Rundown (1/25-1/31) A Pre-Sexual Attraction to Murder

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0 BTM Wonders of MurderI’m pretty sure that I said I would purchase a GTX 970 a few months ago. I can still afford it along with quite a lot of other computer stuff, but the thing about upgrading is that there is little penalty to waiting if you do not urgently need something. Also, it may turn out that the GTX 970 has been falsely advertised as more powerful than it really is. Meaning I’ll just wait until the next wave of graphics cards come out before I pick my peach, as they are only going to get better… Plus, I should get some more RAM and a new monitor, as I’ve been saying for a year. *Grumble* Instead, I’m prolly probably just gonna get an SSD, as my HDD is making a beat I do not like.

So, I was browsing along a site I constantly block people on in order to preserve its quality, NeoGaf, and it turns out that in a strategy guide some early images from Assassin’s Creed IV slipped past Ubisoft’s marketing department, and what would you know, they revealed Assassin’s Creed 2016’s probable setting. Japan! I could say that I am excited about this, but I really am not. Assassin’s Creed is a series I realized I never really liked all that much, and is one I am generally tired of seeing due to how much it is mentioned. Unity itself only soured me more as it was rubbish at launch, proving that Ubisoft should not deliver a new title yearly, let alone two as they did in 2014. Even if the series does eventually reach the modern day iteration that it teased players with the first game, it would likely just be another stealth game that has some climbing that I honestly do not believe feels very good at all.1 Bitter Change Guess it was not going to be simple easy understandable mess disaster failure whoops mistake uh-oh

But with the same breath of berading a franchise for being so homogenized and samey with each yearly installment, I would say that I would eat up a Dragon’s Dogma sequel, not because I was a huge fan of the first one, rather I never got around to playing it, and from what I heard, and played of the demo, a sequel could be really, really amazing. Well, hopefully there will be one, and we will not be stuck with the properly unveiled Dragon’s Dogma Online. It will be free to play, released on Sony systems and PC, and will have micro-transactions, meaning that Capcom will try and bamboozle you out of some dough. Well, they would, except the title likely will not come to the West. On that note, Sega of America downsized quite a bit, meaning that Phantasy Star Online 2’s odds of coming out have gone from 10% to maybe 2%. Also people lost their jobs, which is rather rotten to see.2 TWGOK Hide In Those Boxes And Be Sad, You'll love it

What is nicer to see is confirmation that Metal Gear Rising 2 exists, though simply showing a number in the Metal Gear Rising font is pretty lacking. Nobody would expect to see it soon as it likely began full production in late 2014, so you don’t need to tease us with something that tells us nothing about the game. Well, maybe Konami does as they have nothing compared to what they had before the mobile wars of the late ots… They have never been the same, scarred for all eternals…3 Watamote Pull the toilet paper because the girl has done gone crazy in the face psychonaut

Hm, this is a bit light… So, Hyperdimension Neptunia was released this week, after being delayed two days, and then being pushed ahead by 26 hours so it would be released at 18:00 Central time. I have no idea why, but I knew that I would buy it if it was launching at 50% off, because that seems rather nice. However, the game launched with DLC, and when you are porting a game to an entirely different platform, I must ask what the point in that is. I am admittedly not big on DLC, and am the sort of person who will buy a game bundled with all the DLC, but barely touch the extra campaigns as a lot of it is not very good. Review for it will come after I play Trails in the Sky and… something that is not a JRPG, because I don’t like playing the same genre back to back. It gets kinda boring.4 P4G This Is Boring dull yawn fuck this shit I'm leaving

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