Nari’s Log Cycle 004: Another Step Towards Myself

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I barely recall anything about where I was before I was in this “OMNI” place, but I think I’ve deduced that appearance was important over there. Part of me is grateful that I no longer am involved with such a place, but I know that is only to point out just how foolish they, and presumably myself as well, were. As someone who has been changing appearances all- Who am I kidding, I don’t have a sense of time any more! Short version, I found myself in the body of a child, with the objective to go to an area a few blocks away, and I had to wait there, sing, and get a bullet lodged into her head. Because that is a nice thing to do!

I was sent back about a minute ago, and I was walking along the same remains of a large metropolitan city, except my position was now different. Instead of being the old woman, I was now the girl in a white dress with rainbow colored hair. I took this opportunity to look at the elderly madame, who actually looked a lot younger than she felt. I remember older people having a lot of loose skin that lacked muscles, and just kinda stayed there, being really easy to cut and wobble around. And the woman did not have that, instead she looked like a 25 year-old with some really poorly put on skin that was meshed and stretched out in some places. It was like she had the body type of someone far younger than her, but the covers were akin to someone near the age of 90.

Other than that, she was in a brown robe that looked like it was made up of discarded curtains and string. Unsurprising, since now that I was controlling this little girl, I saw her clothes to be much the same, except they were white. Although she did have a light white jacket to go along with it, which was so thin that cardboard might have been a better material choice. Oh, and the feet, I could not feel anything with these cold hard appendages. I mean, they felt like clay pots that were glued onto my legs.

I was roughly a block away from the site where the old woman died, hiding along an alleyway that my FOV pointed out. I was not sure if I really needed this much help, but hey, when some sort of universal dimensional pocket, or whatever this place is, is about to collapse, I would take it safe as well. Seriously, how the hell do I know this is an actual thing that is happening? This Red Panda could just be messing with me to get his jollies on! Regardless, I ran as fast as this little girl’s legs could take me, as my hair seemed to shift through a rainbow of colors. Yeah, it was so long it got in my face enough for me to notice how it was going berserk.

Knowing as much as I do about time paradoxes, which is a lot considering how I don’t know the name of the planet, let alone country, that I’m from. There were several different rules established. Ones where the timeline will sort out the little details, ones where the timeline shifts to adjust paradoxes into making sense, a few have the time travelers all die for messing up their system. And as I had nothing to do but follow a path that, probably due to augmented reality not unlike the text I saw earlier, was glowing as if I was too dumb to remember that I went in one straight direction after finding the old woman. Still, I pondered the possibilities as I was told to grab the can of beans. Which, in all truthfulness, I had nearly forgotten about.

It only took a few minutes in this unreasonable cold, I was seriously shaking at this point, when I found the curb I remember seeing this girl sit on. I adjusted my dress, a saying I never thought I’d utter, brought my hair down in hopes it was the proper color, which it was, probably also due to that Red Panda, and had the same song the girl sung back in the future, past, this future and my past- Either way, it appeared in my FOV. Yet, something was off about it.

Now, I do not recall the exact words, since she was kinda mumbling, which I’d most likely do seeing as how I had yet to vocalize in this body. Although, I doubt it was what was written as, “In the lost jungles now. They live in peace. Sweet baby WIldebeests. And sweet littles Cows. Come little animals. Where are you now? Come little animals. Where are you now?” I knew it was something like that, emphasis on “something like that”.

I was about to reach down to my wristband, which I thing was just following me at this point, due to how I do not recall anyone I was not possessing having one. Only to then have a timer appear in my FOV, this time a mere ten seconds. I put on my best face in that time and began mumbling out the words, hoping to some sort of higher power that I will succeed. I was tense throughout, going so far as to cry a bit. And as horrible as it sounds, I was nothing but relieved when I heard that gunshot, and saw my old body, or at least Nari’s body, come towards me, shaking just as I had before. And then, for the fourth time, darkness came.

It was another short run, but I felt like I was free for a brief period. And now? Well, now I had to take control of the woman in a red hood, kill myself possessing a little girl, and then kill myself as myself, or maybe just possessing some chap named Nari. I could think about it some more, even though that won’t do much. If I want to figure something out, the best way to get your answer is to ask. And the only person I can ask is some talking animal. Not that I have much of a frame for reference, but I believe my life can be classified as a bit of an odd one.

Fun Fact: Not much to say about this one, other than this was where I tried to make Nari really look like an apathetic character, which was kind of always the persona I desired for him. He really just wants to figure out what is going on, while not growing attached to his surroundings. Being more diligent in his work, but never growing attached to anyone. All starting with how casually he begins to treat death after he experiences it. But his apathy towards his surroundings will come into play, but much later on. Oh, and the misheard lyrics? Another bit of a factor that I could come back to, or just ignore. Kinda like how certain DMs work, but look at me trailing off to how I desperately want to play D&D.

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