Rundown (2/07-2/13) Pokemon Generation VII Coming Soon

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0 P4G I have no redeeming qualities so let me just kill die like a good girlYada, yada, I should go see a psychiatrist, as I have been depressed at some point every day for the past three weeks or so. I’ve been hating myself and what I do for years now, and have been drowning my sorrows in things I enjoy for most of my life. Now I’ve gotten cynical to the point where even the idea of Pokemon Generation VII causes me to roll my eyes.

As was a shock for most people, GameTrailers shut down. While I had long since stopped visiting the site, a lot of their original content from almost a decade ago, such as their GT Retrospective series, and their partnership with ScrewAttack, were some of the biggest reasons why I know as much as I do about video games. Plus, I also really liked some of the earlier reviews they did, early episodes of GT Countdown, and even later stuff like Timeline and Pop Fiction. Without them, this blog may not even exist. 1 Mari head pat thank you very much for your words young man good job praise yayWithout Pokemon, I would be a completely different person, I am certain of that much given how I’ve spent months of my life invested in that series, for as sad of a fact that is. I bring this up because a new Pokemon called Magiana was revealed, and it will be a legendary Pokemon for Generation VII, which I honestly should have predicted would come out his year. Not only is this the twentieth anniversary, but the mainline Pokemon games tend to take 3 or 4 years to complete. I’m sure that’s why so many aspects are simply carried over from game to game and why massive changes and improvements have yet to be seen.2 SCD sexier better cooler

I’m sorry, but I’m technically an adult, and after almost 400 hours spent in Generation VI, I don’t want to tolerate the amount of nonsense that goes into Pokemon breeding and doing dumb mini games to boost their EVs. Or the nonsense that goes with evolving certain Pokemon. Or going to a Move Tutor and forking over Heart Scales or whatever in exchange for remembering a move. Or deal with the general slowness of basic user interface functions. Or deal with the unupdated text you need to see whenever you learn a new move… Okay, I’m done. I could stretch this out into a full blown analysis of the series, and I might do so if I feel like it.3 PL Sigh Awkward Ugh Groan

Now for another things I find to be nostalgic and I still hold far too much attachment to, Sonic! Sega has teased that popular young musician Madeon may be involved in the upcoming 25th anniversary title, seeing as how Madeon himself is a fan of the early 3D Sonic games, namely Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Also, Sega and Sony Pictures are working on a Sonic The Hedgehog Movie. It will be coming out in 2018, and will be a live-action CG hybrid for some reason. Seriously, the more recent titles have been moving away from even somewhat realistic environments, and Sony’s animation studio has enough talent to make a fully animated movie work. Although, I don’t really care. It’s been two years since I went to the cinema, and as my mother offhandedly told me when I was 12, it is wrong to ever go see a movie by yourself, and I don’t have friends any more.4 P4G Senpai you like texting phones and films moview right nah dawg I ain't for dat bullshit

Anywho, the 2002 3D platformer Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was confirmed for a PC port for a couple of months now, and is coming to Steam Early Access. Why? Probably because the developer, Krome Studios, either needs the money, or the port is buggy and they want to test it on a large audience and release it when the game is up to snuff. Quantum Break is also receiving a PC port, one that will be exclusive to Microsoft’s storefront that nobody really uses, will release day in day with the Xbox One version. This means it is coming out before Killer Instinct of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, two games announced for the PC at the E3 2015 PC conference, which will be returning come 2016, and it will hopefully be less of an unbearable slog than the 2015 conference. Not going to watch it in all likelihood, along with the Bethesda, EA, and Ubisoft showings come June 13.5 Bloomed Into Action Rabbit Assault

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