Grim Fandango Remastered Review

2015-11-28_00131Normally I try to include a little personalized intro that helps to explain, in some weird manner, why exactly this review exists other than the game was next in my game library. However, that was exactly the case for Grim Fandango Remastered, a game I checked out on a whim due to its level of reverence and praise, knowing nothing about the game that was not included in the initial trailer I watched about a year ago. (more…)

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Review

headerThe idea of somebody going out and picking up a decade old licensed PC game’s sequel, giving it widescreen, 5K resolution, controller, and Mac and Linux support is nothing short of baffling to me. Not that it is the reason I decided to give this much praised title a go, but it did make the experience more enjoyable as I no longer had to deal with using a proprietary widescreen mod that did not work that well. That said, this review is only based on roughly twenty-five hours with the game, mostly because I can now tell when I reach a point where my opinion of a game will only grow more and more negative, and I’d rather stop playing while I can still view the game fondly. (more…)

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Rundown (4/01-4/06) The Sweet Tsunami of Splendid Summer Swimwear

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PGOS Attack of the swim suit tsunami2

It figures that I have run out of things to say after two months, so I’m just going to list some random thoughts, like Chibi Robo’s adventures in a nightclub which ends with it causing all the sex from the humans… Yeah, I’ll just get to the news before I start typing out Max Anarchy song lyrics for fun. (more…)

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