Fairly Messy Rant: Systems Dying and Certain Trends in the Industry

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I know that the system wars have been talked about for way too long, but I am just tired of seeing this immature cock waving competition regarding Mobile, Handheld, Console, and PC gaming in general.  Now, I am not saying that people should like every one of these forms to play games.  I say give them a try, and form opinions about them.  And if you dislike them, that is okay.  If you have a preference, or think that something is not for you, that is actually good to have.  Just by looking through all the different and quality titles that are available on all of these platforms, and there should be something for everyone.  To be honest, I cannot play PC games, due to the keyboard interface, which I find to be a lot harder to use than a normal controller.  Which is not really an opinion, but more of a face, controllers have you use a maximum of 21 buttons if you count the d-pad’s directions, menu buttons, and pressible control sticks control. 

They are spread out so that your fingers do not need to move much, and only 4 digits are actually used.  Meanwhile, PC games often require your left hand to be occupied, and it can be harder to find the right button while in a reflex test.  Also, there is the WASD movement that I never really liked due to how stiff it is compared to an analog stick.

And Mobile games, well, I never actually played them, but I can tell that I will hate having the have my hands on the screen all the time for some of them.  I feel bad  for having my DS stylus get in the way during games like Kirby Mass Attack, it makes it seem hard to even enjoy something like Infinity Blade, which I really want to play, because it is by the people who made Shadow Complex, which I loved.

Now, I consider that the right way to address one’s gripes with a system, you don’t say that “consoles should die”.  While it is true that consoles are on their way out for cheaper alternatives, we still have until about the Ninth Generation until we see them starting to fade out.  Also, the mere act of saying such a thing is like declaring anyone who bought a console, well, an idiot for buying something that you find to be obsolete.  But here’s the thing, unless they are as big of a twat as you, and say that “consoles are the one true way to game” or something equally as racist.  Because I always apply the race card, I hear that the same way as someone saying “All blacks should be neutered!” When, in reality, the only people who should get a punishment are people who cannot accept that something has a right to exist, even if they don’t like it.  Lock yourself in the bathroom, and think long and hard about the actual weight of your words.  It is great to be supporting something new, and full of potential, but you need to admit that some people might like handhelds over Mobiles, due to the lower price tag, the physical buttons, and the size of the provided content.

It is no secret that the industry is going to chance within the next few years, but if anything, that means that you need to buckle down and act like an adult when trying to expand the range of a system.  This industry has a real problem with just cting mature, as you can see by the games that do so well being aimed at teenage boys, the obsession with attractive females. Hard-boiling of franchises, without realizing that trying to make something purely dark is far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far less mature than just making something that is happy and fun.  Oh, and the insane lust to become another medium, “because I’m a designer who wants to make games real art, so I’m going to make them like films.”  Even though films, along with anything that is live action, are just plain boring, so imitating them is an odd choice.  Or, at least that’s my opinion.

Well, at least that seems to be changing based on the reaction to Hitman Absolution’s fetish nun punching trailer, when it would have just been accepted and then forgotten about a few weeks later, it sparked debate about the treatment of women in games, those sexist dogs, claiming that there’s a single difference between males and females.  Even though, it is obvious that the only way to avoid sexism is to ignore the obvious differences.  Or just how tired everyone was with this year’s gun-wank-tastic E3, where games like Dead Space 3 lost all pretense, and just became one in the same, abandoning original game design in favor of an appeal so broad that you can nearly see through it.  Oh, and needing to sell 5 million units to continue your franchise?  You must be absolutely horrid at budgeting EA, and I thought the marketing made you bad enough, you anti-progressive asshats.  

But EA is just the most pure example of everything wrong with the game industry, going up against steam with their own digital distribution center, while forcing PC games to deal with a clunky interface, and claim that it will be the facebook to Steam’s MySpace.  Which sounds laughable, because Steam is the place for thrifters, and nearly every single PC gamer uses it.  And EA, you, um… Destroyed many good companies, are a hypocrite by talking about how games are too samey and should not be $60, but do it anyways.  Popularized a war against used titles, which are a damn good source for those without six figure incomes to get some store credit for new titles, meaning that you just want people to get wealthier while you toss rocks at their bums.  Oh, and you aim to get a 90 or higher on Metacritic for every game you make… It is good to aim high, but you are reinforcing the inflation of review scores, and are making 8s seem like a bad score.  If someone gave a film 3 stars, would the director call them a douchebag?  No, that’d be absurd, so why is it okay for 8s to be considered hates out of ten.  

If you don’t get criticized, you won’t improve, if you don’t improve, you stagnate, if you stagnate, you are wasting money that could go to fund, day, an indie games branch.  You want to know what I find to be the most interesting game that’ll come out next year?  Among The Sleep, a survival horror game where you play as a baby.  Even if you don’t like the sound, you must admit that it is far more interesting than “Insert generic shooter here”.  And what second’s that?  Watch_Dogs, or as I like to call it, Grand Theft Anonymous!  Name one title where you could play as a cyber terrorist, and that debuted with 10 minutes of pure gameplay?  The sheer amount of detail is incredible, and it has potential to be the game of 2013, which is looking pretty dry past it’s bulky first quarter.  Seriously, I can think of about 20 games that either have money or hype behind them, that are planned for release this fiscal year.

Sorry, I just wanted to get that out of my system, because when my primary means of escapism is filled with so much rubbish, I tend to get a little bit annoyed, and I need to vent from time to time.  Now, I better end this before I start talking about localization, and how it should be a given.

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