Rundown (4/29-5/05) The Western AAA Game Industry is Not for Me

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With E3 just over the horizon, I have been thinking about the western AAA game industry and more specifically how I have grown so increasingly disinterested in it over the years. I mean, I have not touched a western AAA title that was developed specifically for 8th generation consoles, and the only ones I am interested in fall into two camps. First party Sony titles like Ratchet & Clank and Horizon: Zero Dawn along with continuations of series that I fondly enjoyed like Agents of Mayhem and Mass Effect Andromeda. It honestly strikes me as an odd shift compared to how open I was about things last generation, but after being burnt out by so many western AAA titles, I guess I just grew apathetic to the lot of them.

Though, I am not upset about how these major titles are not appealing to me, as there are plenty of games out there that appeal to my unique sensibilities. Heck, if I compiled a list of games I wanted to play in the foreseeable future, I would have over 200 titles just based on what is already out. The medium of games is a wide place, and while I do love following the industry, I should keep in mind that most of what comes out is not, and is not meant to be, something of interest to me.

Last month, publisher PQube announced the western release of the 5pb. Developed possession and panty fueled adventure game Punch Line via an advert included in the physical release of Gal Gun 2. Well, after letting that news air out for a bit, they formally announced the project for the west, and confirmed that it will be getting a PC release via a reveal trailer that mostly showed footage from the anime and did not explain what the game is very well. The only selling points highlighted were the fanservice and how the game comes from the “Makers of Zero Escape” which is not entirely true, as Spike Chunsoft had nothing to do with this project, and it was simply written by the writer/director of Zero Escape. Regardless, I now know that I will check the game out sometime after it releases this summer.

Nintendo’s re-release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch is something I very much understand. I do think it is nuts that a game they personally rebranded as a $20 discount title is now selling for $60 despite there being very few additions, and think that they should have included an HD version of Donkey Kong Country Returns to help give the package more value, but the high price is not egregious or some such thing. That being said, Nintendo recently removed the title from the Wii U eShop in anticipation for its May 4th Switch release, and I can honestly only view this as a cynical business move made to advert focus away from the older version, and designed to encourage more people to move on from the Wii U.

Unfortunately, that is about all that I could find to discuss this week, as things have been rather slow, with E3 right around the corner, as I previously mentioned. Plus, it was Golden Week in Japan, and nothing much happens during Golden Week.

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