Rundown (10/22-10/28) A New and Less Sexual Era

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So, the biggest story from the past week is probably how popular gaming forum NeoGaf went offline for the weekend after the owner of the website got himself in some major trouble. The kind involving massive sexual harassment and what, from what I heard, basically amounts to rape. I regularly visited the forum, mostly just to peruse the news that my usual sites miss out on and pick up on things that many outlets would not report on. It was a very good place for information, but I and many others decided to jump ship from this site because, yeah, no, you cannot really wash away the toxicity that comes with that kind of association. So instead I and a bunch of other people are now getting news from a successor called Reset Era. Heh. Cute. (more…)

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Rundown (10/15-10/21) A Master No More!

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Over the past few weeks, there has been a distribution going on for the new legendary Pokemon, Marshadow, which was distributed at GameStop in the United States. Unfortunately, I missed my chance to visit one to get the mode needed to get the new Pokemon and preserve my complete Pokedex. Why is that the case? Well, I am not very mobile on my own (I cannot drive) and the task of asking my mother if I could stop by one of these stores was a bit too much for me, what with my social anxiety and such. I downplay it a lot, but my social anxiety and poor social skills makes it genuinely hard to do even basic tasks. I feel awkward so much as saying hello to someone unless they greet me first. (more…)

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