Rundown (6/30-7/06) Soft News In Yo Butt, Grrrl!

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Soft ButtThis is the boring time of year where I’m sorta tempted to make this a once every two weeks thing, but… I had enough for a page, so I’ll just start it off after knocking out how Persona 5’s web domain has been registered, which says little about the game’s release, seeing as how it’s been 6 years and no real info about it. Yep, this sure is the soft time, but I like to release content and do not want to edit Raiyne’s Whimsy.

Kicking off with grumbles towards Microsoft, because there is not a week where I can’t stop myself from getting peeved at how the Xbox One is being handled. Their personality lacking, for lack of a better word, spokesman, Don Mattrick, the man who said those with no internet are stuck with a 360, is gonna be the CEO of Zynga. Now, I can view this as both him jumping from the Microsoft ship, because there is still lots of negativity around them. And some higher ups wanting to get rid of the people who caused such an aura. Regardless, I am still surprised that Zynga is even in business, seeing as how I thought they were bombarded with lawsuits a few months, or maybe even years ago.

MLM Best Of Luck, but not reallyThough, I guess the hammer of complaints towards Microsoft after using them for the majority of a system generation won’t be used on that, and needs to be placed away once more due to their new reputation system. The gist of it is that all the respectable adults get matches made with people in a similar situation, while the cuss happy kids are locked in a room together. Not entirely sure how that will work, but it is certainly a good step to segregate those who would be better off as bacon, because you’re talking to a stranger, be nice, you pricks.

WataMote This IS a Nice CornerI blame how those snots find that language mature, when one of the most mature series out there is not something filled with fire, tits, and mutilation, but more akin to, say, Chibi-Robo. An adorable series about a helpful robot, which is getting another entry, or, actually has gotten one, thanks to a stealthy Nintendo Direct. There are two things that make me sad about one of the most delightful IPs ever, with the Japanese exclusivity being a possibility, while the revamped AR centric gameplay makes it look far less appealing, because you need a lamp to use that blasted thing!

Nyarko No How Could You Do The Bad Thing Scream Upset

It is a bit odd for me, because as much as I adore the library of the 3DS, the hardware itself is very, well cheap feeling and looking. I mean, remove the 3D, and it shouldn’t have launched for any more than $150. Everything still works, but it feels cobbled together, not unlike some of the first party stuff Nintendo’s been doing, like Super Mario 3D Land, that very blah feeling Mario title from 2011. While not bad, I didn’t see much great in the title either, as it felt like a bunch of test levels polished up. So hearing that is was an inspiration for the new Zelda, in really any form, does not bode well for how the title that disinterested my friend who will say that A Link to the Past is one of his favorite games.

Nyarko GIrls Gay Homosexuality Favorite Line

Mind you, I often think about how absurdly difficult it can be to make a game. The sheer effort needed to get a door to open makes the $60 and insane budgets almost seem justified. Almost, because if your game costs more than X to produce, maybe you should scale it back. Which is something that someone should’ve told DoubleFine, seeing as how after the Kickstarter avalanche of money, they still need more. Word is that Timmy-boy went and got a swell head, and wanted to make another Grim Fandango instead of a Monkey Island. Yet, the thing about Kickstarter is knowing what you’ll be able to deliver at what price. Plan out how much everything will cost before asking for money, and build the project according to it. Because nothing would be more embarrassing than DoubleFine needing a publisher in the end.

MLM Unnessicary Information U didn't need to know thatYes, money keeps things cycling around, but as anyone can attest to, games are getting too dang expensive, especially when the development costs double within a generation, like they have for Nintendo. As a response to why their output seems so drab, it turns out that making a 3DS game is like making a Wii game, and making a Wii U game is like making two Wii games. And for a studio that, in my opinion, failed to keep the benchmarked console relevant in the end, makes me feel that their current titles are more than justified, but I sorta want to see them stop trying to do hardware as a bonus to dishing out their annual shovel of software.

Well, hopefully this will be the final thing I need to squeeze out because WordPress is rejecting my computer like a bad kidney!

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