(6/23-6/29) We’ve Got Deserts Ahead, Save Me A Bullet

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Fart In The Butthole dot orgSoft Served News! The greatest time between E3 and Comic-Con, where jack often happens. To remedy this dry season storming in, I’ll talk about the most minor of things that I can justify putting in here. Like the hard to interpret possible reversal of Nintendo’s Let’s Play monetization scheme… Nah, I’ll find something else.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is looking to have everything needed to be one of my favorite games if the trailers are any indication. With kid soldiers, ripping out a girl’s guts, riding on horses, and realistic temporal progression. However, it is very stark when compared with the original titles, and comparing part one to part five is more than a bit of a drastic leap. Well, Kojima realized this and want to get another remake out the door. Y’know, after Silicon Knights did an overall acceptable job with their Gamecube version. It was really more of a system, engine, and generational port than anything, and the claim to fully advance the game through the Fox Engine make the still theoretical idea something I’d love to dive into. Especially if someone like Just Add Water wants to do it. …Or maybe it was a mistranslation… Screw it, make it happen and I’ll give you $50.MLM Take it easy, do what you can

Although, I still do like new IPs, but it seems that those are regularly becoming the Indie thing. With the reliably high quality Zeboyd Games planning their first non-licensed game in about two years, Cosmic Space Heroine. What it will actually be is more conceptual at this point, with the programmer and narrative guy, Robert Boyd, still trying to learn how to make games using Unity. And if four great dirt budget titles is any indicator, I’m certainly ready to give them about $30 when they begin their Kickstarter.SCD Take my money so cute imports magical sheep do want

It is nice how there are two parallel sects in this industry with games wither costing enough to pay for rent and groceries for their staff, or needing several dozen millions. Kinda like what I’d expect a Dragon Age to coat, even though I’m not sure where the series is headed. Starting with an oft delayed sprawling fantasy adventure, to a far more condensed and less varied sequel made in a few months and after a barrage of meh DLC. Ultimately feeling like a stalling act for the big finale in the series. Well, I haven’t a clue as to what Dragon Age: Inquisition will offer, because it won’t be a continuation of Dragon Age Origins or II. True, the sequel only featured a few characters from Origins, but you were building up to something and dropping most of the story thus far feel sorta like you never had any clue what you were doing with the series.

PGOS Consistency between beginning and endYet, if Microsoft is any indicator, it is normal to make up crap as you go along. Following the somewhat pitiful DRM reversal, Microsoft did two very appreciated solids. One, they stopped charging peeps for patches. And two, they’re gonna support Unity. Yeah, this still looks like you’re fumbling around big M, throw in self publishing and change up Xbox Live a bit, y’know, walk the walk away from the volcano of stupidity. Only then will we talk that talk.

VO Dodging the Issue What are you talking aboutYou guys have the money after all, unlike Atlus’s parent company, who is the Japanese version of Bankrupt! It is currently uncertain what shall happen, but Atlus could be in potential doo-doo. Would be a shame, because despite only owning four titles with their brand on it, I really want to see the reaction to Per5ona and possibly play it. Not that localization should be a big issue, with Atlus USA staying afloat. If Atlus does potentially go up for sale though, I’d be keen on Nintendo buying them up. Why? The big N needs to have some other second parties, they may have about a dozen, but that doesn’t keep most of a console and a handheld afloat!

SCD I want to be a company presidentWell, it will be something my fantasy version of Japan will celebrate with a parade, because as far as I am aware, the world doesn’t exist unless your looking at it or told about it. Which is somehow related to how The Last of Us did very well in Japan. Now, Western games in Japan do about as well as niche Japanese titles do here, with some exceptions on both ends. So seeing a game that is westernized as hell break into six digits within a week is quite a feat. …Yeah, I wasn’t big on the game, I posted a review yesterday if you want to know why.

Or instead, you could look at this four man developed Unity based Pokemon game with real time combat called Pokemon Generations… Don’t cease and desist this big N, buy it up… I’ll give you some funds… $150 just to see it made… Pretty pretty please!

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