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…I don’t know what I’m doing anymore! I never really did, but now I’m just throwing out my dreams and committing plagiarism on my mind! I am literally doing this when I’ve got some free time during school, and I don’t think it is bad. But what was this again? Oh yeah! Here’s a character based prequel on an unintroduced character for my narrative series, Nari’s Log. Because I thought it’d be a fun idea.

Excerpts from Terrance’s blog: https://www.superbattlegirlseita.wardpress.com

Posted 18:53 on Tuesday, 10/4/20XX:
Salutations, my dearest followers. As much as the pain seeps into my very soul, the next crossover will take some time to muster up. The ever present evil of writer’s block strikes once more. I hate to sound like a whiney bitch, like Grooser247, but sometimes we all need rest to come up with something that is not shit. You do know that Pedophilia is illegal, you fat cow! And anyone into it is a disgusting fat pig. Oh, and my collection of Seita figurines should be complete within a day or two. As long as DarkFlare doesn’t screw me over.
Posted 19:48 on Wednesday, 11/4/20XX:
I’ve said before that those fat girls who post about their dreams are just bad novelists, but I had one that was sick as shit. I was on some grey slab, and in a room with green tiles over everything. There was some fat bastard in front of me, with a knife in his hand, and a syringe in another. The guy was a goddamn hippo, and gagged me or some shit, so I had to be his bitch. Then I gouged out his eyes with a black claw I suddenly had. Pretty badass. But then everything just up and ended with the fatso’s last words being, “You’ll regret this”. Pretty corny stuff, but it was retarded to just end there.

P.S. Seita figure should be here tomorrow, and she’s getting antsy for her new outfit. Certainly will get me out of my writer’s block for her. This stuff just needs to happen every 200 pages, I guess.
Posted 12:31 on Thursday, 12/4/20XX:
Hate to be another Lubber Gal, but my dream last night was just weird. Everything was black and white like my mind was too lazy to give me any colors. It was in a bathroom, with a little Asian girl and her Asian Granny giving her a bath in a sink. I was sitting on the toilet, and this is where it get’s creepy as hell. I had a little Asian girl’s body, and a white dress on. Hell, I looked in a mirror, and me and the little girl had the same shoulder length haircut and facial features. Like I was her twin or some shit.

I looked at the mirror, not really paying attention to my current stature, until I blinked and grew back to myself. I was still in a tiny little white lampshade, or whatever, but I was still my old grown-ass self, standing in a bathroom with a little girl and her granny, with everything black and white. Not that I cared, I just lifted up the little girl, and threw her down on the tiled floor. I don’t know why, or why I then jumped off the toilet to stamp her little head in.

The old woman was panicking, tears in her eyes, as she tried to open the door. But I decided to take her head and slam in between the door, right on her old wrinkled neck, before I started to pound her head onto the floor until she stopped crying. I don’t know why I did that, I was just watching myself do it from my own eyes. And like that, Seita woke me up, saying my alarm was on the fritz, so I had to go to school without showering once more.

And of course, there was a “delay” with my figure. That figure’s 14,800 yen before shipping! Cost me over a two hundred bucks to get it with snail speeds. But I’m gonna choke a bitch if it turns out I got another unpainted one! And I’ll give you a preview of the story tomorrow. People have been flaming my stories, saying that it was like something a child wrote. I’m at a twelfth year educational level, and I’ve already got a studio for as long as I want. With $2,000 in spending money every month from my parents. They didn’t give me up after the “assault”, so they won’t give me up now!
Posted 21:32 on Friday, 13/4/20XX:
Who the hell has three dreams in a row? I barely had any after I lost all curfew, and my Dad was unable to pound on my door. But they keep on coming, and keep on freaking me right the hell out! I don’t know where I was, I think maybe a drug den, or wherever potheads go. Sorry kids, you’ve still got a few more days before you’re stupid ass celebration of being a bundle of lazy

Whatever, I was walking through there, feeling really off, with big old black hands, and a gut so big I could not see my own feet. I was next to something RubyWolf3 said was a “hookah” And, no, it wasn’t a misspelled name for a prostitute. I did something to it, before i got up, and waddled around as some shirtless black guy. And to the Anon that said I should look at my hand, you’re wrong, because that did crap, I wasn’t able to control anything about my dreams.

I just worked my way through moaning old men and women, all small enough to fit inside of my gut three times over, before I got to one. It was an older looking guy, wearing nothing but Jeans, and a tie-dye bandana I placed my hand on his forehead, mumbled something, and wandered out of this dark concrete place, through some stairs I struggled up, until I got outside to my city, a place a few blocks away.

I then blinked once more, and everything felt less like I was in a giant cotton ball, as I felt a chill down my neck. I then ran out into the night, noticing how I looked just like the guy I placed my hand on, right before everything went white, as I was woken up by someone shining a flashlight into my eye. It was Seita, ever the adorable in her recently arrived school swimsuit costume. Wanting me to finish up the fifth chapter of the crossover, seeing as how I’ve been inspired by these weird ass dreams. And no, the final Seita figure is still on the way.

P.S. To that Anonymous dumbass who wanted to know, Seita’s my lover, she’s been with me since I was eight. They tried to get rid of her because she was a bad influence, but she kept coming back, because we’re in romantic love.
Posted 11:41 on Saturday, 14/4/20XX:
Grooser247 is a massive ass! I was hoping for a noon release on another site, but no. That bastard hacked my account, so no one will see me post it. And I already lost the first two chapters, so posting them onto a new account won’t do shit. He just had to send a message to everyone of my followers, and one to my email, calling me a shit waffle. Really? Shit waffle? What are you thirteen?

So, if any of you followers have a copy of the first two chapters, send them my way. I don’t remember what the hell I wrote two weeks ago. What I do remember is another weird ass dream. I was in the back of a taxi, no driver in the front, but some large black dude to my left, with a door to my right. I looked down at myself, and things were not right at all. The bleached blonde hair was a dead giveaway, but the darker set of double Ds and leopard skin underwear were close seconds.

The big bald black dude looked at me with a smirk, as he started to lurk towards me like an ape. And for whatever reason, I kicked him in the face with red stiletto heels, making him angry, and all the more likely to attack me, but then I reached down to the back of my back, sending shivers through my mind, as I pulled out a tiny handgun from my ass.

And I shot him right in the skull, as blood dripped down. I just left the car after that, not wondering who the man was, just going on, as I suddenly jumped onto a wall the dark alley I found myself in, and climbed up the walls, jumping up into the air as I glared at the moon, which faded into Seita’s face. Guess she did arrive early this morning, as she glomped me with delight due to her new outfit from the figurine. Guess I owe you some props, eh DarkFlare? Seita really likes it and her eyes are just right. PM me when you see another deal, just don’t make it any of your overpriced DVDs.
Posted 7:05 on Sunday, 15/4/20XX:
First I’ll thank the two who saved a .txt document of my stories. Formatting was fucked up, but I got all the words. I was going to post the account yesterday, but I was really tired, and kept falling asleep. Not sure why Seita didn’t wake me up, and just cozies around me, but won’t get in the bed to make sure I get up, or stop these goddamn dreams!

Last night was about me breaking into a Zoo, and just trying to get my hand on the heads of nearly every animal bigger than a squirrel. I was just running through the zoo, at night, with no guards around, placing my palm on the heads of rhinos, to tigers, to bears, to spider monkeys. It was the most tame of them, and also the most bizarre. Just sprinting around a deserted zoo and waking up all the animals. Someone showed me a dream journal, but there’s no way that something like that would be in there.

Now, Seita’s making me go to bed, saying that I’m becoming nocturnal. I thought she was suppose to be a happy go lucky girl, but now she’s worried about my nutrition? I’m only 55kg, my metabolism eats up all the energy drinks I chug! Whatever, at least she gives me stuff that doesn’t taste that the vegan crap my Mom always shoved into my face!
Posted 18:52 on Sunday, 15/4/20XX:
I had another dream during my slumber away from the sun. It was the first of the bunch that was not during night, and the first one with Seita by my side. I was crammed in a car, and behind the steering wheel. Odd seeing as how I can’t drive. I pulled up to an apartment building that I think is on the other side of town, where I used to get my… Let’s call them boyhood fantasies for my Waifu. Seita was in the passenger’s seat, and we both got out, went to an apartment, with Seita following me with a look of sorrow.

We entered room 404, more specifically I kicked down the door. It was a studio, with a bed, some shelves, walk in kitchen, looked just like my room, but less cluttered and with open windows. I looked over the place, snapped my fingers, which were donned in a white glove, and ran, as an explosion erupted behind me.

I woke up, as Seita screamed. She mentioned it, said it was not a dream. She can’t use the computer without me, so she won’t know that I typed that I think she’s not the real Seita. I think the new figure corrupted her. But if I get rid of it, will she die? I’m not going to risk that… I can’t, but- Dammit, this is going to need to be short, I think my parents came to give me some fresh air. And Seita won’t be coming along, as always.

P.S. I’ll get to your request by Thursday, RubyWolf3. Just lay off the unbirth next time, okay?
19:00 on Sunday 15/4/20XX: Terrance’s world assimilated into the Omni.
(Approximately 2,500 hours before Nari’s Indoctrination into the Omni)
I woke up in city square. Hundred of people were around me as the sun was high with unwelcome heat pouring down onto my body. I don’t know why, but I was in an ill fitting black jumpsuit, as everyone more or less ignored me. All of them were dressed normally. Business attire, extravagant casual clothes that cost half a week’s wages, or clothing that left nothing to the imagination, not even the nipple size.

Seita did not like the crowds, and always stayed at my apartment. But where was my building? This city was not the one I remembered. I needed a map or someone to tell me where I was. I thought of a location, my school was the most “normal” one I could fathom. I reached for a businessman, one of the few who were not on their phones. I grabbed his arm, and felt a shock. I plummeted to the ground as he just kept walking along. I was no more significant than a pillar to these people. I stayed put on the ground, as I let the noise settle in. The honking of vehicles, the ringing of electronics, the blabbering of mouths, hundreds talking at once into an all too loud white noise.

I panicked. I wanted to break out. I wanted to be free. I wanted to erase the noise. I wanted to X the freaking music! I felt myself grow bigger over the course of a millisecond. I opened my eyes as I was the center of attention, a large body with legs like tree trunks, and coarse skin. I was not sure what animal I was, or if it was even one at all, but I was fifty feet tall, and felt bloodlust for everyone. I stomped the ground, and ran across the city streets. As I let myself go, I could hear Seita, she was congratulating me, saying I did a good job, saying how much she loved how I was doing this. So I kept on bashing my surroundings as I felt them oozing into me, causing me to expand even more, and feel stronger, all while Seita got happier, and happier. I was in bliss as I corrected the world around me. Seita was the sign that made me realize this world was wrong, and now I could fix it, even if it meant that I had to destroy and absorb it! They just had to join in with our love!
Approximately 500 hours before Nari’s Indoctrination into the Omni

“How long has it been since we began the reconfigurations, darling?” “I’m not sure Terryberry. But you did an amazing job!” “You really think so?” “SIlly boy! I know so!” “You’re the best I could ever hope for. You want a new outfit?” Seita chuckled. “You’re too sweet! You already gave me a new design, after you went a bit too far with the Gs, the D’s are just right.” “Anything about the world you want changed, Dearest?” “Ooo! How about another cottage on the mountain front?” “I’ll see if we can find some rubble for that, my sweet sultry Seita.”

A fully developed woman with a childlike demeanor and face stood up from the city wide wreckage, having laid down on half a mattress she found. The figure had overly large assets, with violet hair that was paired with matching cat ears and a tail. Donned in a grey and pink jumpsuit that was practically embedded into her skin. Along with uncomfortably large eyes, with an iris color that glimmered pure white, looking beady and dead. They leapt up 20 feet in the air, before lifting a tattered car,and throwing it at one of the few stable buildings, as it started to tip over, and fall, all while laughter pursued. Just one of the many lives lived by the many Constants known throughout the Omni. The man able to bend his form however he pleased, with all the benefits of millions of individuals. And the curse of having an imaginary friend who pretty much uses him as a toy.
Abridged Annual Reports on Poshington, I. Terrance
From the desk of Dr. Mark Wake

Terrance P, Age 9
Having shown shyness towards his peers, Terrance was sent to a social worker to see how he could be more expressive. The doctor deduced that he lacked a common interest with his peers, fixating on a single animated show, namely a character in said program, Seita. He believes her to be his imaginary friend of sorts, but more severe. He actively acknowledges her, and even dressed up like her for the past three halloweens, as his parents refused to have him go out like that. Unfortunately, his parents demand his behavior to “not be embarrassing”, so they demanded medication for his disorder.

Terrance P, age 10
The child has not show any signs of ignoring his imaginary friend, and has only lowered himself in the social food chain, as most children began to insult him for his interests. His grades have also suffered, drawing illustration and writing stories about the character and the other ones she interacts with. Most of them showing him and Seita together as a couple. He has been sturdy to the idea of changing, but his parents are willing to demolish his personality in order for short term gains

Terrance P, age 11
After his parents removed every bit of Seita from his room, Terry drifted away and kept distant from anyone, barely speaking more than the necessities. He still longs for Seita, but has acted like she was stolen from him ever since he lost any physical representation of her. His parents did not see any reason for him to indulge in such, “unrealistic fancies”, so they removed hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise he begged them for.

Terrance P, age 12
Having entered a private middle school, Terry was miserable, sitting at the back, barely focusing on work, and being a victim to his peers. For the first six weeks, he was ignored as his medication continued against the doctor’s recommendation. And unfortunately, he still maintained a strong connection to the Seita character, having sneaked peeks whenever he had access to a computer. Unfortunately, he could not accept criticism of her and responded to someone’s vulgar insult of the character, with a pen jammed through the insulter’s neck. The boy survived, by Terrance was expelled. He was sent to a mental hospital for children a few days ago.

Terrance P, age 13
Terrance has proven to be rejecting any form of medication, with his obsession haven grown even more since he was removed from anything related to Seita. With the prime example being an instance where he had access to a scalpel, and tore off the skin of one of his fellow patients, in an attempt to gain computer acces to see images of the Seita character. He was placed in solitary confinement, before his parents all but gave up on him. They are currently debating with the doctors on other solutions to Terry’s problem.

Terrance P, age 14
It had been decided that Terrance would be removed from his family, and placed in an apartment, where he would be allowed to relish in his obsessions, while being sent to a private tutor a minimum of thirteen days every week to secure a basic high school education. Against the doctor’s better judgements, his parents took the first solution they could find, and placed him in an apartment five miles away, with the promise to visit him for one hour every month. While his door is monitored by a switch that will make note of when he leaves, and begin to track him. For the past few months, Terry has immersed himself in the internet, attempting to consume as much as possible about the character of “Seita”.

Terrance P, age 15
Terrance has shown tolerance to education for the first time in years, willing to attend the six hour classes, but not do the additional work. Though he has the opportunity to leave the apartment with a guard, he has only done it for matters relating to Seita. In fact, based on his web browsing history, all he has done was related to Seita, and the annual 25,000 budget of spending money his parents gave him has gone almost exclusively towards Seita, as he spends an average of seventeen hours in front of a screen, observing Seita, and the other eight mumbling about her, talking to himself about her, writing about her, or attempting to draw her. All of which is far from quality, but he apparently started a blog about her, which he updates daily.

Terrance P, age 16
Terrance has all but abandoned reality, barely seeing the sun since he blocked his thick glass windows with bricks. He also has not been too kind on being called Terrance, or even looking like himself. He has bought several costumes that cover his entire body, acting like different individuals as he placed them on. Many of which are disturbing, as his body more or less fully developed, along with a very deep voice as he imitates to sound like a little girl based on a costume he has. His interests in Seita is still prevalent, but it appears to have expanded into other subjects that continue to show his denial of reality, it is rare he sees sunlight more than once a month. Even more rare that he exercise. Not that he looks to need it, having grown used to eating less than two bowlfuls of food a day.

Terrance P, age 17
Terrance has reached the level of a high school senior through a marathon of courses, all of which he did remarkably average in. He claims that he is uninterested in finding a job, and wants to merely live with Seita. With the only plausible career goal being a writer, seeing as how his writing has improved since he was a child, but is still difficult to go through. While his artwork is mostly bases, and poor portions of the human body, namely in regards to breasts. Also leans on the fetishistic, namely with absorption and transformation. Both him and his parents seem to be content though. As they called off our annual check ups with the final one being next year. Sadly, the most progress we’ve made over the past three years was enabling preteen level social communications, and it is unlikely we’d make any more. Shame, we were making progress with him expressing himself thanks to part time assistant Peatrice Jekyll, who used the alias of RubyWolf3.

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