Rundown (10/05-10/11) Money is the Worst Transition

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0INside Mari the fuck hell with school that is bullshit terrible go kill yourself american education system fuckerIf I may be honest, lately I’ve been rather busy with work and been side tracked by school, where I take classes I do not necessarily enjoy… at all really. Seeing as how I no longer spend an entire day in the same building really does lessen any sort of care I have for what I am doing there, as I’m only there from 9:10 to 13:45 two days a week, doing things I really don’t care about. I know they are simply filling out courses, but even the actual content of the class, skill of the instructor’s, site website, and atmosphere all feel like a notable step down from what I did for four years that were filled with so much free time I started this blog. Do I want to go back to that? No, not really, I mostly want to be done and start working four days a week instead of two. Because doing miscellaneous office work for people ten to fifty years older than me is far more enjoyable. That, and I get money for it.

A while ago, I brought up The Black Glove as a project done by some former Irrational Games staff. Well, we finally have something to see, as a Kickstarter video went live, detailing a creative and intriguing game that I have absolutely no faith in when it comes to putting my money up front. By all means, it can end up being amazing, but based on Irrational’s difficulties with making Bioshock Infinite, I am a bit cautious to even believe that this game will ever be finished… But I’d like to play it. A Kickstarter game I am more inclined to bring money to is Beyond-Human, a… fan-made Metroid game with a greater focus on melee combat. My problem is one that comes from how I shall from now on only provide money to developers with listed experience, which this project lacks. Wish it the best though. I’ll play any “Metroidvania” you throw my way, but it does not get my money up front.1KLK Spend money because you can frugality is for bitches so be a spendthrift

Cripes, I really should try and stop using money as a transition, there are only so many times I can bring those Kill La Kill pictures up. Yet money shall be displayed when Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes expectedly hits Steam before the year’s end. With more textures, 4K resolution, and all of those neat things I amy experience if I buy that video card I’ve been eyeing. Though the game will likely only last me a week, which is a bit sad considering how individuals can spent two years making a single building in a game. When really one’s time would probably be spent making a really cool looking pixel based PC action game like Children of Morta. which I hope will be roguelike in regards to being rogueLIKE, as its visuals alone make me want to shove money into my computer… Damnit, I did it again!2P4G Suicide is for nerds and dummies you stupid idiot exist for fuck's sake you moron dumb fuck off kid

I also want to continuously upgrade my computer rather than purchase a new console, but that does not mean that a nation who has not had an official game console for over a decade will buy over over 100,000 units, like China did with the Xbox One. I certainly expected far more tepid numbers, but I also would have never expected Square Enix to sue the poor SNK Playmore over a manga by the name of High Score Girl, which actually sounds like something I may enjoy. Seriously though, SNK has no money, so this could kill them for all I know… I will never learn, will I?3SB Why're You Crying

I could potentially plug a Kickstarter game that also looks rather cool, but seeing as how I am not sold on the gameplay of The Flame in the Flood, I shall leave it by saying: damn, those visuals and music. I also found an interview about classic Nickelodeon with the guy who wrote the book about the behind the scenes way back when, and in said interview, he goes bonkers. Getting very personal towards certain shows, and renouncing the concept of diversifying a cast of characters in a show, demanding that their ethnicity is a focal point, while also saying the show should be good before you even consider adding in those elements. So it is pretty much the uncanny valley of opinions… or somethin’.4Yamada Kun to 7 nin no majo Look at my panties and be amazed because I am the greatest or something

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