Urabe: Holder of the God Hand

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Despite a lot of what I say about certain shows, eventually bad mouthing them after I thought they fell from grace, their ideas certainly inspired me, with Mysterious Girlfriend X, Machine Girl, and things I can no longer locate, but were very surreal, being what I’m mimicking this time… Yeah, sorry about this, but I have fun writing this rubbish!

For the past three years, there’s been something I’ve craved more than any other! It was the carrot on the string of destiny held high by the gods themselves! It was my dream, and the dream of every red blooded male who set forth into this fine academy! It was the gift of the God Hand! The mystic ability for one individual to control the world around them and shatter foot thick walls of concrete in just one blow. Thousands have tried and been consumed by the God Hand, fueling its protector with more strength than it already had. Or at least that is what the Old Man told me, and I could smell the Sake in his breath.


But as I stand here today, staring at the only mortal in the world who can grant me access to such a power, I can see the ending to the prelude of my life, and it… is… glorious! Even if I need to work after school to stay with a couple that owns a small restaurant. Much to my surprise, it was not only another student that held the power I seeked, but a female student. True, the Old Man had been gender neutral in terms of who held this great power, but the only student with the last name he gave me, Obliviscor, was the furthest thing from a fighter that I could imagine.


Urabe Obliviscor was barely above a meter and a half in terms of height, and looked to be under 40 kg. While her face was hardly ever showing, blocked off by a thick ball of hair that stayed above her shoulders, while remaining as black as a moonless night. Her eyes never seemed to poke through, but the one time I saw them, she was surprisingly average, a bit above due to the lack of make up. Hardly a reason to hide a face away.


Still, I decided to observe her until I had enough confidence to tell whether or not she would be capable of holding such a power. She seemed to be a mid seventy percent student, average considering the difficulty of the academy’s academics, but she was not involved in any extra activities, or even a social life. I watched her for a week, and she only spoke when called on, in a voice surprisingly demanding and mature given her stature.


But at the end of the week, I decided that observing would get me nowhere, and I had to confront her as she was leaving. After all, none of the other students have ever heard of a God Hand, and most thought I was talking about something involving clovers. I placed my hand on her shoulder as she approached the gate, causing her to turn and face me. “Do you need something?” she asked while not hiding how she was annoyed by my intrusion. I was blunt, saying the term, “God Hand”, and nothing else. She shot me a smile, a rarity from what I’d seen of her.


“Oh, so you are after a conquest? Well,” she pulled out a piece of paper from her school bag, and wrote something down. “Meet me at this address tonight at 22. And you’ll get a chance to peek at the power that’s yet unknown.” She was acting more playful than I’d seen her before, and she even walked less dignified as she bobbed her uniform around, like she’d just gotten a date with a boy she had a crush on.


When night came, I donned my leather harness and bandaged my knuckles, ready for a fight, and with a fire in my stomach. She wanted to meet me in a parking garage, which was empty except for a handful of cars from either security I avoided or overtime workers. Standing under a light in the middle of the room, with a cigarette in hand and open trench coat covering a very summer friendly outfit of a modest blue skirt and a brightly colored tank top. Urabe looked at me with half open eyes, and a massive smile, like she’d just gotten drunk. In fact, it really did look like she was a ten year old trying to act like her daddy.


“God Hand, do you have it?” I said as directly as I could. “Oh no boy, you’ve got to fight for your right to wield the one true God Hand. The might to shatter kingdoms has been locked away for generations, once every century, the power is given to whoever can conquer the first born daughter of my family. That’s my in case you couldn’t tell.” “So, I’ve got to fight you? I’m not into punching women in the gut, but I can make an exception just this once.” “Oh, so you are a naughty boy, punching a girl like me. Well, if you’re going to act like a dog, I’ll treat you like one!”


She kicked her left shoe off right at me, not that it was any problem to catch, but the sudden beeping made me quickly realize that that wasn’t the idea. I threw it to the side as I saw a small explosion as my attention diverted back to Urabe, who tore off her left stocking revealing a chainsaw where her leg should be. I was struck with confusion for a moment. Who the hell would replace their leg with a motorized tool for slicing wood? Apparently it was someone who could cartwheel and dash with a thin metal leg, as she rushed towards me, trying to slice off my legs and do an upward vertical slash right through my crotch.


“What kinda challenge is this?” I asked, flipping out of the way, a bit annoyed at how we had to be fighting on cold concrete. “I’m just balancing everything for you, I can’t let just anyone get a God Hand.” She said while kicking around her chainsaw leg like it was nothing. “I’ve got bandaged fists! You’re swinging around a power tool. My ass you’re balancing this fight.” I said while looking for an opening where I would not lose a hand if I tried to punch her. A frontal assault would not work, so I had to look for something that could act as a distraction. Or get her weapon caught into something. I tried to direct her to a support pillar so she could be preoccupied by getting her weapon out, but as I swirled around it, she cut through it like it was made of crackers.


I had to throw something to distract her, if only for a second, but none of the concrete bits were large enough, and I was not going to punch in a car’s window, altering the surprisingly absent security guards. “Perhaps her stocking could work?” I thought as I picked it up, ripped it up a bit, and threw it directly where her chainsaw would be as I planted one kick to the right of her midsection. Urabe paused for a moment, as I quickly grabbed her right arm, and attempted to apply enough force to break it, before I felt metal instead. I winced as we both scooted back from each other, glaring one and another, before she pointed at me with her right arm, which shot out towards me, lot unlike the shoe, except this was a lot faster. I dodged it as the arm hit a wall, producing another explosion.


Before I could get more than a syllable in, I saw Urabe’s right arm replaced by a miniature gatling gun of all things, charging up, and aimed towards me. I dashed behind another support pillar as I started to feel the vibrations from the weapon, unrelentingly pounding away several times per second. It was clear that I was in a win or die scenario, seeing as how she was closer to the entrance. I had one trick that I think might work, but it would take me a few seconds to prepare. I began to sprint around her, looking for a decent chunk of concrete to throw at her for a second for peace. All while she laughed like mad, exposing her eyes with glee at the very thought of my demise.


After rotating around her once, I found a rock the size of a child’s fist, and threw it right at Urabe’s head, swiping the grin off her face, as her gatling gun arm sprayed wildly, and her other hand held back the blood coming from her forehead. I took a deep breath as I made a line towards her, aware that her leg would attempt to slice me if I did a frontal assault. I instead headed straight for her right arm, which was hot enough to burn my hand in the second I grabbed both it and her torso. I lifted her up, and threw her down on the rubble, causing her to let out one pain filled gasp.


Not one to take defeat lightly, Urabe used her left hand to pull a dagger she hid beneath her skirt, she attempted to stab me, but ended up getting her left hand broken as I took the knife, immediately bringing it to the just above the gatling gun. When I jammed the knife in, cutting off part of her arm after several blows, or at least preventing it from moving. She let out a plea for forgiveness, which I responded to by not removing her leg and causing her blood loss to worsen.


“I’m sorry I had to do this. I desired a battle without any major chance of death, but you brought a blade to a fist fight, I had no other choice. I shall call for help after you give me what I won. The God Hand.” She let out a cackle. “Oh, you sure proved yourself, and defeated me before I brought up my other toys, bravo, now I can’t even stand! But fair is fair, I suppose-” she coughed out a clod of blood. “-You know the legends say the power comes from the land of the gods? Well, I am a portal to them, and the first hand placed through my being shall be a God Hand.”


“What do you mean?” I said, kneeling down to her, and trying to clean up some of the blood with an unused sweat rag I carried with me. “The first hand that goes through me shall be the one of the gods. Do you need more of an explanation than that? Place your hand inside of me, and you’ll get what you desire. Go on, before I pass out.” “W-Wh-Where?” I stuttered, not expecting such a trial. “They say that children are gifts from the gods, don’t they? That should be enough for anyone who even got into the same academy as me.”


I was more scared than I was fighting for my life. I had lived a life devoid of a single sexual fancy, and this was greatly beyond the levels of normal. I had to stick my hand up- But it was for my greatest desire, the power to rule this corrupt world and bring it back to its former glory. One large sin is a great enough sacrifice for a lifetime of fulfilling the forgotten virtues. I had some decency though, so I took off her undergarments as best I could given her left leg being a weapon. And with one fell swoop, I jammed my right hand inside of it, feeling regret along with excitement, all before I felt suction on my hand. As it felt like it was getting deeper than it should, and it kept on going until I felt my elbow go with it.


I panicked, having let my guard down, as I jammed my other hand to fish out my right one, but it started to be absorbed as well, and with both my hands going in, I attempted to stop it with my legs and feet, pushing against her as base I can, but they began to slip in along with my arms as I started to hear a cackle. It was from the girl, but the voice was deep and coarse, like it belonged to a those foul mouth bearded gentlemen I once ran into at a pub. “And another one goes on in! You bastards drop like flies. How the hell could you think it’d be that easy?”


I could not muster up a word, as I was absorbed by her down to my waist, and it was deepening. It was only a few more seconds before I was merely a head poking out, letting out my last screams before my mouth was consumed, and later my eyes, and later, everything. I was not sure where I was, was I inside her? She didn’t physically react as I was being consumed, but at the same time I felt her, it was a very disgusting sensation. Before I knew it, I lost feeling in my everything as my limbs seemingly dissolved, hearing went blank, and my sense of smell was rid of human flesh. All before I seemed to regain my senses. I was looking at the ceiling in the parking lot. But I was lying down, and in a tattered coat, with a half destroyed arm that held a gatling gun, along with several other new assets that once belonged to Urabe, but could now be felt by me, while I could not move.


I could see, hear, smell, feel and even taste. None of which felt right as bits of dark hair covered up my vision, and I felt my mouth move. And the same gruff voice I heard mere moments ago came out. “How’s it goin’ Kid? Hope ya like being seventeenth this year. Dontcha struggle, you’ll be one with me in a minute, but I’ll just show you whatcha gotta look forward to.” Everything got tingly for a moment, as I felt myself move upwards, if I could even use such a term, myself. Arms became flesh once more, and the clothing became that of a white dress, while the hair grew and became far more lively than before.


I then felt movement, as my thoughts of fear subsided. Everything felt a lot more… normal, and I was not sure why. I walked out of the parking lot, feeling the cool summer night’s breeze as I drifted away. I was not afraid, or even that glad. I was content, and everything seemed like it was going to be okay. I think I might have died, but I wasn’t mad. I walked away. Waiting for the next soul who dared to challenge me for a chance at getting the fabled power of the God Hand.  After all, I was , the weight that kept man from soaring to the level of the gods.


Well, that was something I wrote one afternoon. Assuming you read through it, and have anything to critique or say, I’d love for you to leave a comment.

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