Rundown (1/13-1/19) Fetishes Are the Sexuality of the Next Generation

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Maybe this is because I delved into dark niches of the internet back during my formative years, but I often think about the sheer variety and volume of hyper-specific and obscure fetishes a person can have. Not just vanilla stuff like feet, BBWs, certain ethnicities, or unique sexual positions though. I’m talking about stuff like transforming into cactuses, fart vore, vaginafication, and milking women like cows. I am under the impression that a growing number of people are developing a fetish for the more weirder stuff as time goes on, either due to exposure at an impressionable point in their life, or a thirst for a new kind of sexy. As fetish culture only grows in size, I think it will go to become as prominent as sexuality by the time the next generation starts taking over popular culture.

Back when EA gained the Star Wars license nearly 6 years ago, I more or less shrugged, not being surprised that such a high value IP would be handed off to such a well documented money maker. However, their tenure with the series has been… lacking, with the first effort, EA Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) being a very limited package at launch that was only made substantial through a $50 season pass. The second effort, EA Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017) was subjected to a vicious backlash from the gaming community, the mainstream press, and even lawmakers. Right before that debacle, they scrapped Visceral’s Star Wars game, Ragtag, shut down Visceral, and sent what could be salvaged to EA Vancouver to make a Live Service for the highly valuable IP.

That happened about a year and some change away from that, and guess what? The EA Vancouver Star Wars game is cancelled too! What reason did EA give? Well, none, but according to people who worked on this game, the title was going to take too long to develop, and EA wanted something out sooner than later, likely aiming to have something out for the next gen launch. However, the seemingly flippant nature of this decision really does make me pause and wonder whether or not practices like this are in any way common amongst the AAA industry, or if EA is just a bizarrely managed company that does not have a very good grasp of their products until they’ve already been announced.

The Kiseki, or to use a less obscure name, Trails series is one that I feel I should be into, but after getting through the first 10 hour sof the first game and finding it to be incredibly average, I have been apprehensive of returning to it and giving it another shot. Mostly due to how, despite being divided into a number of subseries, the games apparently all need to be played to understand the broader strokes of the story and lore, and the games are positively drenched with numbulous lore. Anyways, I bring this up because the next entry in the series, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, has finally been announced for a western release sometime this fall, and it will be published by NIS America, rather than XSEED, who are presumably too busy to handle such a daunting project.

Now, the latter part is an important for two reasons. Trails fans overlap with a super niche community that is immensely picky when it comes to how games are localized, and NISA previously localized Ys VIII, which was made by the same developer as Trails of Cold Steel III, and the localization was a disaster and a half, needing to be completely redone some time after launch. Thankfully, they are bringing in staff who previously worked with the series to aid in this process, but there is reason to be concerned about the translation quality.

Next up on the docket is Machinima, the once popular Youtube-based gaming network that has spent the past year or so trying to redeem itself after becoming something of a laughing stock, and served as a launching platform for a number of creators who I still follow to this day. Yeah, earlier this week they were now part of a company named Fullscreen, a lot of people were fired, and now all their videos have been pulled from Youtube. Literal thousands of videos and years of work and effort are now gone, and for no real reason, with the only remaining backups being mirrored sites and a few who were wise enough to download the videos they enjoyed for safekeeping. This is the dark side of digital platforms, the fact that all of a person’s content, hard work, and effort, can be purged from history with such ease, without warning, and without explanation. …Yeah, I really ought to backup my Youtube favorites. It’s kinda crazy, but you know what?  The crazies live! The crazies ALWAYS live!

Also, Giga Wrecker Alt. was formally announced, and it will by in large be the same game, but with a new hint system, a permadeath mode, and other unspecified extras. Or in other words, it will likely still be an immensely frustrating puzzle game, albeit one with a really neat art style.

The header image comes from the manga Magical Trans by Kashii Yutaka.

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