Rundown (12/11-12/17) Rundown 200: This Site Is Nothing but Trash

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vlcsnap-2016-11-03-23h26m55s265So over the course of four years, I’ve done two hundred of these news rundowns as a way for me to project my thoughts on gaming news, because I generally enjoy doing so, as long as the games or new itself interests me in some way. This does result in me not partaking in a lot of scandals, outrages, and general community focused things. I do this because I don’t really see myself as an active member in such a community, and I view things like the Watch Dogs 2 vagina dilemma and No Man’s Sky fervor as topics that are best left handled by other people, as I often would just roll my eyes towards them. Anyways, time to talk about some video game announcements. (more…)

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