Rundown (10/12-10/18) I’m a NEET, but Not Really…

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0Press Switch Take your friendship and shove it up someone else's ass you fucker I don't need any social interactions or anything like that NEET 4 ev RTake an article about visual novels from a company named Overdrive, had the header mention sex, and my mind will instantly go to a track from the mashup album Katamari Da-Emcee that is a mix of WANDA WANDA and a song by the name of “Ass Everywhere”, creatively titled “butts everywhere”. While that is happening, I have a tab open containing a body swap story, paused my massive Danganronpa screenshot renaming project, am listening to an episode of The Comedy Button, which I paid for, and am debating if I should write about Arkham City, play Contrast, or work on A Vile Doohickey some more. Damn it feels good to be a Nigma, whatever the hell that means!

However, I was a bit too busy being a Nigma to take note on many goings on in the game industry. I probably should’ve talked about Assassin’s Creed Unity’s supposed Parity between consoles, as they both are 900p and 30fps. But, I have a 1680 by 1050 monitor, and have eyes that do not take in subtle details about motion well, which is my way of saying I can’t really see the difference between 30 and 60 fps in regards to looking at a game. I’m sure there is a difference between the two, but I am fully content with either. Though I personally thought every HD game in the seventh generation was 1080p, so… wow is this embarrassing. About as embarrassing as their reasoning for the resolution and framerate.1MLM Shock and embarrasment

On a lighter note, Eiji Aonuma, the man who has taken over the Zelda franchise until the next rising all-star comes walking through Nintendo’s doors, wants Link to have a motorbike in future Zelda games. You know what that means kids! …There may be a futuristic Zelda yet, ‘cos that could totally work. If the timeline doesn’t gel well, Nintendo could always say to hell with that concept, upsetting all the fans who obsessed over that shit, like little old Nigma was back when he had humanity.2P4G only people have human rights you idiot so go fuck yourself for wanting to be a real person

But who needs humanity, right? I mean, the humans are dumb and… hold on, I’m not capturing the shakiness I want people to read this in. I’ll just move onto how GungHo, a Japanese publisher and developer, owner of Grasshopper Manufacturer, Game Arts, Acquire, is looking to bring games to Steam, starting with Dokuro… a game I never heard of, but is a Vita, iOS and Android game… I voted for it in hopes I may get a Lollipop Chainsaw PC port, as I never got into that game. Maybe somebody can mod out those annoying minigames. Also, why is a company that is a subsidiary of a multibillion dollar corporation going through Greenlight? Ragnarok Online is up there, and they own that!3Watamote You Cna Do It But You'll Kill Me For It Discouraging

Well, if you need me I will be playing Revengeance again, this time on Normal, with most of the upgrades, and resetting every encounter a TON of times. I will also be trying to prevent myself from spending money as I’m trying to be both responsible and a kid by eyeing a GTX 970. I’m making $500+ a month minus $300 I’m saving, like a good girl.

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