoming a romantic/sexual relationship. I am not endorsing incest IRL, as… It is very easy for family members to abuse each other, and it is also easy for romantic/sexual partners to abuse each other. When you put them together IRL, you’re just asking for high emotions, high tension, and a lot of risk that things will blow up. But as a writer, I can create idealized renditions of incestuous relationships where this abuse does not happen.”

Akumako: “What Natalie is actually saying is that she thinks TSF involving family members is the hottest shit.”

Natalie Neumann: “…For the record, I blame Writing.com.”

Akumako: “Alright, I’ll stop busting the inverted balls you’ve got pressed up in your canal and let ya move onto the next topic. The actual writing.”

Natalie Neumann: “Honestly, writing this was kind of like a fever dream, and I was just pulling up ideas out of a hat, changing the perspective on a whim, and abiding by roughly 70% of my outline, using it more as a guide when I get lost. However, that is pretty much how all of my writing ventures go nowadays. I change things around while writing, but I do so in an organic and… naturalistic manner, not spending more than five minutes ruminating over a decision. Such as choosing to cut the prologue section short and replace it with a 1,000 word summary. That was purely a whim. Same with things like the airboats that go over magma. Originally, I was imagining Hell having these slides filled with blood-semen that took the rider wherever they wanted. But as I started visualizing Hell as a place, I discarded whatever mangled idea nugget I originally threw down in favor of something practical.”

Akumako: “Which is why you had characters like Jeremiah Pepperoni…”

Natalie Neumann: “Jeremiah’s appearance was changed at the last minute, going from a more lizard-like demon into a character design that I have been wanting to use for… maybe 7 years? The core idea was just a reverse centaur, and the bat wings were added to make the character more able, mobile, and demonic. I still don’t know if this critter has a name, but I think they make for a cool monster! On the other hand, Callie Worcestershire is a character who I did not account for in the outline, at all, and I conceptualized her within 15 seconds. She only exists because somebody needed to escort the humans to Akumako, and her entire existence is a bastardized reference to the writer/programmer/director of re:Dreamer, CaptainCaption. Her name is a play on his legal name, and I made her a fox because CaptainCaption likes fox girls..”

Akumako: “He likes anime women with fox ears and tails. And wolf bitches. He doesn’t want to fuck foxes, and Callie is just a fox with a humanoid figure. …Does anything else in Hell actually have a referential origin, or is it just a spur of consciousness bullshit?”

Natalie Neumann: “Well, it was recycling some vague ideas I had for A Forlorn Fantasy— an unfinished and trashed story I was working on back in 2014. I like the idea of a fantasy city that is beaming with diversity in occupants, transportation methods, and architecture. However, I did not have time to explore it, so I instead just made slight mentions to Hell being a dope place to visit.”

Akumako: “Yeah, about that, your depiction of Hell, the way you present it as good and chaotic as opposed to evil is a choice. A choice that I, as a demon, was all about. But it’s weird that you presented Hell as better than Heaven.”

Natalie Neumann: “Hm… how to describe this succinctly? Well, I tend to view Heaven and Hell as ways to separate people into two groups. The righteous and the sinners, the Christians and the others, those basked in white holy light, and those basked in unsightly reds and black darkness. Those who adhere to tradition, and those who indulge in deviancy. I view Heaven and Hell as parallels to many dichotomies within societies, and when going down this train of thought… I think that Hell is meant to represent good, while Heaven is meant to represent evil. I mean, Christians have historically said that all queer folk are all going to Hell. And white supremacists often align themselves with Christianity, or otherwise believe that white supremacy is a gateway into Heaven. Nobody says that being being queer and loving gets you into Heaven!”

Akumako: “So, what you’re saying is that, to you, Hell is a place that is cool and welcoming to all, because nobody is denied access to Hell, while Heaven is a club for elites. Hell is the Proletariat and Heaven is the Bourgaise.”

Natalie Neumann: “Plus the concept of sinning and living a pious/holy life were concepts pushed forward by religious leaders and rulers who use religion as a tool to control the masses. Look, this is a complicated subject, and one I’m sure I’ll figure out a more erudite way to describe it. Also, just to make things very clear, I did not think too much about the Heaven and Hell depicted/referenced in this story, and I intentionally kept things vague. What you see here is pretty much all there is.”

Akumako: “I guess that’s an acceptable answer. …So, why did you have Max Flare come back as an incubus and have Tenko undergo a transition into a demon?”

Natalie Neumann: “I included Max Flare because I like the idea of an evil billionaire version of recurring character Maxxie Flare, and that idea just sort of stuck since it first fell into the July 2020 idea bucket. Bringing him back as an incubus was a last minute decision that I just sort of rolled with, because I wanted the story to be ‘symmetrical’ and for all dead characters to come back to life. Because it makes for a happier ending.”

Natalie Neumann: “The decision to have Tenko undergo a state-mandated transition was also a spur of the moment decision, because I thought her original angel design was boring. I really liked how it played out though, and thought that it made her a vastly more interesting side character. The state-mandated transition thing is a garbled reference though. One half to TSF Series #007: Nana and the Nomap, where I first introduced Tenshiko. And one half to Sex Change Diary by Tsukiyomin and Tsukiyono Marron. Because I like all TSF, including Boomer TSF.”

Akumako: “Uh… okay. I kinda stopped paying attention for a minute there. So, would you care to explain the Hell elevator language?”

Natalie Neumann: “The demon language used by the elevator was a garbled translation of “If thou wishes to venture into the domain of Hell, thou must appease the demons with a display of coitus or masturbation.” “Thou hast began thine descent. To make greater haste, additional offerings of sexual energy must be made.” And finally “If thou wishes to leave the domain of Hell, thou must appease the demons with a display of coitus or masturbation.” The translation was made using a cipher identical to the one used for the character Surtr in the mobile action RPG, Dragalia Lost. Specifically using this LingoJam translator by @ItsGalex_. It was an impulsive decision that I made and pushed aside within 15 minutes, as is the case with a lot of the things I do in my writing.”

Akumako: “Yeah, I can tell. Like how you completely botched up the character names.”

Natalie Neumann: “Right. I originally wanted to refer to Jack Crowhurst as just Jack, but I figured I was pushing the’ readability’ a bit too much. Because it was far too easy to get the names Jack and Jade mixed up both visually and verbally. Instead, Jack was referred to as Crowhurst for the entire story. That helped, but the names are a mess in this story, because there is Cain, Callie, Crowhurst, Jade, Jeremiah, and Justine. I generally try to avoid having characters with names that start with the same letter, but here, that was not a priority. This is something I should have planned better when writing TSF Series #006-1 and #006-2, but I didn’t. And while I do not think this is a BIG problem, I do view this as a blunder from point zero.”

Akumako: “Speaking of which… What is the actual point of this story?”

Natalie Neumann: “Oh, um… Well, I often like to do something different with each installment of TSF Series, and I thought this cornball action adventure idea was so out there that I had to try to bring it to life. Both as a creative exercise and because I thought it would make for a fun story. Something that goes so far beyond the concept of being a TSF story that it becomes something else. Something with a lot of fantasy and comedy thrown in. However, I felt that the story needed some additional TSF in it to be part of TSF Series, so I decided to focus more on Jade’s transformation and her first masturbatory experience. For two reasons.”

Natalie Neumann: “One, I wanted to play around with these scenes, as I am planning something similar for my upcoming novel, The Dominance of Abigale Quinlan. Two, after all the insane rubbish that happened throughout this story, I felt the only way I could take it to ‘the next level’ was to pull things back. To get back to a ‘wish fulfillment’ TSF transformation.”

Akumako: “I kinda get what you’re saying, but how does that explain the epilogue?”

Natalie Neumann: “The entire story is about fixing problems and securing a happy ending. I went back and forward with two alternate starts to Chapter 5, but I thought that the most honest way to show that everything was good was to get ALL the characters together, and have them bang out. In my mind, anything else would be inappropriate. TSF Series #006-1 is all about someone trying to control their ornery sexual organ. TSF Series #006-2 is centered around the idea of a sex-based pandemic. And TSF Series #006-3 is absurdly sexual from tip to toe!”

Natalie Neumann: “Also, regarding the epilogue, some might think that it is a bit too upbeat, but that largely stems from the… affection I often develop when writing characters in stories like this. After I invest so much effort and energy into these imaginary people, I like to imagine that they live prosperous and happy lives after the end of this story. Which I often try to establish with epilogues or flash forwards. This has been the case with every TSF Series so far… except for TSF Series #012: Boxfort – An Escapist Transsexual Fantasy.”

Akumako: “‘Why even bother with that shit? Your characters just wind up dying when the story ends anyway. Reading a story is reading about dead people who don’t do shit after the last page… unless there is a sequel.’”

Natalie Neumann: “Thank you for ungenerously voicing an opinion I hate, my demon waifu! Some people say that characters die after a story is finished, but I say that is a load of horse apples. Fictional characters are immortal and live on for generations. And if you want to see more of them… use your imagination.”

Akumako: “I can see that I touched a nerve, and this has become something of a lowkey Ramble at this point, hasn’t it?”

Natalie Neumann: “I mean, you ceased being a character a while ago and are now just a strawwoman for me to bounce off of. I’ll talk about her more in TSF Series #014. But for now, I’ll take one more question.”

Akumako: “This isn’t a Q&A, ya Aspie fuck! But my final note is asking… What the Hell is wrong with you? You have this horseman cumming on the carpet only to have beetles suck the cum juice out of the rug? This angel with a penis made of dick cheese! And the way you casually veer into degeneracy… it makes you seem like one twisted little fuck.”

Natalie Neumann: “I have been immersed in the world of bizarre fetish nonsense for so long that I genuinely do not need to think about these things. My brain just goes there, I get an idea that is funny, and I try to throw the idea into a story. I have been writing strange stuff for a decade at this point, and I just throw in little things like that because I think they are neat. Because I want to create something that is quirky, eccentric, funny, and has endearing qualities to it. That is why I decided to have you kill the human cast by blowing them up to meaty giblets while quoting The Chronic 2001. Because I thought that idea was hilarious and efficient!”

Akumako: “Yeah, that sure sounds like a good way to tell a quality story.”

Natalie Neumann: “Is TSF Series 006-3: OPPAI 3 – Let’s Go To Hell! any good?

Akumako: “The answer is no. I mean, you can tell it’s shit just based on the title!”

Natalie Neumann: “Shut your mouth, you ornery bitch! Um… Overall, I feel that this story was pretty messy, dealing with so many concepts, characters, and elements that could be mined to tell a more elaborate story. However, I also think that the story is one with a lot of energy, creativity, and ‘cool stuff that happens.’ It was an attempt to push the type of stories I am comfortable with and capable of telling. And even though there is more than enough to expand this story into a full novel, I am personally happy with the ground that I covered, and believe that I was able to end this trilogy on a satisfying note.”

Akumako: “We out bitch! Hope you ready for the next episode! He-eee-ey!”

Natalie Neumann & Akumako:Jerk off every day!

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