The End of 2016!

p4g-fin-the-end-goodbye-forever-i-am-done-with-thisSeeing as how the year is at its end, it is time to look back and assess 2016. There were some real bad things that happened throughout the past 366 days, most of them relating to the world at large, but the year did have some high points, at least for me. I started my gender transition, met my significant other, put out a novel and novella, started attending a real college, and started a new better job. I also reviewed over fifty games this past year, many of which I loved, and I feel it is appropriate to summarize and celebrate my favorite special treats I’ve indulged in throughout 2016. (more…)

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Pony Island Review

2016-01-12_00001Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of games that have tried to play with the medium, break the fourth wall, and blur the line between an isolated game narrative and the actual game. Games like Undertale and The Stanley Parable are just two of the more well known examples, and Pony Island is certainly deserving of a spot on that steadily growing list. (more…)

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