Rundown (12/14-12/20) Bite off the Bitter End and Then Choke on It!

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0 Watamota Soda burst Typical It Figures ObviouslyTomorrow I am releasing my seventh Novella, A Vile Doohickey. I have been spending the past two and a half months tinkering away on it, and feel as if it is as good as it will get without another pair of eyes to help me out, and I wanted to get it out before this year’s end. That means I have released a novella, and two novels in 2014… which is kinda crazy when I think about it. It’s also the year where I started really working, effectively decided that I do not really care for college, and would rather work in an office for the rest of my days than learn something I will forget within six months.

So, I really do not know anything about SaGa. Just that it is a Square Enix RPG series that I have never really heard anybody talk about in enough detail for me to so much as identify any of its games other than those retitled Gameboy ones. So, in order to change that, they announced a PC- sorry, Browser game, Imperial SaGa, and a Vita game scheduled for 2015, but the only details given were some concept art… Yeah, this is the same studio that showed a trailer for a game ten years before it will come out, isn’t it?1 KLK Huh so you are doing that I guess it is okay if you want mediocrity

Though, that does not mean that re releases are stopping anytime soon, as both Ninja Theory’s DMC and Devil May Cry 4 are being put on current generation consoles. I see what is going on in regards to reminding people about the franchise, in addition to making money, but why not also release the first three titles as $10-15 downloadable titles? You already remastered them and should be able to port them if you did so properly. Heck, it would give me a chance to form a hate-love relationship with the titles if you threw in a competent PC port.2 MLM What Do You Mean Suppose To

I mean, Capcom clearly does care about the PC market, as does Konami if the few games they release nowadays is any indication. Seriously, beyond Castlevania, Soccer, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear, I could not name another major game they made this decade thus far. Though, I could say similar things to Tak Fuji, who I only really know from that infamous Konami E3 press conference. Either way, the man left Konami and will probably appear within a year or two with a nifty little game. Now to forget about that until the time comes.3 SF Super sadness and upset why you leave me bro I wanna have butt sechs

What I will not forget about is Tokyo Xanadu, a game I know nothing about beyond a teaser image, a title, and the fact that Falcom, the Ys and Trails in the Sky company, is developing it. Will XSEED be able to bring it over? Probably not. They still have Trails in the Sky VI-3, VII-1, VII-2, VIII-1, VIII-2, Ys VIII, Sangan Kagura Triple Climax, Sangan Kagura: Cooking All Evening, Xanadu Next, Xanadu Unleashed, FaXanadu Remastered, Xtreme-anadu, Ys V HD, Ys VI HD, Ys VII HD, and about twenty more titles, all coming this spring (March to July) to Vita.4 P4G Bringing me meat makes you a good person proper morals and such great job at judging the real world you nitwit dummy

You know what’s not coming to Vita… I could be really tragic by saying many things here, but what I was getting at was Minecraft: Story Mode, a Telltale game series that sounds like a joke no matter how I slice it. That said, my interest in it is on par with my interest in Telltale after their two previously completed seasons being a major step down from my GOTY in 2012. My GOTY in 2014 however, is Danganronpa 1&2, which is getting a free to play iOS spin-off. Danganronpa: Ultimate Battle is a cooperative action game with those two aforementioned terms attached, which upsets me, as I want to love everything from the series. Eh, it’s probably not some sign that the series is doing poorly, just that Chunsoft may want to make it a bit bigger than being enjoyed by 80k people in Japan… which is big enough to get an anime and a series of dishes at a cafe…5 DR I am not screwing with you kid so shut up and listed to my lies and truth sure certain

Another Final Fantasy XV trailer came out, and in the past I have been heavily critical of the game, but that is because of how upsetting a lot of it appears to be. The overall art direction simply look disjointed to me, and none of the shown party members seem to stand out very much on their own, while they all blend together whenever I try to imagine them. Let’s not even get into how much I find the concept of four men going on a road trip where they hunt, have barbecues in the night, and then go back to driving in an old fashion car to be greatly unappealing. Just viewing it side by side with Xenoblade Chronicles X makes the title look so much worse, when I am sure it had over twice the development time, and three times the budget. Although, I look at most AAA Ubisoft games and see a reckless disregard for the player’s enjoyment in order to provide content comparable to gruel after it has been sitting for a few hours, so what the fuck do I know?6 SF Smoke face killer weed cigarette tobacco love it exact extract

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