Lococycle Review

wallpaper_4_-_Splosion-smallTwisted Pixel is a company I certainly gained a fondness towards during the time where the Xbox 360 was my platform of choice. Their games were fun and creative and each offered something new while remaining consistently enjoyable. Though when it came to Lococycle, the reception was pretty cold from the majority of outlets for reasons I did not read, as I knew I’d pick the game up when it was cheap enough, and $2 is the cheapest I could hope for. But for those looking for a TL;DR and do not want to scroll down, this is by far the studios worst title and one I can hardly recommend. Onto the why!


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Rundown (3/17-3/22): Female’s Lazy HD Instinct of Schizophrenia With Murlin Deryl and Ieyasu

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Hey, I’m posting this ahead of schedule, because I plan on squealing over PAX East when it ends, where I’ll pretty much link to Destructoid’s coverage while typing out words of happy and cynicism. But some stuff happened before that, so I’ll just talk about that. Also, new title because I realized that I’ll just use this format for events as well.


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Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley Review

After the surprising popularity of ‘‘Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel decided that the only logical follow up for two near dialog-less titles is to create a game that is trying to make you laugh more than anything. And one about comic books, no less. And I assume that their intention was to tangentially relate games and comics for many of its audience, and I can safely say that it worked. Yet Comic reviews are an idea that I will probably never do, so let’s just take a gander at a game about comics.

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‘Splosion Man Review

Twisted Pixel Mondays

Let’s keep up these Twisted Pixel Mondays, while trying to keep unique criticism going! Six months after their first title, Twisted Pixel brought forth the far better received ‘Splosion Man. It was a nearly universally praised title, but does this title warrant the praise? Find out what I think!

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The Maw Review

I love Twisted Pixel, from their creative and amazingly designed games, to their almost constant guarantee of quality. Or at least that’s how I remember their games. Being on a budget, I’ve been going through titles that I enjoyed back in the day, and trying to get a new perspective on them, or just organize my thoughts. So let’s do it with four of Twisted Pixel’s five titles, I am unable to even play Gunstringer, so let’s just look into their first title, The Maw.

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