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Okay, so this is the original page of Nari’s Log, which I originally intended to be a “magnum opus”, before I decided that I didn’t like the direction I set up.  So I redid the whole thing, starting from scratch.  Which you should be able to find if you just look up Nari’s Log.  Assuming I don’t do reboot it for a third time.  Besides, no one cared much about it, so I hope my other attempt will work more.  I mean, I condensed my first 12 chapters into 4.  I kept a lot, but I think I gave it more personality, because this one was getting dull to write for, because I didn’t plan very well. 

Nari’s Log (Triple Zero) is this weird mix of body swapping, science fiction, fantasy, and whatever else I can pull out of my head. But for those who want to know the gist of it. The story is basically an ongoing series of the main character, Nari, an individual who was made out of thin air, more or less. Being sent across a land of chaos, known as the OMNI. He is a, let’s say, employee of The Doctor, an anthropomorphic Red Panda who is located somewhere in the depths of the OMNI, who sends him and his co-workers, Maxxi/Max and Y’vonne into a random world whenever he has a loose reason for them to go. In the meantime, they chill in a pocket dimension, and try to make mild chit-chat.

However, they do not physically go to the many worlds of the OMNI, Nari, Maxxi/Max, and Y’vonne are people known as “Shifters”. Individuals who have the ability to “Shift” their essence, which is basically their mind, into another body in another world. But more often than not, upon entering the body of another, “Shifters” adapt slightly different habits on top of their own. Mostly altering in speech or movement patterns, but rarely ever the actual thought process.

Often in their travels, they often encounter others who also exist in multiple worlds known as, “Characters”. Who alter in varying traits between worlds in the OMNI, but have a unifying name and set of characteristics that vary based on the world they’re in. But they remember the “Shifters” once their names are brought up, and reach some sort of unified personality, with minor quirks based on the current iteration of said, “Character”. OH, and both them and the “Shifters” are immortal, which is kinda super important.

While I do plan on making several jumping on points for the multiple arcs this series will have, here’s a brief description of the four main characters:

Nari: A male “Platinum Blonde” who woke up in a garage one day, and accidentally uncovered his “Shifting” abilities. He is a straight man to this crazy world, who really does not want to be in this crazy land, known as the OMNI. He just treats this like a job, but there’s never a chance for him to punch out. He’s not really a bad person, just unempathetic. Yet, he still cracks one or two jokes to keep everything from being too tense. And despite constantly being lunged into the bodies of women, he rarely sees them as sexual figures, or anything as a sexual figure, mostly because they flip him the hell out.

Max/Maxxi: A gender changing individual of a darker complexion, who spent enough time with The Doctor to get pregnant. He/She is a very cheery person, who is in love with everything that is erotic, along with dogs, for reasons unknown to anyone. Still an overall decent person, but very odd by having a genuine need for sex, while being one who more often would refer to it as “king-a-ling”. Does not care too much about missions, but will do it if someone says, “Pretty please with hot fudge on top!”

Y’vonne: A young woman who only vaguely resembles a human due to her navy blue skin, pale white hair, and glowing eyes of scarlette. She is mostly the quiet bookish type, but does not reflect that upon “Shifting”, or around Maxxi/Max. She is very diligent, and the most experienced of the trio, but she can often be a bit headstrong, and kinda bossy if things go wrong. Secure and a leader often, but can easily be tipped into the cause of many possible problems.

The Doctor: Always The Doctor, never the Doctor. An anthropomorphic Red Panda, who often wears hats from his endless collection. He serves as the controller of this group, pulling the streams, and keeping the unique “Shifting” ability in line. Is a fun lover second only to Maxxi/Max, but will panic at the sound of a few certain names. Now living in a giant can somewhere in the OMNI, and communicating via screens and short messages. The Doctor is certainly one odd Bird. I mean, he’s a Red Panda, for crying out loud. Ahahaha! Wordplay, which I actually only seldom do!

Cycles: Nari’s Log is divided by whenever Nari, the main character of this past tense first person tale, dies in another body, or becomes unconscious. Which I refer to as Cycles, meaning cycles of consciousness. And yes, I planned to use that third digit…

Cycle 007: Early Bird Catches The Boot
Cycle 006: The Endless Barrel of Exposition
Cycle 005: Thirty Seconds of Another Life
Cycle 004: Another Step Towards Myself
Cycle 003: Reasons, or More Chaos
Cycle 002: The Red Room
Cycle 001: The Awakening
Cycle 000: An Explanation

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