Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 – Bout 06

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, mass murder, child murder, suicidal themes, derogatory language, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Bout 06: Enter Verde Dusk

I died once. 

I took a kitchen knife, doused in the blood of my abusive parents, and brought it to my head. With a single motion, a single forceful thrust, I was dead. The day was September 30, 2012, my 14th birthday.

After I died, I woke up in a void. There was nothingness all around me and, with a mere thought, with a desire, I took that nothingness and turned it into something. I created my bedroom, the place where I spent the majority of my short life. And from the bedroom, I created a world. I recreated the world I knew and then… I explored it. I did everything I wanted to do before my death. 

I revived my parents and sentenced them to a hellish existence for all eternity. I found my teacher, Claire Williams, the only woman in my first life to treat me with kindness, and stole her. I took her body, and I explored everything it had to offer. I found my only friend, Terry Tanaka, and after he saw what I had become, he rejected me. I achieved divinity, but in doing so, I was left alone in this world. I was alone in a world of my own creation, but it did not have to be. Nothing had to be the way it was. I needed simply to will it, and it would happen

I could do anything, have anything, and be anyone. If I could be anyone, then why would I be myself? Why not be someone better. I wanted to be someone better. So I killed myself again. I died for a second time. I killed the young boy named Danny Verres. And from his corpse came the young man Vincent Dawn. A person more mature in body and knowledgeable in mind, but a child at their core. 

I could have anything, so I took my teacher and turned her into something better. A woman designed around my precise tastes and preferences, both physically and mentally. A woman who I would name Abigale Quinlan. A woman who would become my partner and wife.

And while I could do anything, what I did was ultimately limited to my mind, and the mind is not as systematic or structured as a machine. Or at least that’s what I told myself. So I created software capable of exerting my power onto the world. Software known as VDVerse. Everything I could do by exerting my will, the software could do with more grace and detail. It was the difference between crafting a painting on canvas versus painting in an art program. The latter is objectively superior. For it is more precise, easier to modify, and can be replicated infinitely.

Once I had my second self, my lover, and my god machine in place, I reshaped the world. I remastered the world to better suit my preferences and remove what I could without destroying what I had come to know. But I did not go out into this revised world. I stayed in my room, in my home, and relished in what I was deprived of as a human. Games, anime, movies. It was petty to use my power for such things, but that was what I wanted. It is what made me happy. At least for a while. 

At least until I was tempted to create. To create Scenarios. Alternate worlds that abided by my desires and brought the confines of my imagination to life. I created the persons, places, and events using VDVerse, and it put everything together for me. It took concepts and manifested them unto reality.

I did this dozens of times, but my grander works were a mere few. Intertoids, Nari’s Log, Raiyne’s Whimsy, My Life As Abigale Quinlan, Punky’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure, Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure, Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse, and Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR)

Creating these Scenarios was a form of entertainment for me, but as I created and created, as I forged these Scenarios using the ideas and concepts flowing through my head, I learned more about myself. I learned of myself on a deeper level by seeing the unrivaled cruelty that lurked within my imagination. A cruelty that led me to torment Terry until he pleaded for death. After he made his pleas known, I granted him the gift of nonexistence. 

Abigale urged me to reassess myself. To examine my personhood on a deeper level. I did as much. I revived repressed fantasies. I questioned who I was as Vincent Dawn and, with the aid of Abigale, I discovered what made me happy. I discovered who I wanted to be. And with her aid, I died. I died for a third time.

Vincent Dawn was no more. In his place, Verde Dusk remained. I was ecstatic with the new me, and my love for Abigale furthered. I had always admired her and loved her, but it was not until then, until she helped me find who I truly was, that I considered herself a true equal. Our love was stronger than ever, but my creative desires were not quelled, and I sought to create a new world, a new Scenario, yet again.

This desire led to The Novus Logs. The story of Jad Novus. A troubled young person who I sought to guide through life with the goal of awakening them to their truest desire. Unlike prior Scenarios, I merely presented a premise and observed Jad as they went through things, before meeting with them after the fact to discuss their thoughts on the Scenario. It was a way for me to connect with someone else, to feel like I was helping someone, and to have a friend who… reminded me of myself. Jad was living the sort of life I wish I was living before I died for the first time.

I guided them through the prologue, dubbed Verde’s Doohickey. But with the second part, I made a most horrific error. Using VDVerse, every person in a Scenario is represented using a file, a .char file. I once meticulously crafted the .char files of my characters, but for those seen in Verde’s Doohickey and The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, I did not modify them. Jad Novus and their friends were persons created without my intervention, with histories as natural as any other persons in the world. However, there was one exception. Abigale Quinlan.

Abigale Quinlan is many things to me. She is my wife. She is my dearest friend. She is the first person I created with my powers divine. And she is a recurring entity among my Scenarios. Sometimes she is just. Sometimes she is evil. But her presence cannot be understated. 

Amongst my files, there were several different Abigale Quinlans:
Abigale_Quinlan.admin, Shin (True) Abigale Quinlan
Abigale_Quinlan_雨.char, Ame (Rain) Abigale Quinlan, also known as Raiyne Underwood
Abigale_Quinlan_鬼.char, Oni (Demon) Abigale Quinlan
Abigale_Quinlan_妙.char, Myo (Strange) Abigale Quinlan, also known as Punky
Abigale_Quinlan_黒.char, Kuro (Black) Abigale Quinlan
Abigale_Quinlan_善.char, Zen (Good) Abigale Quinlan

For the second part of The Novus Logs, which was to be dubbed The Mystery of Abigale Quinlan, I wanted to use Abigale_Quinlan_善.char. Zen (Good) Abigale Quinlan. Despite possessing a fluent understanding of the Japanese language, and thanks to my fucking moronic naming scheme, I wound up selecting Abigale_Quinlan_黒.char. Kuro (Black) Abigale Quinlan.

This one mistake… changed everything. A Scenario about self-discovery and the power of friendship in the face of adversity became a story about loss. A loss of identity, a loss of life, and a loss of freedom. About a young person pushed so far to the edge that they lost their humanity and became a monster. The Mystery of Abigale Quinlan became The Malice of Abigale Quinlan. And Jad Novus, who I subjected to this Scenario… was never the same. 

I abused them, damaged them, and treated them with reckless disregard. After recounting the horrors to me, they asked that I never contact them again. That I leave their life. They did not even trust me enough to rid them of these horrific memories. Jad Novus despised me, and as I lingered on these feelings, I realized I failed yet again.

Why was I like this?

Why was I so cruel? Why was I a monster to those close to me? How could I make such a mistake and… why was I even alive? Why was I permitted so many lives after death? Why was I a failure? Why could I do nothing right? Why was I even trying? What the FUCK was the point of any of this? 

…My parents did not want me. If they had known how I would end up, they would have never conceived a child. They would have feigned infertility or sterility. They tried to love me, but then they gave up. They wanted to be rid of me. If it were legal, they would have euthanized me. If it were legal, they would have taken out their frustration on me with metal instruments. Until all that was left was vague viscera. I know this for certain. For I have seen it in their minds.

I hated them for the hatred they felt towards me, but… perhaps they were right. Perhaps it would be better if I did not exist… if I just ended it all. 

“It’s all over, isn’t it? This whole experiment has been a failure… and it’s all my fault. One mistake can have dire consequences and this… this is no different. It cost me an opportunity to do something good. It cost me a friendship. I’m sorry, Jad. I’m sorry, Abigale. I’m sorry everyone. But I feel this is for the best.”

As I made my decree, the room around me shifted. Gone was the visage of a psychiatrist’s office, and in its place was my room. Simple, minimal, and with everything I needed. No fluff, no mess. The door Jad went through vanished, and in its place was my computer. A computer with the VDVerse command line, staring back at me, flashing every half second.

I brought my hands to the keyboard, typing with my eyes shut before looking back at the screen at the final line before me.


With a single keystroke, I would be no more. VDVerse would be no more. And from there… I cannot say I know what will happen. But before I died… There is one final pleasure I desired. I opened up my music program and selected this pleasure. The perfect prelude unto death. Komm, süßer Tod.

The sweet piano melody that followed filled my room, and with my eyes shut, body static, I began to sing this one final song.

It’s true, I went and failed you all, I’ve been such a fool you know, I believed I could live for just myself.

And here, after all the aches and strain, I now know that those I love are far more important than anything.

So with a heavy heart, I feel the best thing I can do is end it now and forever

It’s done now and forevermore, it’s been rot down to its core, I no longer know of joy, my world has ended.

I know that I could turn back time, but now the guilt is all mine, I’ll not live without the trust of those I loved.

I know, I can’t forget the past, I can’t forget sin and hate, because the guilt is killing me inside.

If I return to nothing, it all starts crumbling down, crumbling down, crumbling down.

If I return to nothing, I won’t keep letting them down, letting them down, letting them down.

In my darkened soul, I know I can never hope again, I’m left with just nothing.

Just nothing.

Nothing that matters to me or matters to the world!

I know that I could turn back time, but now the guilt is all mine, I’ll not live without the trust of those I loved.

I know, I can’t forget the past, I can’t forget sin and hate, because the guilt is killing me inside.

If I return to nothing, it all starts crumbling down, crumbling down, crumbling down.

If I return to nothing, I won’t keep letting them down, letting them down, letting them down.

If I return to nothing, it all starts crumbling down, crumbling down, crumbling down.

If I return to nothing, I won’t keep letting them down, letting them down, letting them down.

As I reached the final key, I stared longingly at the screen before me, giving myself the opportunity to see sense and reason… but suicidal people do not work that way. They are creatures of passion and hatred. And when they are consumed by dread and loathing, the only sensible option in their mind is death. That was all I could think of, and it was why I slammed four fingers on the enter key, eager to get this over with.

Eager to embrace my fourth suicide. My final suicide.

The screen warped as the VDVerse processed my command, and the world around me… started crumbling down. The walls flickered out of existence, my chair was consumed by a field of static, and the floor beneath me was fading rapidly. I would soon fall, fall to my death, but before I could do so, I heard a voice.

“Verde! Verde! What the hell are you doing?”

It was Abigale, but she was too late to stop me. I turned in my chair to see her as she rushed into my room, to give her a passing look farewell… only to fall through the floor and into a dark void, where I would be reduced to nothingness. And that was good. …That was what I wanted.

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 09:28 UTC
Coordinates: SPACE

…Can I please go a SINGLE Shift without reliving my most inglorious moment? No. No, I can’t. Because that would be too fucking much for me. I get it. I fucked up. I did the mother of all fuck-ups. But that doesn’t mean I need to be reminded of my fuck up literally hundreds of times!

The name’s Verde Dusk. Former God. Quadruple Suicider. Inglorious Self-Styled Trans-Bitch. And Trans-Dimensional Vagabond. 

It’s been, I dunno, 8 years since I offed myself hardcore. Since I fucked over Jad Novus and executed Cataclysm.exe. A fail-safe program meant to destroy the VDVerse, destroy everything that has— or will ever— exist. I pressed the button, saw reality break apart, and fell into the big black abyss. But I didn’t die, and this multiverse didn’t end. Far from it.

Instead, I woke up in another world, in another body, living someone else’s life. I wasn’t sure what it all meant and just went with the flow at first. After I helped this person’s friend through some hard shit, I was stripped away from that world and sent to another one. In yet another world, in yet another body, living yet another person’s life, I realized just what happened.

While I attempted to end everything with the destruction of VDVerse, something stopped the program from finalizing things. Some procedures were implemented, such as losing my ‘admin’ status, but the VDVerse is still active, still creating new Scenarios, and for whatever reason, it’s transporting me to them.

I’ve been through this process 255 times. 255 instances of finding myself thrust into a new body, in a new world, where I need to do or accomplish some fairly obvious objective. Once that objective was met, I was allowed to move onto the next one in line. Who I was and what I did varied, but they all had a certain mold to them, a format, a formula that I recognized… because I developed it.

My working theory was that VDVerse was procedurally generating Scenarios based on those I created. Concepts, characters, locales, terminology, conflict, it is all familiar. It is all cyclical, and it is all discernibly of my mind and imagination, without being of my creation. For 8 years, I have been mulling through 255 worlds based on my psyche and desires. 

In doing so, I realized just how trite and predictable I was as a creator. How much I loved the same handful of concepts, and how I fell back to them, doing the same few things over and over. It turned what would otherwise be an experiment in self-evaluation into a slog through my own weaknesses and stupidity. Every time I Shifted into a new world, I hoped it would be my last, that the next one would bring me back home. Back to my room. Back to my darling wife Abigale, who I so callously rejected when I needed her the most.

I knew she was out there, doing all she could to find me, but even after all these Shifts, even after 8 years, she still hasn’t. I helped children discover who they are. Fought planet-eating menaces using the power of a hot-blooded shonen hero. Captured innocents from third world countries to sell their bodies in an underground slave market. Worked an office job as a second-class citizen in a world run by bug people. Went on a ‘polymythy’ adventure involving a magical science pod that did whatever the fuck it felt like. I did a barely comprehensible breadth of bullshit, and she still has not found me! It fucking sucks, because I’m sick of stewing in the juices of my own mind.

If I was supposed to learn some sort of lesson about self-love and not being a pussy-ass-bitch who gets off by offing herself, I did that. I’m beyond suicide, hardened by adversity, by forcing myself to get outta my comfort zone, and now… I just wanna end this fucking character arc, get back in my room, and play some goldarn Earth Defense Force with my wife! Why you gotta be such a fucklo ‘bout this, VDVerse? 

I get it. I fucked up. I did the miggity miggity mac daddy of all fuck-ups. But that was 8 years ago and I want to get on with my life! My life is infinite, but fuck! FUCK! I just want to stop this come and go body hopping hoghuff!

Okay… Okay, I think that is enough venting for now… time to actually recognize where da fuck I is and who da fuck I be, and mellow the fuck out, and fuck it with the fucks. ‘Cos I’m not 14 anymore. …I’m 32. Not like that means anything. Time means jack when you’re an immortal in a universal tumbler.

When I shifted for the 256th time, I was surrounded by darkness. But this was not ‘I woke up before 4 AM and shit’s dark’ type darkness. Nah. This was more like I woke up in a cave that had not seen the light of the outside world in a solid millennium. It was pure, aggressive, and oppressive darkness. 

My entire body was submerged in a viscous and… sticky fluid. It covered my entire body and allowed me to form my sensory homunculus. I wiggled my body about, moving within this tightly packed vessel, and let out a sigh of relief that I could feel five developed fingers on two hands, a set of toes on each foot, and a pair of developed breasts on my chest.

“Thank God I’m not a fetus AGAIN…” I mumbled to myself, letting the liquid into my mouth.

As the fluid rushed across my tongue, it stayed there, not going down my esophagus and giving me the opportunity to toss it across my taste buds. It had a sweet honey-like flavor, but it also had a hint of salt. The thick texture and consistency mingled across my gums and teeth as I tried to peg just what this substance was. It tasted like salted honey, but it was more specific than that. It was familiar in another way and, with this exact texture, I knew what this had to be.

“Oh shit, dude… I’m surrounded by cum!” I thought to myself.

More specifically, this was Abigale’s cum from My Life As Abigale Quinlan, which I made taste like honey, as I wanted it to be more inviting than the bitterness of man’s cum. …It’s a long story. The TL;DR is that I think the idea of cum that looked and tasted like salty honey was dope.

“Actually, hold up. If I’m surrounded by Abigale’s cum, then does that mean that VDVerse is lifting that bit from Punky’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure? Where Punky was in a meteor filled with cum? I don’t even know what I was thinking when I came up with that idea, but… nah, I can’t even front it. That was the bomb. I’m glad I wrote that.”

The cogs of my brain continued to churn in light of this revelation, and I brought a hand to the face I’d be wearing for this Shift. I was never good with faces, but I knew Abigale’s face. I had seen and worn it enough that it was permanently and deeply embedded in my brain. And this was it. The contours of her nose, the shape of her brow. This was it! I was Abigale, or at least one of the however many versions of her I made over the duration of my godhood. …Or maybe a new one created by the VDVerse?

Regardless, this meant it was worth trying to see if I could do everything an Abigale Quinlan could do. Namely, if I could Real Boot. I brought a hand to the wall of my dark stony prison and imagined its substance changing, transforming from stone to a clear diamond-like substance. I thought about it and… bam! It happened!  I had light flowing in through a jagged window, showing me the depths of outer space. 

A sea of darkness punctuated by a scattering of lights. Everything had an orange hue to it, as I was still chilling in a pool of honey cum, but as I expanded this window into the world, I caught a glimpse of Earth. This pristine blue planet with a sea of scattered white that steadily shifted with each passing second, revealing and concealing more of a lush green world. It was truly a thing of beauty, but… I did not see Australia as I looked at the Eastern hemisphere.

“Well, this clearly is not a post-apocalypse based on how green everything is. And jungle apocalypses are stupid, so there’s no way that VDVerse would ever try something like that. Perhaps this is a post-post-apocalypse…”

As I thought this, I felt my meteor bounce slightly, and I saw I had just passed a satellite.

“Well, guess it’s time to crash!” I thought as I tensed my body for the inevitable heat, speed, and pressure of atmospheric entry.

It was something I had experienced several times before, but never in such a rickety and uncomfortable way. Every second during the descent, the meteor grew more unstable, convulsing, and becoming encapsulated in an intense amount of heat. Based on the size of this thing, it should have turned into space dust well before it was so much as a blip on any radar, but the object did not lose any mass. It was stony in appearance, but this thing was pure metal, and metal strong enough to resist even the intense pressure of atmospheric entry.

The cum that surrounded me served as a coolant, keeping my body from catching on fire and stabilizing me, but I still felt a sickness well up in me as things grew more and more intense and the Earth grew larger. I grit my teeth as I descended close and closer into the planet, and looked eagerly at the Black Sea. A rather ideal place for a landing, though any body of water would suffice.

I felt my tension drift, but as I passed through another threshold, I realized that fortune was not on my side. I was heading too far north and at this rate, I wouldn’t land in the black sea. I would crash into the dead center of a settlement on the Crimean Peninsula. I knew that it did not really matter, that these people were ‘just characters’, but that did not mean that I wanted them to die and suffer because I was a lazy bitch! So, with seconds until impact, I improvised. 

I created an explosive strong enough to decimate this meteor, to shatter it before impact. The explosive would counteract the force of atmospheric entry and, by lowering the mass of the meteor, the damages would be mitigated. It was not a surefire plan for success, but I had seconds to come up with one, and this was all I could think of. So I transformed the cum into a high-grade explosive and shut my eyes, hoping that my napkin sketch calculations were right before I hit the detonator.

Like any good explosive, it knocked my lights out the moment it hit me. But, using my Rapid Regeneration ability, I was able to recover shortly after the explosion sent me flying. And once I could feel, see, and hear again, my only question was where I was. I was staring up at a cloudy morning sky, felt a slight wintery chill across my body, and based on what stimuli my back was giving me, I was laying in a bunch of wood. A bunch of wood, nails, and… cotton?

“Shit, did I land in someone’s house?” I asked myself, my voice sounding just like Abigale’s, but with my ordinary intonation.

I turned around some and realized that I had actually landed in a tree. More specifically, a tree with a tree house. I flared open my nose to find any trace of blood… but I smelled nothing of the sort. Looking at the jagged wood I was lying on, I did not see a speck of blood, meaning that I didn’t kill yet another child.

As I stood up from the wreckage, I realized that I not only totaled a tree house, but the whole damn tree. It was uprooted, crashed through a fence, and was just… dead. The tree was dead! …But it’s better to kill a tree than a person. I let out a momentary sigh at this bout of insight and looked towards the sky, searching for smoke that could indicate where the meteor crash landed. My vision led me to a stream of smoke lingering behind a forest of snow covered coniferous trees. 

“Well, it’s better to kill a tree than a person… Please don’t tell me I wound up killing a person. I have only been on this planet for 10 seconds and I don’t want a bodycount already.”

I then brought a hand to my forehead to clench my temples out of irritation, but as I did so, I noticed my skin color. Since I was in the body of an Abigale Quinlan, I expected to be rocking that sweet, sweet, omniracial brown. But based on a look over my hand and the rest of my body, I looked more like a black version of Abigale Quinlan. The facial features were the same as usual, which I confirmed for good measure, but the skin was notably darker.

“Weird,” I said dismissively.

After uttering a sigh, I began walking closer to the meteor crash site, only to stop as I heard three sets of footsteps approach me. Turning my head, I saw an older woman, her hair aged to a stark platinum blonde and body dressed in a thick coat. Her complexion was lighter, but I could not peg a clear ethnicity for her. The same was true for a little girl by her feet. Her head was covered by a hat, but her head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes all had a remarkable pinkish hue that almost looked natural, and she was clad in a cute, bright red peacoat. As for the third companion… they were a goldarn robot. One with a pale green face, a distinctively humanoid skull shape, bright pink eyes, and wearing a matching red peacoat.

Accepting this as the norm for this Scenario, and that I was in the future, I decided it would be best to befriend these three. Though, before trying, I decided it was best to make myself decent by Real Booting some dirt into underwear, jeans, boots, and a jacket. I began dressing myself in these clothes as I spoke to the trio before me.

“Hey, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to crash land into your treehouse or anything. You know that meteor that just crashed in the woods over there? Yeah, that was me. I exploded off of it and accidentally landed in your treehouse. Real sorry about that, but hey, nobody got hurt, right? If you want, I can take care of your—”

“Are you Abigale Quinlan?” The young girl asked, her voice squeaky and hoarse.

I did not answer the child’s question immediately, and instead mulled over its meaning in my mind.

Okay, okay, so Abigale Quinlan is a known figure in this world. Even children know of her. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, they have robots, so probably a good thing, as Abigale would probably be all about robot helpers if she was put in a position of power. But is Abigale still around or did she pull a ‘she who must not be named’ and disappear? Or is… actually screw this. Let’s just be direct.

“…I’m gonna be real with y’all, but I do not know anything about this world beyond what I can scope with my optics. Robot person, please give me the most abridged history of Abigale Quinlan you can. See if you can keep it down to 30 seconds. I can fill in the blanks.”

“C-Certainly,” the robot said in a synthesized voice. “Abigale Quinlan came into prominence in 2015, when she inadvertently brought about the Cataclysm, an apocalyptic event that killed most humans on Earth. After the Cataclysm, Abigale fell into a 7 year coma, and when she woke up, she made it her life’s objective to rebuild and better the world, leading to our current utopian state in the year 2222.”

“Perfect! Is Abigale still around? If so, where is she?”

“She is currently at Sky Trigger University in East Afrika.”

“Gotcha! …Can you tell her I’m here, because, as you just saw, I can Real Boot and everything, so she’s probably mighty curious about me. In the meantime, I’m going to check out the crash site. So long, and sorry again for killing your tree!”

With no further words exchanged between us, I began dashing away from this family’s home and towards the woods. After being limited by such human restraints during the majority of my Shifts, it was refreshing to have a body as powerful and agile as Abigale’s yet again. A body that could run at 50 kilometers per hour even while traipsing through some snowy underbrush, and the whole ‘never getting tired’ thing is an absolute godsend! Still, it took me a few minutes to find the impact site, and by the time I arrived, there were already people— by which I mean robots— examining the scene, all dressed in blue suit uniforms. They looked more like they belonged at a Japanese train station than as part of a Ukrainian police force, but I’m not gonna complain. They looked dope like this.

As to be expected, one of these robots was quick to shout me out as I zoomed onto the scene, while the others looked at me with what could only be described as overwhelming confusion.

“Word up, automatons! Wait, I should be more careful with my language. For all I know, a common term for robots could be the N-word-equivalent in this world. Does your collective group of humanoid robots have a name or something?”

“We are known as Machi,” one of the robots said. “And are you the… person who fell from this meteor?”

“Yeah, that was me. Super sorry about messing up your forest, but have you ever tried to aim a meteor while inside it? It’s real hard. I’m just glad nobody got hurt. Anyway, my name’s Verde Dusk. I’m part of the same… species, or whatever, as Abigale Quinlan. If possible, I would like to meet with her A.S.A.P., as I think we have some important things to discuss.”

“Abigale has been notified of your presence,” the same Machi informed me. “She is en route to your current location. Her ETA is roughly 1 hour.”

“Noice, noice, but that gives me an hour to kill. Can you, or one of your Machi buddies, come with me and get me up to speed on the details of this world? That way I’ll know my ass from my elbows when Abigale gets here. Also, if this is a world run by Abigale, there are almost definitely Real Booters, right? Which means we are also in a post-monetary society, because those things go together like socks and shoes, right? But I take it that there are also still restaurants, and if so, can you take me to a good one nearby? Ideally someplace with a business casual vibe, ya dig?”

“…To answer your questions in order, yes, I will escort you and answer any questions you have about this world. Yes, we have Real Booters, and we have been a post-monetary society since 2082, 140 years ago. And yes, we do still have restaurants. I shall escort you to one and relay your location to Abigale, Verde.”

“Dope! Now, if you would kindly lead the way. And don’t be afraid to use your robo speed. I have Enhanced Body, Real Booting, all that jazz, so I can probably outrun your metal legs. Or maybe they’re not metal… Eh, synthetic legs is probably the safest term for them.”

The dapper robot police officer looked at me like they were unsure if I was even real or just a figment of their robot imagination. But after letting their CPUs simmer, or whatever the hell, they finally started jogging away from the crash site, leading me to my destination. I made haste to follow my Machi companion for the hour, but in doing so, I found myself relishing in the sense of freedom, movement, and speed I now had access to. I egged the Machi on and urged them to pick up the pace, to make this a race, if only so I had an excuse to test out my extreme speeds. It was irresponsible, childlike, and turned a lot of heads from local onlookers. But I did not care. I was given a splice of happiness and I gobbled that ish down with vigor and delight. 

Besides, I better enjoy things now. Because some real bad shit is about to go down. Trust me, I can tell!

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Bout 08: Enter The White
Bout 09: Enter Nari
Bout 10: Enter Punky
Bout 11: Enter Peatrice
Bout 12: Enter Jad Spencer
Bout 13: Enter The Genociders
Bout 14: Enter The Destruction
Bout 15: Righteous X Genociders
Bout 16: Raiyne Underwood X Punky
Bout 17: Terra Flare X Genocider Jad
Bout 18: Verde Dusk X Peatrice
Bout 19: Abigale Quinlan X Nari
Bout 20: Black Righteous God X White Genocider Daemon
Bout 21: Enter Shin Abigale Quinlan
Bout 22: Exit The 2-2-2-2

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