Rundown (5/22-5/28) Here’s to Ten More Years!

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I recorded a video of me reading this, with EXTRA CONTENT! Also, it’s subtitled, because otherwise it would be MOSTLY unintelligible! It was bad and I invested over 3 hours into it in total! Mostly because of closed captioning.

Wherein I discuss how happy I am that Nigma Box has lasted for a full decade, the North American game industry’s first union, topical politics, and insights into my hometown.


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Natalie Rambles About 2019

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Because 2019 is dead… or close enough to warrant a retrospective.

The sky has been painted a persistent white from constant clouds, the ground has become caked with snow and ice (or at least it should be), and everybody’s school and work schedules are thrown out of whack as the year comes to a close.  It’s the much terrified year end, the point in time when people are expected to look back on the year that passed us by, highlighting the highs and the lows, and hopefully re-centering oneself during a period comprised of both frantic activity and mellow relaxation around loved ones.  Or at least that’s my skewed perspective on the matter.  


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