The Malice of Abigale Quinlan – Encounter 07

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Disclaimer: This work contains adult material including sexual themes, strong language, extreme violence, suicide, trauma, and more. Reader discretion is advised.

The Malice of Abigale Quinlan
Encounter 07: The Shine

I wandered to the back of the store, passing by the various racks of women’s clothing before I made my way to the woman who called to me when I entered this clothing boutique. She was a young Hispanic woman who looked to be in her mid-twenties, was forty centimeters or so shorter than me, and looked to be slightly overweight. Though, she was still an attractive girl, one with a cute face, a long ponytail that draped over her shoulders, a high-pitched voice, and a stylish outfit, as one would expect from someone who worked in a clothing store.

“Um, excuse me,” I timidly asked the woman as she rearranged a rack of shirts.

“Yes, how… Oh, wow… Sorry, how may I help you?” The woman responded, likely surprised by my height.

“So, I need to, um, I want to reinvent my image, and was wondering if I could get some help with that,” I explained, cringing as I heard my words awkwardly tumble out of my mouth.

Oh really?” The Arjeanne’s employee asked, her eyes like dinner plates? “I always want to do this, but… what are your measurements? ‘Cos we probably don’t have clothes that will fit you. Out here I mean, we’ve got some plus sizes in the back. It’s a space issue… —And by plus sizes, I don’t mean you’re in bad shape or anything, you actually look great.” 

“I don’t know what my measurements or sizes are, to be honest,” I said while tussling my relatively short jet black hair.

Woah boy. I guess we’re going to be here for a while then. Come on, we’ve got some dressing rooms in the back.” The woman said to me as she walked to the other side of the store. “By the way, my name’s Juniper, Juniper Shines. What’s yours?”

“Oh, it’s Y’vonne Hemming,” I said without hesitation.

From there, I spent… three hours trying on clothes with Juniper. While hesitant at first, after she got my measurements, she brought armfuls of clothes for me to try. From simple casual wear to hiking clothes to formal clothing to sleepwear, jackets, leggings— summer clothes for some reason— it never ended.

In the end, I bought five pairs of jeans, ranging from skinny to flare, along with three pairs of other pants. I also got about six skirts— including two with honest to goodness pockets. There were also a couple of simple t-shirts and tank tops, seven sweaters of varying colors, texture, and style, a gray duffle coat, a red peacoat, along with four dresses. 

I think that’s about— wait, no, not quite. I also got several pairs of leggings, a vest, three sets of pajamas, two nightgowns, a couple of pairs of socks, some bras, and panties, and I wanted to get some shoes, but they didn’t have any. Which was fine, I actually did like the knee-high boots I was wearing and I really didn’t want to try heels again anyway…

I told you about how I crossdressed during our last session, right Verde? On the first day of middle school, Maxxie and I wore each other’s uniforms, and because our names are sorta gender-neutral, nobody realized that we were crossdressing on that day. Maxxie later taught me how to walk in heels a couple of months after that, and it was easier than I thought. Though, I only wore them for a few minutes.

Why did Maxxie teach me to walk in three-inch heels? Well, she wanted us to go to a fancy restaurant as the opposite gender. But I called things off after she tried to tuck away my penis so I didn’t get a ‘spontaneous 13-year-old erection’ while wearing a dress. I love Maxxie, but she is not allowed to touch my private parts. They’re private for a reason. …Though we did touch each other’s genitals when we swapped bodies last time… but that’s beside the point!

Thinking back on the day— that shopping excursion— it was quite fun. A lot of the clothes were cute, comfy, and looked really… nice on me. Juniper was a friendly and nice woman who was weirdly eager to help me out and make me feel confident about what I was wearing. But in order to get there, I had to tell her a barrage of lies. 

I came up with a story that I, Y’vonne Hemming, was a business major in her final year of school who was spending her winter break with her local relatives, enjoying the city of Funke in her spare time. But my travels were hit with a bit of a snag after my luggage was lost, so I had to buy a whole new wardrobe. I felt bad about lying so openly to someone as kind as Juniper, but it was a necessary evil. At least, that’s what I told myself

Around 15:30 I was at the cash register, exhausted and embarrassed from my three hour fashion show. From Juniper complimenting my body, eager to get me to try on ‘one more thing’ to Peatrice commenting on how sexy I was… constantly. The total cost of my shopping binge came to $1,379.52, and my spoils were so plentiful that Juniper went into the back of the store to get a banker’s box to stuff everything into. While this all seemed excessive, I had a prepaid credit card with ten grand on it, and felt that I would wear all of these clothes… eventually.

I watched patiently as she folded and organized my order, letting out a silent sigh as I thought about schlepping all of these clothes with me back home and to the airport tomorrow. That’s when I was interrupted, yet again, by a certain enigmatic voice in my head.

Peatrice: You should ask her if she’s commissioned for each sale.

No, Peatrice, that would be rude,” I mouthed to my invisible friend.

“Hey, um, I actually really liked hanging out with you today,” Juniper said as she finished boxing up my clothes. “So, like, I know you probably have plans and stuff, but I was wondering if we could go out tonight. You know, get some dinner, maybe some drinks, and, like, get to know each other a little better.”

Peatrice: Do it! Do it! Do it! Get that D! Get that D-ass-muff!

I winced as I heard Peatrice egg me on, knowing I would not hear the end of it if I said no.

“Well, my family is not doing much tonight, just staying home and getting ready for Christmas as, you know, it’s only five days away. I was just planning on enjoying a nice quiet evening, one filled with a lot of laundry… But I guess that can all wait, and we could go out on a date if you want.” I stammered, accidentally dropping the d-word.

“Oh, you are… You like me like that?” Juniper replied, blushing harder than I’ve ever seen anyone blush before.

“No, no, sorry, I— I slipped, I… I’m not really into relationships like that, but I would like to spend the night with you, as you seem really cool, and… stuff. Maybe we could be friends… if you want.” I nervously muttered, my hands going wild as I tried to correct my mistake.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that, I just thought that you were into, and we could… You know what? How about we just meet at this place, it’s three blocks east of here, called Funkatron. They’re a little pricey, but you snagged me a nice bonus, so consider it my treat. Now, would you, like, want me to pick you up? Can you get a ride, or…” Juniper went on, very excited to go out with me.

“How about we meet there at, I don’t know, 19:00?” I offered. “I can get there myself, no worries.”

“19:00? Yeah, that sounds good, I’ll see you there, Y’vonne!” Juniper said with a beaming smile on her face.

“Yeah, I’ll… catch you then, Juniper!”

I then left the store, pushing open the entrance with my butt, carrying the banker’s box of clothes with relative ease. I let the chill of the air cool my mind before looking up at the orange sun-drenched sky and letting out a sigh.

Peatrice: What’s biting your butt, Jady-poo? 

Why am I listening to you?” I mouthed to Peatrice.

Peatrice: Because I’m a voice in your head, who is offering you guidance and encouragement as you are confused, scared, alone, and in a vulnerable state emotionally and physically. I am a human connection, another being who you can speak to, vent with, and someone who offers you momentary escapism from this oppressive reality. One you shall continue to face until you can confirm the results of Abigale Quinlan’s little terrorist excursion. Without me, you’d be sitting in the hotel room, wondering if your loved ones were still alive, too scared to check out your goods. Am I right, or am I right?

…Yeah, that’s pretty apt, I guess… So, why did you encourage me to go out with this woman?” 

Peatrice: Boredom! I’m used to exciting things happening 24/7 with Abi-senpai, so I want to at least see you squirm as you try to talk to a lady who wants to bang you.

Wait, Juniper’s a lesbian? How can you tell?” I said, my face moving and eyes widening as no noise left my lips.

Peatrice: I come equipped with the latest and greatest ‘gaydar’ known to man! …Nah, just kidding. But I do have the ability to see things from your eyes, and it’s totes obvious that she was checking your body out whenever she could, and who can blame her? You’re a super sexy athletic young woman with a nice set of tits, and your ass is the ultimate! Or even, dare I say, the ultim-ass. 

“It’s still weird to think of this body as actually being mine…” I added, speaking out loud and reminding myself of my new voice.

Peatrice: It’s weird, but you seem to be adapting swimmingly all things considered. Give it a few weeks and I’m sure you’ll get over your trauma and doubt and learn to love your new skin. Shit, you already seem to be warming up to it. It’s only been about 30 hours and you’re already walking like a woman.

“Wait, am I?” I said before walking slowly, focusing on my hip movement.

Peatrice: You sure are, sunshine. You see, as your male mind starts becoming one with your female brain, you’ll probably start seeing yourself act and view yourself as a woman. Thanks to hormones, seeing your body, hearing your voice, and muscle memory. It’s all simply natural and you shouldn’t resist it. 

“Is… Is that the only part of my mind that will change?” I asked, my cheeks feeling warm.

Peatrice: You’ll also wind up waaaaay smarter thanks to your better brain. But if you’re worried about becoming a genocidal amoral psychopath, don’t. Abigale was a bad girl, but that was by choice. There’s no crazy chemical imbalance that will make you go insane, much less go Abi-Q 2.0, Yahd-kun.

“If I need to deal with you for the rest of my life, I probably will go insane.” I said to myself with a heavy sigh.

After some additional banter, and some extra directions from Peatrice, I made it back to the Corneria Inn, where I would prepare for my ‘date’ with Juniper.

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