Rundown (12/25-12/31) The Year of the Sexually Dynamic Homunculus

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ufo-sex-by-modeseven2017 has officially begun, and there really isn’t anything to talk about over the past week, as I already did a post about my favorite games of the year, as well as a general update. So I this Rundown is going to be a bit light, as nothing is happening in gamindustri.

As a follow up to last week’s news about Crytek closing down the majority of their worldwide studios, it has been announced that the Turkish government will provide Crytek with a 500 million dollar investment. The exact details, or really any details, about this or why have not been revealed, but the core reason behind this likely related to how the founders of Crytek are Turkish, and while the headquarters is not in the country, the company has a studio in Turkey. This is a generally weird piece of news all around, but it means that Crytek will not be fading away just yet, and they may have a brighter future on the horizon. pm-cute-happy-dog

The only other piece of news that I cam across was an announcement that the writer of the Higurashi and Umineko series of visual novels, along with a lot of other things, will be continuing the When They Cry series. Let me explain. Higurashi and Umineko are both unified by similar themes and the moniker of “When They Cry” as part of their full title. THis announcement does not mean a continuation of either of those two series, as I’m pretty sure they are both properly done, but rather a spiritual successor. I only bring something like this up because I more or less declared that I would review the entire Higurashi series, though I haven’t touched it in roughly a year or so… I should fix that. I mean, I’d like to have this whole series reviewed sometime within the current decade.

Moving away from news, the only coHntent filler I can think of for this post would be to look at what 2017 will bring with regards to games. 2017 will see a new Nintendo system, a better Xbox One, a new Zelda, a new 3D Mario, maybe the first chapter of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Danganronpa V3, a new game from Volition, a new Mass Effect, and two Sonic games that might actually be good.mari-go-on-toilet-fap-teenage-girl-love-awkward-weird-huh-what-how-impossible-great-amazing

I’m surely going to pick up a bunch of titles released throughout 2015 and 2016 as they drop in price. I’m going to have some games I backed on Kickstarter to review. I’m going to love some games, and I’m going to somewhat loathe others that I wanted to love. There will be controversies, petty arguments, excitement from the community at large, and this mix of cynicism and childish joy that has come to define said community will continue to produce both groan worthy sentiment and things of genuine value.

2017 will be like the years that came before it, and I just hope it ends up being an enjoyable collection of 365 days… Okay, I’m out of things to say. Good bye!

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