Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 – Bout 03

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, mass murder, child murder, suicidal themes, derogatory language, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Bout 03: Enter Abigale Quinlan

“The Cataclysm was the greatest tragedy in the history of humankind. Billions of people died. Thousands of species were eradicated. An incalculable amount of knowledge and culture was lost to time. Landmasses were erased from the face of the Earth. While it was not my intention to cause such devastation, it was all done by my hands. There is nothing I can do to absolve myself of these things, and I do not seek forgiveness for what I did. However, I do promise that I will devote my life, the whole of my undying existence, to bettering humanity. For you, for your children, and for everyone.”

Abigale Quinlan, 2033

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 03:54 UTC – 11:54 LT
Coordinates: 32°S 116°E (Australia)

Of all of Abigale’s feats, of all the destruction she wrought upon the world with the Cataclysm, none were greater than what she did to the nation of Australia. With her mastery of the world around her, she took this 3 million square kilometers of land, and sunk it into the ocean. The tallest buildings and mountains could still pierce the surface of the surrounding water, but the nation itself was lost. 

Plans were originally made to free it from its watery grave, but they were put on hold after the logistics of such a project were made clear. Even with all of Abigale’s might, the nation was in tatters before it was submerged. Bringing it upwards would cause damages to the surrounding nations and ocean, and it would kill a near incalculable amount of sea life that have come to populate this subterranean nation.

For all these reasons and more, Australia remained where it was. At the bottom of the ocean. Even though bringing the landmass above sea level was impractical, that did not stop explorers from scouring the nation for remnants of the past. And today, one of these numerous groups was aided in their pursuits to recover a fragment of humanity’s lost history. Aided by none other than Abigale Quinlan.

Located more than a kilometer beneath the surface lay the remnants of Perth. A once thriving metropolis that had become invested with underwater sea and plant life, yet much of the city remained as it was. Buildings, while tattered, survived the underwater pressure and destruction of the Cataclysm, and the outline of the city remained as it was over 200 years ago. Just with a bit more rubble hiding away countless relics.. 

While many of these relics had been extracted by both human and Machi divers, there was a limit to what they could explore. The underwater structures were prone to collapsing, and the Real Booter’s lack of underwater functionality prevented most excavation teams from exploring the most ruinous parts of this once grand city. It was far too dangerous for humans or Machi to safely explore these sections… but not Abigale Quinlan.

She soared up and down through the ocean, sending fish scattering as she popped from one location to another, Real Booting the rubble into water in order to lay its contents bare. Her every finding was brought up to the deck of a ship, which she filled with contents of interest. Every odd numbered item she uncovered was something the excavation crew thought was simply lost or destroyed, but was presented to them in as good a quality as they could hope for. And every even numbered item was something the crew could scantily identify, something that demanded further examination. To them, it was a sign of what the next year, or years, of their lives would be consumed with, all gathered before them in a massive mound. 

Soon enough, the deck was nearly overflowing with items, and the crew was left in a state of awe, positively elated by the treasure trove before them. They wished to thank Abigale for her findings, for helping them in their pursuit of recovering history, but as Abigale rose from the water, she did not greet the crew with words or treasure. Instead, she simply flew north, leaving the crew behind. They looked at her, bemused, only for a Machi crewmate to relay the message that, “something of the utmost importance demanded Abigale’s attention.”

Unable to object to this, the crew simply voiced their appreciation of Abigale, thanking her for all her hard work. They did this despite the fact that, once the crew began cheering, Abigale was already over 15 kilometers away. She was soaring as high as an airplane, propping herself through the air using both the wind and the gravitational pull of the Earth, moving faster as she distanced herself from the ‘lost continent.’

As Abigale flew, she was dressed in what had become her iconic attire. A black bodysuit with red accents that covered every flake of skin beneath her neck in a material durable, breathable, and resistant to anything short of lava or a vacuum. Her head was masked in a similarly colored helmet, which contained a transparent lens, allowing any onlooker to see her dark brown skin and piercing crimson eyes. With her dark ensemble, she almost looked like a bullet traveling through the sky, and she certainly moved like one with her body as straight as could be, and hands positioned against her sides.

Her focus and conviction were unquestioned as she moved forward. And as she did so, she spoke to someone through her helmet.

“Operator, status.” Abigale said, her voice stern and commanding.

“Operator 9941. The doppelganger is confirmed passive and has agreed to a meeting in Shentaizho! Confirmed abilities include: Real Booting, Snap Burst, and Rapid Regeneration. Inconclusive abilities: Critical Adaptation, Enhanced Body, Immortality, and Enhanced Intellect. Doppelganger lacks the Nature Manifest ability. Personality is docile. Due solely to her confirmed abilities, her threat level is 3.”

“Understood. Maintain active surveillance. At the first sign of violence, stall her through whatever means necessary.”

“ETA is 80 minutes. All relevant information has been uploaded to HUD.”

A slight click reverberated through Abigale’s ears as her helmet lit up, revealing a flurry of text, numbers, and graphics. It filled her vision and moved quickly. Far too quickly for any human to read, let alone process, the information. But for Abigale, this was far from a feat. It was a mere mundanity of her life and profession.

The sea of information before her updated her on weather patterns, the current status of scientific problems, anything abnormal occurring in the world, and all other matters that warranted her attention. But her primary concern was the appearance of her latest doppelganger, Raiyne Underwood.

Over and over, Abigale played back the video footage of her entering this world through the Rift. This absence of space with properties that befuddled Abigale. The Machi who captured this footage, named Yuki Sunshine, did not have the capabilities to process all information about this phenomenon, and with it gone, this field was lost to Abigale. She could not pinpoint a reason for the sudden appearance of this enigmatic hole, so she moved onto the woman who emerged from it.

Abigale’s vision filled with a series of comparative information between herself and Raiyne, identifying their similarities and differences. This woman’s DNA was mostly human, but she had overlapping powers with Abigale, and despite the minute differences, it was no exaggeration to say the two had the same appearance, both in face and frame. Despite all this data, despite reviewing her origin no less than a dozen times for any missing insights and points of contention, Abigale could not reach a conclusive answer. She could not determine what this woman was, how she was able to do all these things, and why she suddenly appeared out of thin air. 

“Operator, status of Uyunala footage reconstruction.”

“Operator 9941. All relevant footage within a 2 kilometer radius has been compiled and reviewed, dating back to 24 hours before the appearance. Site of interest was considered benign of all abnormalities by a Machi 3.7 hours prior.

“Status of DNA cross referencing.”

“Raiyne Underwood’s DNA is closer to the DNA of Terra Flare than it is to any other human or Abigale Quinlan. Developing theory is that Raiyne is a hybrid lifeform.”

“Status of interdimensional theory.”

“Raiyne’s claims cannot be verified or disproven based on current information. Substances found at the site are as of yet unidentified.”

“So you meant to tell me we truly know nothing about this woman?”

“Affirmative, Abigale. We have nothing conclusive about Raiyne beyond her known abilities and docile nature. ETA is 75 minutes. No other matters of interest are pending.”

As the conversation ended, Abigale clenched her pristine and flawless teeth. Over a century of security and control had caused her to grow soft to conflict. She was used to having an answer for everything. Yet now there was a phenomenon that threatened the lives of millions… and she did not have a clear answer to this problem.

Letting an individual with the ability to Real Boot without restriction was as dangerous as giving a person unrestricted access to a limitless number of nuclear bombs. While she wanted to believe Raiyne, to believe the most likely outcome, the presence of a 0.1% possibility of mass destruction was well beyond anything she had had to deal with since the dawn of the current era.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do at the moment but continue flying onward, progressing at approximately 6,000 kmph. As she did so, she ran simulations on how to handle this potential threat. How to combat Raiyne if she proved to be dangerous… which further concerned her, considering her DNA. She had no confirmation that Raiyne was like her children. No confirmation that she could transform her into ash and eliminate her that way. If that avenue was not available, if Raiyne was truly as powerful as Abigale was before the Cataclysm, how would she contain Raiyne? Abigale devised theories and methods, but none brought her any genuine comfort.

As these ruminations continued, Abigale determined her proximity to her destination, and slowed herself. While she could halt her forward movement within a nanosecond, doing so created a dangerous gust of air, so she opted to slowly drop her speed from 6,000 to 600, and finally 60. 

As her HUD indicated her coordinates of 41°N 124°E and time of 05:22 UTC, she descended to the settlement of Shentaizho. It was a settlement of no true specialty or acclaim, a population of 52,312, and was merely chosen as a calculated measure for Abigale to meet with this person of interest. While Abigale’s descent caught the attention of dozens of onlookers, she heeded them no mind, as this was a matter far more important than public relations. With her target less than 100 meters away, Abigale walked to the nearby train station, where she waited for one vehicle to come to a stop. As the doors opened, Abigale pressed a button on the back of her helmet, causing it to recede into a small compartment on her back. She stood there, a serious expression on her face as she looked at those filtering on and off the train… before spotting a group of three, all casually stepping onto the platform.

There was one child, age 8, Milky “Doki Doki” Sunshine. One Companion Machi, Yuki Sunshine. And finally, the most important person she had seen in over 140 years. Age 19, true species and origins unknown, Raiyne Underwood. 

As Raiyne departed the train car, she looked at the village of Shentaizho with a childlike splendor, her expression more extreme than the one held by Milky. Uyunala had an old world quality to it, and aside from Machi and trains, it looked like it was from the 21st or 20th century. But Shentaizho was a condensed version of modern cities, boasting streets populated by persons, Machi, and vehicles. Sleek and metallic buildings that reached up into the sky. And a bevy of storefronts that beckoned foot traffic to enter, using vibrant colors, animated signage, and sights that mystified Raiyne, capturing her natural curiosity.

At the apex of her awe and admiration, Yuki grabbed Raiyne and redirected her attention to Abigale. Their eyes locked while 20 meters apart, so far that they could barely see the color of each other’s iris. Still, Raiyne could feel the intensity of Abigale’s glare, and she shuttered, looking away. Abigale recognized this, examined Raiyne’s movements in detail and, as she confirmed how docile she was in person, a hefty weight was lifted from her shoulders. Abigale shifted her expression into something more approachable, and she walked up to Raiyne, while Raiyne timidly did the same, before the two were within arm’s length of one another.

The denizens of Shentaizho looked at this sight with awe, asking their Machi to record this moment and murmuring questions to all within earshot. The quiet hum of speculation and rampant theorizing replaced the bustling noise of Shentaizho’s entertainment district, and Raiyne was the first to break the ice.

“Hello there, Miss— I mean— Madame Abigale Quinlan… I presume.”

Raiyne’s voice was shaky, nervous, and even as she extended her arm for a handshake, her restlessness was clear. Seeing this display, seeing Raiyne express her true nature like this, without the slightest hint of deception, caused Abigale to let out a silent sigh before bringing her hand to Raiyne’s. Raiyne flinched as her skin touched Abigale’s, and Abigale looked at her, offering a warm smile.

“There is no need to address me with such honorifics. I would prefer you simply call me Abigale.”

As she spoke, there was a warmness in Abigale’s voice, one that left Raiyne stunned, and her hand frozen as Abigale shook it firmly, as if testing her strength. Raiyne returned the level of force, and Abigale did the same. Exchanging no words, the two began a sort of arm wrestling competition with one another, stopping only when the deafening silence between them was interrupted by the sound of a tile beneath Raiyne’s fee cracking into two.

“I suppose that is an adequate confirmation of your Enhanced Body. Please Raiyne, come with me. We have much to discuss.”

Abigale turned around, gesturing for Raiyne to follow her to their destination, but Raiyne stood where she was, looking back at her companions.

“Actually, Abigale, would it be alright if I brought Yuki and Milky to this meeting?”

Abigale smiled as she heard Raiyne’s request, letting out a barely audible chuckle. 

“I see no reason why not. In our modern society, we see no need to withhold confidential information from our citizens. Besides, they already know about as much as I do. Come along, you three. I have reservations at a café nearby.”

Yuki then grabbed both Milky and Raiyne by the hand before walking toward Abigale, dragging the two along like they were her children. Once the four were standing side by side, they walked forward, garnering many looks of confusion and awe as Abigale casually led them all to a small atmospheric restaurant located two blocks from the train station. As she passed by the crowd, Raiyne looked away, not used to being around this many people, let alone being the center of attention, while Milky was giddy with this newfound attention, waving hello to passerby. Only some of them returned her greeting.

Soon enough, they reached their destination: Lachtonne. A small restaurant that sat no more than 20 persons and was staffed by three people. The six patrons in the storefront practically jumped as they saw Abigale Quinlan casually walk into the establishment, while the three who ran the restaurant stood at the counter, clearly anticipating her arrival. Despite this, they all looked nervous and shifty, shuddering as they laid eyes on her. Abigale merely smiled in return and offered a greeting.

“Good day. I have a pertinent matter to discuss with my associates here. Please do not mind us and feel free to listen in if the subject catches your interest.”

The patrons and workers did not change their strained expressions, even as Abigale spoke, causing her to let out a momentary sigh before turning to her three companions.

“If any of you wish to order anything, go ahead. Remember, Raiyne, money is no longer in use, and this café will prepare anything you desire.”

“Okay, but… why?” Raiyne replied. “Why would they do that? Why would they serve people if they’re not being paid?”

“Oh!” Milky exclaimed, raising her hand to grab Raiyne’s attention. “Because they love feeding people and the environment of a restaurant, isn’t that right?”

“Y-Yes, that’s true,” a young worker with a lighter complexion asked. “Is… is there anything we could prepare for you folks?”

While the tension in the restaurant was thick enough that you could cut it with a knife, the quartet sat themselves in the corner of the restaurant. As they did so, onlookers began returning to whatever they were discussing before the group entered the restaurant. It was an odd sight, seeing Abigale and her lookalike at the same place at the same time, but they knew it was rude to stare or interfere with another’s day like that.

“Raiyne, your presence is rather unprecedented in this world.” Abigale stated upon taking a seat.

“Yes, I… I don’t know what to tell you,” Raiyne said with an awkward shrug. “I just sort of… appeared a few hours ago. I do not know why, but I actually like it here. The people seem nice, everything is beautiful, and I have superpowers, so I’m not really looking to go back home or anything. …Especially since I lost everything that kept me tied there and thought that I was going to… die. The fact that I am still alive is still amazing to me, and the fact that I’m not in a nightmare monster-infested sponge hell is just a cherry on top.”

“I think Abigale was referring more to the fact that you look incredibly similar to her, and have a lot of the same abilities,” Yuki explained, veering the conversation forward.

“Precisely. Your very existence is an anomaly, and you represent a great threat to this Earth.”

“Um, how? I know I can make anything but… I thought weapons were off the table”

“A mechanical Real Booter is incapable of creating any weaponry, for obvious reasons. You, however, are not barred by such restrictions. With a mere thought, you could craft weapons of mass destruction, and you could kill millions.”

“I… holy hell. I didn’t realize that I could do that! I… I’m sorry about this Abigale. If you need to detain me or anything, I get it, but—”

“This type of reaction is precisely why I will not detain you. I have trained myself to be an immaculate judge of character, and I can tell that you are speaking honestly and truly. I see no reason to imprison somebody of your nature, as the odds of you indulging in rampant destruction are incredibly slim. However, before I can let you roam this world freely, I need to thoroughly examine you.”

“So, um, what do you want me to do?”

“You are the most fascinating person I have encountered in nearly 200 years, Raiyne. I wish for you to come with me. To visit a research lab located in eastern Africa, within the borders of what was once known as the nation of Sudan. I have an associate there, Dr. Flare, who is the premiere expert on my biology.”

“About that, Yuki never really explained where you came from, how you got your powers, or why you… started running the world like this.”

“There wasn’t any time!” Milky interjected.

“I see. My true origins are unknown even to myself. My earliest memories begin in Europe during the early 1600s, yet I know for a fact that I am over 6 centuries old. Back then, my powers were virtually nonexistent, and over the ensuing 400 years, they developed into what I possess to today. As for why I have taken such a prominent role in the governance of the world, that will take time to explain in detail. I shall elaborate during our commute to Dr. Flare.”

“Oh, so are we leaving right now?” 

“I see no reason why to dawdle any further. You do not have any reason to stay behind and are supportive of my goals.”

“What about Milky and Yuki?” Raiyne asked, pointing at her companions.

“I appreciate your concern for us, Raiyne, but we cannot justify going on a global trip, or delaying Abigale with our presence.” Yuki answered.

“Yeah,” Milky began, “my parents probably aren’t happy that I’m so far away from home right now. But… Abigale, before we go, could you please give me a hug? Pretty please?”

“Milky, don’t be greedy,” Yuki said with a wagging finger

“I’m sorry, but I look at her and wanna hug her. I’ve always wanted to hug her!”

“Heh. Very well, Milky, c’mere,” Abigale said, opening her arms.

With a look of delight on her face, Milky thrust herself forward and into Abigale’s embrace. While Abigale’s expression had remained largely stoic during the conversation, the act of embracing a child, a member of a new generation of the world she helped build, it caused a feeling of genuine joy to eke through her calculating mind and onto her face. The embrace only lasted a few seconds before Abigale loosened her grip, and Yuki pulled Milky away.

“Well, guys, it was nice meeting you,” Raiyne said, standing up from her chair. “And I think I’d like to come visit sometime when things are sorted out… assuming that’s okay with you, Abigale.”

“I would never dream of depriving you of pursuing relationships, Raiyne. You have the same freedoms afforded to all sapient creatures on this Earth. Of course you can reunite with these two once things cool down.”

“Oh, truly? Well, in that case… would you two mind giving me a goodbye hug? Seeing you two got me in a huggy mood.”

With awkward smiles on their faces, Raiyne grabbed Yuki and Milky in a hug, lifting them off the ground while their arms went around one another’s backs, only for their embrace to end a few seconds later.

With hugs exchanged and objectives set, the four then filtered out of the Lachtonne café, waving and saying goodbye as they split into two groups of two. Yuki and Milky returned to the train station that brought them to Shentaizho in the first place. While Abigale and Raiyne began walking in the opposite direction… before stopping suddenly.

“I intend to exit this village by flying,” Abigale commented. “Do you have any objections? I will limit the speed to 150 kilometers per hour for your first trip.”

“Right, you can fly too… Sure, I guess. If it’s faster, then why not?”

Abigale then wrapped her arms around Raiyne, locking her in a firm grip. Once securely bound, Abigale manipulated the air around them, creating a condensed wind current beneath her feet. It was a current with enough force to shoot their bodies up into the air, stopping at approximately 300 meters in height. Raiyne stifled a scream while wearing a look of fear on her face, but Abigale reassured her that her safety was paramount. Once the pair were positioned higher than any buildings in Shentaizho, Abigale began moving herself forward instead of upward, manipulating the wind and air around her to shoot her toward her designation. From the village center to a quaint multifamily residential district, to the comparatively sparse village outskirts, to farmland that had been left barren during the winter, its fields flattened and soil devoid of life.

Due to the extreme speed of this trip, Raiyne was unable to truly take in the sights of the village, which were rendered a blur in her mind. A blur of ant-sized people bustling about, and rooftops adorned with both shimmering metal surfaces and lush greenery. It was a world unlike anything she had seen before, and while she wanted to plead with Abigale to slow her speed so she could better soak in the natural beauty, she held her tongue until they landed.

“Did the flight take a toll on you?” Abigale asked after loosening her grip on Raiyne.

“I… I’m okay… which is surprising. I’ve never actually been on a plane before, so that was the highest and fastest I’ve ever been in my life.”

“Your resistance is likely part of your Enhanced Body ability.”

“I do not understand what you are talking about.”

“I have several abilities. Immortality, Rapid Regeneration, Real Booting, Snap Burst, Enhanced Body, Enhanced Intellect, and Nature Manifest. I have confirmed you share my Rapid Regeneration, Real Booting, Snap Burst, and Enhanced Body abilities. Enhanced Intellect is only effective after rigorous study, and cannot be accurately tested at this moment. Immortality can only be proven if you withstand an event that completely destroys your body, or if you are unable to age past a certain point. As for Nature Manifest, you lack the ability to manipulate the world around you. You cannot propel yourself through the sky and you cannot manipulate the clouds above. Ergo, you do not appear to have the Nature Manifest ability. At least not for the time being..”

“Okay, I think I know what all of those mean— the names are pretty self-explanatory— but… we should probably head to that place in Africa you mentioned earlier.”

“Indeed, we should. Because I wish to communicate with you during our travels, we will travel in a vehicle.”

“A vehicle that you plan on Real Booting?”

“You are catching on, Raiyne. I think I am going to enjoy our time together.”

As Abigale said this, she brought her hands to the ground below, pressing her palms through the snow and into the dirt. Raiyne stepped back and looked on with a skewed expression before she saw the Earth itself shake and churn into something… unnatural. The dirt and greenery around Abigale melded and condensed into a malleable substance, one that remained connected to Abigale’s hands. The substance grew in volume, consuming more and more of the world around it as it expanded until, when it was deemed sufficiently large, it began to reshape itself into something new. A jet. Within a matter of seconds, the mass of matter expanded and reshaped itself into a military grade aircraft, complete with a sleek and futuristic design. 

Raiyne looked at this sight with her mouth agape, unsure of how to process the absurdity before her. A bunch of dirt transformed into something of immense complexity, something that would cost millions of dollars to produce, and something that, as far as she could tell, was fully functional.

Anything really does mean anything…” Raiyne said without thinking.

“Except for lifeforms. My Real Booting powers can create substitute organs, but I cannot, say, create a person and expect them to live. The same goes for all plantlife and animals. I can create the seeds of life, but it must grow on its own.”

“…The phrase is still correct then. Anything means any ‘thing,’ and a thing is an inanimate object. Something that is not alive.”

“You are correct. But not everyone would share your interpretation of ‘anything.’ Some would consider a tree or bug to be a thing.”

“Yeah, I guess that is true… and I take it that this plane is fully functional, correct?”

“Indeed, it is. It is a full replica of an aircraft I co-designed, and is capable of achieving top speeds of 5,000 kilometers per hour. Ordinarily, we would need a lengthy runway for takeoff, but I can simply lift it upwards, much like how I lifted us.”

After that explanation, Abigale brought her hand to the dirt beneath once more, where she transformed the dormant frozen soil into a bodysuit, gloves, boots, and a helmet. The design was near-identical to her own, but instead of black with red accents, it was a deep cobalt with white accents, based on the color scheme of the suit Raiyne was still wearing.

“I would advise that you undress before putting on this suit. It is designed to comfort and protect the naked body, and does not play nicely with any clothing. Otherwise, you will likely experience great discomfort traveling at such fast speeds.”

“I’m not really used to changing out in the open like this, so…” Raiyne replied, her voice quiet.

“There is no one in our vicinity for at least 100 meters. You have full privacy. Please get dressed and join me in the cockpit when you are ready. If you wish, feel free to bring your clothes with you.”

Raiyne did as Abigale asked, stripping herself down to nothing once more, and putting her body into the baggy suit, only for it to tighten itself to her proportions, serving as almost a second skin. She hesitated after realizing this, but she still got dressed rather quickly, and was quick to plop her helmet on. Upon grabbing her suit and underwear, Raiyne moved over to the jet, bringing herself up to the cockpit via a retracting ladder.

The cockpit only contained two seats, with Abigale in the front and Raiyne in the back. Immediately after she got in and started buckling herself in tightly, the cockpit sealed itself and a humming noise began filling the enclosed space.

“There’s a compartment underneath your seat. Please put your personal effects in there. Is there anything else you need before we begin flying?” Abigale asked, her voice relayed through Raiyne’s helmet.

“No, I don’t think so. Let’s get going!”

Following her decree, the engines of the jet roared, and it lifted upward into the sky. Raiyne found herself clutching onto her armrests as she peered out the cockpit and saw the plane lifting higher and higher. Her heart was racing and breathing became uneven in anticipation of what was going to happen, all until the plane began flying steadily, defying the will of gravity through the exertion of an even greater force.

“There is nothing to worry about, Raiyne. Everything is going swimmingly. Just look outside and admire the view.”

Hearing Abigale’s voice through her helmet startled Raiyne for a moment, but soon enough, she heeded her words and began looking out from the cockpit. Her sapphire eyes widened as she looked back at the deep abrasive blue of the sky, the massive clouds that were so tantalizingly close, and the sights below. Forests, cities, snowy plains, and mountain ranges all painted the Earth below. All were too far away for her to make out even the faintest detail or hint of movement, but their colors shined bright, and the beauty of this world was evident, even as she zoomed past it at absurd speeds.

“It truly makes you feel insignificant by comparison, does it not?” Abigale asked after giving Raiyne a full minute to gawk.

“Yeah, I… I don’t think I ever realized just how big the world truly was until… right now.”

“It’s bigger than you can fathom, having lived most of your life in a small town. And Raiyne, if you want to, you can see all of it.”

“Really? But how could I ever afford—”

“We are a world beyond such concerns. People are free to do as they wish, so long as they show respect and care for others. Stay true to these principles, remain a kind person, and cooperate with me when I need you, and this world will be yours to explore, and you will be able to take your fair share of it and make it your own.”

“…This is a truly beautiful world you have here.”

“It was not always that way though… You asked me how I came to play such a role in this world, but I never answered you. I was waiting until now to tell you that story. The story of the Cataclysm.”

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