Fairly Messy Rant: About Sony’s Advertisement Patent…

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This is complete bullshit if it happens to be true. 

I never did write timely pieces on my previous Blog, but this, this needs to be addressed.  Sony has created a patent that details how they would be able to pause gameplay and display and advertisement.  Now, that might not sound bad, but I just cannot help but to imagine how hypocritical this is of the preserved message of Sony.  After helping to create Journey and Heavy Rain, which are considered to be among the most “Artistic” games in recent memory, and as someone who never played either, I can only say that they do seem experimental and interesting.  And while their image can be crumbled when you look at some of the lack of modesty held by some of the creators of the previously mentioned games.  Or how they implemented online passes with all online based first party games, which was exposed for being so stupid by men like Jim Sterling in his webseries, The Jimquisition, it is a sadly common thing in the industry, but that is not what I am here to talk about.  

The sheer idea that Sony would consider interrupting a game, which someone payed up to $60 for, is incredibly inconsiderate.  It would be like having a DVD stop every once in awhile so that your DVD player can show you some advertisements.  Or like if iTunes just stopped working until you listened to a minute long product pitch.  Y’know, I originally thought that consoles were made to be more convenient, but at least Origin, a sub par software that EA shoved into everyone’s face, did not stop Mass Effect 3 on the PC to show you a commercial.  I understand that Sony has had some major losses, but punishing the consumer never helps, it just makes more people want to pirate the damn thing.  Although, there could be ONE good way that this could be implemented where I would consider it to be okay.  If they only used this model in Free-To-Play games.  

Now, the PS3 not only lacks any notable Free-To-Play titles, but even by using them, you have an immersion breaking distraction that could make people less likely to continue and invest in the game.  In short, this idea enforces the idea that consumers have no control over what they physically own.  In other words, if Sony were to implement this, I can guarantee a massive drop in purchases by the consumer, which leads to less coverage, leading to less games purchased, leading to less support, since developers do not want to work for a system that has a small consumer base and will be thought less of for showing how anti-consumer the companies that work for Sony are.  PR can bring so much, and if it is shit, you can make money, but your fall will be met with cries of joy, not sadness.  You want to have consumers like, or at least respect you, and it is amazing how a massive company like Sony could not figure this out.  

I should have written this later on, but damnit, I am angry now and need to get this out!

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