Nari’s Log Cycle 007: Early Bird Catches The Boot

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I suppose every day is a beginning of some sort. However, today felt like something fresh, something new, something that I would probably regret twice as much as I would love it at the time. Maybe it was some misplaced optimism, or that I forgot how a hyper-intelligent Red Panda was in charge of my life. Now, I was not sure what I had to do in terms of exploring the OMNI, other than how I had to “Shift” into others. Still, if I didn’t wake up, I’d just be forced to do it.

It was almost odd to properly sleep in a nice bed, a feeling that I might have only felt once before, if ever. Yet, I instinctively looked down on myself, only to find myself in the same clothes as the other day, which, looked and smelled fine, in an act that shocked me. I decided to change into something more casual, and settled on a lighter version of my original clothing, a navy blue sleeved shirt, and some beige trousers. I am not even sure why I bothered, but I felt like it was the “normal” thing to do after getting up. Along with taking a shower, which I passed on, seeing as how I did not show any signs of not being clean.

I left my room in hopes that I would try to socialize once more with the duo. Only to see it become a trio, with The Doctor appearing on the same screen he was on last night, or a few hours ago, due to the lack of day or night here. Now equipped with a bow tie, and a bit of bedhead. With the other two sitting off to the side of the sofa, on a small table, having a meal, presumably because it is customary. I greeted them with a hello, almost prompting The Doctor to respond with a cheery, “Hiya Nari! Guess what? I’ve got a job for you!” “Oh really? After I nearly broke the OMNI last time?” I questioned, not really wanting to do anything as of right now. “Oh, that was in an environment I did not fully control. This other place? You can do whatever you want! I don’t really control it, but I know that you can’t mess up anything.” He responded with a hop that caused his bow tie to spin.

“So, limitless freedom, what’s the catch?” I questioned, being a bit of a prick, but not overly rude. “Well, you’ll need to shift into someone else. Obviously.” He said with a shrug. “And you’ll be alone, while I take care of Y’vonne’s social issues, and Maxxi’s… Hypersexuality. So I won’t be able to contact you all the time.” “In other words, I need to be out of the house while you take care of some chores? Figure’s you’d bring me in before you had everything cleaned up.” I questioned, hoping to keep this relationship casual, since it seemed more enjoyable for everyone involved.

“Oh, so now we’s a nuisance to ya? Ha, you just came out a lucky bunny, with your only error being fixed in your sleep.” Spouted Maxxi, while she was munching on some toasted pastries with pickles on them. Now garbed in some sort of loose, sleeved, lavender dress that seemed more like a blanket more than clothing. Meanwhile, Y’vonne was in something very similar to a “standard” tan colored school uniform. Right down to that peculiar plaid skirt and brown dress shoes. I chose not to indulge in their clothing choices, mostly because I would expect Y’vonne to try and dodge any questions that I lobbed at her.

Instead, I responded to Maxxi, a bit later than I should have, with a, “No, you guys are fine, I was just trying to have a bit of fun. Since if we are going to be living and working together, why bother being needlessly formal. Hell, Y’vonne’s in a uniform for crying out loud.” It did not come out as well as I’d hope, sounding a bit desperate and shaky. Perhaps this is why little Miss Blue-Skin kept her lips sealed. Regardless, I examined the blank stares, and decided that being casual would be easier after there is no longer a pregnant woman, so I decided to be a hypocrite and ask what my job was.

“Your first mission is… Well… It’s a surprise.” Gleefully said The Doctor as he covered his furry mouth. Trying to be a voice of reason, brought up the fact that, “Last ‘mission’ was one where I nearly destroyed all of time in this universe, do you really think letting me out, unescorted by anyone, is a good idea? I could help with… Whatever you’re doing-” “I told you this before, no risk, just fun, and you are leaving within 75 seconds or I’ll teleport you!” Spouted The Doctor, not hiding how he was getting annoyed with me. “Fine, so do I just fall asleep or go through the front door, which will lead to-” I was cut-off mid sentence by something shoving me into the front door, which seemed to fall as I touched it.

Afterwards, I don’t entirely recall what happened, but I was presumably sent on whatever the hell my “mission” was. It was to have fun? Where? How? And why? If I put The Doctor behind schedule, or whatever this twig up his arse was, wouldn’t he want me to help? Did he just not trust me? I don’t know anything that could cause him to make less progress, unless I am able to set back time again, which I think he would place a safeguard for. Either way, I had a feeling like this was going to be one long day.

End of Cycle

Fun Fact: Not a ton to say about this one, just me experimenting with characterization, because I am just winging everything. Just a short interlude chapter before one that’s eight or so pages. Will keep up this work, but I will try to keep these chapters interesting in some capacity.

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