Nari’s Log Cycle 04: Cyhanide and I

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Nari’s Log was a ambitious unfinished sci-fi novella created by Natalie Neumann. Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 06: Nari’s Logof The Saga of Vincent Dawn and Volume 02: Nari’s Log of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.

I’ve only been here for the combined total of 14 or so hours, but based on that alone, I am convinced that the OMNI is just screwing with me. It was bad enough to meet that Uni person, but this? Being alone in another world would suck enough, but I just had to be with someone who I got along with like a dog and antifreeze.

Everything came into focus as I heard a high pitched buzzing noise. It was one of the most familiar things I’d heard thus far, and alarm clock reading “8:30”. I instinctively placed one of my hands over to it so I could shut it off. But as I did so, I noticed something very wrong. Both my hands and arms were made of metal. I jolted up, shaking around the black sheets that I found myself in, and began to examine just where I was before who I was. It was a poorly lit bedroom with walls covered by illustrations. Most of it being that of demonic creatures, dark imagery, some rape portraits, and a lot of black all over the place. Other than the bed, and a floor littered by clothes that mimicked the walls in looking overly grim, there were shelves of nick-nacks that just sealed the theme.

It was kinda like a mix between a metal head and an emo kid’s room. Not really getting the subtleties of being dark and depressing. Not that most of them had a reason to be, back where I came from. I quickly got out of the bed, and wandered out the door that was stained with red markings, that were probably intended to be blood. And much to my surprise, outside of the bedroom I found a well lit and very neat home. It looked to be some sort of condominium, except everything looked very… cyberpunk. But before I wandered off and checked the rest of this place, I searched for a restroom to get a better look at who I was. Lucky me, it was behind the first door I checked, with a full body mirror lying standing tall in the chrome coated bathroom.

Starting from the head down, my Host’s body was unnatural looking, unkempt orange hair that was at about chin length. I say unnatural, because other than the hair, there would be no doubt this girl was Asian, and a pale one at that. Well, if you left green eye to just be a contact. While the other one looked like someone crammed a metallic pinball into an empty eye socket, with the only indication of its use being that it had a green light blinking near the center, which housed something that looked like a tiny glass circle. However, other than that one massive eyesore, no pun intended, the face was actually pretty cute looking. Or would be if not for how it really did look like someone who just got out of bed.

The body was pretty normal in terms of the torso, except for how it was wrapped in some sort of short sleeve pink jumpsuit with a symbol of a red A in a circle. So I was apparently a cute anarchist? And a female one if the A-cups were any indicator. Which was unsurprising based on how I looked and felt remarkably skinny, only about 40 kilos, I’d guess. Both arms were an identical robotic appendage, resembling a normal arm in terms of general size, but they looked very cheap given the nice looking condo I was in. Especially at the mid tricep point, where it looked like this young woman’s arms were cut off with a knife, and the metal ones were shoved on in. While the legs were hardly different once I pulled up the legs of the jumpsuit upon seeing metal slabs for feet poking out.

My reaction was a confused mess of, “Hadaba, cyborg, how the, anarchist, huh?” All briefly catching a sound of my voice this time, and it sounded like a spoiled little brat, not that I couldn’t draw that conclusion from my surroundings. But I then heard a very similar, although slightly higher pitched voice. “Huh? Oh great! Ogling again Samuel? I know having a fleshy body for a bit is great, but grow the fuck up you binary bitch.” Well, heard isn’t the proper word. It was more like I knew it was being said, not that my ears received it. I tried acknowledging the voice, still getting used to mine own, which was basically just a different tone and inflection. “Um, hello? Who is this?” I mentally registered a groan. “Oh not this shit Samuel! I just got up, and I don’t want to play any of your retarded hacking failure simulations!”

I was just then reminded of Uni and how she attempted to kill me while acting like that, so I ended up venting towards her. “Listen here who or whatever the fuck you are! I have had a long day now, and I don’t need another bitch spewing her cunt all over my face because she doesn’t have whatever she wants! I don’t know who you are, where the fuck this place is, or, why I am here. I’m the one in control here, so answer my questions, if you’d kindly. Starting with, who the fuck are you?”

In retrospect, I was far too harsh on her. She was a brat, but I just stooped to her level, proving nothing that elevated me above her. I quickly apologized. “Ugh. I’m sorry. I just was nearly killed, but I was immortal then, and there was a lot of yelling like this. And this will probably make no sense to you-” I was cut off by her doing the equivalent of screaming at me. “The fuck are you doing controlling my body then, you canned feces?” Okay, maybe I was now on a higher level. “Oh, well, I’m something called a Shifter, and I just kinda randomly Shift into people. Although it has only been young women thus far. kinda odd being a guy and all-”

I was interrupted for the second of many times to come. “Oh, so you’re a perverted dick as well as being a thief. Just figures that I’d be the next one. So what’s it gonna be? You own pleasure? Prostitution? Or maybe, I’m just not fucking good enough, and you just want my birthers’ money.” I decided to be blunt. “Look, an accident happened, and now I’m stuck with you until you get knocked out.” I registered her scoffing. “Oh, so your mates can come and stick it in my metal vag and badonkadonk? No fucking way.” I just shook my head, or her head, screw it, the head was under my control, so it is my head. “Wait, so in addition to having metal arms, legs, and an eyeball, you have a metal butt and vagina?”

“Yeah, what’s it to ya, Gramps? I ain’t the only dyke with an Augmented ass and cooze!” I sighed, and lifted my new metal hand to my face, revealing that it was very cold. “Look, I’m not from around here. I’m not even from this planet. Hell, probably not even the same universe.” There was a pause before her word once more entered my mind. “You think I’m that much of a dumbass, don’t ya?” “Do you really think I’d pull that out of my ass if it wasn’t the truth?” I said, growing irritated.

“Aight. Assuming this shit is the ‘truth’ what are you doing here?” “I am not sure, something about gathering recon for a Red Panda who lives in a giant can, and pilots a space train!” There was a pause. “So, I’m basically stuck with you, since I can’t do anything but vocalize to my own mind, as my body is possessed by some asshole. Fuck my life!”

“Okay… Cyborg girl-” I was interrupted by a mental shout. “Oh, so you do know slang for us Augs, but you are apparently not from around this world?” My groans continued after every other thing she said. “Could you please tell me your name Miss? Mine is Nari… Just Nari, I can’t recall having a last name as stupid as that sounds.” She replied with laughter. “The hell kinda name is Nari? And you’re a dude, right? How many Fag-U-Grams did you get growing up?” “Um… none? I think.” Yeah, Fag-U-Grams? What kinda messed up place was this? “Well, You can call me Cyhko, or Chy Anide, or just Cyh. Whatever floats your fucking boat.”

“Alright, Cyh… Is Cyanide a thing in this world?” I asked, baffled as to why someone would name themselves after a toxic chemical compound. “Um, duh! The hell do you think I named myself after?” She responded, more than a bit annoyed by how I would ask something so basic to her. “So, you’re a self declared anarchist named after Cyanide, who also has metal limbs… And I’m mostly possessing you?” I said, trying to keep all of this straight. “Ding, ding, ya dingus. Oh, and you could tell what my symbol meant. Bravo keeping your cover, ya fucking moron!” “You know, you could keep your language cleaner. Or is that just normal here.” This was apparently something else she hated talking about. “Fuck you, and fuck society. I can say whatever I damn well feel like. And I’m not going to be lectured by a body snatcher!”

I paused to think of a way to end this, and just get my answers. “Look, I’m pretty sure that I can fully control you for as long as I want, so the least you could do is tell me about this world. I don’t need anything personal. Just give me the rundown. Where’s the harm in that?” To change things up, she was the one who groaned. “Fine! You ask your retarded questions, and I’ll tell you anything a child could tell you.” I tried to be the better person once more by offering a simple, “Thank you.”

“Okay, what’s with these metal limbs?” She began her standard response of sighing after every question. “They’re my way to tell people to go and shove it. Cybernetic augmentations were long abandoned and replaced with genetic ones. In addition to most people being bred from the most ideal genes of their two parents. In order to advance human evolution, and the most healthy children. I once had all that done on me, but in order to go against the system, I altered my body and made the one you see before you.”

“Wait, so why were you rebellious?” I asked, briefly forgetting how I said this wouldn’t be personal, until she refused to respond for a few seconds. “Oh, um, right. Went and broke my own rule right there. So… Is this Samuel a personal aspect as well?” “Nah, he’s just the AI for this home that my parents shoved me in after I blew up the past few. He was programmed to make sure I don’t fuck everything up here as well. So he’s all the appliances, and controls what goes both in and out of here.”

“Um, I think I get that. But I think I was sent here to learn about the world. Can you tell me something about that?” There was a bit too long of a pause, so I interjected once more. “Um… did I touch a nerve, or-” Cyh cut me off with a mental shout. “You do know you can access all of this shit right now, and don’t need me to nurse you like a cunting illiderate infant!” I began to form an apology, but she kept on going. “I mean, the Internal Information Index could tell you that last one in five goddamn minutes!”

“Look, I don’t know what that is, I need to be told or I will just need to keep this up.” “You know when you understand something so well that people not getting it is aggravating? Yeah, that’s what this situation is to me. From my perspective, you are a literal retard!” I took a minute to let the silence settle, and see if this girl’s bark was worse than her bite. And after that time, in total silence, I left the bathroom where we’d been having this conversation, and walked into the rest of the Condo.

I was immediately greeted by a voice, as an image formed in my left eye. It was of a nondescript face made of wire that spoke in a voice that was computer generated, but still pretty lifelike. “Hello, Mistress Cynthia. It is 8:57. You are late for breakfast once more. I have prepared something for you in front of your unintegrated screen. It is a deconstructed ham and cheese omelette with toast. Please enjoy while your schedule programming will begin in two minutes, eight seconds.”

I scanned through a series of slick looking appliances and containers, all of which looked relatively untouched. Oddly finding no windows, despite how I thought it to be a major appeal of condos. Then, I found a corner that contained a beat up looking couch, a wooden coffee table filled with stains, and an HDTV ingrained into the grey metal wall. With a plate holding some little bite-sized spheres on the coffee table, along with a green soda can. Who the hell had soda with their breakfast?

I went to sit down at the couch, and the TV immediately turned on, as the same computer made voice from before said, “Outdated peripheral, activate.” Clearly implying that a TV was not a normal thing in this world. Or at least not any more. As it took a second to turn on, I examined the spheres on the table, and realized they were smelled just loved that meal the voice told me about. And they tasted just like it as well. Well, for a second before I spat it out, because it tasted like it was made from lard after biting into one.

This was apparently enough to bring back Cyh, as she started commenting on my situation. “Yeah, never did think that anything this fuckwit made was anything but vomit.” I did not comment back to that, in part due to lack of what I could say, but mostly because the TV was on, and it would be a better use of recon than Cyh would be.

On the screen were two individuals sitting at a desk, with a green backdrop behind them. One was some sort of beige pug, donned in some sort of business suit with a tie that had “Channel 69” on it. The other one was a brown bear in a leather jacket. Although, I never saw below his waist, so he could’ve been wearing some jeans or something.

I quickly recognized this set-up as a news show, where two anchors bring up stories, with occasional cuts to one who details the weather or something along those lines. But shortly after that recognition, the Pug began to speak sounding like a fifty year old man from Boston, minus most of the inflections. “Hello guvs, I’m your loyal friend, Paul Barker, and with me is my regular co-anchor, Edmund The Bear. Who took the past month off to perfect his form as an anthro-bear. So tell me Edmund, what was it like going through the newly revitalized transformation system? Because when I went to become a Pug, it was three years ago. As someone who was able to afford this operation, what were your thoughts on it.”

The Bear in the leather jacket began to talk, sounding like a fat and jolly New Yorker. “Well Barker, I’ve got to say that the system has improved dramatically. I went it, went out, next to no pain during the final few processes, and a week later, I feel like I’ve lost a good decade of age. I feel nothing short of fantastic! They even managed to get all my hair to grow at a consistent rate, which had been stumping the industry since anthros became the cash cow they are today.”

“Well that’s just super, mate. But we’ve got some stories to go through. You’ve been gone for so long, you take the first one.” The dog, Barker, said to his co-anchor, acting very casual, despite this being a live showing as far as I could tell. “Thanks a bundle Barker, it has indeed been too long. Ahem, it appears that the newest sensation for our society, “Uni” has been breaking records all over the place, but it appears that she has broken one that I expect no one to have guessed.” Edmund, the bear, said before the visuals changed to show “Uni” in question. It was not the same blonde in the red dress I’d seen before, rather a dark skinned male who looked to be more of a cyborg than even my current body was.

It was at the point where I could not even tell if he was a machine or a man anymore. He was just a thing that was made of the same style of robotics as I was, except he had a few bits of flesh showing, with the left side of his face being the most notable section. He was fairly pretty handsome, despite all of his metal. Which was enough to bring up Cyh once more. “Oh Uni. Please, just once.” I replied with a, “Huh?” before I felt compelled to maintain focus. It was almost like my eyes wanted to see that man. What was Uni even doing here?

My attentioned returned mid-conversation as Barker, the talking dog in a suit, was talking about how, “Yeah, over the course of the past year, five percent of the population, that’s two billion peeps, have degraded themselves back into the, and I quote, “Traditional Augmentations”. Brandishing aside our more modern answer of genetically creating and altering everything, they decided that their machines would be a more, “natural” way to enhance themselves. When, in fact, they’re degrading themselves.”

The bear, Edmund, continued explaining the situation with, “That’s right Barker. Back before the days of us, the Homo Verto, there were the Homo Sapiens. They lacked the technology and flexibility to alter their genetic structure in any way the wanted, and all ended up looking the same, especially when there were ten billion of them. We all know this, but back in their time, they originally planned to alter themselves with synthetic body parts and nanomachines. And I believe I can speak for the sane portion of our society, that these people are going against the system, and embracing ideas that should have been abandoned long ago.”

Barker interrupted Edmund as he took a pause, “Hold that thought there Ed, we’ve got a few interviews lined up. Starting with the infamous, ‘One who is known as Gregg’.” The screen then shot over from his and Edmund’s faces, to a creature with the head of an Elk, if it had a third eye. The torso of a scrawny man, and waist of a woman. But the legs of a Moose, or something like an Elk, but with a different fur color. Donned in some sort of yellow one-piece that was coated with different fonts of the word, “Swazzle”. I have no clue what it was suppose to be, other than this “Gregg” person.

Barker began talking to him, keeping a very straightforward and business appropriate tone. “Gregg, it’s been too long. But we can reminisce later on. As one of the first Homo Verto to truly take hold of their potential, what do you think about these radicals who have taken Uni’s message of replacing their bodies with robotic limbs and the such.” Gregg replied, sounding like a very blunt old Jewish man stereotype “Well Paul, let me begin by saying how it is great to see you, send me a click and we’ll get lunch sometime. But in regards to this whole kerfuffle about people getting robotic limbs, eyes, and even organs, I see nothing wrong with it.”

The screen then jumped back to Edmund with him shouting at Gregg, “Are you saying it is right for these self-declared anarchists to pierce through our society like a heated blade into a firm black dick?” Gregg replied, sounding utterly pissed that this would be brought up. “You bet that I see nothing wrong with it. We are a species founded on freedom, we can’t let people be punished for, without harming anyone but themselves, expressing their own desires.”

Barker interrupted Gregg, sounding far less friendly. “Gregg, I liked you, but now you are being irrational, which is very shit. We all have freedoms, but you are on our channel, and for fucking with us, it is only right that we fuck you. You knew this whenever you appeared on our channel, and we’re the most lenient one you could get. Folks, I am sorry about this. We’ll bring up Uni’s latest vid after we lock up this think-wrong of his ideals. We’ll send you some apples as an apology.”

The program then seemed to cut out as the words “AD Blocker” appeared on screen, inside of a red hexagon. I tried to ask Cyh for some clarification as to what the hell they were talking about with the the Homo Verto, and why there was another Uni, but my lips no longer moved. I could still feel, smell, hear, see, and even taste. But I could not move, at all. So I just mentally screamed. “Agh! What’s going on? Why can’t I do anything? Cyh, please help!” I then felt my lips move, except not by my own will, it was by Cyh. She spoke in the same voice she previously had, while I still sounded like the voice I was previously speaking in “Oh Uni! It has been too long waiting for this. Just let, me, in!”

With that I felt the metal arms move down onto Cyh’s pink jumpsuit, and tear it off of her body. I no longer had any control, but I did scream all the while, not that she seemed to hear me. I felt somewhat sickened by now. Her body felt very… wrong. Especially when I did not feel any underwear at all. I had no desire to experiment being in another’s body, but I quickly understood why. I would have barfed if I could control my intestines anymore.

But after just sitting there for a minute, the TV turned on once more. And instead of showing an animal-person like it did before, the visuals displayed the image of Uni, this world’s Uni. Who made Cyh’s body feel like it was burning up as its heart began to beat at a rapid pace. And inspired her hands to move around to her… lower regions.

Followed by an ill numbness as he began to speak in a voice that, while not all that appealing or commanding, her body was at the edge of the couch at every syllable. “Yo, mah followers. I know that a buncha saps think that the shit I’m rollin’ out for you ain’t so hip. ‘Cept they forgetting one im-por-tante piece of our species foundin’. I’m not flipping tables over this injustice. I’m just pointin’ out some of the more obscure stuff. Ahem.”

“The Homo Verto must always be open to new ideas. Traditions should never be an excuse. And reason should be valued above all. Success is made if these ideals are met. Failure is encountered if these ideals fail. The Verto should avoid all failure. Yet if that is impossible, wallowing is nothing but a further, and greater failure. Stagnation is the greatest sin of the Verto, and should never be tolerated unless it is the only possible option.” Now channel 69 viewers, I hope that be enough to convince y’all to keep mah followers away from the big houses. Peace out, bitches! ‘Cos yo sucka MCs ain’t got shit on me!”

The screen cut away from his half metal face, with only a few hairs popping through some cracks, fading into black as it turned off. Then… It happened. Cyh was so excited by the sights and sounds of Uni, that she began to transform her fingers and hands into… objects that she thrusted into her robotic vagina and anus. I was internally screaming and crying, but Cyh’s voice was moaning in pleasure, while spouting out the word, “Uni!” every other second. I found only one word fitting for what it felt like, and it was “disgusting”.

It lasted for a good ten minutes, but it felt like an hour of discomfort. With the only other distraction being how some green apples fell from the ceiling five minutes in. I never stopped internally screaming, and she never stopped moaning, her body positively drenched in sweat by the end. But, eventually, it ended. With me screeching like a banshee, and Cyh ignoring it, and dashing to her room. She picked up a random black T-shirt and some short white knickers off the ground that went barely a palm below her leg. Then, she ran. I was not sure where, but I knew it was out the main door, and into the as of yet unseen world.

Cyh and I were rushed by a wave of heat when she dashed out. I did not have time for a close inspection of the world, but I did make a few things out. I was a good two kilometers up high, and seeing as how I was still boxed in by buildings I could barely see the tops of, I could not even imagine how tall these skyscrapers would be. But as they got higher, the architecture seemed to change. From what looked very similar to the sleek post-modern designs of the condos, I eventually started seeing some stone stories, some concrete, and even one or two wooden stories. With tons of screens displaying a nearly nauseating amount of adverts.

But what really grabbed me was how the world looked like from below. I could see a bottom of various colors and filled with motion, but there were also large platforms that seemed to store more and more buildings, while they floated above the ground, casting everything beneath them in total darkness come midday. But then my vision went straight, there was a pathway, it was white and about 4 meters long, coming from the door I opened. Out to a slick metal half-cylinder, with the flat side down. It was floating in midair, and was completely pink, the same pink as Cyh’s now destroyed jumpsuit.

After taking a few seconds to look around while panting like a dog due to the heat, Cyh dashed over to the floating object. Almost crawling on all fours before she touched the object, and a hole appeared, which she jumped right into, before screeching out. “Uni! Bring me to him! I know that I’m all warmed up for his sweet sweet insert!” The same computerized voice from before replied, as monotone as ever. “Next stop, Uni’s Residence. Status appropriate for entry. Departing.”

The inside of this semi-cylinder, which I gathered to be some sort of taxi stand in, was completely black, with no lights to be found, well at least for five seconds. A screen popped out from the blackness, with the same bear and dog as it had on last time, in the same location. Although, the pug, Paul Barker, was now wearing a toga and fruit hat. While the bear, Edmund, was wearing a red Hawaiian shirt with some pink rimmed sunglasses. The Pug was in mid sentence saying, “If only Kourine knew, that horses were retarded as all fuck, and couldn’t eat jack for candy.” The Bear interjected with, “How the hell did she alter her DNA into that of a Bon-Bon?” The Pug responded, “I dunno Brother, but we’re going to need more than our normal casual hour fruity cocktails. Someone gimme a Rum and Cola! Edmund, you handle the next “Breaking News Story”.”

“Sure thing boss.” Edmund replied, moving a bit closer to the screen. “Ah, this is hot stuff there, my honkies. Turns out the Kiddie J-Pop group CC^2 has formed a crossover with the original Plant person diva from Austria, C2!” The screen then shifted to show a trio of girls no older than twelve. One was in a yellow lampshade, with floppy red hair and a pink bow. Another was in orange elbow pad and a helmet, with a purple ponytail coming out. While the other was a pale girl in a purple designer hoodie, with flowing pink hair flowing to her waist. They then faded out to an X, before showing a very slutty looking green haired girl, who had what looked to be bark on half of her skin. While wearing a bikini made out of leaves.

The bear resumed after the two images appeared on the same screen, clashed together, and displayed a logo of four Cs, with colors representing each of the previous four’s color schemes. “That’s right all y’all Bronaboos! You won’t be needing to get out of your caverns to find some Female to have sex with, your jailbait and phytophiles can get some fresh fan fics to fap to by tonight! Two of the hottest flavors of pussy are now together. Let’s pray by our Unified love of Uni that this is better than CC^2’s last mix with Peat Mai Life Out!”

I wasn’t sure what was more uncomforting. Whatever the hell the bear just said, or how I was trapped in a horny cyborg girl. Who am I kidding? I was trapped in someone with the mind driven fully by a libido, this was my hell. Either way, the screen went black, and a hole opened from the same side Cyh entered from. WIthin a second, she leaped out of it like a cat, and was greeted by an apartment that looked like it was made back during the Industrial Revolution.

Barely giving me any time to appreciate the stonework, Cyh leapt onto a door, shoved it open, and howled like a wolf. “I’ve got the status, and I’ve got the Augs! The Prep work is fucking done! Now where can I get Unified with Uni?” Our shared vision dotted across the room. It looked kinda like a lobby, but was really just a robotic woman sitting behind a woman’s desk. But then I looked at the woman made of metal. It looked just like the Gothic Lolita girl from that nightclub. Except how her hair now looked to be made of pink bubbles, while being trapped in a glass casing afro. She spoke in a tired irritated voice, like she was annoyed how she had to get up in the morning. “Alright there, Miss… Cynthia Anne Aiyed. You are of a high class birth, so you would have enough to pay to Unify physically. He should be ready in a five minutes. Go up the stairs behind me, and go two doors to the left. Wait, and he’ll give you the dick you crave.”

I don’t know what weirded me out more. How she went through this like a routine, or how people could use celebrities as prostitutes. But my thoughts were once more met with Cyh drooling over the thought of Uni, as she hopped up the stairs and into the room, practically crawling up the walls after she exploded out of her clothes in anticipation for Uni. It was actually becoming more irritating than anything at that point. And the room we were in was actually completely empty, and barely two meters by two meters. Just plain grey walls, and no windows. It was probably a closet more than an actual room.

But after what I assumed to be five minutes, the door opened, revealing the completely naked figure who was known as Uni. A suave looking gentleman with the mouth of street trash, donned up in a full metal suit that covered up all but a sliver of his face. And, of course, he had one large set of genetails. It was like a third forearm for crying out loud. He grinned the visible half of his face, and shot his large metallic arms down onto ours. And he began the… process.

It felt even more discomforting than it had previously. With groaning now accompanying the moaning and our body being pounded down onto the wooden floor, as I heard it begin to crack under the pressure that Uni placed upon the body. I kept on internally screaming, but it didn’t work. And after what felt like a short lifetime, I felt something else enter into the artificial vagina he’d been wrecking. I am not sure what it was, but steam came as a result, so maybe it was just water. Regardless, I felt like vomiting.

Yet, after Uni got up and started to walk away, mumbling something about expecting more of a tussle. I realized that I was now in control of Cyh’s body once more. Apparently all it took was to have sex with this man. I could have easily left, but I wanted answers, so after wiping the sweat off of my face, I shouted at him. Something that I figured would grab his attention. “Hey Uni! Remember Club Eternity, and that Shifter who you nearly killed? Well, that’s me!”

Uni’s head turned back, now with a scowl, not his previous grin. Then he began to speak, but not in ebonics, in real words, and a mildly sophisticated, but cruel tone. “Nari… Ah yes, now my memories are one. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not just one person. But I’m afraid that I still need to extract information from you. So, you like to fuck, eh? Well, I’ll just have to fuck you to death!”

I was about to bring up how I was not in control, but I think my inflection change was evidence enough of that. And, well, Uni did not see that as a threat, and went back to his previous position, except he was far more… harsh. He lifted me up to the wall and began pumping in and out of Cyh’s body. I could no longer hear Cyh in my head, but I’m guessing that this would not make her moan, because this was not sex, it was just pain.

I shouted out, but no one seemed to notice. Uni just stared at my chest, before he tore off my breasts, causing even more pain than what he was already doing to my sexual organs. But that was not all. He began taking my limbs off one every minute, leaving only pain and blood. Even the robotic eye was ripped out. But that was not enough for him, laughing all the while. Probably only wanting to cause me pain, rather than get any information. I did slice his, or her, throat back at the nightclub. But this was hardly an appropriate punishment. Not that I would have any reason to expect fairness from this person.

But after a few more minutes of pain that felt far longer than it actually was, I started to feel burning. Around my body, which was already losing a good amount of blood based on the now open limb wounds, I now saw flames. Somehow, Uni must have heated up the artificial vagina to the point where it was hot enough to create flames. And within seconds, it covered me. The mix of pain was unlike anything I’d ever felt. Uni dropped me, bleeding and burning along with just being sore and beaten. Deep red blood coursing out from every hole, and fire barely sealing it up, as the burns continued to cover my body in a deep blackness. WIth the smoke making it hard for me to even open my mouth, let alone beg for help. I wished for death right then and there, and eventually, it came. Although, I once again let out another odd premonition as I was fading away with the pain. “Failure shall grant me strength. Success shall grant you arrogance.”

So, here I am. Not sure of where I am going, but one thing is certain. I want this fucker to hurt. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but in my immortal lifetime, I will get my revenge on this despicable piece of shit! Now, I just hope that I can meet The Doctor and get some answers on who this creature is. Or maybe I’ll somehow suffer a worse fate in another world.

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