Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 – Bout 14

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, mass murder, child murder, suicidal themes, derogatory language, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Bout 14: Enter The Destruction

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 16:00 UTC – 11:00 LT
Coordinates: 21°N 76°W (Hispaniola, Central America)

When someone is born into a utopia, they do not know what ‘conflict’ truly means. They cannot comprehend mass destruction, murder, and the horrors or war any more than they can imagine something beyond the realm of possibility; something unreal and fantastical. And when these people have their peaceful reality shatter before them, they too break. For they do not know how to fight, how to cope, or how to process the horrors before them.

And on this day, millions felt this. Millions encountered something that should have been unreal. A creature whose presence fell outside of the realm of what is possible, and whose existence spat in the face of science. A creature that the world had hastily dubbed the Abomination. 

The Abomination stood at no less than 500 meters tall, had a pulsating blob-like body, and wore features of dozens of animals across its form, positioned and arranged without rhyme or reason. Its body was coated in thousands of eyes. It had hundreds of limbs incapable of doing anything. And it was covered in an excessive amount of organs, all interconnected through a series of thickly knotted veins and tubes that would be nearly impossible to organize into something cohesive. It was a creature that resembled a sentient pile of meat more than it did any living thing, but due to its size and weight, it was the second greatest threat this world had ever seen.

After rising from the ocean off the shore of Borinquen, the Abomination trampled over the island, flattening and flooding the island into nothingness, and leaving behind no known survivors. Those who escaped its lumbering crawl were drowned under massive waves that demolished homes, or had the ground under them fall away under them. Once the island was in tatters, the Abomination headed west, swimming to the island of Hispaniola.

Once the creature reached its destination, it did as all expected. It toppled buildings, carelessly murdered millions of inhabitants, and eagerly demolished infrastructure, ramming itself into the tallest buildings and plowing through the most populated cities, until they were nothing more than a ruin. People were forced to leave behind their homes, loved ones, and all their possessions as they fled. Thousands even lost their hearing, as they were deafened by the wretched screams of this creature.

At first, they tried to flee in planes, cramming as many people in as possible before heading out to the mainland. But they did not fly for more than two minutes before the planes were shot down, decimated by a burst of energy excreted from one of the many opaque spheres spread across this abomination’s body. All inhabitants died before these planes reached the surface.

This forced the survivors to flee via sea, overcrowding vessels as they spread out in all directions, hoping that they would be one of the ‘lucky ones’ to survive. 

The local government of Hispaniola lacked both the weaponry to fight against a creature such as this, and they lacked any contingency plans for a disaster as unreal and preposterous as this. All they could do was hope. Hope that they would be spared from the carnage, and hope that this monster would be killed by their great savior; Abigale Quinlan. 

As the clock struck 16:06, the clear sky grew dark above the hulking mass of destruction, and its woeful screeches were combated with the sound of thunder. As a storm brewed from above, a flurry of lightning rained down, frying its flesh and causing it to stop its ceaseless discharge for a moment. The Abomination retaliated by firing beams of energy at the clouds, shredding through them until the clouds were reduced to mere water vapor. 

With a triumphant groan, the Abomination made its way forward, only for the dirt beneath its mass to give away, unearthing a stream of magma that spread across its bottom. For as durable as its body was, the mere proximity to the magma caused the Abomination’s body to ignite. Its howls grew even louder as the flames rose higher and higher up its frame, but it still tried to continue onwards, pushing its body into the magma, toward the final city of this island. And just as it entered the outskirts of the city, she arrived. 

Abigale Quinlan, clad in black from head to toe, flying through the sky at thousands of kilometers per hour. She aimed her body directly at the Abomination as it lunged forward, ripping through its heinous flesh. She twisted and turned within its innards, severing organs, slicing veins, and demolishing bones, until she sufficiently destroyed whatever structural integrity this creature possessed, causing its body to topple in on itself, spreading outwards and flattening.

Even in this debilitated pancaked form, the Abomination continued to move, inspiring Abigale to take a more drastic action. She flew to the creature once more and Real Booted its flesh into a powerful explosive. A cloud of toxins spread from the explosion and caused the Abomination’s body to melt on impact. Its flesh sizzled, eyes became a jelly-like substance, and its movements grew slower as the toxin invaded its interconnected bloodstream, causing its thousands of organs to shut down in rapid succession. Not content with that, however, she willed the Earth to open wider, submerging the Abomination into an even deeper pool of magma. As the nearby forests fell into flames and a ring of fire settled around the Abomination, Abigale looked down at the monster, her expression obscured by her helmet.

80% of the Abomination was fully submerged in magma and, unless it somehow possessed her Immortality or Rapid Regeneration abilities, this meant its demise was an inevitability. …But then, right as the final snippet of flesh was set ablaze, something burst from its remains and shot outward into the sky. It was a metallic sphere with a diameter of roughly 20 meters. As it glimmered in the morning’s sun, Abigale flew toward it… only to be consumed by a flash of light.

Her consciousness faded, and by the time it returned, she found herself naked, floating in water, staring up at the cloudless sky. She regained her composure quickly and flew upward into the air to survey her surroundings. As she looked down, her stoic expression cracked, and she wore a face of horror for the first time in nearly two centuries. 

The island of Hispaniola was… no more. Aside from a few stray strips of land and the remnants of its mountains, the island was just gone. There were no ruins, no life, no indication that this land had been home to tens of millions of people over the span of hundreds of years. Even as she landed on one of these mountains, all she found was a hunk of irradiated stone. 

As she let this somber reality settle, Abigale was interrupted by a burst of water that sprayed onto her unclothed person. She looked at the source and saw an absence of space. A Rift. And beneath it laid Raiyne Underwood: her blue-eyed permutation from a primitive world.

Raiyne: “A-Abigale? What… What the hell just happened? I don’t—”

Abigale: “As that creature was on the verge of death, it unleashed a bomb into the sky. I tried to stop it, moving as quickly as I could, but it detonated before I could do anything. Before anyone could do anything. Before we even arrived, this island was lost…”

As Abigale spoke to Raiyne with a forlorn voice, a hand pressed itself against the rocky island and rose itself up, revealing Verde Dusk, the green-eyed permutation and fallen God of all worlds.

Verde:Ho-Lee Shit! I knew this motherfucker was going to be a problem, but that… that was harsh!”

Abigale:Harsh would be an understatement, Verde. We withstood a multi-thousand megaton nuclear explosion. Millions are dead and a 76,000 square kilometer landmass has been wiped from the face of the Earth.”

Verde: “Eh, don’t get too worked up about that, Abigale. Yeah, they’re dead, but they won’t be for long. Once I get my divinity on lock again, then I can undo all of these damages and bring all these people back to life. Bada bing, bada boom.”

Raiyne: “…We just survived a nuclear explosion? That thing had a nuke inside it?”

Verde: “Apparently. Things are gonna get crazier and crazier until this conflict reaches its absurd climax, so I’d recommend that you stop thinking too hard about these things and just go with the flow.”

As Raiyne and Verde bantered, Abigale quickly went about Real booting the rock below into another bodysuit and helmet for herself, and, once a secure connection was re-established, she began speaking to one of her global operators.

Abigale: “The threat in Hispaniola has been eliminated. There were immense casualties. Provide a status report of the damages.”

Operator 6432: “Operator 6432. And… the entire Caribbean is fucked, Abigale. 50% of Cuba’s surface destroyed and 30% is doused in radiation. We are not picking up on any survivors from Jamaica, and we believe that all who fled by boat have also perished. Estimated casualties currently exceed 5 million.”

Abigale’s voice was muffled from behind her helmet, but Verde and Raiyne could still hear the sound of her nostrils flaring as she took in the news. The news of her greatest failure in 207 years. Her anger was palpable, frightening. To both Raiyne and Verde, it felt as if the air had lost all humidity. It only lasted a single second, but it spoke volumes of how much fury Abigale kept concealed beneath the surface.

Abigale: “…But that is not all the life that was lost today.”

Operator 6432: “N-No, Abigale. We have also seen some other… disturbances. At 14:10, a child armed with an assault rifle killed hundreds at Onson Elementary School in Funke. The child was influenced by one of your permutations, who called themself Peatrice. After the child perished, Peatrice placed a nuclear bomb in the school library, which detonated at 14:40. The explosion destroyed Funke and killed over 90% of its population— over 1 million people. Before the detonation, Peatrice escaped in a Real Booted aircraft and just arrived at Neo Montreal. En route, Peatrice bombed several population centers, killing thousands in the process.”

Abigale: “…Have any other permutations been discovered?”

Operator 6432: “Three. One was found in Neo Montreal before Peatrice’s arrival. After being confronted by a civilian Machi, they began killing indiscriminately. There are two others who have seemingly joined forces… and have been ravaging across the East coast of North America, assaulting major population centers. One permutation has taken the form of a giant moth that releases a lethal toxic powder from its wings. While the other is piloting a… robotic dragon that shoots lasers from its mouth.”

Abigale: “What is the current estimated death total for today?”

Operator 6432: “We are struggling to monitor the immense volume of deaths, but our calculations state that these four permutations— the permutations who first appeared in the western hemisphere— have killed 10 million people within three hours.”

Beneath her helmet, Abigale clenched her teeth together, causing them to crack from sheer force. The sharp piercing noise could be heard loudly and clearly even through her helmet.

Abigale: “What is their current location?”

Operator 6432: “They appear to be converging at Neo Montreal. An evacuation order has been issued, but… is there truly any place safe from these demons?”

Abigale: “It appears not… But rest assured, no matter their power, I shall end them. Thank you for your service, Operator.”

Abigale ended transmission then and there and let out a deep frustrated sigh. Before a tap on her shoulder called her back to reality.

Verde: “Y’know, it was all dramatic-like for you to say that stuff while looking out at the endless Ocean, scoping out what little tidbits remain of this island, but the more you dawdle, the more people get killed. So, maybe help us find Terra with your whole weather controlling schtick?”

Abigale: “I understand. Forgive me, it appears my senses have dulled through routine and—”

As Abigale offered an explanation, another Rift appeared before the two, drenching them yet again. They turned around to see Terra Flare’s silver-haired and freckled brown body flopping onto the ground. After the three exchanged a glance, Raiyne emerged from the Rift and fell onto Terra. Once the two were securely on the other side, the Rift shut.

Terra: “God DAMN! Is that what being irradiated feels like? I knew it would hurt like a motherfucker, but… I still feel like it’s crawling through my skin.”

Raiyne: “But you’re… okay. Y-You’re okay, ‘cos I helped you, and… we can—”

Mid-sentence, Raiyne vomited onto the stony floor below the four, unleashing a small torrent of blood, seawater, and bile, before falling down into her own mess.

Raiyne: “I… can’t use Rifts 20 times in 5 minutes. That’s just… too much.”

Terra: “Wow, I wasn’t even aware that permutations could barf like that.”

Raiyne: “I… w-wouldn’t recommend it. Even with the regeneration, your throat still feels like crap after you upchuck.”

Verde: “I feel like I should be making a self-aware comment about how we followed up the somber news of millions of people dying with a throw up gag, but… screw it. Bad shit happened. I will make things better after we win. But for now, we need to make sure that we win. Abigale, be a dear and Real Boot us some spiffy flight suits and let’s head to… what was it? Neo Montreal?”

On cue, Abigale began Real Booting the suits and helmets for her three allies, using the barren rock they stood on as a source of matter.

Raiyne: “Why is it Neo Montreal? I thought everything was destroyed. If you’re going to rebuild cities, why bother changing their name like that? Why not just reuse the old name?”

Abigale: “The citizens who established that city wished to pay tribute to the—”

Terra: “They thought it sounded cool. That’s… that’s the real answer. And, uh, while we’re flying there, we should probably discuss how in the HELL we are going to stand any chance against these four.”

Abigale: “I have already been formulating tactics, but I need to see the true extent of their powers before we can form a full strategy. We have dawdled too much. Get changed everyone, and strap onto my torso when you are ready.”

Verde, Raiyne, and Terra did as directed, dressed themselves quickly, and attached their suits’ straps to Abigale before linking their arms together in a great big hug. Once their helmets were synced to facilitate communication, Abigale rose up from the remains of Hispaniola and shot herself through the sky, heading north to Neo Montreal.

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 18:02 UTC – 13:02 LT
Coordinates: 41°N 74°W (Neo York City, North America)

In the past century, the world saw few major innovations. Prosperity had been established, the world reached a utopian state, and those who lived in it were content with things being as they were. This lack of drive and innovation caused most dwellings and homes to retain similar designs even as the world entered the 23rd century. However, there were small pockets where innovation ran rampant, and where people took the hypothetical future envisioned by artists before the Cataclysm and tried to make them into a reality. 

One such place was Neo York City. After the complete destruction of New York City in 2015, this land remained barren until the 22nd century. When creatives and innovators built this city from the ground up, using it as a blank canvas to create something the likes of which the world had never seen before. It was a city with absurd architecture that laughed in the face of practicality, garish artificial lights planted on nearly every surface, and vehicles that soared in layers above the wide and walkable streets below. It made cities within its proximity look like relics of a bygone era, and drew in residents from all over the world, transforming it into the most populated city on Earth. 

Its occupants, a blend of both citizens and tourists, went about their lives as usual as the day began, only for panic to settle in after news of disasters struck. And now, less than an hour after the destruction of Neo Montreal, located a mere 500 kilometers away, this once prosperous and joyous city had fallen into a hysteria the likes of which it had never seen. The numerous bridges out of the city were flooded with people as they fled its borders. Trains were packed with people as they were told by the local government to scatter in all directions. And as millions tried to flee, millions more remained where they were, either out of confusion over the events that transpired this past morning, or due to the congestion of people and Machi stuffing every exit.

It was as the panic was still settling in, as those from the heart of the city were struggling to reach the edge, that a fighter jet entered the city’s borders. A sleek white flying machine that moved at over a thousand kilometers an hour, and swiftly made its way to the city center. From within its thick metal hull, the bringers of destruction, the Genociders, were preparing for their next assault.

There was Peatrice, still dressed in his leather harness and fluttering about with his tiny bat-like wings, leaning against what was unmistakably a nuclear bomb, one twice as tall as his short boyish frame. There was Punky, dressed in a pink spandex suit with white boots and gloves, looking like a child’s Super Sentai OC, who sat calmly in her seat, playing with some malleable putty she Re;All Bürthed. Genocider Jad sat awkwardly on a seat too small for his dark demonic armor, forcing him to sit on the edge while he held his weapon in his hand, pointing it upright and staring into its rough exterior.

As the three loitered about, looking at the futuristic skyline before them, the familiar voice of Nari blared across the interior.

Nari: “Attention, Genociders! We have arrived at the heart of Neo York City. Your objective is simple. Destroy as much as you can… while having fun with it. Make sure that you go for the bridges shortly after you land, destroy the subways, and ensure that there is no way out of this city! Do I make myself clear?”

Peatrice: “Crystal. So, can you open up your dumb metal hull already?”

Punky: “Peaty, don’t be mean to Nari. He just wants to make sure that we are okie doke no matter what!”

Peatrice: “Pfft. Yeah, sure. Whatever makes your blood boil, kid.

Nari: “You can whine when you’re killing people. Just give me a second and I’ll figure out how to open my hu—”

The rear door of the jet then swung open in a single second, inviting a roaring tempest. Peatrice and Punky were startled by this sudden opening, but Genocider Jad was quick to leave his seat and rush out, thrusting his weapon downward as jumped out of the plane.

Peatrice: “Hey, I called dibs on going first, edgeboy!”

Peatrice scowled before he grabbed onto his atomic bomb and Real Booted a cowboy hat from its hull, which he slammed onto the top of his head. He then grabbed the bomb by a rope tied around it and dragged it against the metal floor before reaching the slanted rear entrance of the plane.

Peatrice: “C’mon, Phat Hawg Mk V! Let’s show this dork how a real terrorist gets it done!”

Peatrice clenched the rope while the bomb skidded out of the plane. Once it was free falling, Peatrice took his cowboy hat off his head and swung it wildly, hollering and hooting as he fell, never letting go of his hat or the bomb.

Punky: “I guess it’s Punky’s turn! Thanks bunches for the ride, Mister Nari!”

Punky swiftly unbuckled her safety belts and began running out to the rear entrance. Only for her to trip on an uneven piece of flooring, causing her to roll out of the plane, all while screaming, more out of surprise than fear.

Her body flipped around in the air before she positioned herself well enough to stare at the city below and locate her target. She puffed her cheeks as she reminded herself of her mission and struck a pose while falling down several hundred meters.


As Punky yelled, her body became encased in an orb of light, and within this light, something was built around her frame. The light faded after mere seconds and revealed something new that was falling to Earth at a rapid pace. That something was a giant robot, 30 meters tall, toyetic in design, humanoid in form, and… feminine in aesthetic. Its body was clad in garish pink, a gem-like heart symbol was plastered onto its chest, its violet eyes had metal lashes, and the bottom of its torso flared out like a mini-skirt that gave way to a pair of slender legs. The thing even had 7 ribbon-like yellow strands that resembled hair. 

Punky controlled this robot from within her cockpit, and practiced poses and forms as she fell through the air, before deciding to strike the Earth with a mighty kick. But before she could reach the surface, Punky found herself absorbed by yet another immensely powerful light, and one that spread across the entire city… 

Roughly a minute after Peatrice leaped off the plane, with a nuclear bomb in tow, the heart of Neo York City was covered in a wide, expansive light. And with the light came a burst of profound destruction. Within seconds, structures of steel enhanced alloys toppled as if they were made of toothpicks and cardboard, and all life that resided within them died instantly. Plants were reduced to charcoal and ash. The flesh of all humans was incinerated, leaving behind a skeleton at most. And the millions of Machi who remained in the city all perished, as their bodies were never made to handle such incomprehensible heat.

While survivors lingered on beyond the ravaged epicenter, they would soon be targeted by the Genociders. 

Peatrice assaulted those who were dying of radiation poisoning and fatal burns, using their bodies to satiate his warped sexual desires, and turning the abled body survivors into his servants. Whether they be children or elderly, it mattered not. One moment with Peatrice, and they were dashing through the nuclear ruins, their pain receptors inert, raping and killing those on death’s door, for no purpose greater than to ensure that their deaths were as warped and painful as possible.

Punky was still falling as Peatrice’s bomb detonated, but her robot was miraculously strong enough to withstand even the wave of fire and radiation. As the dust settled and she could see once more, she gleefully dashed into the city outskirts and started ‘fighting’ the buildings that still remained. She roundhouse kicked them, punched through them with ease, and used her laser saber to cleave her way through entire city blocks. None stood up against her as she went on her gleeful assault, and all within earshot were forced to listen to her jovial ramblings. Such as “Don’t worry citizens, you aren’t real so it doesn’t matter if you go bye-bye and die-die!” or “Miracle Soldier Punky is here to make you bang, pow, zap, and dead as hecks!”

Genocider Jad was the first to land, but he began his assault even as he fell to the ground. With an order from Nari to destroy the bridges connecting the islands of Neo York City together, he made that his first objective. He slashed with his weapon and sent waves of destruction aimed at the bridges. His movements were calculated, precise, and as the waves traveled, they only grew larger, allowing them to cleave 10 to 20 meter wide holes between the bridges. By the time he finished this task, he crashed into a 20-story building and fell all the way down to its sub-basement. He tried to flee the basement, but before he could traverse the nearest stairwell, the building above him collapsed, immersing him in darkness. 

While this might have been the end for most, this was nothing for Genocider Jad, who aimed his weapon skyward and slashed through the rubble until he could reach the surface. There, he was greeted with a freshly made nuclear wasteland. He paused to acknowledge the profound destruction as he looked toward the crater where the bomb dropped, but he did not offer any words, thoughts, or reaction. He merely registered this sight and began dashing through the irradiated rubble, eager to find his next target.

As this happened, Nari, still in the form of a military jet, had flown to the outskirts of Neo York City, where he avoided the brunt of the explosion, only returning once the mushroom cloud began to fade. At this point, the city was already destroyed and millions were dead. Nari’s goal of destruction had been achieved, but he was anything but a rational man, and desired to cause additional destruction. To cause destruction on a more personal level.

Nari: “Tsk. Peatrice’s malice must be rubbing off on me. But if it will bring me closer to my goal, then I will gladly accept it.”

Nari then aimed his jet body at the largest building still standing and dived to it, aiming for a lower level, to ensure that the skyscraper toppled in the most destructive manner possible. He found a suitable structure and, with his engines screeching along with him, he rammed his metal body through the beams supporting the structure, before his body exploded in a glorious inferno.

The building developed a sizable hole from the impact and, as its daunting weight put more pressure than ever on a mere half of its usual support structures, the skyscraper began to tilt and eventually fall. It fell onto several other buildings, crushing their roofs and walls, cleaving through their structures, before this daunting skyscraper finally reached the streets, which collapsed under the added weight. A single building caused the destruction of dozens of others and spanned several city blocks. Nari, in his human form once again, stood at the rubble-riddled base of this building and chuckled at this sight of mass destruction.

Nari’s satisfied observations were cut short, however, as he felt the steel pillar he was standing on fall. Except it did not feel like the pillar’s structural integrity had been compromised. It felt like it had been severed. A theory populated Nari’s mind, and it was soon confirmed before his very eyes. Genocider Jad was running toward him, his weapon in one arm, and Nari closed the distance.

Nari: “Good job destroying the bridges. I’m surprised you could aim your… Matter Crash waves so well.”

Genocider Jad: “I previously did not appreciate the power of the brain I had been provided. It allows me to view the world as a series of calculations, and allows me to perform mathematical feats with ease.”

Nari: “…Did Peatrice unlock something in your brain? Because you were NOT that smart in My life As Abigale Quinlan.” 

Genocider Jad: “Your theory is correct. It was unlocked through the trauma I endured. But such discussions are not of importance at the moment. Our current objective is destruction, and our main objective is the genocide of God.”

Nari: “You think I don’t know my own damn objectives, you metal-clad worm? …But you do have a point. Our death toll is probably past 8 digits right now, so we should eke our target out of hiding.”

Genocider Jad: “We are near a train station. It is likely populated with citizens trying to escape. If we wish to make a dramatic announcement to Abigale Quinlan, that location would be sufficient.”

Nari: “Certainly, it would. Very well, slave. Lead the way.”

Genocider Jad: “As you wish, master.”

Nari and Genocider Jad then sprinted across the debris-filled streets, zooming past stray survivors, as they simply were not worth their time. By keeping such focus, they made it to their destination in a matter of minutes. A massive train station with an overflow of humans, all directed by a staff of Machi. Nari and Genocider Jad plowed through the crowd, with Nari snapping heads open, and Genocider Jad thrusting his weapon forward, creating a canon-ball-like wave that murdered dozens and maimed hundreds. The trail of bodies acted as a walkway for them to follow as they entered the station itself. An expansive terminal that was positively packed with people who were trying to evacuate, but were simply too late.

Nari slammed his hand onto the floor and Real Booted a pillar of stone from the tile, one that granted him an additional meter of height. Genocider Jad stood beneath him, his metal boots planted on the ground, and weapon in both hands. He said nothing, but his mere presence intimidated the crowd, and inspired them to, somehow, move away from Nari.

The fervor of the masses filled the high ceilings of this terminal, inspiring Nari to transform his hand into a gun and fire three bullets into the air. A series of screams followed, but then… silence.

Nari: “Greetings, people of this world. My name is Nari. I am the leader of the Genociders, and as you’ve obviously noticed, my allies and I have a thing for killing. But I am not here to kill you. Such would be trite after the feats we’ve accomplished this past day. I am here to relay a message to your leader, Abigale Quinlan. I wish to battle her and her allies. The permutations who have aligned themselves with her. If any of the scrapheads in the audience can get me into contact with her, that would be most appreciated.”

Noise echoed throughout the expansive halls of the terminal as Nari finished speaking, before a lone Machi, dressed in a navy suit wearing a small hat on their silver-colored head, approached Nari.

Silver Machi: “I am connecting to Abigale Quinlan. She will speak to you through me.”

As the silver Machi finished their announcement, their face twitched slightly, and they spoke again. This time in a more commanding feminine voice and with a determined look on their face.

Abigale via Silver Machi: “This is Abigale Quinlan. I am remotely communicating through this Machi. Tell me, Nari, what are your demands?”

Nari: “In this world, there should be 8 ‘permutations’, and I am looking for the one named Verde Dusk. I wish to kill her.”

The silver Machi’s body then twitched before they looked up at Nari again, this time with an almost cocky expression, and as they spoke, a more lax female voice escaped their mouth.

Verde via Silver Machi: “Hey Nari, it’s been… basically half my life since I really thought about you. Okay, so I fucked up somewhere and somehow and now you, you of all people, Nari, are leading the warpath of the Genociders. Tell you what, we’ll talk it over and see what your grievances are. I can tell you’re in Neo York City, but I’d rather not duke it out in a nuked out city. If we’re gearing up for a final battle or whatever you want to call it, Abigale, me, and the rest of the Righteous, will be in Greenland, coordinates… 67 degrees north and 46 degrees west. Trust your senses, and you should be able to find us lickity-split. Be there, or just keep killing lots of people. It won’t change this Scenario at all. Kay, laters!”

The Machi then adopted a worried expression that was mirrored in the surrounding masses. The flippant way that Verde spoke to this terrorist was vastly inappropriate given the millions he murdered, but Nari did not seem too bothered by this sequence of events. If anything, he looked as if he expected as much.

Genocider Jad: “What do you wish to do now, master?”

Nari: “I guess I’ll just become a helicopter again, seat you and the other two, then transform into a jet again to reach them. The sooner, the better.”

Nari then looked at the thousands of people packed into this train station, who began conversing with themselves yet again.

Nari: “Clear a path, or Genocider Jad will clear your bodies from this Earth. We’re leaving.”

The people did as Nari commanded, creating a meter-long walkway for him and Genocider Jad to run through as they ventured back into the demolished remains of Neo York City. Once outside, they set their sights on a giant pink robot trying to suplex a skyscraper.

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