Rundown 3/20-3/26 Fapsturbate 3: Master Class

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0 Dont fap you by GashiGashiWell, nothing much happened this week, so I wrote up a little thing about my own weird views of sexuality that probably lacks the insight that I should have developed at this point, but that will probably not happen until I start visiting a head doctor who can lobotomized my noggin and go all Milda7 on my ass. Goodness, I just referenced a sissification artist, didn’t I?  Whatever. It’s another week, so another rundown will ensue!

Word on the street is that production on the Wii U may cease in 2016, seeing as how the system has sold tepidly over the past 3.5 years. A move that spells an early death for the system, and I would expect as much. The system has been home to several great games, yet it’s clearly going to be usurped by the NX sometime soon.

On that note, everybody got duped by a supposed leak of the NX controller that was a fake. A very convincing fake that I believed in myself, and initially wrote a piece on, but a fake nonetheless. With that said, I have to ask why the blazes anyone would create this. Convincing fake leaks are not cool, funny, endearing, or entertaining. They are shitty annoyances that manipulate and lie to people.1 Mari Do not dare lie to me you liar fuck off for fibs you asshole

Speaking of manipulation and lies, I recall hearing that Reality Pump, the people behind Two Worlds and the abysmal Raven’s Cry, shut their doors in May of 2015, but that apparently was not the case. In fact, the studio and Topware Interactive are apparently still around, and are working on quite a few things. Two Worlds II is getting engine upgrades, new multiplayer maps, and two single player DLC campaigns named Call of the Tenebrae and Shattered Embrace. But if the addition of DLC for a six year old game, Two Worlds III has entered the conceptual stages, and should be out within the next 36 months… What?

A supposedly shut down studio is still alive and are working on a game that people generally thought was decent, I personally thought it was kinda neat, and is firmly from the last generation. But apparently it was enough of a success to justify the development of a new entry in the series, when I doubt that an audience actually exists for these games. Even if these are good, will anybody really care? I’m guessing no.2 Press Switch apathy annoyed upset

Anything else I can talk about? Nothing that really caught my eye… So time to talk about myself, like a jerk. I’ve said before how I’m asexual, and I think I finally figured out why. It’s because I knew from a very young age what sexually provocative imagery was, and more or less vilified it after watching John Carpenter’s Halloween when I was six, stumbling onto a porn site at age 10 (I was trying to visit to Cheat Code Central), and stumbling onto and getting caught watching… some video done by the terrible artist and animator by the name of Rogerregorroger. It had topless and nippleless female Sonic characters. Yeah… that was embarrassing. And why I always have a tab to Google that I instinctively gravitate towards whenever anybody comes my way.3 Rain Hide IN That Closet You Gay Minded Fool

So, yeah. Nudity was vilified as a bad and nasty thing for me, and that is synonymous with sex in most western cultures. Yet I’m still the person who is currently writing a story about one person absorbing other people, and is a big fan of the fetish adult material artists Lemonfont, ModeSeven, BlackShirtBoy, and ONAT to name a few. Hell, I wrote a story about futanaris with retractable penises who raped men with giant testicles and vaginas. I wrote a story where one character ejaculates honey. I wrote a story wherein cannibalistic lesbian sex occurs. I ended a novella with a body swap based shower sex scene in one story simply because I was determined that I could write fuck talk better than the localization team of the X-Change series.4 Stern

Why do I like the more fetishistic side of things? Because it has an appeal beyond basic human hetrosexual or homosexual sexuality, which I find to be both boring and fundamentally gross because it involves two naked people sticking things that look awful into malformed holes. A couple having perfectly normal sex? Yucky! A man absorbing women through a massive fat penis and then becoming a BBW Futanari? That’s actually pretty keen. Why do I feel this way? I dunno. I watched a show wherein a giant pink bubblegum man turns people into candy and eats them back when I was six. And when I was 13, I discovered oodles of fetishistic stuff before I discovered what masturbation was. Which I learned after humping my mattress while thinking about some shitty Sonic body swap fanfiction that I can no longer find.5 So____OMG_AMY_by_AmyRose972

If this confuses you about what my sexuality or whatnot is, I am asexual, transgender (male to female), and used to be an autogynephile (somebody who is aroused at the idea of men turning into women). I say used to because after spending so much time and effort in consuming media grounded under the moniker of ‘TG’, and writing several stories wherein a male winds up with a female body through various means, I got sick of it… mostly.uniform_by_blackshirtboy

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