The Malice of Abigale Quinlan – Encounter 06

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Disclaimer: This work contains adult material including sexual themes, strong language, extreme violence, suicide, trauma, and more. Reader discretion is advised.

The Malice of Abigale Quinlan
Encounter 06: The Funke

After a sixty-minute cab ride, I finally arrived in the city of Funke. Though, it wasn’t much of a city. Once you looked beyond the handful of skyscrapers in the distance and ignored the tiny four-terminal airport, it was no different from your typical quaint little snowy mountain town. The buildings had a slightly antiquated look to them. Slush filled the streets and sidewalk, despite the plows’ best effort. And the streets were largely empty and bereft of people.

This did not gel with my mental image of a city, and accordingly, I asked whether this could even be considered one. I was speaking to myself, but Peatrice took this as a cue to pry open his metaphorical noise hole again.

Peatrice: City: a large town. Ya just need 2,500 people and bam, you can call yourself a city. At least in America. No real requirements for it beyond that, just a little colloquialism of your tongue. Also, speak without using your vocals, Yahd-kun.

“Said the person who misused the term ‘colloquialism.’“ I slyly commented.

Peatrice: Aw, so you think of me as a person, thanks bunches Jotaro!

“I’m pretty sure that a person can simply be defined as an individual, and even that may be a stretch. If anything, you’re closer to a mental disorder or a parasite, as you are dependent on me, correct?” I pointed out, being a bit of a smartass.

Peatrice: …Yeah, I guess I is nothing more than a tapeworm. Kewl.

“I… I didn’t mean it like that. …You’ve actually helped me out quite a lot in getting here.”

Peatrice: And now you want me to tell you how to survive in this town, this city. Well, first off you need a place to stay at for the night unless you want to party until the break of dawn. You could mind you, ‘cos sleep is for the mortals, i.e. not you. But I’m guessing you’ll still try to live a real human’s schedule, instead of staying up 24/7 like you could, should, and would if you were a bit less of a stick in the shit.

“…Okay. So do you know of a hotel around here I should stay at, or…” I interjected, wanting to keep Peatrice focused.

Peatrice: Most definitely, my good guy-girl. Just walk seven blocks south and three east, and you should find the Corneria Inn.

“Why didn’t you tell me to ask the cab driver off there? You just told me to get off here, at this random intersection in the middle of the city.” 

Peatrice: …I really like the way this booty feels when pressing against these skinny black jeans of yours. They make your body BIG EROTIC.

“I just grabbed the first decent thing I could find in Abigale’s dresser, and I didn’t have much to choose from.”

Peatrice: Honey, it’s totally cool beans, peachy keen, radical, bodacious, tubular, and ill if you like being in this sexy body. I mean, yeah, I get it. You wanna hold onto your masculinity and you’d feel awkward fapping while some other dudebro is in the back of your brain, feeling everything you do. But it’s chill, you can explore when we get into the hotel.

“I’m asexual,” I responded, wanting to quickly drop the subject as I jogged to the Corneria Inn.

Peatrice: What kind of asexual? Do ya like the fappings but not the sexings with the boys, the girls, and the inbetweeners? Or did you not play with your roof rabbit, by which I mean cat, by which I mean pussy… Oh, wait, you had a penis! Did you like to whittle your morning wood, message your rooster to boost its fertility, or choke your son? Y’know, because it’s little you, which is kinda like your son and… fuck it! Did you like to masturbate, yes or no? Bark yes for no!

“If you must know, I have masturbated before. Five times in the past four or so years. Three of them were done to appease one of my friends, Maxxie Flare, while the first time and the… third time were both personal experiments.” I explained, keeping a very stern expression on my face as I mouthed those embarrassing words.

Peatrice: So you really don’t miss rubbing your five inches?

“It wasn’t five inches.”

Peatrice: How big was it? Four? Three? I’m going lower because it if was any larger, if you were rocking a six or higher, Abigale would have defo raped somebody with it! And I don’t remember hearing about ‘Jad Novus: Super Highschool Level Murder Fucker’ on the news.

“…No, I do not miss my penis. It just sorta hung there, not doing anything. I didn’t even pee standing up.”

Peatrice: Well, that’s pretty lame. But how about that Maxxie Flare, care to let me know about her? I mean, what sorta girlfriend has their boyfriend masturbate for them?

“Our relationship is completely platonic; we are not a couple. We have been friends since second grade, and… she is probably my favorite person on the planet.”

Peatrice: Kay, so what does she do that makes her so dang deliciously ‘n’ delightful?

“Maxxie is… cheerful, optimistic, silly, caring, loving, incredibly creative, and almost absurdly energetic. She’s an amazing artist, a lot of fun to be around, and… I’ve been so close to her for so long that it’s hard to imagine life without her. She’s also pansexual, and has… diverse sexual interests.” I silently told Peatrice, nervously smiling as I did so.

Peatrice: Okay, pretty good. Now, how about your other friends, or are you a one friend wonder?

“You want to get a dossier about everyone I know?” I dryly asked, ignoring the surrounding sights to focus on this conversation.

Peatrice: Nah, just a brief description, tell me about their character, their personality, their trade— a little bio. I mean, just so I have something to go on once we get to the Oransen, Illinois.

“Oh, alright, I guess,” I commented, a bit unnerved by that request.

“I met one of my other friends, Zoe Xing, in fifth grade, and we’ve been close ever since. He is a calculating and precise man, very academic, almost scholarly in some regards, serious in his disposition, but he can loosen up if the opportunity is right. I guess you could say he gives off this cold and intimidating aura, as he’s quite fit and rather tall, but he is also a reserved man who would never lash out at anyone. He rarely raises his voice.”

“Then there is Shiaka Kurokawa, who I met halfway through freshman year of high school, I was halfway through my senior year before… you know. She is a very timid young woman, incredibly nice, relaxed most of the time, but very easy to startle, and quite sensitive in general due to… legitimate reasons. She’s also trilingual… unless you count programming languages, in which case she’s, I don’t know, hexalingual?”

Peatrice: …So do you have any more friends? Or acquaintances you feel you ought to mention?

“Well, I have been trying to get to know some other people at my school a bit better, such as Vivi Gaimz. She’s not the most social or welcoming of people, being blunt and dismissive a lot of the time, and looks like she just rolled out of bed most of the time. But she’s actually very smart when it comes to technical things and her academics.”

“Then there is Anita Neukar,” I continued, “who’s friends with Vivi, but is kind of her opposite at the same time. She’s kind, open, fit, on the track team, and tries to make friends with everybody she comes across. There’s also Gem Stone… and yes, that is his actual legal name. He is a kindhearted and pleasant man, proper and intelligent in his own way, but… he has some behavioral quirks all his own. I’m not 100% sure, but I think he’s autistic. Or at least he’s on some sort of spectrum.”

“Um,” I stammered, “Maxxie also has a transgender sister, Terra— Crap, why did I tell you that?” 

Peatrice: What, you think Imma be bigoted against some trans kid? Push-lease, J-Dizzle. I have at least some standards.

“…That’s— Anyway, Terra will turn eleven in February, and she’s going to start her transition in January. It was really weird to learn that last month, but I’m not all that surprised. She was always very sensitive, timid, and never really got along well with girls at school. Beyond that, she’s a pretty cool kid, and… she’s almost like a younger sister to me, since I’ve known her since she was just a baby, and I’m an only child.”

“Oh, right, I almost forgot about this… this moron,” I groaned. “He’s rude, crass, hateful, annoying, obese, super senior at my school, Yuccot Kikansky. Nobody likes him, I’m pretty sure he knows that, and considering the shit he’s gotten up to over the years, I’m shocked he hasn’t been expelled yet.” 

Peatrice: I’d ask if you wish that he was offed by Abigale Quinlan, but I can already tell what your answer would be. ‘Oh gee, I really don’t like him, but I would never wish that anybody would die.’

“Remove the ‘oh gee’ and that’s about right,” I commented while taking a second to look at the snow-covered city I was walking through.

Peatrice: But what about the family? Aintcha worried about your mom and dad?

“I… I only have one of those things,” I sneered.

Peatrice: How? It takes two to tango, and a duo to dance the dance of life.

“My father was an awful man, and I will not talk about him. He was divorced by my mother two years ago, on their anniversary. I have no idea where he is, what he’s doing, and I don’t care. I do not wish to speak to him ever again. The last time he tried to call me, I didn’t even answer my phone, as I know that nothing good could ever come from talking to that man.” I explained to Peatrice, using the natural aggressive range of my voice.

Peatrice: That’s some lethal salt right there… But what about your mommy? Is she a nice lady?

“Yes. My mother, Caroline Steticks, is a caring and supportive woman who looks out for me while offering me quite a lot of freedom. We have a close relationship, enjoy being around each other, and I think she’s very strong for doing what she did and enduring what she endured for my sake.” I promptly explained.

Peatrice: See, that was fun, wasn’t it? Now I know you a bit better, introductions don’t need to be explained. Neither do relationships and— Ta-da! We’re at our destination!

I was only half paying attention to my vaguely Christmas themed surroundings of this snow-covered city, so Peatrice’s notification was actually pretty helpful. I almost missed the three-story building with signage reading ‘Corneria Inn’ on it. I quickly made my way through the revolving door and was met with a well lit and classy looking establishment that was playing some Herb Alpert over their audio system. You know, Herb Alpert, the guy who wrote a bunch of exotica lounge music back in the 60s and is probably best known for Whipped Cream & Other Delights. An album whose cover art features a woman wearing an outfit made entirely of whipped cream. That is one fact Maxie refused to ever let me forget.

Tangent aside, I pulled down my bear hood and made my way up to the counter, fidgeting to get my purse from under my coat while speaking to the person behind the front desk. After handing them my fake ID, they informed me that there was already a room reserved for one Y’vonne Hemming, the pseudonym I was going by for the time being.

One stammered excuse later, I was escorted by a hotel staff member to the eighth floor, to a ‘premium’. I had a regal and ritzy décor, a king-sized bed, a jacuzzi, and a mini-fridge of complimentary snacks. All of which would have been great… if I needed to sleep, wanted to see my new body in the nude, or felt any form of hunger over the past day.

After hanging up my coat, my purse, and taking off my tall black boots, I laid on my hotel bed, staring out the window to the humble city of Funke, Colorado.

Peatrice: It’s 11:30 at the moment and your flight’s at 9:00. You’ve got a full day to kill, babe. So… whatcha gonna do now? Whatcha gonna do before them time bandits come for you?

“I’ve never been in a place like this by myself, so… I don’t know,” I muttered. “I’m pretty worried right now. I mean, my friends, they might…” 

Peatrice: Fair enough, but— and I hate to be the toenail in this salad— you may want to start getting comfortable in that body of yours.

I sighed as Peatrice told me that. I did not want this body. It was attractive, beautiful even, and from an objective standpoint, it was vastly better than my old body for obvious reasons… But it wasn’t my body. I wasn’t myself. I was thrust into the form of someone else, and… there was nothing I could do about it. My body and my life were gone. I would need to live the rest of my days as the woman I saw in the full body mirror placed near my bed. Like it or not, hate it or love it, I had no way of changing that. 

Even if I somehow managed to replicate the mysterious drug that facilitated our swap… there was no going back from me. All I would be doing is robbing somebody else of their body, their life, their… self. And now, alone, with nothing to do but wait and worry, the best and most productive thing I could do was accept my fortune and get used to this body. To start accepting it as my own. To accept that I was now a different race, that I was now a woman. And that I would never be Jad Novus ever again.

After submitting to Peatrice, admitting he had a point, he enthusiastically instructed me to leave the hotel. He guided me to a place where I could get a whole lot more comfortable with this new body of mine… A place far better than I thought, but a little worse than I hoped

I followed his directions, his poorly formed directions that he regularly changed as if he was changing his mind after every other block. Following much irritation, I arrived at a clothing store by the name of Arjeanne’s at 12:17. 

Clothing was a sensible and practical place to start with assembling a new life for myself. I was not looking forward to getting to know the body of Abigale Quinlan in such intimate detail, but with Peatrice bickering at me, I decided to take the path of least resistance. With a sigh, I opened the door— and immediately wanted to go back outside.

“Hiya! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with!” A chipper sounding young woman shouted from the other side of the store.

Peatrice: Seeing as how I doubt you’re much of a fashionista, Jad-kun, maybe you should let this woman dress you.

“Do I really need to do this? ” I said under my breath.

Peatrice: Would you rather do this or sit in a hotel room, worrying about whether all your friends are dead? 

Fine… I’ll let this woman dress me. Just please tell me I won’t need to wear anything too… reminiscent of what Abigale had in her closet.” I mumbled as I made my way into the store, a little overwhelmed by the variety.

Peatrice: Nah, there’s no booby clothes in here. It’s pretty modest all things considered. 

Sighing as I looked down at my breasts poking out from my chest, covered by a coat that looks like a cartoon bear, I decided that I may as well play along with Peatrice’s perverse little game. Desperate for motivation and accepting my fate, I recalled a line Maxxie said to me when she dragged me along to go shopping for dresses last year: ‘I’m a woman, so I may as well dress like one.’

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