Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 – Bout 13

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, mass murder, child murder, suicidal themes, derogatory language, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Bout 13: Enter The Genociders

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 16:47 UTC – 11:47 LT
Coordinates: 45°N 73°W (Neo Montreal, North America)

Within the past hour, the northwestern district of Neo Montreal had fallen into shambles. Buildings were toppled, hundreds were dead, thousands fled from their homes and workplaces. Amidst all this chaos, there were two standing in the middle of this destruction, on top of the remains of a fallen skyscraper. 

Both resembled Abigale Quinlan, and both were unclothed. The one with yellowed eyes called himself Peatrice, while the other was named Jad, who laid amidst the rubble with his eyes shut. Peatrice looked down at Jad’s naked body with scorn before deciding to slam his foot down onto Jad’s head, crushing it with ease.

Peatrice: “Wake up, fuckboi! Your Master wants his dick sucked, and he ain’t gonna be satisfied unless he goes ALL IN! I want you to swallow so hard that I fuck your small intestine! Do you heed my words, you piteous cur? Or am I gonna need to rape yo belly myself?”

After stomping Jad’s face several times, Jad’s body reformed itself, and he awakened. His black eyes bereft of expression. He looked on at Peatrice’s naked form and, having heard his orders between his deaths, he began to extract Peatrice’s penis from its cavity, unfurling it into his mouth, centimeter by centimeter, deepthroating it as deeply as possible. Peatrice laughed as Jad subjected himself so apathetically, but as continued, he started coughing, choking on something before spitting up a lump of purple saliva.

Peatrice: “The fuck? Jad, take my cock out of your mouth! Something’s wrong. And this isn’t hot anymore.”

As a shadow was cast over Peatrice, he looked up to the sky and saw… a moth. A giant moth with a wingspan no less than 100 meters. A moth that flapped its rainbow-colored wings, releasing a violet powdery mist that fluttered to the world below. The powder clung to the ground, got in Peatrice’s hair, and as it touched his skin, he felt a sharp burning sensation. It was clear that this bug was carrying some breed of toxin on its body, spreading it with each flap of its wings.

Peatrice: “Fucking hell. Now I need to deal with kaijus too? Where did these things even come from? Knowing how morally retarded this world’s Abigale Quinlan is, something like this would have been locked in a nature preserve and pacified. So why… actually, screw it. I don’t fucking care! Jad! Murderize this overgrown pest!”

Jad, operating on Peatrice’s orders, finished unfurling Peatrice’s dick out of his mouth and looked up at the giant moth in the sky. It was a prime target for a rocket launcher, but rather than take this direct route, Jad decided to Real Boot a slab of metal. A heap of iron too large, thick, and rough to be called a sword. Jad swung this weapon after bringing it into existence, and in doing so, he unleashed a wave of destruction. A burst of energy, as dark as could be.

The air rippled and tore from the reverberation of the sword, growing larger and longer as it expanded outward, moving at the speed of sound, all until it reached its destination: The moth. Despite the kilometer of distance between the two, Peatrice and Jad could clearly see the wave of destruction as it collided with the moth, severing its body into uneven halves, before the wave continued onwards as if it had passed through a cloud. A vile screech escaped from the creature as it collided into the buildings below.

Jad: “It is done.”

Peatrice: “…When were you planning on telling me you could do that?”

Jad: “Your slave is unfamiliar with their newfound powers, Master. This was merely a test.”

Peatrice: “Well… thanks for being an experiment loving boy, I guess. But we need to—” 

As Peatrice made his remarks, he saw movement around where the moth laid. The creature’s halves had rejoined during the moment they looked away, and the creature was climbing up a building, which struggled to support its weight. Still, the moth reached the top of this building, where it flapped its wings, rising back up into the air. At first, it seemed like it was merely resuming its route, only for the creature to pull a 180 and flew directly toward Peatrice and Jad.

Peatrice: “Okay, apparently being a giant poisonous insect wasn’t enough, since this motherfucker’s immortal to boot!”

Jad: “Then perhaps it is like us two, Master. Perhaps it too is a ‘permutation of Abigale Quinlan’.”

Peatrice: “…Bitch, did I say you could speak unless spoken to? No, no, I didn’t. So keep your mouth shut and stop stealing my thunder!”

As Peatrice lectured Jad for their supposed insolence, the giant moth had reached them and perched itself on top of a nearby building. Peatrice looked at this destructive monster with a smirk on his face, while Jad clenched his weapon, ready to swing at a moment’s notice. Yet the moth remained where it was, lowering its wings and head.

While the two looked up at the giant creature, waiting for it to make a move, something stirred within the moth’s back. Beneath its thick fuzz, a small growth appeared. A growth that pierced the insect’s hide, revealing Nari. A young man with platinum blonde hair, cyan eyes, and pale skin. The young man stood on top of the unmoving moth and looked down at the two before him. 

In the minute it took Nari to transform part of the moth into his true form, Peatrice had clad himself in a yellow and white suit, looking dapper and contrasting Jad, who was dressed in a simple black t-shirt and black jeans. Nari then took his hands down to the moth and Real Booted himself an outfit. One consisting of a white shirt, white pants, black boots, and a white jacket with cyan accents. Upon dressing himself, Nari leaped down the 5-story building, landing gracefully onto the asphalt below, causing it to crack slightly from impact.

Having captured the attention of Peatrice and Jad, the man clad in white stood up and looked at them with a smile.

Nari: “Greetings. My name is Nari. And I would like to recruit your aid in my pursuit. My pursuit to genocide God!”

As Nari made his grand entrance, deepening his voice as he spoke, Peatrice broke out in uproarious laughter, sending him toppling onto the debris below as he clenched his sides. Jad, meanwhile, merely stared at Nari, still holding onto his oversized weapon.

Peatrice: “Holy shit, that has to be the best-worst introduction I’ve heard in a long time. No, but really, who da fuck are you and what’s yer modus operandi?”

Nari: “Hm… based on your choice of attire and personality, you are Peatrice, correct?”

Peatrice: “You got that right. And people should know who I am, seeing as how many MDKz I racked up. They were practically creaming themselves all over the radio after I fucked the Funke into a fucking funk.”

Nari: “I take it you’ve been busy since you entered this world. But that is not how I’m familiar with you. I know of how you decimated Oransen High, how you broke Jad Novus, and how you manipulated him into destroying his hometown. Your actions brought God herself to the point of suicide. If not for you, I would not be here today. This world would not even exist if not for your malice.”

Peatrice: “…I can’t tell if you know something far beyond what I know, or if you’re just regular-old crazy. But you’re trying to kill God, so I’m guessing it’s the latter.”

Nari: “Heh. As much of a cunt muffin as ever. The time for detailed explanations shall come later. But now, would you care to introduce me to your quiet companion?”

Peatrice: “Oh yeah. Jad! Say hello to the fellow violent psychopath.”

Jad then lowered his blade and looked Nari in his cyan eyes. They stood as opposites in both their attire and complexion, but Jad failed to notice such things before he began to speak in a muted tone.

Jad: “My name is Jad Spencer. I am beyond death. With a mere gesture or a simple thought, I can remove things from reality. I tried to remove the moth, but it survived, as did you.”

Nari: “Oooookay, I was not expecting Jad Spencer to be broken so quickly… or have the ability to unmake things.”

Peatrice: “Yeah, it’s his special quirk. And the only reason why he’s like this is because of mine. With my Trauma Amplifier, I can dive into people’s minds, drudge up their traumas, and drown them into misery until they become my slaves. It’s pretty dope. Also, by the why, it’s called Matter Crashing, not unmaking.”

Nari: “Hm, quite the skills you both have. Though mine might be considerably more impressive.”

Nari then stepped away from the two. His body shrank and shifted, and his clothes decomposed into a malleable mesh. Peatrice looked on at this sight with a hand to his chin, while Jad stared at it blankly as he strapped his weapon to his back. Within the span of seconds, Nari had completely changed his appearance while retaining a human shape.

He was shorter. His skin was softer and slightly less pale. His hair was now a floppy yellow blonde. And his attire shredded away into a black leather ensemble that left his upper arms, thighs, and nipples exposed. However, the changes continued after this. A pair of bat-like wings poked out from Nari’s back and, despite having a wingspan that did not go past his elbows, he was able to use them to flutter above the ground.

Nari: “I bet you’d like to look like this, now wouldn’t ya, Peaty-kun?” 

As Nari spoke, he sounded like a middle-aged woman doing a subpar impression of a young boy’s voice. While it was a bizarre sight, it stirred something within Peatrice, who looked at the transformed Nari with an envious glare.

Peatrice: “…Either you can read my mind, or you weren’t kidding about that God shit.”

Jad: “He now resembles what my Peatrice looked like.”

Nari: “Kukukuku! I figured you would want a body like this, Peatrice.” “And you know what I can do? I can make you look just like me. …If you are willing to work for me, and recognize me as your leader.”

Peatrice’s face then shifted to a dour expression as he walked up to Nari, looking down at him… until Nari fluttered up higher, so he could look down at Peatrice.

Peatrice: “I have not worked for anybody in over a century. And I swore to never work for someone else again in my life! But I think I can make an exception if you let Peatrice truly come out to play. Just make sure you actually tell me what is going on here and let me cut loose and stir some chaos.”

Nari: “I wouldn’t have it any other way… but what about your ‘slave’ there? What shall I do with them?”

Peatrice’s lips flared open to reveal a sinister grin, and he outstretched his hand onto Nari’s forehead..

Peatrice: “Lemme explain it to you mentally.” 

Nari’s eyes went wide as Peatrice’s deep brown skin touched his light complexion. He planted an image in Nari’s mind, that of a figure clad in dark and demonic armor, clenching a refined slab of jagged metal. 

That was what Peatrice intended to ‘explain’ but, while within Nari’s mind, he simply couldn’t help himself and began browsing around. Though there was not much to see. Compared to a normal person, Nari’s mind was vacant. It was lacking in content, in history. Where there should have been years’ worth of experiences, there were only days. However, within these days of memories, Peatrice was able to learn everything Nari learned about his creation, the origin of the universe, and the life of a woman named Verde Dusk. 

Within a matter of seconds, Peatrice learned about the VDVerse, how he was merely a character file on a divine computer, and why he was in this new world. After having considered himself the master of the world, Peatrice was faced with the revelation that he was merely a toy. A toy that was never meant to be used. A remnant from a failed project. Yet, despite being a mistake, he was a mistake so great, so wretched, that it led God to end her own life. 

After seeing all there was to see, Peatrice brought his hand away from Nari and looked at him with a playful expression.

Peatrice: “I see. So we are all mere playthings crafted by God— who is a fucking idiot. I always figured that would be the case, if there truly was an architect to the universe, and now that I know it… it just makes me want to kill this bitch with my own hands.”

Nari: “I should ravage you for daring to intrude my mind… but your alliance is valuable enough that I will not press the matter. …What do you say, Peatrice? Will you and your slave join me?”

Peatrice: “We will… after you give us our new forms.”

Nari: “You seem awfully keen on looking like a pedophile’s sexual fantasy. Tell me, what about this form speaks to you so?”

Peatrice: “Pfft. There ain’t much to tell. I’ve been one thing for centuries. A tall dark-skinned woman. And after dealing with everything that comes with that, I want to try out the inverse, and to let my vices run free in a more naturally demonic form.”

Nari: “…Not really sure what that’s supposed to mean—”

Peatrice: “—It means I was an anomaly in the world I came into. I was abused, enslaved, and treated as an animal before my powers were developed, all because of my physical differences. Though, in a sense, I should thank those wretched people for abusing me for the crime of existing. It helped refine me into the person I am today.”

As silence settled among these three men, the sound of a distant explosion echoed throughout the air.

Nari: “Ah. That must be my partner. She’s the one who will grant you your desired forms. But first, let’s enjoy the destruction.”

Nari, still in his transformed state, grabbed both Peatrice and Jad by their waists and fluttered his tiny wings, ascending him high enough to reach the top of a half-demolished 4 story building. With a better view of the city of Neo Montreal, the three witnessed the source of the explosion and another bout of unprecedented destruction. 

It was a mechanical dragon, no less than 70 meters tall, flapping its wings as it soared over the cityscape. The dragon looked down at the city beneath it and, with a thrust of its prolonged neck, unleashed a beam of light and heat that eviscerated all buildings within range, leaving behind nothing but debris, dirt, and dust. After unleashing such devastation, murdering thousands in a matter of seconds, the dragon continued its flight forward and through a skyscraper, effortlessly topping the structure of steel and glass like a bulldozer driving through a wall of wafers.

As this gray and glistening monster moved, Nari brought his hand to the roof beneath his feet and Real Booted a smoke flare, which he used to release a flurry of violet smoke that spiraled upwards. Shortly after the flare was unleashed, the dragon took notice and began flying towards the three. Its massive wings stirred a tempest that shattered windows and its reckless movements destroyed many a rooftop, if not entire floors, as it swiftly made its way to the violet smoke.

The dragon landed itself on top of a building as it finally reached the three, sending an earthquake-like reverberation throughout the block and coating the street below in a fog of stone particles. 

Immediately after securing its landing, the chest cavity of the dragon opened, revealing a cockpit piloted by a lone woman by the name of Punky. Her eyes were violet, her hair was short, and her face made it clear that she was yet another permutation of Abigale Quinlan. Punky looked at the three with confusion before hopping out of the cockpit. She spun in the air, letting her pink skirt-like tunic spin in the wind, before gracefully landing on the rooftop with her bare feet.

Punky:Hoya! My name is Punky and… which of you are Nari?”

Nari: “Maybe it’s the one who is currently fluttering above the ground with wings that, according to the laws of physics, should not be able to support my body weight?”

Punky: Oh. Now I get it! Hi Nari! Are these two our friends now? What are their names?”

Peatrice: “Well, my name is Peatrice and I—”

Nari: “Please, you two, allow me to handle the introductions.” 

As Nari said this, he gave Peatrice a pained wink, as if begging him not to make an ass out of himself.

Nari: “As I told you before, Punky, we are within the wargrounds of Lou’s mind, where you need to battle against and collaborate with other identities to vie for control of your body. There can only be one dominant personality, and all three of us want to support you. We want the body of Abigale Quinlan to be yours. As such, we are a team with a unified goal.”

Nari: “While you, Punky, are yourself, I am the good side of Lou Underwood. Peatrice, the one in yellow, is the good side of Abigale Quinlan, a playful and loving personality who was unfortunately abused and repressed through years of trauma. He has seen the destruction caused by Abigale Quinlan and never wants her to regain her power.”

Nari: “Meanwhile, Jad… Jad Spencer is a normal young man who was imprisoned in Abigale’s body using… the most daedric of sorceries! Within her body, he was tormented, turning him into a shell of a human. However, he can still fight, and similarly wishes to stand against Abigale Quinlan. To ensure that she never harms anyone ever again! Though he does not know much about you, the enemy of his enemy is his friend… meaning he is on your side— all three of us are, and there is nothing to worry about. Nothing at all! And you should not believe in anyone who aims to manipulate you with baseless falsehoods.”

Nari’s mingling of fact and fiction caused Peatrice to stifle a laugh, but Punky, simple girl that she was, took a minute to think over Nari’s words before offering a response.

Punky: “Aw, I feel super bad for these two. Is there anything I can do to help? I can make you whatever you want! I can even give you puppies!”

Punky then held her arms up to the sky as she summoned a pair of 2-month-old golden retrievers into both of her hands. After looking at the pair of dogs, she then threw them at Peatrice and Jad, who each caught a dog in their hands. 

Jad looked at the puppy with a flat expression, feeling nothing as it looked at him with its mouth open and tail wagging frantically. 

Peatrice, meanwhile, looked at the dog with a malicious smirk, before Nari planted a hand onto his shoulder, urging the miscreant to behave himself. Peatrice rolled his eyes in response before rubbing the puppy against his face and invading the dog’s mouth with his tongue.

Punky: “Yay! I’m glad you like the present, Peety-rice!”

Nari: “As you can plainly see, Punky has a rather powerful ability, which we have dubbed—” 

Punky: “Re;All Bürthing!” 

Nari: “I… What? I thought we were calling it Advanced Real Booting or—”

Punky: “Nope! I like Re;All Bürthing better. It sounds cools as heck!”

Nari: “…Okay Punky has Re;All Bürthing, which allows her to Real Boot anything into this world from nothing and allows her to turn anything into anything, meaning she can change living things into other living things. Including you two. …Meaning you can adopt your preferred forms.”

Nari: “Punky, begin by transforming Peatrice there so that he looks and sounds just like me, usable wings and all.”

Punky: “You got it, Mister Nari!”

After letting out her declaration, Punky rushed over to Peatrice, who dropped his puppy as his eyes widened, eager to experience the promised transformation. Punky began by wrapping Peatrice in a deep hug before clenching him tightly, shutting her eyes and clenching her face as she envisioned Nari’s current form in her mind’s eye.

As the transformation began, Peatrice groaned in pain. Punky was changing every facet of his being, recreating him on a cellular level to fit his desired form, and the act of doing so was reminiscent of many torturous hellscapes that Peatrice had to deal with in the past. Vivid memories of bathing in acid and being burned at a stake resurfaced to the forefront of his mind, but he knew that such pain paid dividends. That suffering gave him strength. Suffering made him better. And this time was no exception. 

His cells were broken open and built anew with a different genome that changed his body in a pulsating wave. His dark skin, emblematic of his omni racial origins, was synthesized into a ‘chalky caucky hue.’ His proud and tall stature folded in on itself as practically every proportion was pressed into a package three-fourths the scale. His bones cracked as they folded in on themselves. His firm musculature flattened into something feeble by comparison. His breasts flattened as the fat distributed itself elsewhere, casting his torso in a pinchable layer of boyish flab.

Every facet of his physique fluctuated until it settled on its new fixed form. That of a fresh-faced man of a short stature, lacking in the way of adult features. All that remained of their former form was their eyes, which, despite Punky’s intervention, continued to shine a piercing yellow, one slightly brighter than his floppy feathered hair. Upon being freed from Punky’s clutches, he danced his hands down his leather-clad body with a look of sinister ecstasy on his visage. Once content with his personal examination, he directed his eyes at Punky.

Peatrice: “D’aw, thank you so much for this sweetums. It’s everything I ever wanted!” Peatrice said as he gave Punky a kiss on the cheek. “But… could you give me a little extra stuff down there?

Nari: “…Are you talking about your dick or your ass?” 

Peatrice: “It was only the former, but now that you mention it, I could go for some junk in this here caboose.”

Nari: “Say, Punky, could you… give Peatrice a bigger… penis and a bigger butt. He’ll feel more comfortable that way.”

Punky: “Okie doke! I don’t really get why, but I’ll do whatever makes my new friends happy!” Punky said with the expected quantity of bravado.

After sending a hand to Peatrice’s rear and crotch, Punky began working her Re;All Bürthing magic, causing Peatrice’s butt to balloon to something twice as large, and causing his modest and concealed penis to prominently poke out from his clothing. It looked like he had stuffed two flattened dinner rolls and a full-sized kielbasa hidden underneath his leather body harness.

As Peatrice examined his new parts with his hands, cackling like a giddy school child, Nari looked away and transformed himself yet again. 

The shift happened swiftly as his body morphed into something malleable before reassembling itself into a form he knew intimately. He now stood 2.2 meters tall and wore a body clad in demonic obsidian-hued armor. Not an inch of skin showed from beneath the metal covering him, and despite the obvious weight to the armor, Nari still moved with comfort and dexterity. 

As he looked down at his gauntlet-clad hands, Nari reached down to the rooftop and Real Booted a weapon. A slab of iron that resembled what Jad carried. After taking this crude bludgeoning tool and slotting it into his back, he looked down at Punky and spoke to her in a deep and gravelly voice.

Nari: “Punky, if you would kindly, please transform Jad to resemble me. This is his desired form.”

Punky: “Wowzers! Are you sure about that? You look real scary now, Nari, and I don’t think that thingy in your hands is a super good weapon.”

Jad: “Please, transform me. That is the form I wear internally.” 

As Jad said this, he dropped his oversized weapon onto the roof with a thud. The reverberation of this scared the two golden retrievers that were walking around aimlessly, but nobody paid them any mind as they whimpered in the background.

Punky: “Oooh! Sure thing, jelly bean!”

As Punky accepted this request, she hopped over to Jad and gave the stoic, black-clad figure a hug, wrapping her arms around him to initiate the transformation. 

Jad remained static as the metal crawled over his being, wrapping him in a prison of armor. He did not smile, cry, or show any expression on his face. He merely waited for his body to be suppressed with a new outer layer before he finally moved.

Jad was slow to adapt to his new form, clenching his massive metal hands and taking a few firm steps before he turned back to Punky, who was on one knee with her hands outstretched. Within an instant, the desired weapon appeared in her hands and Jad, silently, grabbed it up and slotted it into his back.

Jad: “Thank you, Punky. I can now fulfill my purpose.”

As the transformation wrapped itself up, Nari reshaped himself once more, losing half a meter in height and much of his mass before reassembling himself as his true form, with his pale complexion, platinum blonde hair, and white jacket. He looked down at himself with a sense of relief before he spoke, adopting his normal voice yet again.

Nari: “Now then, seeing as how our group has been assembled, I believe it is time to fulfill our next objective.”

Peatrice: “Which is?”

Nari: “To stir chaos, wallow in discontent, and draw the attention of the others. By my understanding, there are a total of… 8 of us ‘permutations,’ and if my assumptions are correct, the other four would have likely formed an alliance.”

Jad: “Meaning we shall partake in an evenly matched bout of supremacy.”

Nari: “Right you are, Jad—”

Peatrice: “Nah nah nah nah nah nah! His name ain’t Jad no mo’. His new name is Genocider Jad, because there are lots of Jads, but he… he’s the one with us. He’s one of the Genociders.”

Nari: “The Genociders— I am the Genocider of God! Not you, not him, not—”

Peatrice: “We are a team, my fellow cracker, and even though you have the ability to turn into anything— which I don’t think you ever gave a name—”

Nari: “Omnishift. Because my form can shift into anyone or anything.”

Peatrice: “…Yeah, that’s predictably stupid— Even with your ‘Omnishift’ you still need allies, and your allies all have the same goal as you do. So maybe just accept the name. Besides, it sounds cool. The Genociders!”

Punky: “What’s a Genocider?”

Nari: “…Somebody who kills in the name of justice.”

Punky: “In that case, I like the name! We should all be Genociders!”

Peatrice: “See, if Punky likes it, then it’s unanimous. We are Nari, Peatrice, Punky, and Genocider Jad. And together, we are the Genociders!”

Nari: “Very well, whatever it takes to earn your aid in the upcoming conflict.”

Peatrice: “Consider this alliance locked in, Nari-kun! You’ve got a friend in me.”

Genocider Jad: “Wherever my master goes, I follow.”

Punky: “And Punky is ret-4-all. Otherwise, the real world is doomed! Doomed, I say!”

Nari: “Excellent. Now we just need to bide our time until they find us.”

Peatrice: “Meaning that we have time to burn, and places too? I could just nuke this place, but that is so soulless, and I have an idea of how to make use of Genocider’s Jad’s powers before we blow this sarsaparilla shoppe.”

Peatrice then grabbed Genocider Jad by the armpits and fluttered him down to the street below. Nari and Punky both followed, jumping down with minimal damage to themselves. None of the four remembered to pick up the two puppies though, who remained stranded on the rooftop, unable to get down without severely injuring themselves.

Peatrice:Yahd-kun, I choose you! Wreck this city with a spin attack!”

Ever obedient, Genocider Jad did as Peatrice commanded and pulled his weapon off his back. He held the girthy 75 kilogram slab with both hands and began swinging his entire body around in a circle, several times. With each rotation, another wave of destruction was unleashed, resulting in a spiraling torrent of darkness that cleaved through everything that it touched. 

Unlike the single strike he unleashed on Nari’s moth form, this Matter Crash wave was not in any way limited. It demolished everything it touched, and it touched everything. It was a spiral that grew larger as it traveled, one that kept heading straight, unimpeded by buildings, people, or natural landmarks that came in its path. A clean line of destruction coursed through the entire city of Neo Montreal, and if the world were flat, it would have carried itself over the entire planet, cutting everything that stood taller than Genocider Jad.

The world was saved from such a fate thanks to the curvature of its surface, which, after several kilometers, avoided the wave of destruction into the sky above. As this wave escaped the surface, it continued to shred its way through the atmosphere, eventually reaching the recesses of space. From there, the destruction continued on, forever growing, never stopping, and demolishing all that it came in contact with, until it reached the hypothetical end of the universe.

After 30 seconds of spinning, Genocider Jad stopped and sheathed his weapon onto his back. He looked onwards at the city skyline, and saw buildings toppling over themselves. Structures of steel, glass, and stone fell, killing thousands as they collapsed onto each other and toppled to the ground, flooding the streets with debris and corpses.

With a hefty clunk of his metal-clad feet, Genocider Jad looked upwards, where he saw Peatrice flying while carrying Punky and Nari. Peatrice wore an expression of lustful excitement, as if he was getting off from such destruction (he was). Punky’s eyes glimmered with splendor. While Nari looked at the vast and growing destruction with utter awe.

Peatrice: “That’s my boy! I knew you had it in you. Hell, papa bear don’t think he could’ve done it better himself.”

Nari: “While this is… quite the spectacle, I think our work here is done for the time being. Anything more would be akin to punching a man already on the verge of death. And this world is quite vast.”

Punky: “I know, it’s AMAZING to think about! But where are we gonna go—”

In the middle of their conversation, an intense flash of light appeared before the Genociders, causing Peatrice to lose his focus and fall down to the asphalt, dropping Nari and Punky in the process. Before their vision could come back, they were assaulted by a burst of electricity that coursed through their bodies, but it was nothing they couldn’t shrug off.

Once their vision returned, they saw the person who assaulted them. A Constable Machi clad in blue, wearing a spiffy navy suit and a spiffier black and gold hat. Within their hands was what looked to be some sort of firearm, but if the blast of electricity was any indication, it was a taser. Making it even less of a threat than the non-threat of a regular standard issue firearm.

As the Machi pointed the weapon at the four, determination in their green eyes, a stray Snap Burst from Nari blew up the Machi’s left shoulder, and a second from Peatrice took out the other arm. Disarmed in more ways than one, the Machi could only glare at the four before them.

Genocider Jad: “Requesting permission to destroy.”

Peatrice: “Denied! We could get coordinates for the next funzone from this clanker. So go ahead, mister roboto, tell us where we can find more humans to kill.”

Constable Machi: “It is my duty to defend humans from any threat! To preserve the life and sanctity of all creatures in this world, and punish those who wish to destroy it! I would never tell cretin such as yourselves where you could get your next… your next murder high!”

Peatrice: “Okay, I get it! cops suck rhino cock in this world, just like every other world. Now shut your synthetic mouth hole while I rape your RAM for a sec.”

Peatrice then made use of his Trauma Amplifier ability to view the mind of the Machi before him. Yet rather than explore the differences between a mechanical and organic mind, Peatrice instead worked his powers to focus on the information he wanted. The location of the one place, out of anywhere in the world, that this Machi did not want the Genociders to go. Peatrice smirked as he saw the answer. A city located 600 kilometers south. A truly modern city built as a bold, upstanding landmark of this new world, and the only settlement in the world to contain a population that entered into eight digits. A city known simply as Neo York.

Peatrice: ”Aight youse bitches, we heading southward to rape the dick, pussy, and butt of the NYC! Nari, turn into a fighter jet or whatever-the-fuck when you ret-2-go and start plotting how we’re gonna show the world what we’re made of!”

Punky: “Water! We’re made of water. And carbon! And some other stuff!”

Genocider Jad: “It is a phrase, Punky. It refers to one’s resolve and determination. Not the substances oneself is literally created from.”

Nari: “Huh. I didn’t expect you to be capable of answering questions like that… Anyway, move back everyone and I’ll turn into a helicopter and then turn into a fighter jet. I don’t necessarily want to have all of you inside me, but we lack a runway amidst all this rubble.”

Machi: “Did… did you just forget that I’m here?!”

Peatrice: “Yes.”

After saying that, Peatrice planted his leather booted foot onto Machi’s head and stomped it into 57 distinct pieces.

Peatrice: “And now you’re not here. Because you’re fucking dead!

With the police officer Machi dispatched, Nari transformed his body again, expanding himself outward and upward as he morphed into something truly inhuman. The fine details were masked by mounds of multicolored mush, but eventually it hardened to reveal the metallic frame of a military helicopter. One that wasted little time before revving up its engine and letting its rotor blades stir up a powerful wind. 

As if invited by this obnoxious sound, Punky, Peatrice, and Genocider Jad all hopped onto the helicopter, shutting the door as they all entered. Once everyone was seated, Nari began to rise from off the ground, traveling several hundreds meters into the air before moving forward. 

From their newfound altitude, the three passengers looked out the windows at what remained of Neo Montreal, and it was not much. The once impressive skyline had toppled to a fraction of its former height, and what was once a city now looked like a collection of ruins that had imploded in on themselves. 

It was a mere sample of what these four could do with their powers combined, and with their next destination less than an hour away, they knew that the best— or worst— was yet to come.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 Main Page
Bout 01: Enter The 2-2-2-2
Bout 02: Enter Raiyne Underwood
Bout 03: Enter Abigale Quinlan
Bout 04: Enter Miss Flare
Bout 05: Enter Terra Flare
Bout 06: Enter Verde Dusk
Bout 07: Enter The Righteous
Bout 08: Enter The White
Bout 09: Enter Nari
Bout 10: Enter Punky
Bout 11: Enter Peatrice
Bout 12: Enter Jad Spencer
Bout 13: Enter The Genociders
Bout 14: Enter The Destruction
Bout 15: Righteous X Genociders
Bout 16: Raiyne Underwood X Punky
Bout 17: Terra Flare X Genocider Jad
Bout 18: Verde Dusk X Peatrice
Bout 19: Abigale Quinlan X Nari
Bout 20: Black Righteous God X White Genocider Daemon
Bout 21: Enter Shin Abigale Quinlan
Bout 22: Exit The 2-2-2-2

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