Rundown (9/17/2023) Natalie is a TOS Violation

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This Week’s Topics:

  • Why Natalie cannot be trusted on any major platform
  • A wackadoo TSF manga from my magic bag
  • TF trials and tribulations
  • The inevitable death of Mario Kart 9 (or 13)
  • Embracer’s quest to liquidate
  • Unity’s endeavor to make things worse for everyone
  • A definitional diatribe only Natalie cares about
  • Another Nintendo Direct rundown
  • A half-assed State of Play rundown
  • Wizardry Re;Birth

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Rundown (6/14) E3 2016: This Isn’t Even My Final Form

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AngerBefore getting into Nintendo, there are something things I missed yesterday where I spent roughly 9 hours on a thirteen page Rundown, where I tried my darndest to recap the presence of about thirty games and write my impressions on all of them. Things slip through the cracks, and I didn’t even had time to shower yesterday I was so busy. (more…)

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Rundown (4/12-4/18) I’m Hiding from Them Despair Bugs

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0 MLM HidingYeah, there will not be a review this week, as no game in my backlog grabbed my attention, and I felt into the Dark Souls New Game+ pit. I’ll try to get something up next week though. Cool, thanks, bye… Wait, not bye, because I have a rundown of things that I wanna talk about in the game industry. (more…)

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Rundown (3/01-3/07) …Yeah, I’m a Bad Person

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0 Mari entire life was pointless about jerking off cum times orgasm fun worthless die in a fire you fuckerOkay, GDC week, and it was pretty full of goodies, but I want to first highlight a Kickstarter that I cannot believe exists, and it is for an anime series by the name of Devil’s Legacy, and it looks like a complete and utter scam if you mixed it with a genuine and promising series. The amounts of ADHD that is poured into this mess of ideas and art that generally doesn’t look good, but was made by 20+ year veterans of the anime industry is staggering, but with a 149,000 Euro goal, I doubt that anybody would get the… what is it? A 8-10 minute short? Which are you promoting with some artwork that looks like it was done in 8-10 minutes, though I suppose that if you have “100 main characters” you should expect the quality to be spread thin. (more…)

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